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					                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                May 12, 2010
NEW YORK               MAY 28, 2006                    endeavor and thanks him for his service to the City
                                                       Of White Plains and the Department of Public
The Organization of Chinese Americans -                Safety. We look forward to working with him and
New York Chapter                                       the Mt. Vernon Police Department regarding issues
                                                       of mutual interest."
Membership Summer Dance 2006                           [ Photo and full article at:
Date: Friday, June 23, 2006
                                                       OLD TIMES: David Chong is pictured, seated far
Time: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm                              left facing recruits, at White Plains Police Swearing
                                                       In Ceremony last May, facing audience with
Food will be served at 8:00 pm                         Commissioner Charles Jennings, Commissioner of
Special show case performance at 9:30 pm               Public Safety Frank Straub, at podium, Fire Chief
Raffle drawing at 10:45 pm                             Richard Lyman and Police Chief James Bradley.
                                                       Chong left the White Plains Department of Public
Place:                                                 Safety abruptly under a shroud of mystery about
Super Star Dance Studio                                one year ago. The reason given was to spend more
98 Mott Street, 4th Floor                              time with his family (he had recently adopted a
(Above Grand Harmony Restaurant)                       child). Now, the heavily decorated former NYPD
Telephone: (212) 226-1886                              officer moves on to take the high profile Mount
                                                       Vernon position. Photo, WPCNR News Archive.
Ticket Information:
$20.00 for OCA-NY Members                              Chong brings to Mount Vernon a reputation for
$25.00 for Non-Members                                 streamlining the operations of the White Plains
$15.00 for those who become OCA-NY members             police during his three years with the WPPD, and
that night                                             street savvy gained from years of undercover work
                                                       with the NYPD. Chong was known for spearheading
For tickets and information, please call Ms.           public security operations in uniform with his men
Christina Lo at (917) 929-0573 or e-mail               serving side by side, blending into a crowd and                                       observing proceedings with a hawk-like eye. You
===============================                        never knew he was there until he would come up
Press Officer Sheryll Bromley-Fox of the City of the   behind you and say "hello." When I asked him
City of Mount Vernon, confirmed moments ago to         about this, he once said, "In White Plains we lead
the CitizeNetReporter that David Chong, the            from the front, Mr. Bailey."
popular, respected, swashbuckling former Deputy
Commissioner of Public Safety for the City of White    Mr. Chong since leaving White Plains has been
Plains, a man who was beloved by his men and           teaching at the Monroe College of Criminal Justice.
women officers, will be sworn in as Mount Vernon       David E. Chong is 48 years of age and was most
Police Commissioner Friday, May 26, 2006, in a         recently a Professor of Criminal Justice at Monroe
news conference on the steps of Mount Vernon City      College. He served in the Law Enforcement
Hall at 11:00 A.M.                                     community for approximately 26 years. Mr. Chong
                                                       retired as a Lieutenant Commander of Detectives
Commissioner of Public Safety Dr. Frank Straub         from the New York City Police Department in
issued this statement to WPCNR moments ago             November of 2002, after over 22 years. In
congratulating Mr. Chong, though Dr. Straub said       February he retired as Deputy Commissioner of
he had no personal knowledge that Mr. Chong had        Public Safety for the City of White Plains.
accepted the position: "The Department of Public
Safety wishes him much success in his new
                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                May 12, 2010
During Mr. Chong's career with the New York City       which brings the timeless relevance of a 1952
Police Department he served in many high profile       manuscript written by Yoko Ono.
assignments. His assignments included the Tactical     USE CULTURE PASS COUPON ON JUNE 2 TO
Patrol Unit as an undercover Detective infiltrating    RECEIVE 50% OFF
Asian Organized Crime and Gangs, and as a
Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Detective         Culture Pass Discount: $10 (must present
Commander in units such as The Mayor's Social          coupon to receive discount)
Club Inspectional Task Force, Public Moral Division,   General Admission Fee: $20
Narcotics Division, Organized Crime Investigations     Venue: Joyce SoHo, 155 Mercer St. (btn. Houston
Division, Organized Crime Control Bureau, High         & Prince St) NYC
Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and the Homicide      RSVP: (212) 334-7479
Squad. When he retired he was the Commanding
Officer of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau's, Global      About Topaz Arts >>Culture Pass is a project of
Intelligence Unit, formed shortly after 9-11-01.       Asian American Arts Alliance. It is a free coupon
                                                       booklet providing major discounts to arts and
He earned over 119 NYPD awards and medals, and         cultural treasures in New York City. Read about
he has been the recipient of over 50 awards from       Culture Pass & pick up locations >>
various Federal, State, and Law Enforcement            ===============================
Agencies, and Civic and Fraternal Organizations        Dear Friends and Colleagues,
over his law enforcement career. His honors
include the Society of Asian Federal Officer's "Man    As we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage
of the Year", The NYPD Asian Jade Society's            Month, I am happy to announce that the Museum
"Lifetime Achievement Award", and the                  of Chinese in the Americas' (MoCA) expansion is
Organization of Chinese Americans' "Dynamic            gaining momentum. Our endeavor to create a
Achiever Award".                                       world-class, national Chinese American museum
                                                       grows stronger each day and our quiet efforts to
He holds an Associates Degree in Business              attract lead funding has recently met with
Marketing and Finance from Queensborough               incredible success.
Community College, a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal
Justice from John Jay College, a Graduate Degree       We are proud to announce that MoCA has received
in Public Administration from Marist College, is a     the largest grant in its 26 year history from The
graduate of the 204th session of the FBI National      September 11th Fund* -- $1.74 million over three
Academy, and has attended training in Israel on        years to support our capital expansion, including
terrorism and suicide bombers.                         expanded operations. As a lead gift, this grant has
                                                       already leveraged other support for MoCA's effort,
Mr. Chong is married and a resident of Westchester     as evidenced by a $200,000 planning grant from
County. He recently traveled to China to adopt a       the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.
baby girl.                                             We are also deeply appreciative of pledges from
===============================                        the City Council and the Mayor's Office amounting
Topaz Arts - Thunder/Silence                           to $1.5 million for capital support through the New
(Thunder Against 1.2.3 and The Soundless Music)        York City Department of Cultural Affairs.
                                                       We pay tribute to these lead funders for their belief
THU-SAT. JUNE 1-3, 8pm                                 in MoCA, as well as their commitment to the entire
Featuring the collaborative work of choreographer      Chinatown community. We fully recognize and
Paz Tanjuaquio and composer Todd Richmond,             appreciate the long-lasting impact these
Topaz Arts presents Thunder/Silence- a reprise         partnerships will have on the Museum and New
of Thunder Against 1.2.3 (2005) and a preview of       York City's cultural community.
The Soundless Music- an exciting new group work
                          N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                 May 12, 2010
In addition to the spectacular news regarding these    American communities, applicants are not required
generous contributions, MoCA will be highlighted in    to have any prior experience or knowledge. We
New York Voices, Channel Thirteen/WNET's Emmy-         only ask that they have a genuine interest in, and
winning production. Please tune in to Channel 13       commitment to, exploring these rich communities.
tomorrow, Friday, May 12 at 9:00 pm. The episode
                                                       What is the summer program about?
will focus on the Museum's expansion project
featuring interviews with Maya Lin (designer),         Summer 2003 participants create a mural depicting
Charles Lai (MoCA Executive Director) and Cynthia      images of Chinese American railroad workers,
Lee (MoCA Deputy Director of Programs).                Japanese American internment, and harmony
We turn to you to keep this momentum going:            between ethnic groups. CYI’s SLI is fun,
Make your contribution today and help the Museum       interactive, and a great way to develop leadership
of Chinese in the Americas reach its campaign          skills! We hold nine FREE workshops in Chinatown
goals.                                                 every
                                                       Saturday from June 24 through August 19, 2006.
On behalf of the Board and staff of MoCA, thank        Our innovative SLI curriculum includes a series of
you for your continued support.                        guest speakers, facilitated discussions, and
                                                       interactive activities around issues of identity and
                                                       other issues affecting the Chinatown and Asian
                                                       American communities. Participants also complete
Jonathan K. Ligh, MD, FACS                             a number of small and large projects that will
Board Chair                                            facilitate identity exploration and community
Museum of Chinese in the Americas                      service.
SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION                             Summer Leadership Institute 2006
June 24 - August 19, 2006
                                                       TENTATIVE SCHEDULE
APPLICATIONS DUE: Saturday, June 3, 2006               Wk #1: Orientation
                                                       Wk #2: Chinatown History
Welcome to Chinatown Youth Initiatives (CYI)! CYI      Wk #3: Asian American History
was founded in the fall of 1999 by                     Wk #4: Oral/Family History and Immigration
Swarthmore College student Gloria Chan, who had        Wk #5: Media
received the prestigious $10,000 Lang                  Wk #6: Problems in Chinatown
Opportunity Grant for Social Action. In the last six   Wk #7: Politics
years, CYI has been dedicated to                       Wk #8: Arts & Literature
empowering the next generation of New York City        Wk #9: Closing Activities
youth with the leadership ability necessary to
articulate the unique needs and wants of               WHY JOIN CYI’S SUMMER LEADERSHIP
Chinatown, Asian Americans, and other                  INSTITUTE?
underrepresented communities. While CYI’s mission      1) Meet inspiring mentors with backgrounds in
remains the empowerment of youth, CYI continues        many different fields.
to shift its focus to promoting activism and the       In addition to discussions and interactive activities,
application of leadership skills in the real world     SLI workshops include
environment through community projects. Enclosed       presentations from numerous prominent
in this packet is more information about our           community and city leaders. Our past
summer program and why you should join!                speakers have included City Councilman John Liu,
                                                       photographer Corky Lee,
Is CYI just for Asians?                                former chair of Asian American studies at CUNY
                                                       Professor Betty Lee Sung,
No! All high school youth in the New York City area    broadcast journalist Ti-Hua Chang, retired NYPD
are welcome to join CYI’s Summer Leadership            officer Hoi Ming So, NY
Institute (SLI)! While the SLI curriculum does focus   State Supreme Court Justice Doris Ling-Cohan, and
on issues pertaining to the Chinatown and Asian        civil rights advocate Rocky
                         N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                   May 12, 2010
Chin. By interacting with these guest speakers,           A reunion of CYI-ers past, present, and future,
participants will learn about the                         celebrating CYI’s Fifth Anniversary in December
Civil rights advocate process of making social            2004.
change. They will also gain opportunities to              New York City youth clean up the streets of
establish                                                 Chinatown, as depicted in this mural image
connections and help in the causes of community           created in Summer 2003.
                                                          HOW DO I APPLY?
2) Understand the history of Chinatown and Asian
America.                                                  APPLICATIONS DUE: Saturday, June 3, 2006
Take a walking tour of Chinatown with a
representative of the Museum of Chinese in the            We strongly encourage all high school youth to
Americas (MOCA), and discover the various                 apply to CYI’s Summer Leadership Institute,
intricacies of the neighborhood. Also learn about         regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or
different                                                 location of residence, etc. This year’s
aspects of Asian American history, from the               workshops will take place every Saturday from
building of the Transcontinental Railroad to the          June 24 through August 19, 2006. It is
evolution of Asian portrayals in American media.          expected that participants will be present for every
                                                          Saturday workshop, in addition one Sunday
3) Make connections that will last a lifetime.            in August for Chinatown Beautification Day
Besides networking with different community               (tentatively scheduled for August 12, 2006).
leaders, this program consists of interactive group-
work amongst 20-25 peers. In addition, workshops          All interested applicants should complete the
are led by a team of facilitators who will continue       following:
to be mentors even after the summer is over.              .. Application Form (see next page)
These interactions will challenge the way                 .. Two short essays (see instructions below)
participants view the world.                              .. A creative piece about “self” (on an 8½ x 11
                                                          sheet of paper; see specifications below)
4) Gain valuable skills and resources. CYI’s SLI will
help to develop leadership skills that will attract       ESSAYS
employers and colleges/universities around the            In no more than a page, please answer the
country. Our summer curriculum emphasizes                 following two questions:
building skills in self-reflection, communication,
problem solving, and analytical                           1. Please describe a relationship (with a friend,
thinking. Some Sundays and/or weekday evenings            family member, teacher/mentor, etc.) that is
also include fieldtrips to events throughout the city,    meaningful to you. What personal qualities does
such as a film festival or a political rally, or to the   each of you bring to the relationship?
offices of various Asian American
organizations.                                            2. Some qualities of leadership include listening
                                                          skills, an ability to take risks, and showing
5) Make a difference in the community. Since CYI          kindness to others. In what ways have you
emphasizes youth initiative, each SLI participant         demonstrated these qualities or other
will have a role in CYI’s annual Beautification Day.      leadership qualities (whether with family, friends,
S/he will also develop an independent project for         your school, or neighborhood, etc.)?
the summer, such as creating a writing or art
piece; writing and distributing a pamphlet about a        CREATIVE PIECE
specific issue; or starting a club at school.             Are you a writer? An artist? A photographer? A
Participants will then present their work during          poet? A collage-maker? A performer?
closing activities. These projects build leadership       How do you express your creativity? We want to
skills and are very rewarding experiences.                see how you express yourself! On an 8½ x
                                                          11 sheet of paper, share the people, places, or
Answering the question “Where is home?” while             things that are meaningful to you. Please also
visiting MOCA.                                            include at least one photograph of yourself.
                           N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                               May 12, 2010
                                                     the return of the city's Chinese community.
Please send your completed application to:           However, the homecoming was only temporary.

Chinatown Youth Initiatives                          Little is left of the city's once-thriving Chinatown, a
c/o SLI 2006                                         residential and commercial district at the center of
P.O. Box 130329                                      the Chinese community. And now the New Jersey
New York, NY 10013                                   Devils' arena is erasing its final few remnants. Very
                                                     few New Jersey -- or even Newark -- residents are
Questions? Concerns? Email         even aware of how busy Chinatown was in the
                                                     early 20th century.
PARTICIPANT APPLICATION FORM (Copy & paste           Yoland Skeete unearthed a wealth of artifacts in a
the following to Word)                               Newark back yard, including glass bottles, teacups
                                                     and a few dishes, and proudly displays them at the
PERSONAL INFORMATION                                 Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center, an arts and
                                                     cultural center in the neighborhood. "New Jersey
Name                                                 has totally ignored the importance of this as far as
School                                               its role in American history," she said.
Home Address
City                                                 As New Jersey's Asian population continues to
Phone Home ( )                                       expand, Skeete wants to preserve the history of
Preferred Phone (check one)                          some of the state's first Asian residents and their
Email                                                community. More than 100,000 Chinese people
State                                                lived in New Jersey in 2000, but fewer than 500 in
-Cell ( )                                            Newark, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
.. Home .. Cell
AIM SN                                               Screeches of recognition preceded warm hugs
Gender (circle) F M Other                            Saturday and long-ago friends reconnected,
Current Grade                                        commenting on gained or lost weight, changes in
Birthdate     / /                                    hair color and both additions and losses to
Zip                                                  respective families.
EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION                        Frank Soo Hoo, who was born in the neighborhood,
Contact Person Relation                              could barely take a few steps without being
                                                     embraced or extending a hug of his own. He
Phone Day ( ) -Night ( )                             greeted everyone with a cordial "How ya doin'?"
                                                     delivered with a Jersey accent, and a smile rarely
SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS                               left his cherubic mug. "We had a close-knit
How did you hear about CYI?                          community," Soo Hoo said. "We always spent time
                                                     with each; we were all brothers and sisters."
Have you been involved with CYI in the
past?......No, I have not…... Yes, I have!           In an effort to gain greater recognition for the
If YES, when and how?                                community's role in New Jersey's history, Skeete
                                                     undertook a project to collect documents and oral
What other commitments might you have this           histories from the people who lived in the area. As
summer?                                              part of her efforts, she also organized a now-
                                                     annual reunion, including a full day of cultural
NEW JERSEY                                           events. There is immediacy to Skeete's efforts.
                                                     The neighborhood, once full of Chinese people, is
By Yung Kim – NJ Herald News                         now occupied by construction workers operating
                                                     bulldozers and cranes demolishing what few
A lion danced in Newark on Saturday -- a brightly    buildings remain of the bygone era.
colored fabric beast with feathers -- to celebrate
                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              May 12, 2010
The Sumei center, where Skeete is the director of     The U.S. reopened immigration from Asia in the
educational and historical programs, is in what       1960s, restocking some Chinatowns, such as those
used to be the heart of Chinatown. But now, the       in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston,
building is surrounded by detour signs and massive    Philadelphia and Seattle, with new immigrants. But
concrete building blocks for the arena. "When a       it was too late for Newark.
whole group of people disappears from a
neighborhood, something drastic must have             Gladys Chin was born in the neighborhood, but her
happened," she said.                                  family moved when she was 10. However, their ties
                                                      to the community remained strong. The family
New Jersey's first 68 Chinese residents were          returned every Sunday to attend services at Old
brought to Belleville from Massachusetts in 1870 by   First Presbyterian Church on Broad Street, and
James Hervey, who needed cheap labor at his           Gladys was always around to play with friends.
steam laundry, according to Skeete's research.
They were not welcomed. Neighbors held a rally to     "She used to beat us all up," someone called out,
protest their presence, according to newspapers of    prompting giggles.
the day.
                                                      "We were all different ages, but we were one big
The nativist anger toward the Chinese forced          family," she said. "I was always in someone else's
construction of a wall around the steam laundry       house."
grounds to prevent violence. Those first Chinese
laborers began moving to Newark in 1875,              With college, jobs and marriage, the Chinese
transforming their corner of the city into what       residents continued to dwindle. And now few
became Chinatown. By 1922, about 3,000 Chinese        people know their community existed. "If you try
lived in the city. The area was home to               to tell someone about the Chinatown in Newark,
restaurants, jewelry stores and laundry facilities,   they look at you like you're crazy," Soo Hoo said.
among other businesses owned by Chinese               But this was important."
                                                      "If Yoland didn't do this, no one would know," Chin
Chinatown's growth in Newark was mirrored by the      added.
establishment of other Chinatowns around the
country during the same period, said Peter Kwong,     Many children and grandchildren don't know about
professor of the Asian American Studies Program at    Newark's Chinatown. Many simply didn't care to
Hunter College.                                       know. But Skeete has found that a need to know
                                                      about their Asian-American ancestors does surface
The first Chinese immigrants in the U.S. arrived in   eventually.
California in the 1840s and spread out throughout
the West. But the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882       "When they are ready to learn about it, we will
stopped further immigration, and discrimination       have the history ready for them," she said.
forced the immigrants out of smaller towns and
into enclaves in big cities.                          E-mail:
"The whole idea that Chinese people are unclean,      VIRGINIA
diseased, that they don't want to assimilate, these
stereotypical images, the criminal image, that they   President Bush
all smoke opium, was caused by the isolation of
                                                      Recognizes Virginia
Chinese," Kwong said. By the 1960s, Chinatowns
nationwide were losing residents as second- and
                                                      Woman for Dedication to
third-generation Chinese-Americans went on to         Volunteer Service
professional careers and made their way to the
suburbs.                                              On May 12, 2006, President
                                                      George W. Bush presented the
                                                      President’s Volunteer Service
                                                      Award to five outstanding
                         N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                    May 12, 2010
individuals during a ceremony marking Asian Pacific        Some people think there is not a thought about
American Heritage Month in the East Room of the            racism in the younger generation such as my
White House. Dotty (Lee) Eng, formerly of NYC              friends, schoolmates, and I, but those people are
Chinatown, is a volunteer with Gold Star Wives of          very foolish, very confused, or simply wrong. Kids
America, which is comprised of women whose                 at my school expect me to speak fluent Chinese,
spouses died while on active duty in the U.S.
                                                           and for me to speak it in front of them. Why should
Armed Forces or from a service-related disability.
She is on the national board and is a member of            I be obligated to, especially when I know that they
the Potomac Chapter. Since her husband, Charles            will mock it until the end of time? (I, unfortunately,
Eng of Newark, NJ passed, she has raised her three         know this from experience)They do not speak
children herself. Dotty volunteers at the Armed            Swahili, or Irish, or whatever the language of their
Forces Retirement Home in Washington D.C.,                 culture happens to be. Not all the kids do this,
providing outreach and care to the residents,              thank goodness, but the kids who are racist are
including Gulf War veterans who relocated to the           intolerably so. It is very common for a kid in my
facility following Hurricane Katrina. For two years        grade to come up to me and say, "Hey, I can speak
Dotty has also assembled USO care packages for             Chinese," and let out a stream of solid gibberish. I
military troops deployed overseas.                         have learned to say, "Yeah. Right. Whatever," and
                                                           walk away, but it is infuriating, and painful to hear.
                                                           I do not have any different ideas about my
                                                           neighborhood just because I am Chinese. Maybe
                                                           my neighbors do -mind you, they are either
                                                           African-American or Caucasian- but they have
Winning Entries From
                                                           shown no sign of it.
Growing Up Asian in America 2006
                                                           It is possible that some unusual occurrences
A Program of the Asian Pacific Fund
                                                           around our house have been linked to racism. My
                                                           mom has gone outside to get the newspaper, only
K-5 Bay Area Winner
                                                           to find that it is gone, or that someone has stolen
It Is To Be Asian- All Alone
                                                           the newspaper and used the bag to scoop their
                                                           dog's poop, and have left the bag on the lawn.
By Jolene M. Won (Daughter of June Dick Won)
                                                           Dog-walkers never seem to pick up their dogs'
Age 10, Grade 5
                                                           poop from our lawn, as they do everyone else's.
                                                           This could just be my imagination, though.
My family is the only completely Asian family in the
                                                           People have also broken eggs on the sidewalk,
neighborhood. There is a girl named Jessica, who is
                                                           thrown trash on our lawn, and stolen or cracked
my age, and her family, who live about two blocks
                                                           the decorative stepping-stones in front of the
down from our house, but Jessica is half Caucasian.
She can speak fluent Thai, but that does not make
                                                           I have no way to prove that these are hate crimes,
her completely Thai. My family would like for more
                                                           and I actually do not think they are. I really hope
Asian families to move in, so we would not be
                                                           there will be no more discrimination than there
alone in being Asian, as we are now.
                                                           already is around the neighborhood, possibly none
I am proud to be Asian, as I should, but it is hard
                                                           at all . . . but it is not like that, not yet.
to sell armbands printed with the words Asian
                                                           It has been a long time since this "racism" issue
Pride, or put up Chinese New Year flyers around
                                                           started up, just because some silly man or woman
the school when there is no one to buy the bands;
                                                           thought that if you were different, it made you
no Asians to help put up the flyers, or to even read
                                                           awful, impure, or unclean in some way. Then
them and actually care. There are no other Asians
                                                           people acted out of ignorance. Now it has created
to stand tall and proud with (well, sorry to say,
                                                           a mass of crevasses like dried desert soil,
most of us Asians aren't actually very tall) and that
                                                           separating us all from what we could do, could be.
is a very, very difficult prospect to have to live with.
                                                           Now man acts out of spite and envy and still
                                                           ignorance, and a born-in comfort with people like
                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                              May 12, 2010
us, with yellow, white or black skin; brown or blue,
big or small eyes; black or blond, wavy or straight
hair. That comfort, in some, makes other people,
people who simply aren't like them, seem, "bad."
It has been so long since racism was born, that it
would be all but impossible to destroy or wipe it
out. We can still fight, though. Martin Luther King,
Rosa Parks, and many of the other fighters who
might help are gone. But, this very moment, the
next great Asian leader might be being born, or
playing with Lego’s, or studying for a math test.
Our equality is in the small hands of the younger

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