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RSA Application for Candidacy

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					                              Resident Student Association (RSA)
                                  Elections Candidate Packet

                     *Please be sure to read this application packet in its entirety, before submitting.

                                           Description of Elections Process

University of Puget Sound students who live in campus residences are charged with selecting the best candidates
for each of the five Resident Student Association executive positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and
National Communications Coordinator).

The process will work as follows: application materials (photo and essay) submitted with this application will be
compiled into a voting pamphlet that will be given to each RHA. Each hall will be given 1 electoral vote for
every 25 students living within that residence hall. For example, Smith & University Halls will be given 5
electoral votes, while Todd/Phibbs will be given 8, and Anderson/Langdon Halls will be given 6 votes. RHAs are
charged with accurately representing the preferences of their constituents. This means that all of Schiff’s votes
could go toward one candidate, or it could mean that votes are divided among different candidates for each

During the campaigning period, voting pamphlets will be distributed to each hall’s RHA. The RHA for each
community will hold a community meeting where all interested residents can familiarize themselves with each
candidate, and discuss how they would like their votes to be represented on election night. Election night will be
February 25th, at 9pm in the Murray Boardroom. Each RHA, and any student interested in attending, will come
together in to hear candidate speeches for each position at this time. Before February 25th, candidates should
prepare a 1-2 minute speech about their candidacy to share at that meeting. Following the candidate speeches,
elections will be held.

                                               Minimum Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order for a candidate to be considered eligible for election:

               Elected officials must live on campus for the entire academic year following the election.
               Candidates must hold a minimum 2.5 GPA throughout the elections process and their term as an
                executive officer.
               Elected officials cannot be a member of the Residence Life student staff (RAs, RCCs or GHCs)
                during the year in which they serve their term.

                                                   Elections Timeline

January 25                        Applications available
January 28                        Info Session 8-9pm in WSC 101
February 19                       Applications for Candidacy due
February 23                       Candidates notified of application approval, campaigning begins. Candidate
                                  Pamphlets distributed to RHAs.
February 23-25                    Candidates campaign(M-Th); RHAs hold election meetings with Hall Residents
                                  to decide on candidate backing
February 25                       Candidate Speeches at RHA General Body Meeting (Murray Boardroom at
                                  9pm). Election results announced at end of meeting.
                               Resident Student Association (RSA) Description

Traditionally, the RSA has been an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on campus at the
University of Puget Sound. Primarily a programming body, the RSA has been responsible for a number of events
and activities that occur throughout the year. Most notably, the RSA sponsors Casino Night, the RSA dance
during freshman orientation, root beer floats during orientation, and LoggerDaze and other homecoming events.
In addition, the RSA is responsible for the refrigerator rental program, the campus linens program, and the care
package program for first year students. RSA serves as the advocate and voice for students living in our on-
campus communities, acting as a liaison between the students and the administration.

The RSA extends beyond campus as well. In partnership with the Community Involvement and Action Center
(CIAC) and the greater Tacoma community, the RSA has helped to host the annual campus-wide Casino Night,
which raises funds for a CIAC youth mentoring program called Kids Can Do!. The RSA is also connected on a
regional and national level. As a part of the Pacific Affiliate for College and University Residence Halls
(PACURH), the RSA maintains contact with colleges and universities in Washington, Oregon, California,
Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and even British Columbia and Australia. Through the National Association of College
and University Residence Halls (NACURH), the RSA also maintains contact with institutions across the United

One of RSA’s main functions is to help organize and operate the Residence Hall Association (RHA) within each
of our residence halls on campus. Each of our residence halls elects five members from their hall to serve as their
representatives to the rest of campus. Each RHA consists of five executive members: President, Treasurer,
Secretary, Programmer, and Publicity Chair. These members work closely with the RSA and represent their hall
in the RSA/RHA General Body meetings. In addition, they organize individual RHA meetings and work with the
RA (Resident Assistant) Staff to plan great programming for their fellow residents.
                                            RSA Position Descriptions

The position description for the Chair position reads as follows: The Chair shall preside over all the General
Body meetings, construct committees and appoint their Chairs, act as the spokesperson for the RSA, and be a
voting member of the RSA Executive Board. The Chair may sit on any committees that will affect the RSA
constituency, which may include meetings with the President of the Associated Students of the University of Puget
Sound, the Residence Life Professional staff, and the Dean’s Council. The Chair also is responsible for checking
and responding to emails sent to the RSA email account Essentially, the Chair serves as the
voice and face of the group. It is the Chair’s responsibility to run meetings and this individual should be present
at all RSA sponsored events and recruitment efforts.

The position description for the Vice-Chair position reads as follows: The Vice Chair shall reserve the right to
call RHA (Residence Hall Association) programmer meetings. The Vice Chair shall meet as needed with the
Residential Community Coordinators from the on-campus house, which make up the Neighborhood Association.
The Vice Chair shall advise all RHA programmers to ensure the implementation of campus programs. The Vice
Chair will also serve as the public relations officer for the organization and serve as the RSA representative on
any interdepartmental or event committees that the Chair and Executive Board deem appropriate.

The position description for the Treasurer position reads as follows: The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record
of all the RSA finances, financially advise the Executive Board, prepare a budget at the beginning of each year,
and make a treasury report to the General Body every week. The Treasurer is responsible for processing all
funding requests submitted to the RSA by RHAs, RA/RPA/RCCs, or other student groups, including those on the
General Body agenda for voting.

The position description for the Secretary position reads as follows: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record
of the General Body and Executive Board, keep a running record of all the RSA activities, and distribute minutes,
oversee the residence hall potty press newsletter, write thank you notes. The secretary shall take attendance at all
General Body meetings. In addition, the Secretary will help with the planning and implementation of programs
and events throughout the year. The Secretary serves as the chief advertising officer and provides support for
other positions as things get busy. The Secretary is traditionally also responsible for creating the agenda for the
RSA General Body Meetings.

National Communications Coordinator (NCC)
The position description for the NCC position reads as follows: The NCC shall be responsible for administrating
participation in and attendance at all conferences deemed prudent by the Executive Board. The NCC will serve as
the liaison between Regional and National Hall organizations. In addition, the NCC will help with the planning
and implementation of programs and events throughout the year. The NCC will keep the Executive Board
informed and aware of conference information and materials, including award bids. The NCC will also be
responsible for compiling photographs of events throughout the year in an annual scrapbook to pass on to each
new RSA executive board. The NCC serves as the Parliamentarian for the RSA, meaning he/she is responsible for
fielding questions regarding Parliamentary Procedure used for voting, and running meetings. The NCC shall meet
weekly with the Advisor(s).

Each position is compensated – current compensation structure is being re-organized. Typically, compensation is
in the form of a housing stipend or bookstore credit.
Each position meets regularly with the Advisor(s) for RSA. The Advisor is a professional staff member that
offers support to the executive board, and helps with maintaining campus relationships within the
Residence Life Department and the Division of Student Affairs.
                                 RSA Application for Candidacy 2010-2011

Please provide the following information:

Name: _____________________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________

         ___________________________________ # of Semesters Lived on Campus: _______________

If elected, all exec positions can bring one person with their housing lottery number (1). If elected, who will your
person be?

Name:_________________________________________________ Student ID Number:________________

Position Running For:

        ___ Chair                                 ___ Vice Chair                   ___ National Communications
        ___ Secretary                             ___ Treasurer                    Coordinator (NCC)

Please e-mail the following application materials (photo and essay) to , as they will be
included in the voting pamphlet given to each RHA.

     Submit Electronic Photo to

     Answer the Following in 100-500 Words (12 Font, Times New Roman, Single-Spaced) and email short
      answer essay to

                Why would you be the best candidate for your chosen position?

                     Applications are due by 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010.
    Essay and photo must be e-mailed to, this application intent form must be submitted to the
                   Student Development House (across the street from Security Services).

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