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					                       Oklahoma State Fire Marshal
                                  2401 NW 23rd, Suite 4
                            Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
                          (405) 522-5005 Fax: (405) 522-5028

Please be advised that the following changes have been implemented in our
             office and will be effective as of January 1, 2010:

Preliminary Plan Review:
A Preliminary Plan Review will now be limited to one hour worth of review time and
will by its very nature not be a complete plan review; therefore it will not include every
item that will be required for a complete plan review. Many of the main points will be
covered; however this will not be all inclusive. If you wish to obtain a plan review for a
project that will be an all inclusive plan review the product would need to be submitted as
a final review and the fees for a final review would apply.

Foundation Phase Permits:
The issuance of Foundation Phase Permits will be suspended. All plans submitted must
be a complete submittal package. To find out what is needed in a complete submittal
package please refer to our web page and click on the “Forms” tab.

Mailing Options:
New mailing options are now available. Our standard mailing option using media
mailing through the USPS is still available; however we are now allowing plans to be
returned using an alternate carrier. (For example Fed-Ex or UPS) These services will be
available at the request of the customer and the cost of these services will be the
responsibility of the customer. Customers will be required to provide the carrier
information and a return label with any new submittal and this must be done using the
new Transmittal Forms.

Transmittal Forms:
The transmittal forms that are required to be submitted with all projects have been
updated to include new form fields. Please refer to our website and click on the “Forms”
tab to access these forms. All previous versions of the transmittal sheets are now
obsolete and all projects submitted after the above date should be accompanied by the
new form.

Payment Date:
Our payment options have not yet been revamped, it is still currently cash or check;
however there has been a field provided on our new Transmittal forms entitled payment
date. This has been added because any plans submitted without full payment or purchase
order number will be on hold and will not be brought to the reviewers and put into the
review cycle. The hold time will not to exceed two weeks and any plans not paid for in
that time will be returned with no review.

Architects Stamp:
A new field has been added to our new Building Transmittal form in which we asking for
the Architect or Engineer of record to place their stamp and signature. This is to ensure
that the transmittal form is completely and accurately filled out.

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