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									                                             Greenmont-Oak Park Community Church

  Permit No, 338
  Dayton, Ohio
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                           Volume XLIX No. 568 published weekly                    Aug. 31, 2008
                             Website:              Office Hours
                                                                            9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                                                            Telephone: 252-6705
                                                                            Fax # - 252-4093
                             Asking God's Blessings                         Pastor:
                            upon learning & teaching                        Rev. Gregory King
                                                                            Youth Pastor:
                                                                            Darrin Harvey

                                                                            Admin. Chairman:
                                                                            Suzanne Slaidins-Dull
                                                                            Church Secretary
                                                                            Nova Kigar

                                                                            Choir Director:
                                                                            Robert Duerr
                                                                            Jacque Fisher
                                                                            Mary Jane McBride
                                                                            Shelley Outlaw

                                                                            Chapel Worship:
                                                                            8:45 a.m.
                                                                            Morning Worship:
                                                                            10:45 a.m.

                                                                            Sunday School Hour:
                                                                            9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

                                                                            Nursery - Adult
                                                                            8:45 -
                                                                              Gary Etter
Kettering, Ohio 45420
Greenmont-Oak Park

1921 Woodman Drive

                                                                              Loren Houck
Community Church

                                                                            10:45 -
                           WORSHIP LEADER:                                  Les George
                                                                            Pasko Evanoff
                           Helen Hager
                                                                            Ron Dill
                           GREETERS:                                        Mike Hanes
                           Toni Bailey & Diana Knowlton
                                                                              Vital Statistics                              Gene Gibson
  "From the Pastor"                                                                                                         Sharon Gilmore
                                                                              Attendance Aug. 24, 2008
Youth Ministries Update                                                       8:45 - 24                                     Beverly Guffey
         On behalf of the Official Board, Staff Relations committee, and      10:45 - 106                                   Judy Hirshman
Christian Education committee we are pleased to announce that we have         Sunday School - 26                            Katie Horvat
selected Sheri Parrett as our Youth Leader for the middle school and          Offering - General Fund                       Opal Hunter - Crestview Manor
senior high school ministries.                                                                                              Lottie Jaeger
                                                                              (monthly budget need - $14,543)
Sheri is a life time resident of Kettering and a Fairmont graduate class of                                                 Dan Jones - Patriot Ridge Nursing
                                                                                       Offerings rec'd    +/-- Amt.
1988. She and Brian Parrett, her husband, will be celebrating their 19th                                                    Howard Jordan
                                                                              Jan. '08 $9,714               (-$4,829)
wedding anniversary September 23rd. They have been active members of                                                        Dorothy & Wayne Knapp
                                                                              Feb. '08 $8,867               (-$5,676)
our congregation for nine years. They have two children, Jessica and                                                        Dustin Knowlton
                                                                              Mar. '08 $15,825             (+ $1,282)
Joshua. Jessica went through our confirmation classes and was confirmed                                                     Peggy Lewis
                                                                              Apr. '08 $10.930              (- $3,613)
into our church family in 2005. Joshua is now attending our confirmation                                                    Nancy Lyttle
                                                                              May '08 $13,692                  (-$851)
classes and will be confirmed in May 2009.                                                                                  Barbara Lyttle
                                                                              June '08 $15,880              (+$1,337)
Sheri is currently working with her husband, Brian, who runs a Nationwide                                                   Bob McCray
                                                                              July '08 $10,957              (- $3,586)
Insurance agency and she is in the process of acquiring her license to sell                                                 Deloris Miller
                                                                              Our total deficit to date is -$15,933
insurance. Prior to working with Brian in the insurance business, Sheri was                                                 Marcella Miller
a teacher at Green-Oak Preschool for three years. She is the treasurer for                                                  Michael Ourfalian - Iraq
Fairmont High School Entertainment Company for the choral boosters.                                                         Mr/Mrs Patterson- Liberty Woods
Sheri and Brian were our junior high youth advisors several years ago and                                                   Guy Robinette - Walnut Creek
did a wonderful job. Do not be surprise if you see Brian teaming up with                                                    Cindy Romano
                                                                              Happy Birthday                                Mary Sampson - Liberty Woods
Sheri on some of our youth adventures. They are quite a team. Sheri will
                                                                              Rachale Rogers - Sept. 4                      Sue Shroyer
be looking for other adult helpers as we continue to rebuild our youth
                                                                              Vickie Lyttle - Sept. 5                       Kathy Steele
                                                                              Joan Gastineau - Sept. 5                      Connie Swanson
Sheri will officially begin her youth leadership position in September
                                                                              Marcella Miller - Sept. 5                     Gloria Van Camp
although she has been involved in our August youth activities. Welcome
                                                                              Chris Heath - Sept. 6                         Mary Vance
aboard, Sheri.
                                                                                                                            Flo Warner
Your pastor & friend,                                                                                                       Evelyn Wheeler
Greg King                                                                                                                   Marlene Wimpy
                                                                                                                            Vera Westfall
                                                                                                                            Diane Yost
                                                                               In Our Prayers
                                                                                                                          Please let the church
                                                                              Mildred Berk                                office know, how God is answer-
                                                                              Margaret Cobb - Walnut Creek                ing prayers in our lives. Let us
                                                                              Mindy Collins                               give thanks for His presence in
                                                                              Margaret Dill - Masonic Home                our times of trouble and praise for
                                                                              Jamie Geswein                               times of joy!
                     J o in                                                              Please plan on wearing green for           "Pantry Needs"
                             Homecoming Weekend - Sept. 6 &7                                      the morning. We will be           * Jelly/Jam
A Homecoming Weekend Celebration is being planned for all current, past or                         taking an all church             * Pork & Beans
interested members of Greenmont-Oak Park Community church. Invite your                              photo following the             * Spaghetti Sauce
extended family to come home to join us in this celebration. We hope to see                         morning service that will       * SOUPS -
church family that we haven't seen in a while join us. Come worship with joy          be available for order and purchase.             ALL KINDS
and have fun in fellowship.                                                                                                         * canned fruit
 The weekend kicks off Saturday, Sept. 6 at 3PM, with the 3rd Annual                                                                * Toilet paper
"Amazing Car Race". This scavenger type hunt throughout the city of                                                                 * bath soap
Ketttering, is interactive, puzzle challanging, and a laughing good time.             The "All Church, Carry-In Potluck             (our bags are in good shape,
                                                                                      Dinner" will feature our 'Best Home-          please hold these donations for a
               Our Homecoming Dance will be taking place on Saturday,                 made Dishes'. We will need folks to           month, we are having a storage
          September 6th from 7-10 PM following the Amazing Race. Admis-               bring a salad, rolls, or vegetable side       problem for this item, right now -
          sion to the Dance will be a “love offering” at the door, however, we        dish. The meat, drinks and the                thank you)
          are still asking folks to pick up a ticket after church so we can have an   50 foot banana split will be provided.
          idea of how many people to plan for. If you bring your ticket to the                                                      Pantry Help Wanted for
          dance, you can turn it in for a chance to win a raffle prize. We will                                                     Foodbank Pickups
          have music provided by the Fenton/Collins band who will be playing
                                                                                                                                    As the school year starts back up
music for all ages and musical tastes. Food will be available for purchase
                                                                                                                                    and we lose some of our youth
compliments of City Barbecue. For families with little one’s we will have
                                                                                                                                    helpers, we’ll need more weekday
childcare available so everyone can have a good time. The hi-light of the dance
                                                                                        After dinner plan to stay and play          help to pick up food downtown at
will be the crowning of our King and Queen. If you would like to attend the
                                                                                      BINGO, and win prizes. Kids fun               the Foodbank. If you can join the
dance but need transportation, please contact Anna Slaidins at 252-3345 so
                                                                                      activities will also be happening. So         crew to help every-other Tuesday
we can get you a ride.
                                                                                      please bring your friends and family          morning from about 9:45 to 12 noon,
                 We have an exciting morning planned on September 7th.
                                                                                      and enjoy this spirit filled weekend.         please call Bob Colvin at 426-8967
            Starting with the Christian Magician, John Louis, "Love is No
                                                                                         We have been bombarding                    or Jerry Kassman at 299-4975.
            Illusion" at 9:30 AM. We are still looking for musicians to play in our
            Homecoming Band. Please sign up to participate in the band or             everyone with information, if at any
            participate as a cheerleader.                                             time you have questions, please don’t
                                                                                      hesitate to ask a member of our
                                                                                      committee, Loretta Liesch, Nikki
                                                                                      Taylor, Ashley Steinbrunner, Anna
                                                                                      Slaidins, Greg or Patty King, Diana
                                                                                      Knowlton, or Suzanne Slaidins-Dull.
                                                                                      Please support your Church during
                                                                                      this event!!!

                                     4                                                                                          5
                                        "Follow-Up Call Ministry                   "GriefShare Begins"
                                        opportunity"                               This Thurs. - Aug. 28
"6-Month Statements                       We have an opportunity to continue        Our GriefShare program will ex-
Ready"                                  our church's outreach into the commu-      plore ways to offer comforts and          "Another Amazing Race"
The 6 month Financial Statements        nity. Our food pantry serves hundreds      resolutions for our personal losses         Join us as we race into Homecoming
are ready and will be available at      of adults and children each month, and     with those that have had the same or      weekend, with a silly scavenger hunt
the back of the sanctuary over the      we touch these individuals in a strong     simular experiences. You will find that   race around the city of Kettering,
next two Sundays. If you have any       and positive manner. We feed their         you are not alone with your questions     Saturday, Sept. 6th starting at 3PM.
questions about your giving             bodies, but their souls are not being      and what you are going through.             The race begins at the church.
account, please contact JoAnne          nourished as well as they could be.        Please join us starting this Thursday,    Drivers in the race must be 21 years of
Jay, 299-7513.                          When these adults leave the pantry         Aug. 28. Contact Rev. King, 252-          age or older. Teams should consist of
                                        with food, our contact ends. We ae         6705 or Charles Warren, 426-6373          2-6 people/car. Signup and register
                                        looking for someone that will take a       with any questions.                       your team, on the bulletin board across
                                        leadership role for a follow up com-                                                 from the office by Aug 31. The cost is
                                        mittee. This committee would serve 2                                                 $10/team, to benefit the Recreation
T-Shirt Sale                            main purposes, first, to assure that we                                              Committee.
  Green T-shirts with the GOPCC         are providing high quality service; and                                                Remember to bring a city map,
logo on them and SERVE on back          second, to make an additional ministry                                               phone book, cellphone, and a sense of
are available to order for $10.00.      contact with those in the community                                                  humor. Come for the fun and laughter.
See Ashley Steinbrunner after           that are in need.                                                                    - Ashley Steinbrunner, Recreation
church each Sunday before Rally           We are looking for a couple of
Day weekend to order one. Any           people with a heart for this type of
questions call Ashley at 657-8229.
                                                                                                                                 "Fall Classes"
                                        ministry, and the initiative to take the
                                        lead and get it done. Previous food                                                      Nursery & Kindergarden classes
                                        pantry experience helpful BUT NOT                                                        will resume on Sunday, Sept. 7 at
                                        necessary. If you are interested in                                                      the 10:45 service. Sunday School
                                                                                                                                 and Junior church will resume its
                                        serving in this manner please call or       "Come One Come All"
                                        email Craig @427-9302 or 708-6830                                                        school year schedule on Sunday,
                                                                                     Sing your praises to the Lord.
                                                                                               Sept. 14. - Barbara Richards
                                                                                    We welcome anyone interested in
                                                                                    singing to join us. We will enjoy
Men's Group Weds. 6:30 AM                                                           fun, fellowship, prayer and dessert
  The Men's Group meeting on                                                        after our first rehearsal. Bring your
Wednesday mornings from 6:30 AM
                                                                                    favorite dessert: pie, cake, pud-
to 8 AM. All men are welcome. Our                                                   dings, or jello. We will furnish the
purpose for meeting is to encourage,                                                drinks, serving plates, spoons and
and support one another as we discern                                               cups. Come and enjoy. - Music
God working in our lives.                                                           committee
                                 6                                                                                           3

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