Patriot Lines by decree


									                        October 2008

                                       Patriot Lines
                                       Central Bucks School District
                                                                               Issue 1

      Principal’s Corner By Abe Lucabaugh
Thanks to the hard work and talents       dance and annual bonfire, and on the
of our outstanding students and           stage, the Patriot Players are working Inside this issue:
staff, Central Bucks East is off to a     toward their late fall performance of
fantastic start to the 2008-2009          “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” We
school year!                              are also proud to feature over forty Guidance Info                  2&
                                          clubs and activities, and are always
Academically, East continues to en-
                                          adding new groups as student inter- New Staff and House             4
joy its national reputation for scho-                                             Principal
                                          est arises. Additionally, our marching
lastic excellence. At the conclusion
of last school year, U.S. News &          band continues to impress at per- Miscellaneous                     52

World Report recognized Central           formances as it grows in size and
                                          stature. There is definitely a sense of Patriot Players present     5
Bucks East as one of the best high
                                          involvement and spirit throughout the
schools in the nation, awarding it a                                              Brandon Boger 5K at         6
silver medal for academic distinction.                                            Central Park
Locally, East was recognized as a         Our student athletes are enjoying a Annual Parent Presenta- 6
top performer in Pennsylvania on the      successful entrance into the newly tion
PSSA exams, placing fifth out of          organized Suburban One League Calendar                       7
over 650 high schools statewide.          conference, embodying the out-
Central Bucks East is also proud to       standing tradition of athletic and aca-
have twenty-three students receiving      demic excellence that characterizes Special points of
commendation for the National Merit       our school. Many of our individual
Scholarship program. Designated           athletes are competing at the district
as some of the most elite students in     level and are hoping to advance to      Marking period ends
the nation, these students are now in     states. Special thanks goes to our      November 7th
the process of competing for the dis-     dedicated coaches for their continued   Report cards distributed
tinction of National Merit Scholar in     investment of time and desire to        on November 19th
the weeks to come. We continue to         teach our young men and women les-
support and applaud the significant       sons that endure beyond the field.      Attention Parents/
achievements of our students and                                                         Guardians: This will
                                          On behalf of all of us at Central
staff!                                                                                   be the last mailing of
                                          Bucks East, thank you for your part-
East’s culture continues to thrive        nership in making your student’s ex-           IPR’s and Patriot Line
with a multitude of events and activi-    perience at East a gratifying and suc-         highlights. IPR’s will be
ties designed to showcase our stu-        cessful one. We are excited by our             on the Parent Portal
dents’ spirit and involvement. Plans      progress thus far, and look forward to         and the newsletter will
are underway for our homecoming           building on our successes throughout           be online.
                                          the school year!
                                      Guidance News
Class of 2011: Mr. George Moustakas                   click on College Visits for the schedule. Also
(A-K) and Mrs. Melanie Jones (L-Z). We                remember to remind your student to email the
are meeting with sophomores this fall. This is an     rep with questions and a polite thank you after
opportunity to establish a relationship early in      the meeting.
high school and to go over such things as post        The junior house counselors will be visiting all
high school plans, relevant course choices, inter-
                                                      juniors in their social studies classes to present
ests and concerns. We will review the Introduc-
tory Sophomore Survey that students completed         the “Going Places” workshop dealing with post
in Naviance and discuss the various capabilities      secondary planning. These similar workshops
of the program.                                       will also be offered to parents as a winter eve-
                                                      ning program. Specific dates and sign-up infor-
A goal for sophomores is to develop time man-
agement skills. Balancing course work, athletics,     mation will be available at a later date.
and activities is a good foundation for future suc-   A special thanks to all of you who attended our
cess. There is a list of student activities on the    special Back-to-School Night: Meet and Greet
CB East homepage. It is very important for stu-       and the Naviance Presentation. Your enthusi-
dents to get involved at CB East and in the com-      asm for early planning and assisting your child
munity!                                               in their journey is contagious! We love the
Please stop by, give us a call, or send an email      Class of 2010!
with questions or concerns.
                                                      Class of 2009: Mrs. Betsy Carr (A-K) and
Class of 2010: Mrs. Sandra Gundy (A-L)                Mrs. Lyn Russo (L-Z): Hope you are having a
and Mrs. Tanya Barone-Durant (M-Z).                   wonderful senior year. We encourage you to
Junior year is a fast-paced and exciting time for     continue to work hard and make the year a
you and your student as you both prepare for life     great finish to your high school career. Take
                                                      advantage of the college representative visits
after high school. The “nuts and bolts” of junior
                                                      now taking place on a daily basis throughout
year and a “2008-2009” timeline: “Making your         the fall. Please remember that you can check
Junior Year Count” can be found on our house          the schedule of visitations on Naviance.
website. Please note the following: the PSAT will
                                                      College application procedures and dead-
be given on Saturday, October 18, 2008 at East.
                                                      lines: You must arrange to have your transcript
The PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School As-           sent directly from the Guidance office by filling
sessment) is required of all students in April of     out a transcript request form. For the college to
their junior year.                                    consider a transcript “official” it must be sent
                                                      directly from the high school in a sealed enve-
The SAT dates and registration information are        lope. No official transcript will be given to the
available at Dates can          student to mail with an application being mailed
also be found on our house website.                   separately. We have been processing a great
Financial Aid Night will be held at East Tuesday,     many transcript requests each day with the
November 11, 2008.                                    highest volume months yet to come. It is very
                                                      important that you make sure that you submit
College rep visits are heavily scheduled through-     transcript request forms a minimum of fifteen
out the fall. Juniors can stop by the guidance of-    school days prior to the college deadline. Re-
fice to pick up a pass to gather information and      member that if you require a counselor recom-
talk with college representatives who are involved    mendation, you must first complete your Col-
in the admissions process. Visit Naviance and         lege Recognition Questionnaire on Naviance.
 Page 2                                                                                      Patriot Lines
Guidance                                                      Mrs. Tanya Barone-Durant
                                                      Mrs. Barone-Durant did her undergraduate stud-
This process is all about teamwork so we really       ies at Lehigh University earning a B.A. in psychol-
appreciate your assistance in paying careful at-      ogy, her graduate at Temple University with an
tention to procedures and deadlines.                  Ed.M in Sports Psychology and Lehigh University
                                                      with M.Ed. In Secondary School Counseling.
                   STUDENT MAILS
                                                      She is a counselor for eleventh graders (M-Z).
           Signed and completed application           She graduated from Central Bucks East and
                    Application fee                   comes to us from Virginia Beach.
                 Essays when required                              Ms. Amanda Dicks
                  Personal data sheet                 Ms. Dicks graduated from Penn State University
   Student must arrange for official transcript       with a B.S. in Secondary Education/Social Stud-
                                                      ies. She is teaching social studies and comes to
           SAT scores to be sent (if required)        us from Holland, Pennsylvania. She is an advisor
                  GUIDANCE MAILS                      for Student Council.
    Secondary School Counselor Evaluation                       Mrs. Amy Salla-Gieniec
   Transcript with SAT, ACT & PSSA scores             Mrs. Salla-Gieniec graduated from Lock Haven
                         Profile                      University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemis-
                                                      try and Alvernia College for her teaching certifi-
           Confirmation of receipt post card
                                                      cate. She will be teaching Honors Chemistry and
Remember also to contact teachers ASAP if             Forensic Science and comes to us from Tama-
asking them for letters of recommendation. Be         qua High School.
sure to provide your resume and stamped, ad-
dressed envelope for each college. Feel free to                    Ms. Mary Granados
make an appointment with your counselor if you        Ms. Granados graduated from the University of
have questions about future planning.                 Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology, Temple Univer-
                                                      sity School of Dentistry, D.D.S. and LaSalle Uni-
                                                      versity with an M.A. in Education. She is teach-
Naviance is a great tool to assist you in your        ing the Autistic Support class and is certified in
college searches. With this program, you can          Special Education, Elementary Education, Biol-
compare GPA, standardized test scores and             ogy and Middle School science. She came to us
other statistics to actual historical data from our   from Masters’ Program at LaSalle. This is her
school for students who have applied and been         first teaching job.
admitted to those schools in the past. Log-on
information was mailed home and distributed in                    Ms. Catherine Gulkis
homeroom last spring. If you have lost your           Ms. Gulkis graduated from LaSalle University
password please contact Guidance. The link            with a degree in Secondary Education/Math. She
for Naviance is:                                      is teaching Geometry/Trig II and Algebra II/Trig I.             She comes to us from Upper Moreland.
                                                                Ms. Jennifer LaFemina
                    New Staff                         Ms. LaFemina graduated from the University of
                                                      Pittsburgh with a degree in History. She will be
                                                      teaching World History and Economics. She
The CB East Administration and staff would like
                                                      comes to us from Landenberg and Pittsburgh,
to welcome the following teachers and adminis-
trator for the 2008-2009 school year:

 Issue 1                                                                                           Page 3
                                      NEW STAFF CONTINUED
            Ms. Abigail Lehman
Ms. Abigail Lehman graduated from Penn State
                                                                  Ms. Caitlin Wille
University with a degree in Science Education.       Ms. Wille graduated from Millersville University
She is teaching Academic Chemistry.      She         with a B.S.Ed./Mathematics. She will be teach-
comes to us from Downingtown.                        ing Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. She comes fro
                                                     Tohickon Middle School. Ms. Wille will be our
          Ms. Christine McLaughlin                   Amnesty International Club Advisor.
Ms. McLaughlin graduated from University of Pitt
with a B.S. in Psychology and M.Ed. In secon-
                                                                    Mr. Matt Wolf
dary social studies from Widener University. She     Mr. Wolf graduated from Lehigh University with
will be teaching Economics here at East and sev-     a B.A. in mathematics, geometry and pre-
enth grade World History at Holicong Middle          calculus and a Masters’ in Education. He is
School. She comes to us from Upper Merion            teaching Geometry and Pre-calculus. He will
Area High School.                                    be the head coach for JV baseball in the
                Ms. Erin Pond
                                                                   .Ms. Sara Yoder
Ms. Pond graduated from Virginia Common-
wealth University with a degree in BFA—Art Edu-      Ms. Yoder graduated from the University of
cation and Photography. She has been teaching        Pittsburgh with a B.S. in psychology and a
for seven years and comes to us from C.B. West.      Master of Arts in Teaching. She will be teach-
                                                     ing psychology, American Political Systems and
          Mr. Kevin T. Shillingford                  Recent American History. Ms. Yoder has been
Mr. Shillingford is our new tenth grade principal.   teaching for five years and comes to us from
(Class of 2011) He graduated from Clemson Uni-       Beaver Area High School northwest of Pitts-
versity with a degree in Psychology. He comes        burgh.
to us from Charleston, South Carolina.
                Mr. Erik Smith                                  Miscellaneous
Mr. Smith graduated from Millersville University
with a Masters Degree in Technology Education.       Graduation Project by Aubrey Se-
He is teaching materials processing and com-         bestyen: Graduation Project presentation
puter programming. He comes to us from South         dates for November presenters are fast ap-
and Unami.                                           proaching! All November presenters should
                                                     make sure that they are meeting the deadlines
                 Mr. Jeff Teti                       for project components throughout the month of
Mr. Teti graduated from Loyola College with a de-    October. Students will be presenting their pro-
gree in Management Information Systems. He is        jects at CB East on Monday, November 24th
teaching Business. He comes to us from Notre         and Tuesday, November 25th. Check with your
Dame Academy. He is the advisor to the Local         homeroom teachers to confirm project dead-
Area Network Club                                    lines and presentation times. Please remember
                                                     that presentation dates CANNOT be changed!
                                                     Questions or concerns? See Mrs. Sebestyen in
                                                     Room 107 across from the Guidance Office.

 Page 4                                                                                    Patriot Lines
  Miscellaneous Continued                               your Principal’s approval. Don’t forget school
                                                        policy allows for three college visit days as a
                                                        senior and three days as a junior.
FBLA News By Ginny Kownurko: FBLA                                Patriot Players presents
held its first meeting on September 25th. The
next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October              The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
16th when dues are payable. Regional Competi-                Submitted by Lydia Fichtman
tion at Bucks County Community College is
scheduled for Friday, December 19th from 8:15           The award winning Central Bucks HS East
AM to 2:00 PM. This years state charity is the          theatre troupe, Patriot Players, will kick off the
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.                             2008-2009 season with the fall drama The Leg-
                                                        end of Sleepy Hollow, a comedy with music.
Central Bucks East Student Council By                   The play will be presented in two acts on No-
Laura E’Nama and Amanda Dicks: The                      vember 14 and 15 at 7:30 PM and November
week of October 13th to the 19th is homecoming.         16 at 2:00 PM. Adult tickets are $10.00 and
We will have spirit days, a bonfire on Thursday,        students are $5.00. Tickets may be ordered by
the game on Friday and our annual homecoming            downloading a ticket order form off the Patriot
dance on Saturday.                                      Players website or in person, during the week
                                                        of November 10 between the hours of 10:45
SENIORS from Mrs. Fratrik: Don’t forget
                                                        and 1:00 in the CB East cafeteria.
that if you are looking for the privilege of Late Ar-
rival and/or Early Release, you need to stop by         This family show has music, dance, drama and
the senior house office and pick up your privilege      comedy. Come see Ichabod Crane and of
card. A NEW card is given for each marking pe-          course, the headless horseman, and join the
riod.                                                   Patriot Players family for a fun-filled night of
Operation Eternal Gratitude:              The first
meeting for Operation Eternal Gratitude was on          *********Don’t forget to mark your calendars for
Thursday, October 2nd. The Veterans Day Cere-           March 27, 28 and 29 as Patriot Players will pre-
mony will be held on Tuesday, November 11th at          sent Footloose! Questions??? Contact Sasha
8:00 AM in the East Auditorium. All community           E i s e n b e r g                          a t
military members and their families are invited to
attend.    OEG is collecting personal hygiene           players.
items, games, individually packed food and let-         Yearbooks from Mr. Bercik: Prices are
ters to ship overseas to our troops in time for the     $75.00 until December 31st, $80.00 from Janu-
holidays. East grads that are or were in the mili-      ary 1st to March 31st and $85.00 from April 1st
tary are asked to contact Ginny Kownurko at             until copies run out in June. Baby face ads and to be included on our Vet-           senior spaces are due by October 24th.
erans Wall of Honor.
                                                        Class of 2009 and 2010 By Nicole De-
Attention Juniors and Seniors: If you are               Fazio and Lauren McKee: During Home-
going on a college visit, please submit a vacation      coming week the East family will participate in
request form three days prior to the visit. The         Patriot Passionately Pink for the Cure—our goal
forms are available at the Attendance Office and        is to raise $10,000. The week of October 13th
must be initialed by your teachers, signed by a         will be dedicated to breast cancer awareness
parent and returned to the Attendance Office for        and activities to raise money and awareness.

 Issue 1                                                                                           Page 5
                                   Miscellaneous Continued

We will have “pink outs” for our fan sections for       improve their behavior and academic perform-
all homecoming games that week!                         ance.
The senior class will start a new tradition this
year. On June 12, 2009 the class will enjoy an
evening of dining, dancing and boating on our
Senior Cruise down the Delaware.                                   The
Key Club by Bonnie Transue: Key Club
officers: Lindsay S., President; Wenley T., Vice
President; Allison B., Secretary; Demetra F., Sec-                 Sun
retary, Kelly C., Treasurer; Liz L., Treasurer; Kalli
B., Senior Representative; Liz B., Junior Repre-
sentative; Nataliya L., Junior Representative.                   Always
Over 100 students attended the first Key Club
meeting. Many of these CB East students are
now committed to serving our community. We
applaud their efforts!
National Honor Society by Karen Do-
man: National Honor Society induction is                            in
Wednesday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM in the
Third Annual Brandon Boger/walk run
                                                                the East!
in Central Park by Karen Doman: Any
staff or students who want to participate in the
Boger 5k can turn in their forms to me until Octo-
ber 15th. Please come out and support this on
October 18th at 8:00 AM.
Annual Parents Presentation from Dale
Scafuro: George McCloskey, Professor and
Director of School Psychology research at the
Philiadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine,
will be speaking about Executive Functioning and
the impact on school performance at Lenape
Midde School on October 28th at 7:00 PM. Dr.
McCloskey will focus on helping parents under-
stand the behaviors known as executive function-
ing and explain how this impacts students both in
school and at home. He will also provide specific
strategies to help students with these difficulties

 Page 6                                                                                   Patriot Lines
October 16           Homecoming Bonfire                          7:00 PM
October 17           Homecoming Game (East-Quakertown)           7:00 PM
October 18           NHS sponsored Charity 5K Run
                     for Brandon Boger Scholarship               8:00 AM
October 18           PSAT Testing                                8:00 AM
October 18           Homecoming Dance                            7:30 PM
October 20-31        PSSA Grade 12 Retesting window
October 22           Parent Council Meeting                      9:00 AM
October 22           NHS Induction Ceremony                      7:00 PM
October 31           Halloween Parade

November 1           SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests             8:00 AM
November 4           Election Day (School Holiday)
November 7           End of First Marking Period
November 11          Operation Eternal Gratitude Veterans Day Ceremony   8:00 AM
November 11          Financial Aid Night (at East)               7:30 PM
November 14          Patriot Players Fall Production
                     The Legend of Sleepy Hollow                 7:30 PM
November 15          Patriot Players Fall Production
                     The Legend of Sleepy Hollow                 7:30 PM
November 16          Patriot Players Fall Production
                     The Legend of Sleepy Hollow                 7:30 PM
November 19          Parent Council Meeting                      9:00 PM
November 19          Report Cards Distributed
November 19          Orchestra Cluster Concert                   7:30 PM
November 24-25       Student Exhibitions

December 3           Fall Band Concert                           7:30 PM
December 10          Holiday Orchestra Concert                   7:30 PM
December 13          District Instrumental Auditions
December 17          Winter Choral Concert                       8:00 PM
December 24-Jan. 2   Winter Recess
Issue 1
                                                                                   Page 7

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