Autoclave or Steam Sterilization Process

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					 Autoclave or Steam Sterilization Process
Step 1

Clean up and dry all instruments and various other items to be sterilized.

Step 2

Unfasten all jointed parts, like thermostats and scissors. This facilitates steam to reach all
the surfaces of the item. Keep from arranging instruments and other items together,
because this prevents steam from reaching all corners.

Step 3

If you plan to wrap instruments and other items prior to steam sterilization, make use of
two layers of paper, newsprint or cotton or muslin fabric. If you intend to use drums,
ensure the holes of the drum are open.

Step 4

Assemble packs, drums, and all unwrapped items in the chamber of the autoclave which
will help the steam pass freely.

Step 5

With different types of autoclaves, having its own independent style of functioning,
follow manufacturer’s instructions whenever possible. Generally, sterilize wrapped items
for 30 minutes and unwrapped items for 20 minutes at 121 degrees.

Step 6

If the autoclave is automatic then heat will shut off and the pressure will fall once the
sterilization is complete. In case the autoclave is not automatic then manually turn off the
heat and remove the autoclave from the heat source after 30 min if items are wrapped and
20 minutes if items are unwrapped. Do wait till the pressure gauge reads ‘zero’ to open
the autoclave. Open the lid or door to help the steam escape. Packs and other items in the
autoclave shouldn’t be taken out till they dry.

Step 7

Take out the packs, drums, or unwrapped items with the use of sterile pickups. To
prevent condensation, place the packs and drums on a sterile paper or fabric until they are
cool. Then wait till the packs, drums, or items reach room temperature before storing.

Step 8
Store items cautiously. Proper storage is crucial as the sterilization process itself:

* Wrapped items. Wrapped items can be considered sterile as long as they remain intact
and dry. Place the packs in areas that are not heavily trafficked and have moderate
temperature. In case of doubt about the sterility of a pack, resterilize it.

* Unwrapped items. Make use of unwrapped items immediately after removing from the
autoclave or sterile container for up to a week.

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Description: Clean up and dry all instruments and various other items to be sterilized.