Rootstown by decree


									4   Wednesday, November 14, 2007                                                                          Record-Courier                                                                                   

Emily Buskey and Clark Heckert stop                        Doug Krysiak and Jessica Just have a                          Dreshon Brumley and Maria Degregory                         Eric Carpenter and Laura Kelsey share a
among the “jungle” greenery.                               cuddle at the dance.                                          show off their smiles.                                      quiet moment.

                                                                                  The Rootstown High                     was the theme for the eve-             a waterfall, a tiki hut, a faux       chosen to be the Rootstown
                                                                               School Homecoming Dance                   ning, with the theme song              stick wall and “Tarzan and            Homecoming Queen and
                                                                               was held Oct. 13 at the school            “All I Want” by Emery.                 Jane.”                                King.
                                                                               with 379 students and guests              Music was provided by The                 Seniors Valerie Konkle,              Homecoming advis-
                                                                               in attendance. The event was              Pearl.                                 the daughter of Emerson               ers were Kelly Morris and
                                                                               sponsored by the Student                    Colors of green and brown            and Alice Konkle, and Jer-            Stephanie Lammlein.
                                                                               Council.                                  were predominant in the dec-           emi Turner, the son of Keith            Record-Courier photos by
                                                                                  “Rumble in the Jungle”                 orations of trees and flowers,         and Deborah Garrett, were             Timothy St. Hilaire.

Valerie Konkle and Jeremi Turner are the Rootstown
High School Homecoming Queen and King.

                                                                               Eric Lewis, Amber Heitzenrater and Matt McCoy look                               Nathan Dreger and Emily Schwendler, at left, check in
                                                                               relaxed.                                                                         with Marissa Simpson and Andrew Rothermel.

Jessica Edwards and Matt Balentina are happy to be at                          Adam Coontz points out that he has two lovely ladies                             Kaddi Jo Peck rode a McCormick Farmall Cub tractor to
the dance.                                                                     with him: Mercedes Dedine and Hayley Miller.                                     the Homecoming Dance because she could.

Members of the Rootstown Senior Homecoming Court are, in front, from left, Court-
ney Deubel, Jeremi Turner, Valerie Konkle, Kandis Kole, Shelby Veppert and Justin
Valenti, and in back, Melany Leek, Troy Spiker, Collin Marozzi, Steve Gay and Spencer                                    Members of the Underclassmen Homecoming Court are, from left, Katie Smith, Corey
Andrei.                                                                                                                  Abbe, Katrina Hamilton, Luke Jarvis, Shana Varner and Josh Leffel.

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