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					Musicians’ Interguild Credit Union                                                                                                2nd Quarter 2010

        A True Command Performance
             For Members Of Musicians’ Interguild Credit Union Only!
                                          An exclusive and limited engagement!
   For members who act quickly, MICU is offering New Auto Loan rates as low as 3.99%* for up to 60 months. This limited
   engagement is open to all members who are looking for the best auto loan rate available. Get pre-approved now
   and go shopping for that new vehicle you thought you couldn’t afford. You can complete an application online at or call us toll free at 800-393-3833 and we’ll get an application to you right away. New
   car dealers are offering their vehicles at big discounts so now is the time to grab the discounted new vehicle of
   your choice, combine it with our exclusive rock-bottom loan rate and drive away with the best possible deal and the
   lowest possible payment. Now nothing stands between you and the new car you need. You owe it to yourself to contact us
   immediately to take advantage of this exclusive rate available ONLY to MICU Members for a limited time!
                   * Monthly repayment at 3.99%. APR is $18.42 per $1,000.00 for a 60 month term. This offer cannot be combined with any other rate discounts

  Just over a year ago the official start of tough times for the credit union movement started with the collapse of the corporate credit
  union system. This followed the collapse of several good sized banks that had wandered into the magical land of mortgage backed
  securities. Well here we are in the Spring of 2010 and nothing much has changed in the last twelve months. Oh yeah, the banking
  industry received a nice bailout. They were supposed to change their evil banking ways and become more like... credit unions. You
  see how that’s coming along. We credit unions took it on the chin with no bailout whatsoever. Indeed, the natural person credit
  unions (like MICU) are now faced collectively with the bill for fixing the system on behalf of the corporates to the tune of at least
  .15% of insured shares (deposits) for maybe the next ten years. For a credit union of our size that’s about $80-100K per year. We’re
  a medium size credit union. For a really big credit union like the ones you hear advertising on the radio that could amount to over
  $1 million per year.

  Despite all the glum news, your credit union remains financially strong and your deposits are safe and insured by both the NCUSIF
  (a federal agency) as well as by supplemental private insurance through American Share Insurance. We continue to offer the best
  lending rates and competitive savings rates. Starting in April, we will be rolling out an incredible new auto loan rate as low as 3.99%
  for up to 60 months. And remember, we will meet or beat any other rate offered to you by another financial institution.

  Back to the bank versus credit union thing. The public’s trust and faith in the banking industry is at its historic lowest level since
  the depression. At the same time, MICU and other credit unions are reaping the benefits of member trust and loyalty. That trust
  and loyalty is due in part to credit union responsibility and accessibility. The relationships between you and us help our entire
  membership to save and borrow money for any number of purposes from auto purchases, to home ownership, to credit cards, to
  instruments and equipment. We’ve added rewards programs to make using your checking account and debit card as well as your
  VISA credit card truly a “rewarding” experience.

  The MICU family values your loyalty. Let’s hope this Spring brings growth to more than just flowers.

  Marc Jacoby
  Chief Executive Officer
                                             LOONEY TUNES AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL
One lucky member of our Looney Tunes Savings Club and three members of their family will be our guests at a performance of “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony”
concert at the Hollywood Bowl on July 17th. To be eligible, members must be under age 18 and open a new Looney Tunes Savings Club account or deposit at least $50 into an
existing club account between April 1st and June 15th. Don’t miss this exciting event!

Musicians’ Interguild Credit Union wants young people to grow understanding how to take care of money. When they get older, they will want to have things that they buy for themselves and
MICU wants to help them have the money to buy those things when the time comes. The best way to do this is to open a
Looney Tunes Savings Club account for your children.

Looney Tunes Savings account can be opened with just $1 and when you do, you receive:
	     •	A	membership	folder	  •	Club	ID	Card	      •	Quarter	Saver	
	     •	Looney	Tunes	pencil		 •	Personalized	savings	and	withdrawal	slips	        	                                   	

NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME, members of our Looney Tunes Savings Club will get a chance to see
Bugs	Bunny,		Elmer	Fudd,	Sylvester	&	Tweety,	and	Pepe	le	Pew	PLUS,	Tom	and	Jerry,	The	Flintstones,	The	Jetsons	and	
Scooby-Doo,	at	the	Hollywood	Bowl.		On	July	16th	and	17th			Warner	Brothers		presents	“Bugs Bunny at the
Symphony” a very special World Premiere Anniversary Concert celebrating 20 years of Bugs Bunny. Members of
the Looney Tunes Savings Club will be entered to win four (4) tickets to see the characters appear on a
giant screen, accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra playing	their	music	Live!		

Have mom or dad bring you to MICU to open your new Looney Tunes Savings Club account right away.
Don’t miss this chance to see your favorite Looney Tunes characters at this very special concert.

IT’S TIME TO REWARD YOURSELF for being a member of
MICU with our “Debit Card with Rewards”.

CO-OP MEMBER REWARDS, a program that rewards you                                                You have until April 15th, 2010
for using your MICU-issued Debit card, offers reward points                                     to contribute to a traditional or
towards airline flights, merchandise, car rentals, music                                        Roth IRA through the credit union
downloads, gift cards, restaurants, and donations to charity.                                   for tax year 2009. A traditional IRA can reduce your gross
There are no fees to participate.                                                               income and your investment can grow, tax deferred. Each
                                                                                                IRA has its own possible tax benefits, so call us if you have
Points can be exchanged for rewards by calling toll-free                                        any questions. Contributions can be made to your IRA for a
877-266-7636, the 24-hour customer service center. Get                                          year at any time during the year or by the due date for filing
more information or apply online at                                         your return for that year, not including extensions.
to find out more about the program.

                         OFFICE CLOSURES                                                                     ANNUAL MEETING WRAP-UP
              We will be closed on the following days:                                                At this year’s Annual Meeting, officers nominated for
                                                                                                             re-election were elected by acclamation.
                    Friday                               Monday
                    May 31                                July 5                                       Directors • Lee Callet, Steve Johnson, Sandy Martin,
                  Memorial Day                      Independence Day                                           Morris Repass and Stephan Zupkas
                                                                                                           Supervisory Committee • Vincent Tagliarino

Hollywood Branch                                                   Studio City Branch
817 N. Vine St., Suite 200                                        11440 Ventura Blvd., Suite 101
Hollywood, CA 90038                                               Studio City, CA 91604
Toll-Free                                                          Toll-Free                                 Encore is published for members of Musicians’Interguild Credit Union. Loans are
800/393-3833                                                       800/393-3833                              issued in accordance with NCUA regulations, subject to credit approval. MICU is
                                                                                                             an equal opportunity lender. All members accounts are federallyinsured up to
Hollywood Branch                                                  Studio City Branch                         $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. Additional coverage
323/462-6447                                                      818/763-7005                               from $250,001 to $500,000 provided by American Share Insurance, a private
                                                                                                             insurer. Dividends are based on the credit union’s earnings the end of a
Hollywood Branch Fax                                              Studio City Branch Fax                     dividend period and are subject to change.
323/462-4411                                                      818/505-0407                               APR=Annual Percentage Rate. APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

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