Cisco IP Phone 7960

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					            Cisco IP Phone 7960
                  Welcome to the NVCC IP Phone 7960
      Basic Features & Operations Overview

                              Cisco IP Phone 7960…
Combining new-world functionality with the familiarity of a traditional analog phone…
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          Cisco IP Phone 7960

  Full-feature Telephone System that provides you with…

• Basic Call-Handling Features
• Support of specialized or advanced Telephony Features that
  can extend and customize your Basic Call-Handling
• Shared Voice Communication operations on the same NVCC
  data network that your computer operates on
• Online Help System
            Cisco IP Phone 7960
        Basic Calling Handling Features
•   Placing Calls (Handset, Speaker & Headset options)
•   Answering Calls
•   Ending Calls
•   Placing Calls on Hold
•   Redialing Most Recent Calls
•   Volume Control & Muting Calls
•   Transferring Calls
•   Forwarding Calls
•   Conference Calling
•   Redirecting Calls
•   Storing & Retrieving Parked Calls
•   Call Pickup (Within & Outside Your Group)
.   Call History (Using Directories to Dial Calls)
          Cisco IP Phone 7960
Advanced Telephony & Extended Call Handling Features

• Voice Mail Message Service

• Access to other online data base Information Services
  (Calendar, Travel, Weather, NVCC IT Helpdesk & NVCC Departments)

• Call History Logs (Missed, Received & Placed Calls;
  Corporate Directory)
            Cisco IP Phone 7960
     Shared Voice Communication & Data Network
                  System Features

• Access specialized Web-based Services

●   Online Help System to obtain information about
    phone features, buttons, softkeys, & menu items
    from phone
 Cisco IP Phone 7960
Basic Software/Hardware Features

 •   On-Hook vs. Off-Hook
 •   Lines vs. Calls
 •   LCD Phone Screen
 •   Call Icons & Call State Icons
 •   Hardware Buttons & Directories
 •   Softkey Buttons/Telephony Features
           Cisco IP Phone 7960
                  On-Hook vs. Off-Hook

       On-Hook Feature                      Off-Hook Feature

• Phone handset is resting in the     • Phone handset is lifted from
  cradle                                the cradle
• No calls are active                 • Speakerphone maybe
• There is no active dial tone          active
• You may enter or choose phone       • Active dial tone present
  number prior to activating a call   • May use feature to answer
• On-Hook icon appears next to          incoming calls
  available phone line                • Off-Hook icon appears next
                                        to appropriate phone line
          Cisco IP Phone 7960
        Understanding Lines vs. Calls
                                 Programmable Buttons

• Lines support calls. They are the linked channels that allow
  phone calls to reach their destinations.
• One line can support multiple active calls. The default number
  for active calls per line is 4.
• You have as many lines as you have phone numbers. The
  system can support up to 6 lines per phone.
• Use the programmable buttons to set and access lines.
• The Cisco IP Phone 7960 can support a maximum of 200
  calls at a time.
                   Cisco IP Phone 7960
                     LCD Phone Screen Features
                              (During “Active” Call)

                                                       Primary Phone
                                                        Line Number

      Call Activity
                                                        Phone Line
     Status Line
                                                       “More” Softkey
Highlighted calls displayed
in darker font                                            Button
Checkmark appears next
to selected calls
                                 Softkey Buttons
           Cisco IP Phone 7960
Understanding Call Icons & Call State Icons

• The Cisco IP Phone 7960
  displays icons to assist you
  in determining the state of a
  call (i.e.; on hold, ringing,
  connected, etc.).
• A call state icon appears in
  the call activity area next to
  a specific call.
        Cisco IP Phone 7960
Types of Call States & Call State Icons

 •   Connected Calls
                                  Example of Call State
 •   Incoming Call/Ringing Call
 •   Outgoing Call/Ringing
 •   Call on Hold
 •   Outgoing Call/Busy Line
 •   Remote-in-use
              Cisco IP Phone 7960
        Hardware Buttons & Directories
•   Speakerphone – allows for use of phone in speakerphone mode
•   Headset – allows for use of phone using headset
•   Mute – used to block out caller environment noises
•   Volume – used to set voice volume levels of calls
•   Messages – allows access to Voice Mail Services
•   Directories – allows access to Missed, Received & Placed Calls and Corporate Directories
•   Settings – allows for LCD, Ring Type, etc. to be setup
•   Services – allows access to web-based information (Travel, etc.)
•   Navigation – allows user to scroll through calls and menus
•   Programmable – used to configure and select phone lines
•   Help – allows for access to instant online real time help information
•   Foot Stand – allows for the angle of the phone base to be adjusted
             Cisco IP Phone 7960
       4 Softkey Buttons/Telephony Features

•   Softkey buttons appear on the bottom of the LCD phone screen plate
•   Softkey buttons correspond to the softkey options that appear along
    the bottom of the LCD phone screen
•   Use softkey buttons to assist in redialing, forwarding, transferring, etc.
    calls. (See List of Softkey Buttons)
•   Softkey options can change depending on the call state, line state and
    other factors
•   Press the softkey “more” to gain access to additional softkey options
                Cisco IP Phone 7960
                      Hardware Features
                                                    LCD Screen
Handset/Light Strip

                                                    Foot Stand
  Softkey Buttons

      Keypad                                       Volume Control

                           Head Set Button   Speaker Phone Button
                                     Mute Button
            Cisco IP Phone 7960
           Hardware Features cont’d….
                                                    Phone Model Type

Some phone tasks                                    Messages Button
vary depending
on whether the
                                                   Directories Button
phone is on-hook
of off-hook.                                          Online Help

                                                     Settings Button

                   Up/Down Scroll Buttons   Services Button
Cisco IP Phone 7960

   Please refer to the online TAC
    Phone Training Web-site at
for access to additional instructional
information (including Step-by-Step
   online interactive and or Quick
       Reference instructions).

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