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									                                The Chariot
Richmond High School                                                                                              Volume 101, Issue 1

Homecoming was a success!
By JOURDIN WEBER                          The queen candidate winner was
                                      Kristen McMillan. The other two
   Richmond Spartans chalked up a candidates were Elizabeth Farnan
victory over the Carrollton Trojans and AmberKay Hoard. The queen and
on homecoming night. With a score royalty were announced at halftime
of 28-6, the Spartan football team at the game. The band also performed
put on a good performance for fans along with the cheerleaders.
at Richmond Stadium.                   Spirit was high all week. Volunteers
   The homecoming parade had helped pump up the school spirit at
many participants and many people the homecoming game. The “Toga
watched from the street sides. The Guys” taught the audience how to do
high school float winners were: first the wave.
place, sophomore; second place,           The homecoming dance also had
freshman; third place, junior and many participants. Many even were
fourth place, senior.                 in the “Blast from the Past” attire.
   With the evening ending with rain,    “Student Council worked really
many fans stood strong. The whole hard and it was a great success,” said
evening had a great turnout and many president Jon Riggert. “Homecoming
                                                                              Homecoming queen candidates were, from left, AmberKay Hoard,
people participated.                  was crazy!”                             Kristen McMillan and Elizabeth Farnan. McMillan was crowned queen.

The fall play is under way
By NICOLE PALMER                        Peck, Kristin Phillips, Emily Sander,
                                        and Tiffanie Schuette.
   You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown          Hupp said the school prepares two
will light up the Farris Theatre when   plays a year. Hupp says he picked this
19 high school students take on this    play because he expected more males
year’s fall play.                       to try out. He also picked it because
  The director, Patrick Hupp, was the   it’s small, it’s a musical, and it’s a fun
judge and jury of the cast hopefuls     children’s play, he said.
who tried out in August. After a cold       Last year’s play earnings support
reading and singing, people with        this year’s plays, Hupp said. Most of
strong voices were usually the ones     the money earned goes to things like
who made it on the cast and chorus      renting scripts.
since this is a musical, according to       Admission for this year’s
Hupp. In the end, the cast and crew     performance is $5 for students and
included 13 actors and singers and      $6 for adults.
six stage hands.                            RHS students will be able to watch
   Cast members are: Charlie Brown,     the play during a special performance
Gus Hockemeier; Snoopy, Dylan           Nov. 1 at 9 a.m. Details for permission
Barry; Linus, Holly Anerson; and        to attend are available in the office.
Sally, Jessica Phillips. The chorus     Performances for the public are Nov. Cast and chorus members, from left, Emily Sanders, Jessica Phillips,
members are Ashley Dodson, Anita        2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 4 at 2 Holly Anderson and Kristin Phillips, practice in director Patrick Hupp’s
Michaels, Nicole Palmer, Lauren         p.m.                                       room.

                                                                              New track to benefit athletes
                                                                              By JONATHAN VANCE                       can last up to 10 years.
                                                                                                                          Southwick said the middle school
                                                                                 Over the years, many improve-        may now try to host a track invita-
                                                                              ments have been made to better the      tional. Southwick also said the track
                                                                              Richmond High School and the foot-      is open to everyone in the community
                                                                              ball field. One of the recent improve-   as long as they follow the stadium
                                                                              ments is the new rubber track.          guidelines as posted.
                                                                                 Groundwork began in June and             The guidelines are as follows:
                                                                              was finished on Aug. 28 when the         Please use lanes 7 and 8 for walking
                                                                              track was laid. Tasco Construction      and jogging. No waffle shoes, cleats
                                                                              did the groundwork, as well as other    or hard sole shoes to be used on the
                                                                              construction. Fisher Track laid the     track. No bicycles, strollers, roller
                                                                              rubber track.                           blades, skates on track surface. Track
                                                                                 Richmond athletic director Jeff      may be used by community before or
                                                                              Southwick said the track was up-        after school and after school practic-
                                                                              graded “to give our student athletes    es. No pets allowed, except those as-
                                                                              quality surface to perform on and to    sisting the handicapped. No smoking
The new track located at the Richmond High School will benefit the             benefit the community.” The track        on school property.
athletes and the communtiy.
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                                              Spartan People
Coaches and teachers join staff
Eischeid joins English staff


   Starting her first year of teaching at Richmond,
Bridget Eischeid (pronounced eye shy-d) has
enjoyed teaching so far. She teaches English 10 to
   Eischeid earned her undergraduate degree from
Missouri Valley in Marshall. She double majored
in English and Mass Communications. She is now
working on her master’s degree at University of
Central Missouri in Warrensburg.
   “I live in Carrolton now, but I decided to come
to the Richmond School District because I have
heard really good things about it,” Eischeid said.
   Even though it’s only her first year teaching,
she has high goals for the year.
   “I hope to meet the state standards and increase
                                                    English teacher Bridget Eischeid
the student achievement levels,” she said. Her
students started with the Shakespeare unit and read
Julius Caesar.
   Growing up, Eischeid enjoyed the subject                                                                 Coach Joel Page
of English. But teaching is not her whole life.
Outside of school, she enjoys watching movies
and spending time with family.
    “I have a 2-year-old nephew, so whenever I can
get a hold of him, it’s always fun,” she said.

Big guy makes big change

   The Richmond High School has a new addition
in the P.E. Department this year. Coach Joel Page
has come to the high school after one year at the
middle school. He currently is the physical fitness
and physical education teacher. He also is a high
school football coach, assistant wrestling coach        Choir director Paul Hart
and eighth grade track coach.
     Coach Page attended high school at Ruskin               Hart joined the staff this year after teaching
High School. While he was in high school, he            in Chillicothe. Hart graduated from University of
participated in football, track, wrestling and          Missouri in Kansas City in 2004 and sang in college
baseball. He was All-Metro and All-State his senior     and high school. He was still in high school when
year in football. After high school, he received        he decided to become a choir director.
a scholarship to play football at William Jewell.           Hart is excited to work at Richmond now and
While in college he was All-Conference two years        said so far Richmond is “great,” so he decided to
and All-American one year. His college coaches          buy a home in Richmond. Hart said he is looking
motivated him to become a high school coach.            forward to seeing “what the choirs can do and how
   When Coach Page has free time, he enjoys eating      far they will go.”
food, watching sports and spending time with his             He has 58 concert choir students and six jazz
girlfriend, Nicole, who is currently teaching in the    students in the high school classes. Hart looks Coach Reis Wright
Excelsior Springs school district.                      forward to showing audiences what the choirs
   In the future, Coach Page would like to become       prepare.                                            track. William Jewell scouted him for football and
a head coach and possibly an athletic director. He                                                          gave him a full scholarship to play linebacker. He
also would like to have a house at the lake where       New position, new district                          transferred to Missouri Western after two years at
he can spend more of his free time. He also would                                                           Jewell. Although he could have played ball there,
like to purchase a new truck.                           By JAKE VANDIVER                                    he chose not to and went ahead and got his diploma
                                                                                                            in physical education.
Director readies singing voices                              Richmond R-XVI-School District welcomes           Coaching cornerbacks and the freshman team
                                                        a new teacher and a new coach to its family. for Richmond football, Coach Wright likes to play
                                                        Reis Wright was prepared to come to Richmond tennis and Playstation 2, ride his 1975 Schwinn
By STEPHANIE DEVEAU                                     to supervise In School Suspension but quickly stationary bike, work out and play golf in his spare
                                                        received a temporary assignment. He filled in for time. He enjoys it here and is glad he knows most
   “I get to come everyday and get to make music        Brock Dover as the physical education teacher of the coaches very well. He’s currently single and
with people, and it does not feel like a job.” That’s   while Dover substituted for Martin Griffin.          lives with Jake Danneman. His goals and dreams
what Paul Hart says when he explains what he               At Platte County High School, Wright won a in life are to become a head coach and have a house
likes about being the RHS choir teacher.                state championship in football, and he also ran on the beach.
 Page 3                                       Spartan People

FFA students attend leadership conference

   Nineteen RHS students spiced up
their leadership skills at the FFA
Leadership Conference in Marshall.
The conference, held on Sept., 20,
taught the students how to be leaders
in their community and school.
    Janette Barnard, national FFA
officer, did most of the instructing and
teaching along with help from area
officers. Joe Robinson and Darren
Farmer both attended and supervised
the students.
    “It went great,” Robinson said.

Students attending the FFA
Leadership      Conference     are,
from left, front row: Alicia Harris,
Rachel Davis, Mitchell Walker,
Leslie Russell and Nathan Woods;
second row: Paul Cox, Laurel
Imgarten, Chelsea Cavanaugh,
Tiffany Ridenour, Tyler Hendricks,
Jonathon James and Josh O’Dell;
third row: Rosey Martin, Darryl
Peterson, Madison Weber, Troy
Higgs and Dallas Weaver.

 They’re ba-ack! Foreign language teachers return

   Richmond High School has a new
but experienced foreign language de-
partment. This year, Richmond has
three new teachers in foreign lan-
guage, two of whom have been here
   Erin Plumb is the new Spanish
teacher. She is originally from Michi-
gan and has moved to Blue Springs.
She wanted to teach at Richmond
because of all the good things she
had heard about the district. She also
likes the fact that Richmond is really
into sports.
   Plumb went to college at Mis-
souri Western in St. Joseph where she
learned Spanish. She also attended a
private college in Kansas City and        Foreign language teachers are, from left, Karla Voltmer, Erin Plumb and Susan Rose.
spent a total of six years in college.
   Outside of school Plumb enjoys         Spanish teacher. She has come out of    violence. She likes to read outside of       Rose plans on leaving at the end
reading, hiking and watching mov-         retirement so that students can pro-    school but also is very involved in      of this year to go back into retire-
ies. She also loves to travel. Plumb      ceed with Spanish 2, 3 and 4.           church activities.                       ment. According to her, RHS is plan-
has been all over the United States           Voltmer had worked at Richmond         Voltmer’s most embarrassing mo-       ning to continue French next year
including Alaska and Hawaii. She          High School for 24 years and retired    ment in school was here at Richmond      with the new books that were bought
spent a month living with a Mexican       five years ago.                          High School when she was hurrying        this year.
family in Mexico.                             Voltmer started learning Spanish    through the commons right before             Rose graduated from the Univer-
   Plumb’s most embarrassing mo-          in high school. She went to college     school and tripped and fell.             sity of Missouri in Columbia with an
ment in school was when she was at an     at Northwest Missouri State for four       Susan Rose is the French teacher.     English major and a French minor.
assembly in the middle school where       years. She majored in music but soon    She originally retired from Richmond     She says she didn’t like French so
she used to work. A new teacher at        changed to Spanish.                     High School in 2003. Then she came       much back then but loves it now.
that school mistook her for a student         Voltmer said she likes Richmond     back because there was a need for a          When she retires again, Rose plans
and yelled at her to be quiet.            because it is a nice quiet place to     French teacher for the students con-     to just enjoy it, write character skits
   Karla Voltmer is the experienced       live and because there is no terrible   tinuing the class.                       for her church and spend time with
                                                                                                                           her six grandchildren.
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                                      Spartan Activities
Bell Game sparks rivalry for nearly 20 years
By SKYLAR WRIGHT                          After all the efforts, the paddlewheel    they had such a long journey, they         colleagues began to restore the bell.
                                          of the ship was damaged by ice and        were unable to take the bell with          After restoring the bell they painted
   Every year, the Richmond Spartans      floating debris, and the Saluda had to     them. They decided to bury it in the       half of it red and half of it blue.
play the Lexington Minutemen for          stop at Lexington for repairs before it   ground, so if they were ever in the           Next Richmond admistrators
the bell. Students at these schools       could continue on.                        area again, they could find it.             contacted administrators from the
know what the bell is. People from           On April 9, the ship set off again.        In 1988, this bell was recovered by    Lexington school district to request
each community also know about the        The captain was determined to make        a local farmer. This farmer decided to     that they come and look at the bell
bell. What most people don’t know         it around the bend this time and          donate the bell to a local auction.        to see if they would be interested in
is where the bell came from and why       ordered maximum power. This put               Bill George of Richmond knew           playing for it every year. Lexington
we play for it every year.                too much pressure on the boilers, and     of this auction and decided to send        accepted, and from then on, Richmond
    According to Bill George, on          they exploded, taking about half of       a maintenance man from Richmond            has played Lexington every year for
April 2, 1852, the steamboat Saluda       the lives of the passengers on board.     High School to the auction to see if       the bell.
left the St. Louis dock and headed           Some survivors from the ship           he could purchase this bell at a fairly       The Bell Game a very important
up the Missouri River with about          recovered some belongings and             low price. When George did this            tradition to the Lexington and
190 Mormons aboard. The group             continued on different routes. Among      he had the idea that the Richmond          Richmond communities. It is a game
of Mormons was bound for the              the items recovered was a bell.           Spartans and Lexington Minutemen           that fans look forward to every year.
West. For two days, the captain of           This small group of survivors          football teams would play for this         Each year it is played it is always
the Saluda tried unsuccessfully to        settled near Henrietta. After the         bell to spark a fierce rivalry.             an exciting game. This year, the
navigate the swift current around a       survivors had lived there for a short         After the maintenance man              bell game will be played Oct. 12 at
large horseshoe bend near Lexington.      time, they headed to Illinois. Since      returned with the bell, he and his         Spartan Stadium.

RHS students learn to enforce the law

    Laser tagging, ride-a-longs and
blowing up chickens. These are just
some of the things students get to
do and see in the Richmond High
School’s Junior Police Academy.
    This year’s academy allows fresh-
man, sophomores and juniors who
are or aren’t interested in becoming
a police officer to join.
    “Even if kids don’t want to be a
cop, we want them to join so they
know what their rights are,” said
academy leader officer Tracy Rog-
    To be in the academy, students
must have a 2.5 grade point average
or above. They cannot have any law
violations and must be upstanding
citizens. Officer Rogers said there
is a ranking system so students can
advance to cadet, corporal, sergeant,
and finally lieutenant.
    As students move up in ranking,
they get to do more things. For in-
stance, corporals or sergeants get to
go to the shooting range and shoot a      Junior Police Academy members are, from left, front row: Dylan White, Dillion Williamson, Shelby
.22 caliber pistol.                       Hobbs and Chris Mallott; back row: Officer Garry Roberts, Paul Cox, Jon Powell, Zach Pridgen,
    If students aren’t planning to be     Clarissa Adams and Officer Tracy Rogers.
an officer of law when they gradu-
ate high school, the academy still        munication skills and citizenship         Officer Rogers said. “We have some          will solve mock crime scene, go to
offers some good tools for life, Of-      skills, she said.                         good events planned and we’ll hope-        firing range and complete an obstacle
ficer Rogers said. The academy not            “I am very excited about our Ju-       fully learn a lot and have a great time,   course as a team.
only teaches about the law, but it also   nior Police Academy Program and           too.”                                         Academy meetings are held every
teaches about discipline, good com-       the fabulous cadets who participate,”        This year the academy members           Wednesday after school in Room 8.

   The Chariot                                                Staff: Jourdin Weber
                                                                     Jake Vandiver
                                                                                                      Editor: Stacy Santillan
                                                                                                      Adviser: Sara D. Seidel
   Published by Richmond High School                                 Jon Vance
                                                                     Skylar Wright
                                                                     Nicole Palmer

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