2006 – 2007
Our mission is to instill excellence
in academics, arts, and athletics.

 Northview High School Code of Responsibility

We believe that:
  ? every student has the right to learn
  ? every teacher has the right to teach
  ? every parent has the right to be involved

All students are expected to:
    ? show courtesy and respect for others
    ? participate in the learning process
    ? be prepared, ready to work, and on task until
    ? demonstrate safe and responsible conduct at
       all times

All staff members are expected to:
   ? show courtesy and respect for others
   ? provide a safe and productive learning
   ? support the mission and policies of Northview
       High School
   ? exhibit open and timely communication with
       students and parents

All parents are expected to:
   ? show courtesy and respect for others
   ? insist that their child accepts responsibility for
      his/her decisions
   ? support the mission and policies of Northview
      High School
   ? be an active participant in the total school
                   First Semester
        August 14, 2006 – December 21, 2006

August 7 – 11            Pre-Planning
August 14                First Day of School
August 28                Curriculum Night/Open House
September 4              Labor Day Holiday
September 27             Georgia HS Writing Test
October 7                Hands on Northview
October 9                Teacher Workday
October 18               PSAT
October 27               Homecoming Parade and Game
October 28               Homecoming Dance
November 10                       s
                         Veteran’ Day Assembly
November 22 – 24         Thanksgiving Holidays
December 21              End of Semester
December 19-20-22        Exam Days (early dismissal)
December 22              Begin Winter Holidays

                 Second Semester
           January 8, 2007 – May 25, 2007

January 5                Teacher Workday
January 8                First Day of Second Semester
January 15               Martin Luther King Holiday
February 8               AP/Post-Secondary Option Night
February 19                        s
                         President’ Day Holiday
February 28              Black History Month Assembly
March 5                  Bring Dad to School Day
March 12                 Teacher Workday
March 15                 International Night
March 19-22              Georgia HS Graduation Test
March 22-25              Musical: Fiddler on the Roof
April 2 – 6              Spring Break
April 10                 Academic Honors Banquet
April 14                 Prom at the Hellenic Center
April 24                 VIP Night
April 28                 Hands on Northview
April 30 - May 4         End-of-Course Testing
May 3                    Honors Night
May 7 -18                AP Exams
May 23-24-25             Exam Days (early dismissal)
May 25                   Last Day of School
May 27                   Graduation
May 28                   Memorial Day Holiday
May 29-30                Post Planning
        Northview High School
             10625 Parsons RD
             Duluth, GA 30097

          770-497-3828 Main Office
       770-497-3842 Counseling Office
             770-497-3844- Fax


         CEEB School Code: 111148

         Peter F. Zervakos, Principal

      Pamela Spalla, Assistant Principal
administrator for grade 9 females and grade 11

       Chip Haines, Assistant Principal
         administrator for grade 12

     Bobby Macris, Assistant Principal
 administrator for curriculum and scheduling

    James Williams, Assistant Principal
administrator for grade 9 males and grade 10

        Rob Hunter, Athletic Director

   Patrick Martin, Administrative Assistant

     Clair Greenaway, Counseling Chair
                 NORTHVIEW HIGH SCHOOL
                   10625 Parsons Road
                    Duluth, GA 30097

Home of the Titans                         Peter F. Zervakos, Principal

Welcome to Northview!

Our journey began four years ago with the opening of Northview.
During this time, many traditions were formed that will last a
lifetime. Our students brought home numerous honors and
awards, and this year reveals even greater promise for success.

My challenge to all students, both new and returning, is Get
Involved! With over 80 academic clubs, performing arts activities,
social organizations, and service clubs coupled with twenty -five
GHSA sanctioned and club sports, there is something for
everyone to do at Northview. More importantly, I have found that
students who get involved in school activities realize greater
academic success than those who are not involved.

Academic excellence is our primary goal and must be your goal as
well. Northview offers many choices in all academic areas. An
extensive visual and performing arts program, a full complement of
advanced placement subjects, five foreign languages, cutting-
edge Career-Technology offerings, Army JROTC, Talented and
Gifted options, Special Education, internships, and a smorgasbord
of electives join together to give every student an opportunity for

On behalf of the entire administration, I wish you the best for a
successful school year. If I can ever be of assistance, please do
not hesitate to ask.


Peter F. Zervakos
                  FRESHMEN TIPS

?   Don't worry about the Seniors. They are too involved with
    being Seniors to worry about the Freshmen.

?   High school is much harder than middle s chool, but still make
    time to enjoy your Freshmen year.

?   Keep your school spirit!

?   Follow the dress code or you may end up sporting something
    from lost and found.

?   Pass all your classes or you'll end up in summer school. You
    can't afford it!

?   Keep your eye on your backpack . . . don't let it walk away.

?   Don't rely on the honors points to save your grade .

?   Don't cry over spilt milk, i.e. get over it!

?   Buy a yearbook and newspaper, you'll enjoy the memories.

?   All four years of high school are important, not just the last

?   Keep your cell phone turned off and out of sight if you don't
    want to donate it to your teacher.

?   If you have a conflict with a teacher, work it out privately after
    class. You're more likely to get your way if you are respectful
    and calm.

?   You're in high school now. Use your parents as a last resort.

?   If you get an office slip, don't panic . . . it doesn't always mean
    you're in trouble.
            Bell Schedules
             REGULAR SCHEDULEcccccc
      Zero Period      7:25 - 8:20
      First Period     8:30 - 9:28
   Second Period       9:36 - 10:32
     Third Period     10:40 - 11:36
    Fourth Period     11:44 - 1:32
    4A: lunch 11:44-12:34 class 12:34-1:32
    4B: class 11:44-12:42 lunch 12:42-1:32
      Fifth Period     1:40 - 2:36
     Sixth Period      2:44 - 3:40
   bus/detention       3:50

     Zero Period       7:25 - 8:20
      First Period     8:30 - 9:24
      Homeroom         9:31 - 9:41
  Second Period        9:48 - 10:41
     Third Period    10:49 - 11:42
   Fourth Period     11:50 - 1:38
    4A: lunch 11:50-12:40 class 12:40-1:38
    4B: class 11:50-12:48 lunch 12:48-1:38
      Fifth Period     1:46 - 2:39
     Sixth Period      2:47 - 3:40
  bus/detention        3:50

  4A: Halls 100, 200, 300, 800, 870
4B: Halls 400, 500, 600, 700, 830, 900

      A warning bell will ring one
     minute prior to the tardy bell.

 Students are to be seated and ready
  to begin when the tardy bell rings.

    Homeroom meets on Thursdays.
Eleven things you need to know,
but may not have known to ask:

1. What are AP courses?
      Advanced Placement Courses are mainly for juniors
      and seniors. These classes are among the most rigorous
      in the school. Students take the College Board AP Exams
      in the spring and can earn college credit if they score
      extremely well.

2. What is open gym?
      Each morning before school, the gym is open to students
      for pick-up basketball. Lots of students participate so do
      not be shy! Two ground rules: no food in the gym and use
      only school basketballs (do not bring your own basketball
      to school).

3. Why should I visit the College & Career Center?
      The College & Career Center is located in the Counseling
      Office and is a great place to get information about
      colleges, careers, scholarships, and summer programs.
      Students can also receive assistance with making college
      applications on-line. Students may use the center during
      their lunch periods or before school. It is definitely worth
      exploring if you plan to have a life after high school.

4. Why do we call our cafeteria the “food court?”
      Because that is just what it is. There are five lines
      serving regular lunches, pizza, and all kinds of
      sandwiches and a la carte items.

5. When are the concession stands open?
      The gym concession stand is open only during indoor
      sporting events; the auditorium concession is open
      every day right after school. The food court vending
      machines are always available; vending machines in
      other areas are only on after school.
6. Who gets to use the courtyard?
      The courtyard is the center of our school and is always
      open to all students. If you eat in the courtyard, pick up
      your trash or Mr. Z. will get very upset! The courtyard and
      food court make our building unique, so please treat them
      with respect.

7. What is a Titan?
      The Titans were the greatest warriors of Greek mythology
      who ruled over all. They were so brave that they even
      challenged the gods of Mt. Olympus. Today’ NHS Titans
      are students who are involved in school, show common
      respect, and stand out among all others!

8. When do we have homeroom?
      Generally, every Thursday between first and second
      periods. Extra sessions are called as needed.

9. What is the Principal’ List?
      This is Mr. Z’ favorite award program because it gives
      him a chance to thank the students who “ the right
      thing” every day. Students who qualify are invited to a
      special assembly and receive a Titan Card that is good for
      special discounts.

10. What if I am having a problem with a teacher?
      See your assistant principal, counselor, Dr. Macris, or
      Mr. Zervakos! Teachers are human and will sometimes
      push your buttons, but you are still expected to be
      respectful. Let “ experts” advise you as how to best
      handle the situation.

11. What if I am having a conflict with a student?
      Above all, do not allow yourself to get into a verbal or
      physical altercation or you will be going home for a long
      while! See Officers Johnson or Robinson, your assistant
      principal, or Mr. Zervakos; they will not get involved unless
      you want them to, and they can help you resolve the
      situation before anyone gets into trouble.

  ?   There are two lunch periods.
  ?   If you need to go see a teacher or go to a room on an
      academic hall during your lunch period, you must have a
      written pass.
  ?   Students must stay in the Food Court, Commons, or
      Courtyard areas— be sure to keep these areas clean.
  ?   You can also go to the Media Center, Counseling Office,
      Clinic, Main Office, or Attendance Office.
  ?   Wait until the bell rings to go to your locker or head to
      class— this is an important rule!

Getting Called to the Office:
  ?   If you get a slip in class to come to the office, go straight
      there; do not detour or forget to go.
  ?   If you did it, confess (people talk); if you didn't, stay cool —
      mistakes happen.
  ?   Do not panic— getting an office slip does not always mean
      you are in trouble.

Dress Code:
  ?   NHS has a simple dress code; the faculty wants you to be
      yourself but remember: absolutely no hats, bandanas,
      shirts with alcohol, drug, or tobacco references, bad
      words, or sexual innuendo on them, or body parts showing
      that shouldn't be showing!
  ?   If a teacher or administrator asks you to change— DO IT!
      It's not worth getting in trouble over!!

Leaving Campus:
  ?   Do not leave the building/campus witho ut permission from
      the office— this is a big deal.
iPods, CD Players, Cell Phones:
  ?   If you have a cell phone, keep it out of sight and turned off
      until after school! Nothing is worse than having a phone
      go off during class, then having it taken away by the
  ?   If you have a cell phone taken up, a parent can pick it up
      any time after the next school day.
  ?   CD players and iPods are for the bus, cafeteria, and
      before or after school— keep them put away during class
      and assemblies or they will be confiscated.
  ?   If a teacher asks for your phone, iPod, or CD player, don’  t
      argue. You will get it back much faster and catch a lot
      less grief if you cooperate.

Morning Announcements:
  ?   Listen carefully so you don't miss important information
      about deadlines, special meetings, etc.
  ?   If you do something unusually good, you might even hear
      Mr. Z bragging about you or your team over the intercom.
  ?   Also, check the Titan Notes for information— they are
      posted in most classrooms, on the website, and by the
      Media Center.

  ?   www.northview,com is the official website of our school
  ?   You can use this to check dates and announcements or to
      contact teachers through email.
  ?   There are many research links.
  ?   The site is a great way to learn about what sports and
      activities are available and to contact the coaches or
  ?   The Student-Parent Handbook and Academic Catalogue
      can be found on the website.

  ?   No smoking is allowed anywhere on, or within 1,000 feet
      of campus by anybody.
  ?   This includes being in your car.
Titan activities and special events:
Blood Drive: held each spring to support the Red Cross; donors
must be at least seventeen years old

Spirit Week: the exciting week of Homecoming; each day is a
dress-up day and features different spirit activities

Homecoming: also known as the Titan Glendi, is a special event
that includes a parade, the Homecoming game when the co urt is
announced, and the dance

Homecoming Dance: a “      dress up” dance for the entire student
body; just about everyone attends so do not worry about having a
date— just come with your friends

Principal's List Assembly: featuring performances by student
organizations for students who make the list

Honors Night: the night when students receive individual awards;
this is a big event so if you receive an invitation (which means you
are getting an award) be sure to attend!

VIP Night: like Honors Night but for citizenship awards; a nice
reception is held after the ceremony

Black History Month Assembly: held each year at the end of
February; features student and faculty performances

International Night: held at the end of March to kick-off
International Week; you will enjoy lots of free food and
performances from around the world

Hands on Northview: held fall and spring on a Saturday
morning; a time for students and parents to improve our school
grounds and perform community service

Job/Career Fair: held in the spring; potential employers set up
booths where students can learn of summer jobs and internships
as well as apply for summer employment . Guest speakers are
available to help you learn about different career possibilities.
AP/Post Secondary Options Night: if you are interested in AP
courses or joint enrollment, then you should attend to find out what
you need to know about these programs.

College Night: a night of information about college admissions,
financial aide, etc. Colleges from all over the nation send reps to
Northview so this is a big event!

Prom: the spring formal dance hosted by the Junior class for
Juniors and Seniors; held off-campus at a hotel or banquet facility .

Project Graduation:      an all-night party held for the Seniors
following graduation.

Musical: a major musical theater production that is open by
audition to all students.

Senior Field Trips: during spring semester, Seniors who qualify
enjoy special field trips on the last Wednesday of each mont h.
Places visited include the King Center, The Georgia Aquarium,
Stone Mountain, and the Atlanta Zoo.

New Student Breakfasts: held each month for the administrators
and counselors to meet and welcome new stude nts who entered
during the previous month. If you are new, you really should
attend— there is free food and door prizes!

Coffee House: sponsored several times each year by the Media
Center. For a small admission fee, students can enjoy unlimited
Starbucks Coffee and an evening of poetry reading and improv.

Senior Night: also held three times a year (last home football,
basketball, and soccer games) to honor our Seniors.

Grad Night at Disneyworld: each spring, Seniors who qualify
(must have good attendance and discipline) depart on a chartered
bus visit with Mickey and Goofy during this special night at the
Magic Kingdom that is for Seniors only.
                PEOPLE TO KNOW
?   Mr. Zervakos - Our principal, Mr. Z, has the final say on
    everything that goes on at Northview. Very friendly and easy
    to talk to, Mr. Z is definitely worth knowing and you can always
    stop by his office for a Jolly Rancher. When all else fails , see
    Mr. Z. Don’ panic if he is out somewhere in the building—
    leave a note and he will send for you.

?   Dr. Macris is the assistant principal who makes sure that
    everyone is in the right classes. If you have a scheduling
    question, he is the one to see. Dr. Macris always has snacks
    for students who can recite the school mission statement!

?   Ms. Spalla, Mr. Haines, and Mr. Williams are assistant
    principals who really are there for the students. You will have
    to see them if you get into trouble, but they will also help you
    when you are in a bind. Also, if you are hungry, a quick visit to
    say hello is a great way to get some free candy.

?   Mr. Mangan is our Attendance Officer. He may speak with
    you if you have been absent too many days and you will also
    see him helping out in the hallways and in the Food Court
    during lunches. He can be found in the Attendance Office.

?   Mr. Martin is the Administrative Assistant and can be found in
    room 712. In addition to teaching music classes, he helps out
    in the halls and heads up our School Support Team (SST)
    program. The SST works with students who are experiencin g
    some academic difficulties, identifying different possible

?   Officer Johnson and Officer Robinson serve as our school
    resource officers. They keep crime away from Northview. If
    you are having a problem with a student but don't want to tell
    an administrator about it, they are the best persons to see. If
    you have any legal questions, they are your best resource.

?   Ms. Holly Price handles all club finances and anything else
    that has to do with money at Northview and knows everything
    there is to know about everything at Northview. If you need to
    see Mr. Z. but can’ find him, see Ms. Price and she will track
    him down.
?   Ms. Comstock is the Assistant Principals’ secretary. She is
    also the person to see if you have any questions about
    parking and can be found in the attendance office.

?   Ms. Fleming and Ms. Gunter are the main office secretaries.
    If you think something of yours is in Lost & Found, they are the
    persons to see. Ms. Fleming will also help you if you have any
    problems with your locker.

?   Ms. Greenaway, Ms. Ferrerio, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Mercer, Mr.
    Creel, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Cole, and Mr. Brown serve as
    Northview’ outstanding counselors. These folks work hard
    and really do a great job but you need to make an effort to get
    to know them since they have a lot of students to watch over.

?   Ms. Akeson and Ms. Justice are the nice ladies in the
    attendance office. They have "seen it all" so be sure to tell the
    truth, be polite. and follow procedures when dealing with the
    attendance office.

?   Ms. Rocker and Ms. Unger wear many hats and can be
    found in the Counseling Office. They are always there if you
    need to see your counselor or you need help in general. It
    pays to know them!

?   Ms. Ireland and Ms. Click are in charge of the clinic. They will
    bandage your bruises, give you ice for your pains, and
    peppermints to be nice but you must have a pass from your
    teacher before they can see you.

?   Coach Hunter is the Athletic Director for Northview. He can
    answer any questions about sports or eligibility.

?   Ms. Elliott is our data clerk. She is the person to notify if you
    have any changes of address, phone numbers, emergency
    contacts, etc.

?   Mr. Aristilde is our school assistant. You will see him in the
    halls and cafeteria. If you are late or are somewhere you
    should not be, he will tell you to move on and you better listen
    or you will end up in BIG trouble.

?   Ms. Polizzi runs the College and Career Center. She used to
    be a college admissions officer and can help you with getting
    all your college applications in order.
?   Ms. Sharp, Mr. Allen, and Ms. Paynter can all be found in
    the Media Center. They love to help students with research
    for various school projects! Remember, if you want to visit the
    Media Center during lunch, stop by in the morning for a pass!

?   Ms. Keahey is the Food Court manager. She can sell you a
    pre-paid lunch card for whatever amount you want, which
    really helps to speed up the lines and keeps you from running
    low on cash.

?   Mr. Harkey has the phenomenal task of keeping all of our
    computers up and running. He also watches to make sure we
    are all using the computers for school work only! His office is
    outside of the 900 hall.

?   Mr. Ashby is our head custodian. We all work to pick up our
    own garbage, but it is Mr. Ashby and his dedicated staff that
    keep this building looking so wonderful. His office is behind
    the cafeteria, at the end of the 700 hall.
                           STUDENT ACTIVITIES

Become a part of Northview history. By participating in a school
activity, you will play an important role in establishing traditions
and events that will benefit our community for many years.

Northview’ academic, social, service, and performing
organizations coupled with a full sports program will offer
something for everyone. More important, students who get
involved in school activities realize greater academic success
than those who are not involved.

  Academic Bowl                    Ms. Tucker
  Animal Rights Club               Ms. Grogan
  Anime Club                       Ms. Whitlach
  Beta Club                        Ms. Ely
  Junior Beta Club                 Ms. Ely
  Cerle Francais (French Club)     Ms. White
  Chess Club                       Mr. Kemp
  Chinese Culture Club             Ms. Ely
  Chorus                           Ms. Moras
  Colorguard                       Ms. DeLuccia
  Crew                             Ms. Farnham
  Crosswalk Bible Study            Ms. Upton
  Dance Team                       Ms. Mejias, Mr. Williams
  Debate Team                      Mr. Davis
  Dodge Ball Club                  Mr. Dixon
  Equestrian Club                  Ms. Canavan
  Engineering Club                 Ms. Taylor
  Environmental Brigade            Ms. Pratt
  FBLA                             Ms. McCall, Mr. Brickle
  FCA                              Ms. Curtwright, Mr. O’ Shea
  FEA                              Ms. Farnham, Ms. Nichols
  Fencing Club                     Ms. Dietrick
  German Club                      Ms. Kemptner
  GSA                              Mr. Brickle
  Habitat for Humanity             Officer Johnson
  History Club                     Ms. Russell
  Ice Hockey                       Ms. Akeson
  Improv Club                      Mr. McClain, Ms. Gathers
  Interact                         Ms. Nicholls
  Japanese Culture Club            Mr. Daniel
  Jazz Choir                       Ms. Moras
  Jewish Student Union             tba
JROTC                            Ltc. Heard, Sgt. Adams
Kaleidoscope - Peer Diversity    Mr. Williams, Ms. Gilmore
Key Club                         Ms. Farnham
Keyettes                         Ms. Briggs
Latin Club                       Mr. David, Mr. Folds
Korean Culture Club              Ms. Bounds, Ms. Kim
Literary Magazine – The Muse     Ms. Crumbley
Marching/Concert/Jazz Bands      Ms. Dudley
Marshal Arts Club                Mr. Daniel
Math Team (Varsity and JV)       Ms. Neal, Mr. Stone
Medical Society                  Ms. Warren
Miniature Golf Club              Mr. Como
Model UN                         Mr. Garrison
Movie Club                       Mr. Chuven
Mock Trial                       Mr. Weinberger, Ms. Gathers
Multicultural Club               Ms. Yashina
Mystikos – Art Club              Ms. Booth
National Art Honor Society       Ms. Lovell
Internat Assoc: Jazz Educators   Mr. Aucoin
National Honor Society           Ms. Hill, Ms. Cascio
Newspaper – Messenger            Mr. Peterson
Orchestra                        Mr. Aucoin
Pep Band                         Ms. Dudley
Percussion Ensemble              Mr. Martin
Piano Club                       Ms. Moras
Ping Pong Club                   tba
Red Cross Club                   tba
Rocketry Club                    Mr. Kemp
Roller Hockey                    Ms. Akeson
Science Club                     Mr. Aboulafia
Science Olympiad                 Ms. Tucker
Science Force                    Ms. Bhardwaj
Spanish Club                     Ms. Johnson
Sports Center Club               Mr. Savage
Step Team                        Ms. Steele-Clarke, Ms. Nalty
Student Government               Ms. Upton, Ms. Morris
Techno-Titans                    Ms. Taylor, Mr. Brickle
Thespians                        Mr. McClain, Ms. Gathers
Tri-M Music Honor Society        Mr. Aucoin, Ms. Moras
21st Century Leaders             Mr. Mustaffaa
WNHS TV                          Mr. Chuven
Yearbook - Mnemosyne             Ms. Morris
Young Democrats                  Ms. Sharp
Young Republicans                Mr. Shaffer
Young Independents               Ms. Ritter, Mr. Casey
                             ATHLETIC TEAMS

Teams representing all Georgia High School Association (GHSA)
sanctioned sports are available at the varsity and sub-varsity
levels. Participants must meet academic eligibility requirements.

Please visit www.northviewhigh.com and select “      sports” for
information about an individual sport and/or to contact the head
coach.    Mr. Robert Hunter serves as Athletic Director for

   Fall Sports –        Winter Sports -        Spring Sports -
   Head Coach            Head Coach             Head Coach

     Football           Girls Basketball        Track & Field
    Don Savage           Russell Harrell         Mike Morris
                                                 Gary McCoy
    Volleyball          Boys Basketball
    Jeff White            Brian Seitz           Boys Lacrosse
                                                  T.J. Dixon
  Competition              Wrestling
  Cheerleading             Josh Sagel           Girls Lacrosse
  Susan Gilmore                                   Karen Allen
    Football             Cheerleading              Girls Golf
  Cheerleading           Susan Gilmore            Mike Hendry
   Jill Bounds
                          Gymnastics              Boys Golf
    Boys Cross           Sara Lepkofker          Russell Harrell
                           Swimming              Boys Soccer
    Mike Morris
                          Colin Maloney          Tony Cianciola
   Girls Cross
                                                 Girls Soccer
                                                  Jenn Barr
  Michelle Morris
Fast-Pitch Softball
                                                 Chan English
     Jenn Barr
                                                 Girls Tennis
                                                Anne Marie Willis
 Athletic Director                               Boys Tennis
  Robert Hunter                                  Alan Hogan
                        DRESS CODE

?   Students must demonstrate common sense and good
    judgment when selecting school clothing: apparel that is
    appropriate for social settings may not be appropriate for

?   Clothing that reveals the navel is unacceptable. This
    includes tops that are short and pants/skirts that are cut
    low. Shirts should touch the top of the pants when
    standing still.

?   Strapless shirts, backless tops, and tube-tops are not
    appropriate for school.    All tops must have straps,
    shoulders, or sleeves.

?   No underwear is to be visible. No jeans, pants, shorts, or
    tops are to be worn that reveal undergarments. This
    applies to boys and girls.

?   Skirts, shorts, and dresses are to be in good taste.
    Students should be able to sit, stand, and walk without
    revealing underwear above or below the garment.

?   T-shirts must be in good taste (no suggestive wording,
    pictures, graphics, or advertisements for alcoholic
    beverages, tobacco, or other controlled substances).

?   Shoes or other appropriate footwear are to be worn at all

?   Clothing that is intended for use in PE classes or for
    athletic practice are not to be worn as school attire. This
    includes tank tops for boys, and spandex items.

?   Students are not allowed to wear or display bandannas on
    school property.

?   Hats, headbands, grooming aides, etc., are not to be worn
    in the building from the time the building opens until
    dismissal. These items are subject to confiscation.
                         HONORS AND AWARDS

Honors Night: Honors Night is held each spring to recognize
students for outstanding academic achievement. Following a
formal ceremony in the gym, a reception is hosted by the PTSA
for all those in attendance.

VIP Night: Each year, Northview hosts a convocation and
reception honoring those students who have made positive
contributions to the school and have demonstrated outstanding
citizenship. Teachers, coaches, and club sponsors nominate
students for the VIP award. Legion of Honor pins are also
presented during VIP Night. A reception is held for the honorees
and guests.

Academic Honors Banquet:             During spring semester, a
banquet is held to recognize members of the various academic
teams as well as students who have represented Northview in
regional, state, or national competitions.

Principal’ List: At the conclusion of each semester, students
who continuously demonstrate good citizenship will be named to
the NHS Principal’ List. Requirements for each semester are:
    ? no more than five full-day absences
    ? no final course grade below 74
    ? no administrative assignment of Detention, Saturday
      School, ISS, or OSS
    ? no Honor Code violations
Students named to the Principal’ List will:
    ? have a personal congratulatory letter sent to parents from
      the Principal
    ? receive a Titan Card redeemable for special discounts and

Legion of Honor:         Each spring, students named to the
Principal’ List for three semesters will be named to the Legion
of Honor. Students who qualify will:
    ? be honored at VIP Night
    ? receive a Legion of Honor pin
    ? have a personal congratulatory letter sent to parents from
      the Principal
Honor Roll/Super Honor Roll: Students earning a semester
average of 85 or higher are named to the Honor Roll; those
earning a semester average of 90 or higher are named to the
Super Honor Roll. Congratulatory cards are mailed to parents.
Students must earn credit in six classes to qualify. Recipients
are invited to a PTSA-sponsored reception held during the school

Legion of Scholars: Each spring, students having earned
Honor Roll status for three semesters will be named to the
Legion of Scholars. Students who qualify will:
    ? be recognized at the annual reception
    ? receive a Legion of Scholars pin

Star Student: The senior having the highest SAT score of all
graduates. Scores received for any one SAT taken prior to and
including the November test date of the senior year will be

?? ?  - Sigma Alpha Tau: Seniors earning a composite SAT
score of 1,200 or higher will be inducted into Sigma Alpha Tau;
inductees receive a pin at honors night and names are inscribed
on a permanently displayed plaque.

AP Scholars: Seniors completing five or more Advanced
Placement courses will be recognized as AP Scholars. Names
are inscribed on a plaque for display and a pin is presented to
each recipient at Honors Night.

Faculty Cup: The Faculty Cup recipient is selected by the entire
Northview Faculty. The student chosen to receive the Faculty
Cup has demonstrated social and academic growth while
contributing positively to the school climate. This award is
presented only to a graduating senior.

Journal Cup:      A most coveted award, the Journal Cup is
presented at graduation to the student selected by the entire
faculty as the best all-around member of the senior class.
Sponsored by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, recipients are
featured in this publication.

PTSA Cup: This special award, sponsored by the Northview
PTSA, is awarded to the graduating senior who was named as
the runner-up for the Journal Cup.
Promethean Award: This cup is presented to the student
whose high school experience best exemplifies the mission of
Northview High School.

McDonald’ Ray Croc Award: presented to a Senior who has
been active in all phases of student life and has contributed in a
positive manner to the school.

Principal’ Leadership Award: chosen by the entire faculty; is
awarded to the Senior demonstrating consistent peer leadership
contributing to a positive school atmosphere

Salutatorian: This title is bestowed upon the student who is
academically ranked, at the start of the Spring Semester, as the
number two student. In the event of a tie, more than one
student will be named. Recipients must be four-year graduates
and completed at least three years at Northview.

Valedictorian: This title is bestowed upon the student who is
academically ranked, at the start of Spring Semester, as the
number one student. In the event of a tie, more than one
student will be named. Recipients must be four-year graduates
who completed at least three years at Northview.

Honor Graduates: The designation of Honor Graduate is
computed at the end the first semester of the senior year and is
not rounded up:
    Cum Laude: cumulative average of 88 or above.
    Magna Cum Laude: cumulative average of 96 or higher.
    Suma Cum Laude: cumulative average of 100+
Honorees will receive a Fulton County Academic Pin and honor
cord during the Honors Night ceremony.

Distinguished Graduate:          Seniors who have achieved
Principal’ List for a minimum of six semesters earn the
designation of Distinguished Graduate. Recipients will:
    ? be honored at VIP Night
    ? receive a Distinguished Graduate pin
    ? have a personal congratulatory letter sent to parents from
      the Principal

 Top 10% of the Senior Class: Each year at Honors Night, the
top 10% of the Senior class is recognized for their academic
                      MAKE-UP WORK

Following an absence, it is the student’ responsibility to
contact his/her teachers to arrange for make-up work.
The contact must be made within one school day of
returning. If the teacher is absent, contact should be
made upon the first day of the teacher’ return.

Students are given the same number of days to complete
make-up work, as the absence, not including the day of
return.  For instance, a student is absent two days,
he/she has two days (not including the day of return) to
complete the assignments. The teacher will establish a
reasonable schedule for completing tests, labs, etc. that
cannot be done independently by the student.

Assignments made prior to the absence, including
tests/quizzes scheduled for the day of return, are
generally due upon the student’ return. Students who
are present for any portion of the school day are expected
to turn in all assignments due on that day in order to
receive full credit.

Failure to complete make-up work within the designated
time frame may result in a grade reduction or loss of
credit for the assignment.

Students are allowed to make up work due to an
unexcused absence but the grade earned may be reduced
by 10 points.

Assignments missed due to pre-arranged absences are
due upon the student’ return unless the teacher has
approved other arrangements in advance.
   Emergency Numbers and Websites

            Runaway Switchboard
     for runaways and parents of runaways

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
         Gwinnett: 770-476-7407

Grady Hospital Sexual Assault Counseling
           free confidential counseling

               Suicide Hotline
         National Hopeline Network
    crisis situation help also available at

            Poison Control Center

                Battered Teens
 YWCA Crisis line for women, 17 years or older
   with immediate need for assistance with
domestic violence, sexual assault, and counseling

             Child Abuse Hotline

 Crisis Line, Covenant House Nine Line
   for troubled teens and their families in crisis
       situations; can provide local referrals

             Drug Abuse Hotline
    crisis help with all issues; not only drugs

    Mental Health – Substance Abuse
           help in crisis situations; will
           work with uninsured persons

     To Northview High
our school our Alma Mater.
       Our voices ring
in praise of thee they swell!

      Beyond our years
within these halls of learning,
       thy memory dear
within our hearts shall dwell.

     We raise the torch
of courage, truth, and honor.
     To Northview High,
    we pledge our loyalty.

          Problem                   Who, Where, How
I lost something.               Front Office, Lost and Found
I forgot my locker              Ms. Fleming, Front Office
My locker is jammed.            Custodian, contact through the
                                Front Office
My cell phone was taken up.     Officer Johnson/Robinson
                                Parent must come and pick up,
                                after school of the following
I need a certificate of         Attendance Office, $2.00
attendance for my license.      Allow 48 hours to process
                                (All outstanding fines must be
                                paid to receive certificate.)
I need an ADAP card.            Front Office
                                Allow 24 hours to process
My phone number or home         Ms. Elliott, Data Clerk
address has changed.            Front Office
I forgot my lunch, lunch        Front Office
money, homework, etc.           Call home, pick up there
I am late to school.            Attendance Office
                                Always check in if you are
                                more than 10 minutes late.
I don’ feel well.               Clinic, Front Office
                                Make sure to get a pass from
                                your teacher!
I need a transcript.            Ms. Unger, Counseling Office
I want to ride another bus      Attendance Office
home with a friend.             Must bring a note in the
I don’ know what bus to take.   Front Office, check bus
                                schedule on line.
I need to call home.            Front Office
                                Do not use your cell phone
                                during the school day!
I want to play a sport.         Coach Hunter, Front Office
                                Get all paperwork, make sure
                                to have a physical.
I want to change my             Counselor or Dr. Macris
I don’ know my log on for the   Your teacher or Mr. Harkey
computers.                      (Room
I need to go to the Media         Pick up pass before school or
Center during lunch.              between morning period.
I have a doctor’ appointment      Attendance Office
during the school day.            Take note before school begins
                                  on that day.
I need to miss a day of           Attendance Office
school.                           At least 3 days prior to
                                  absence, take note for admin.
I was absent yesterday.           Attendance Office
                                  Take note before school on the
                                  first day back.
I have a question about           Ms. Comstock, Attendance
parking.                          Office or Mr. Haines, Front
I just got a detention.           Room 51 (ISS)
                                  Monday – Thursday, 3:50
I need to get something out of    See an administrator or Officer
my car.                           Johnson/Robinson
I lost my money in a drink        Agora, Food Court
I need to make a copy.            Media Center
                                  Have change
I need a pencil, pen, or other    Media Center or Agora in the
school supply.                    Food Court

            Fulton County Board of Education
                   James Wilson, Superintendent
                       Gail Dean, President
                           Julie Bernath
                           Zenda Bowie
                           Linda Bryant
                          Liz Hausmann
                           Katie Reeves
                           Linda Schultz

                    786 Cleveland Avenue, SW
                       Atlanta, GA 30315
                         (404) 768-3600
James Wilson, Superintendent
    Gail Dean, President
        Julie Bernath
        Zenda Bowie
        Linda Bryant
       Liz Hausmann
        Katie Reeves
        Linda Schultz

 786 Cleveland Avenue, SW
    Atlanta, GA 30315
      (404) 768-3600

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