Freshmen_ sophomores should remain unable to attend prom

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                                                                                                                                                                         thursday february 25, 2010

  Policy of
  The Cougar’s Roar
     The Cougar’s Roar is a
                                               Freshmen, sophomores should
                                               remain unable to attend prom
  monthly publication for the
  students and staff of Van Wert
  High School and Middle School
  at 10708 St. Rt. 118 S, Van Wert,
  OH, 45891. To reach the staff
  during business hours, call                     Prom. For many this extravagant dance is the
  419-238-3350 and ask for The                most exciting part of their high school career.
  Cougar’s Roar staff.                            The rules regarding who may attend this
     The Cougar’s Roar welcomes
                                              dance have not ever changed for Van Wert High
  letters to the editor, but
  requests that they be 300                   School. These rules state that only students from
  words or less due to space                  the junior class and senior class may attend,
  constraints. They must be                   as well as previous graduates if they have been
  signed by the writer in order               invited by a junior or senior.
  for publication. Letters may                    However, many schools have decided to let
  be submitted to Room 105                    underclassmen attend this dance, like Crestview
  during regular school hours.                and Lincolnview.
  The Cougar’s Roar reserves                      Underclassmen are already aloud to attend
  the right to edit letters to the
                                              the Homecoming dance, and the Prom should be a
  editor without changing their
  meaning and content.                        privilage aloud only for the juniors and seniors.
     The Cougar’s Roar is a public                Another reason that having underclassmen
  forum funded by advertising                 aloud at the dance is not a good idea, is because
  and fundraising events.                     of the large maturity differance between seniors
                                              and underclassmen.
                                                  Some school’s policy of whom can attend is
                                              that underclassmen can attend, but only if the
  Personnel of                                underclassmen has been asked to the dance by an
  The Cougar’s Roar                           upperclassmen at the school.
                                                  This is a good way to decide who can go to the                                   enough to attend prom.
  Adviser                                     dance, and who not to allow. The thinking of this for many is                            Van Wert High School’s policy of whom may attend the
  Chris Covey
                                              that if an underclassmen is mature enough to be friends with                         dance is the best possible policy to assure that it is remaines a
  Advertising Editors                         or date an upperclassmen, then they should also be mature                            special dance reserved for the last two years of high school.

                                             Athletes lack                                                                                      Disney superstars
  Taylor Ford
  Jake Bagley

  Back page Design Editor

                                             drive, passion                                                                                     make bad choices
  Danielle Hoverman

  Centerspread Editor
  Brittany Hoverman                                                                                                                             Nikki Young                              First Brittney spears, now
                                             Brittany Hoverman                                                                                                                      Miley? What are some of these
  Editor-in-Chief                                                                                                                                    I can remember when            young stars thinking? Not to
  Lauren Taylor                                    Passion; you either have it or you don’t. It’s the drive,                                    I was a young girl watching         mention taking inappropriate
                                             motivation, obsession, infatuation, found inside a person’s                                        television shows such as            pictures of yourself topless,
  Feature Editor                             body to push them to succeed in whatever sector in life                                            Lizzie McGuire and That’s           flashing your bra, or just
  Becca Hurless                              they choose. It seems, however, that this zeal has lost its                                        so Raven and how I wanted           trying to look “hot” for people.
  Brittany Hoverman                          spark within the arena of sports, where one must own the                                           to be just like them when I              Another great example
  Courtney Sallee                            fire and desire in order to thrive. Many athletes in our                                           grew up. Now, we see Disney         would be Vanessa Hudgens
  Lauren Taylor                              school lack the passion within themselves, which not only                                          channel stars not like they         from High School Musical. In
                                             is detrimental to their own achievements, but it is also                                           used to be, but transformed         2007 she almost screwed up
  Managing Editor                            inhibiting their teammate’s success.                                                               into something completely and       her career in the process of
  Shelby Wolford                                   It’s not fair to the impassionate person’s self to                                           dissaprovingly different.           making these movies because
                                                                                                               (photo courtesy google images)
                                             continue a sport if they don’t care about what the outcome                                              To me, if I started out        she took naked pictures of
  News Editors                               may be, and more importantly, it isn’t fair to the person                                          being a young celebrity and         herself and they got posted
  Sydney Riethman                            who puts their whole heart, soul, and effort into a sport                                          having my own show, I would         on the internet for everyone
  Madison Riethman                           they love.                                                                                         want younger girls to look up       to see.
                                                   The way to decipher between a passionate athlete                                             to me. For example, we all               If stars have younger TV
  Opinion Editors                            and an impassionate athlete is by listening to them                                                know Miley Cyrus/ Hannah            programs, they shouldn’t be
  Lauren Taylor                              speak in the hallways. An impassionate athlete will say                                            Montana have many young             dressing badly because then
  Shelby Wolford                             blasphemies such as, “I hate sports”, “I don’t like doing the                                      girls sitting and watching her      those watching want to dress
                                             work”, “I want to quit”, “Why did I join in the first place”,                                      on TV 24/7.                         like that. Parents are not
  Photography Editors                        “I can’t wait until the season is over”, or “I’m so glad I’m                                            She has become popular         going to let their kids watch
  Taylor Ford                                graduating this year so I don’t have to play ever again.”                                          to many children and adults         that show anymore hence
  Madison Kohn                                     Figuring out if you’re passionate or not is a matter                                         with her music, TV shows, and       no more money made for the
                                             of self evaluation and figuring out your priorities. If you                                        movies. She says she wants          producers because of no one
  Reporters                                  know you’re not passionate about a sport and play just to                                          to have young girls look up to      will be watching anymore.
  Ellie Adams                                get your varsity letter and pin because you know it will be                                        her and follow their dreams              Disney stars don’t need
  Daniel Mulvey                              easy to obtain, then do us all a favor and quit. All this does                                     like she did right? Well I don’t    to be letting themselves go
  Nikki Young                                is take away from someone else who is willing to put in the                                        think wearing short tight           especially because they’re still
                                             time and effort in order to have positive results.                                                 shorts, low cut shirts, and         young too, and they’re role
  Sports Editors                                   Whether this impassionate person is good at the sport                                        swinging around on a pole is        models to others. Also the
  Chloe Butler                               or not, it is wise to take into consideration someone other                                        “role modeling”, especially         parents of the stars need to
  Madison Riethman                           than themselves. Hardy D. Jackson stated it best, “Above                                           in front of millions of people      start caring more about what
  Josh Roberts                               all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in                                      watching at the 2009 Teen           their own children are doing
  Shelby Wolford                             it, take yourself out.”                                                                            Choice Awards.                      behind the scenes.

Wall street employees spend millions per year on charities, personal gain
Danielle Hoverman                                                floors which is equivalent to 20,000 square feet – the                         Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, $53.4 million.
                                                                 cost? Over $30 million. Putting this into perspective, the                     Basically, these top earners base salaries are meaningless
     From multimillion dollar homes and paychecks to             average size apartment in New York City is 1300 square                         – their entire compensation comes from bonus day.
private yachts, planes, and islands, Wall Street hedge           feet; Schwarzman can fit 15 “normal” size apartments in                             Yachts are also a luxury that the finance titans enjoy.
fund managers seem to be living the high life through            his one apartment.                                                             Alex Sander purchased a yacht named “Midlandia” that
the immense “dough” they get for regular pay, but more                Many Wall Street hedge fund managers chose to live in                     is 170 feet long and includes its very own outdoor cinema.
importantly in their bonuses – so what exactly are they          Greenwich, Connecticut since there is $1.2 trillion invested                   Devaney is the commander of the yacht club with 10
really spending their pay on?                                    in hedge funds there and $120 billion is managed there.                        yachts. The most prestigious of his is the “Positive Carry”
     Raking in the big bucks is nothing new for Wall                  In 1998 Steven Cohen paid $15 million in cash for a 14                    which is 141 feet long, has a master suite, and four guest
Street’s finest. Hedge fund manager at Moore Capital             acre estate that was 31,000 square feet which is equivalent                    suites inside.
Management, Louis Bacon brings in over $400 million a            to the size of the Taj Mahal in India. This mega home has 30                        Not to mention, they all have money to just blow as
year and has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion.             rooms in the main house, a 12,000 square foot sports annex,                    they wish also.
     Previous taxi cab driver in New York City turned            a full size basketball court, and a swimming pool enclosed                          Wall Streeters use their money for their own personal
founder and chairman of Caxton Associates, LCC Bruce             with a glass dome. On top of all these luxuries is a 20 seat                   gain and for charities. With the recent bail outs it’s a
Kovner has expanded his business to be considered one of         movie theatre and a skating rink with a 700 square foot                        shame that the Federal Reserve has not done anything
the top ten hedge funds in the world. Kovner makes an            building just for his personal zamboni.                                        to better regulate the handling of Wall Street business.
estimated $800 million a year and his net worth is about              Wall Street bonuses broke records in 2006 with                            Although banks have been beginning to pay back the
$2.5 billion.                                                    millions being handed over to top executives at various                        government for their bail outs, Wall Streeters should better
     With big salaries comes big homes and, of course, Wall      firms. In 2005 five investment funds gave out a total of                       regulate their own personal gain, such as salary, because
Street’s finest don’t settle for anything less than the best.    over $20 billion in bonuses to employees, but in 2006 a total                  it seems as though their salaries are an excuse to neglect
     Steven Schwarzman (net worth 2.5 billion) and his           of $36 billion was given out.                                                  the regulation of spending within their corporations. (All
wife live in a high rise on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.              James Cain, CEO of BearSterns, received $36 million                       information provided by The Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar
Their apartment consists of 35 rooms spacing over three          in bonuses; John Mac, Morgan Stanley, $40 million; and                         Wall Street Ballers on VH1)

Word on the street:                                                           Should underclassmen be allowed to go to prom?

                freshman                                        sophomore                                                   junior                                                    senior
      Maggie Allmandinger                                   Matt Cucciarre                                            Luke Strick                                                  Kayla Miller

“No, because it will make junior and            “Yes, I think they should be able to                 “Yes, because everyone deserves to                          “Only if they are in a relationship with
senior year more exciting.”                     go as long as they’ve been invited                   party But only if they’re asked.”                           a junior or senior.”
                                                by an upperclassman.“