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					      Connected London Programme
                    SOCITM 7 May 09

David Wilde, Chair ICT Transformation Group, CIO Westminster
     Steve Pennant, Programme Lead Connected London
           Connected London Aims

• Support greater empowerment of communities
• Simplify access to London services through
  complementary call centres, websites, mobile devices,
  identity tokens and other new customer service
• Provide professionals across agencies with
  secure access to the information they need
• Reduce costs of ICT products and services
             Connected London Governance

                         Connected London Board
                             Chair – Cllr Michael White
                                 GLA - Ian Clement
                              LVSC CE – Peter Lewis
                    Customer Services – Lesley Seary, Lewisham
                   Chief Executives London – Will Tuckley, Bexley

                                                         ICT Transformation
Customer Services for London                         GLA group and Borough CIOs

     Stakeholder Group
                                                            Stakeholder Group
                      Connected London Project Updates – April 09

          Project                                                          Objectives

Customer Data Integration    Those authorities that implement a basic Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution can expect to see
(Data Connects).             a significant cashable return on investment of approximately £4.3million over a five year project.

Customer Segmentation        Evidence to realise savings from self service, reduced avoidable contact and promote participation in
                             local activities.
Simpler Services by          Greater customer satisfaction through reducing avoidable contact and savings through more efficient
telephone, web & mobile      information flows and reducing face to face service provision.
London Smartcards            Greater take up of leisure and cultural activities whilst generating savings through more efficient
                             information flows.
London Public Service        Realise savings from joint applications, shared services and aggregated gateways to central
Network                      government and health networks.
Improved Support for         Increase staff productivity through support for flexible working, collaborative working and savings on
Collaboration                travel and office space.
Improved Supplier            Generate income from suppliers by providing a joint software upgrade facility.
Improved Capacity and        Savings through joint procurement of data centres and resilience through shared data storage and
Resilience                   back ups.
Information security &       Protection from internet software threats and misuse and savings through joint procurement and
LPSN shared services         management of business applications.
Data Sharing                 Improved service and increased staff productivity by providing staff with the information they need
                             from partner agencies.
Tri-Partite Project          Improved performance of both boroughs and the GLA group through identifying new ways of doing
                             things together and clear deliverables for joint information and intelligence sharing
London Empowerment           Pilot new methods of community engagement through online innovations and assist boroughs in
Partnership                  developing community engagement strategies.
                             Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Customer Data Integration (Data Connects)

                  Activity                RAG     Plan   Notes
                                                                             Notes – the Data Connects forum
                                                                                 meets regularly
    Data quality best practice report      G      July
    including national Local Authority            09
    Data Quality Management                G      July
    Framework.                                    09

          Issue           RAG            Update                       Risk        RAG            Update

    No issues                G                             No risks                 G

                             Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Customer Segmentation

                  Activity                RAG     Plan           Notes
                                                                                    Notes –
    Joint procurement of data              R             Unnecessary as use
                                                         of data more value
                                                         than source
    Analysis of customer groups for         A     Jul    Awaiting analysis
    propensity for behaviour change in            09
    channel migration, recycling and
    avoidable contact.
    Report on customer contact review      G      May
    of 5 boroughs                                 09
    Pan-London Communications              G      Dec
    campaign                                      09

         Issue           RAG             Update                              Risk        RAG            Update

   No current issues         G                                     New unproven               A   Sharing learning
                                                                   discipline                     with national forum

                              Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Simpler Services by telephone, web & mobile

                   Activity              RAG      Plan          Notes
                                                                                       Notes –
    Review of opportunities for call       G      May    For Connected
    handling undertaken                           09     London Board 15 May
    Review of customer contact             G      May    For Connected
    strategies undertaken                         09     London Board 15 May
    Benchmarking against other world       G      Jun
    class information cities                      09
    Agilisys commissioned to undertake     G      Jun
    feasibility study for new services            09
    Launch of Out of Hours contract        G      Jun
    Developments of services for new       A      Mar    Awaiting outcome of
    residents                                     10     feasibility study

           Issue              RAG        Update                            Risk             RAG      Update

    No current issues         G                                    Business case for             A
                                                                   developments may
                                                                   not be clear

                              Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        London Public Service Network

                   Activity               RAG     Plan            Notes
                                                                                        Notes –
    Agree CTP IGSoc with NHS                A     Jun    Move to CA has
                                                  09     require a re-write of
    1st Phase paper to agree Regional       G     May
    EAS for London                                09
    Agree future long term home for         G     Sep
    LPSN                                          09
    Implement internal DNS resolution       G     May
    service                                       09
    Agree Codes of Connection for all       G     Oct
    members                                       09

          Issue           RAG            Update                                  Risk        RAG            Update

    Credibility of N3         A   Active dialogue with              Members don’t renew           A   Working with
    gateway due to                boroughs, SCIMG and               due to lack of                    shared services
    slow take-up                  NHS                               services                          project and building
                                                                                                      service catalogue

                              Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Improved Capacity and Resilience

                   Activity                   RAG     Plan           Notes
                                                                                            Notes – also still working with TfL on
                                                                                                potential shared data centre
    Shared Disaster Recovery (DR)              G      Apr    To be approved at
    Finalise procurement documents                    09     board on 29 April
    Shared DR – Partner selected               G      Jul
    Shared DR – First two boroughs go          G      Oct
    live                                              09

    Data centre utilisation review – joint     G      Sep
    supplier selected                                 09

          Issue           RAG                Update                              Risk             RAG             Update

   Formal borough             A    New statement of                    Lack of supplier             G       Key suppliers
   commitment                      Intent issued for board             interest in tender                   already keen to bid
                                                                       Bandwidth not                A       Awaiting prices
   No lead on                 G    Not required now going              available on LPSN                    post-LGfL upgrade
   procurement                     via Catalist

                             Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Improved Support for Collaboration

                  Activity                 RAG      Plan           Notes
                                                                                          Notes –
    Shared directory - first new LAs or      G      Jun
    NHS trusts go live                              09
    Converged networks – connections         A      May    LA orders dependent
    ordered to N3 Voice Gateway                     09     on IGSoC confirmation
    Shared accommodation – support           G      tbc    First workshop held –
    for local projects                                     now liaising with

          Issue              RAG          Update                              Risk             RAG            Update

    Directory hosting        G     Not an issue now that             Boroughs and NHS               G   N3 team, group of
    costs high if                  TH PCT have agreed                could fail to engage in            boroughs, suppliers,
    IGSoC compliant                to continue hosting               collaborative                      and trusts all
                                                                     approach                           supportive
    Clarify scope of         G     Project docs revised
    shared directory               for board

                              Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Improved Supplier Management

                   Activity                 RAG        Plan             Notes
                                                                                          Notes –
    Business case doc finalised for           G        Mar
    suppliers                                          09
    Reviewing supplier code of                R        May    Awaiting response
    connection                                         09     from Hytec
    Defined process for supplier              A        Apr    On hold
    connection                                         09

    Commitment to join LPSN from five         A        Sep
    suppliers                                          09

         Issue            RAG             Update                                  Risk         RAG            Update

   Need to get                A    Following up with                     Lack of engagement         A   Spoken to key
   supplier CoCo                   Hytec as above                        form suppliers                 suppliers but they
                                                                                                        need to see CoCo

                              Connected London Project Updates – April 09

        Information security & LPSN shared services

                   Activity                     RAG       Plan           Notes
                                                                                            Notes –
    ISfL Business Case written and                G       Mar    Well received and
    presented to the SLTG                                 09     supported by SLTG
    Members’ Forum and Steering                   A       May    Review of membership
    Group ToR re-write                                    09     criteria requires ToR

    Maintain programme of Members’                G       Ong    Successful March
    Forums                                                oing   event sponsored by
                                                                 RSA. Presentation by
    Write up specification for ISfL               A       May    To be finalised by the
    Group Advisor role                                    09     Steering Group.

          Issue           RAG                 Update                                 Risk        RAG   Update

   Review hosting             A       Will be carried out for
   arrangements for                   2010/11
   Filtered Warning

Newham – TfL Mobile portal –
– London standard?

                                      Local events listings and news

                                      Core Services
                                      Community social network

                                      Local Directory -
                                      Businesses, sports clubs,
                                      libraries etc

                                      Language Services
                        Shared Infrastructure vision

                                                                   improved supplier management
                                 Inter-organisation             reducing the complexity of procurement
            Simplified Code
            Of Connection
                                     hotdesking                     and costs associated with system
  RATIONALISED                                SERVICES
                                                                 improved support for collaboration
                  supplier      systems        Joint telecoms
                                                                 enabling staff from different boroughs
                  services 2012 & info                             and partner agencies to exchange
    Supplier                                       Shared               information more easily
engagement plan                                  directories
                        Shared data
                          centres                                  improved capacity and resilience
 2009                           Mutual Disaster
                                                                the ability to move systems between sites
             Shared SAN /                              2009
               back up            Recovery
                       LOWER COST
                    Shared infrastructure savings
                       Based on sample of 5 boroughs

Service               Total Cost             Total Cost       Saving
                         independently          shared
                         sourced per            service per
                         borough                borough

Remote storage        £200k p/a              £140k p/a *      30%

Data centre           £500k p/a **           £300k p/a        40%

Disaster recovery     £250k p/a              £100k p/a        60%

Total                 £950k p/a              £540k p/a        43%

Plus reduced carbon emissions
                   Indicators and measures

World          •   Numbers of public service telephone numbers
class             Numbers of logons and passwords for integrated online
city               public services
information       Numbers of public service mobile access portals or numbers
                  Scope of services which may be completed online and by
                   mobile devices
                  Unit costs of transactions by service and channel
                  Customer satisfaction by customer group, service and
Efficiencies   •   Benchmarking of unit costs with best in class and peers

Improvement    •   Benchmarking of staff satisfaction with ICT (SOCITM)
                  Measurement of contribution to business