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					  QUIZ GAME
“Who Wants To Be The

 (The Ninth Form)

     Composed By Grigorova V.M.
 Today we are going to have a game-lesson. We have learn a lot about
 English speaking Countries and I want you to take an active part in all the
 contests & quizes. Be very attentive and I think you’ll do your best.
                       (The jury consists of 3 teachers)
       I. General information on Great Britian.
      Answer the questions:
 1. What is the official name of Britain?
 2. What is the oldest part of London?
 3. What part of London is the symbol of wealth and culture?
 4. What is the official part of London?
 5. What is the symbol of England?
 6. What is the symbol of Scotland?
 7. What is the symbol of Wales
 8. What is the symbol of Northern Ireland?
 9. What is the traditional Christmas meal in Britain?
10. What century did the Normans come to England?
11. What channel lies between Britain and the continent of Europe?
12. What is the highest mountain peak in Britain?
       II. Give British variants of the American English
            Movie – (cinema)
            Elevator – (lift)
            Automobile – (car)
            Fall – (autumn)
            Ice-box – (refrigerator)
            Appartment – (flat)
            Test – (exam)
            Candy – (sweet)
            Mail – (post)
       III. Speak about places of interest in London & Washington
       (pupils choose 2 places of interest to speak out of 8 or 10. There are
       pictures of these places on display)
IV. Read the advise and answer questions
                  Fast reading practice
             V. Game “Find your Partner to complete the words”
             (cards are distributed to pupils with the letters)
                  sh-             -mer           -su            ust-
                  side-           -flam          -be            -fi
                  at-             -bi            -iclay         -ingo
                  hol-            -aug           -sea           -ach
                  rd                                            n-

    1. Holiday         2. August      3. Summer      4. Sun    5. Beach
    6. Seaside         7. Boat        8. Fish        9. Bird   10. Flamingo

           VI. Famous places – A crossword
           Put the names of these places in the crossword, and see the name of
           famous battle.
    1. This city is famous for its tall buildings.
    2. A revolution started here more than 200 years ago.
    3. A legend says that this city disappeared under the sea thousands of years
    4. Thirty-five (35) years ago three. Americans started their journey to the
       moon at this place. It’s the … space Centre.
    5. The pyramids are near this city
    6. You can see a famous bridge and red buses in this place.
    7. A long time ago this city was the capital of an empire.
    8. This place is in the same country as (7)
    A volcano destroyed it nearly 2000 years ago
       1                       Answer: 1. New York 2. Paris 3. Atlantis
         2                           4. Kennedy 5. Cairo 6. London 7. Rome
         3                           8. Pompeii
         4                           The famous battle is Waterloo



 Quick quiz
 Choose and finish the sentences:
 1. There are … striped on the American flag
 a)50; b)5; c)3; d)13
 2. On the 4th of July Americans celebrate
 a) Thanksgiving Day; b)Independence Day; c) Memorial Day;
 d) Halloween
 3. The southern and central part of Great Britain is
 a)Wales; b)Scotland; c)Northern Ireland; d)England
 4. The head of the British State is
 a)the King; b)the Queen; c)the Prime Minister; d)the President
 5. Sir Christopher Wren built
 a)Westminster Abbey; b) St Paul’s Cathedral;
 c)The Tower of London; d)The English Channel
 6. Great Britain is separated from the continent by
 a) The Pacific Ocean; b) The Irish Sea; c) The British Channel;
 d) The English Channel
 7. The Great Fire of London broke in
 a) 1556; b) 1766; c)1758; d) 1666
 Finish the sentences:
1) Hyde park is in
a) the city; b) the West End; c) the Earth End; d) the North End
2) The Linkoln Memorial is situated in
a) Washington; b) New York; c) London; d) Cambridge;
3) The head of the English Government is
a) the king; b) the Queen; c) the Prime Minster; d) the President
4) Christopher Columbus discovered America in
a) 1392; b) 1492; c) 1482; d)1566
5) The first English settlement appeared in
a) Central America in 16 century; b) South America in the 18 century
c) North America in 19 century; d) North America in 17 century
6) The first colonists started the tradition of
a) Halloween; b) Independence Day; c) Thanksgiving Day;
d) Memorial Day
7) The official national symbol of the USA is
a) the Statue of Liberty; b) the eagle; c) the turkey; d) the “Mayflower”
VIII. Put these British holidays in order
(starting from December)
Christmas, Mother’s Day, St Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day,
Father’s Day, Halloween.
IX. Write American and English writers in 2 columns:
Charles Dickens, Lewis Carrol, Frank Baum, Theodore Dreiser,
Jonathan Swift, Charlotte Bronte, Ernest Hemingway, Stevenson, Ray
Bradbury, O’Henry, Agatha Christie, Isaak Asimov, Edgar Poe, Mark
Twain, Jack London.
X. Words & Meanings (уч-ся догадываются о значении слова)
1) With page / to reserve (a book)
2) Sides of arrive / safe for money          (bank)
3) Page of a book / grows on free            (leaf)
4) teach a person / goes on rails           (train)
5) A sound in music / piece of paper money (note)
6) Walk with it / fix with glue             (stick)
7) Green area / place, land leave a car     (park)
8) Alter / money                            (change)
9) Factory / in the ground                  (plant)
10) A point at school / a sign              (mark)
11) A pillar / send a letter                (post)
12) To give / part of body                  (hand)

(Many words in English have more than one meaning look at the 2
difficult meanings & fry to find the word which describes them both)
XI. Guess the holiday
(учитель показывает картинки, эмблемы этого праздники)
      1. He visits ns on Christmas Eve
      2. The 1st President of the USA
      3. The celebration of this holiday begins on December 31
      4. He discovered America
      5. A time to tell someone that you lose him (her)
        Both men & women can send cards
      6. We usually have a big picnic in our neighbourhood and then
         watch fire works at night
      7. We all wear smth green on this holiday, it’s a religious holiday.
         We decorate our hoses with green shamrocks
      8. The most popular costumes are ghosts, witches and skeletons.

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