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Oracle Fusion
B2B Integration Server
BPEL - Introduction
BPEL Process Manager
Oracle BPEL Process Manager –
     Orchestrate Services
    Fusion Middleware
    Integration Components

                           Oracle                                    Oracle
                           Integration B2B                           BPEL Process Manager

                           • Trading Partner Management             • Process Orchestration
                               Profiles, Agreements, Security,          Process Integration, Workflow,
                               SLA Settings                             Error Handling
Partners                   • Document Management                    • Document Management
 Trading Partners, Value                                                                                  eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft,
 Added Networks                Validation, Batching, Translation,       Data Integration, Validation,     Retek, Seibel, SAP,
                               Encryption                               Transformation                    composite
                           • Inter-Enterprise Connectivity          • Intra-Enterprise Connectivity
                               Transports, Exchanges                    Adapters, WEB Services

                                              Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

                                               Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle Integration B2B
An enterprise-strength infrastructure for the exchange of
information, electronically, between enterprises.

• An integral component of the Fusion             Oracle Integration B2B
                                        Trading Partner                Exchanges
• Comprehensive Trading Partner         Management                     RNIF, AS2, ebMS, MLLP
                                        Packaging / Security           Transports
• Extensive protocol support            MIME, SMIME, XMLDSig,          HTTP (s), File, FTP (s),
• Easy to use wizard based UI           XMLEncrypt                     TCP/IP, SMTP, IMAP

• Built on a standards based scalable   Document Management
                                        UN/EDIFACT, X12, X12N, HL7, HIPAA, NCPDP Script, UBL,
  architecture                          UCCnet, OAG, PIP BD, cXML, W3C XML Schema, Custom
• Managed through Oracle Application
                                                 Certified eBusinessReady™ for AS2
                                                 Certified eBusinessReady™ for ebMS
          IT Flow: Order-to-Cash
PO Received      Oracle                            Oracle                            Oracle
                 Integration B2B                   BPEL Process Manager              eBusiness Suite

                              PO                                 PO                            PO
 ASN Sent
                         Ship Notice                        Ship Notice                   Ship Notice

 Invoice                   Invoice                            Invoice                        Invoice
                          Payment                            Payment                        Payment

 Payment       • Inter-Enterprise Connectivity    • Intra-Enterprise Connectivity   • Document Processing
 Received      • Trading Partners Mgmt            • Document Mgmt                   • Process Orchestration
               • Document Mgmt                        • Validation                  • Human Workflow
                   • Batching                         • Transformation
                   • Encryption                   • Process Orchestration
                   • Validation                       • Human Workflow
                   • Translation                      • Error Handling
                              Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
                                   Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
                               Oracle Fusion Middleware
Document Management
Powered by EDIFECSTM
Oracle Integration B2B has teamed up with EDIFECSTM
to provide their robust translation and validation engine
as an integral part of Oracle Integration B2B. This
solution provides:

   A library of ALL UN/EDIFACT,
    X12, X12N, HL7, HIPAA, NCPDP
    Script transaction sets
   Data file validation
   Data Migration
   Tests data generation
   De-Identification
   Dictionary generation
 Trading Partner Management
 Trading Partner Profiles
   Defining Trading Partner capabilities:
   Identification, supported standards,
   transports, exchanges, ..
 Trading Partner Agreements
   Customizable configurations for each
 Standards based protocols:
   Encryption, Compression, Non-
   Repudiation, Digital Certificates, Secure
   Transports, ..
 Service Level settings:
   Time to Perform, Time to Acknowledge,
   Retry Counts, ..
BPEL Project - JDeveloper BPEL
BPEL Project – JDeveloper XSLT
BPEL Console
BPEL Console – Process Flow
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