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                                                                                                                               August 2007

Volume 13 Number 1
                            where hope lives and grows                         news
                                                                       The Community Outreach Newsletter of Youth Homes, Inc.

Youth Homes, Inc. is a
non-profit organization
                                                                   Phantom Mother’s Day Tea Party
committed to serving the
needs of severely abused                                          This year’s Phantom Mother’s Day Tea Party was given a huge boost by
and neglected children and                                        a challenge gift of $10,000 from Karen and Tom Mulvaney in honor of
adolescents by providing                                          Karen’s late mother, Marguerite Cutler Gidley. Karen, a gifted writer, whose
comprehensive strength                                            work is included in
based, family centered                                            the new anthology,
and culturally sensitive                                          Something That
residential treatment that                                        Matters: Life, Love,
acknowledges and promotes                                         and Unexpected
the strengths of individuals                                      Adventures in
and families in the county of                                     the Middle of the
Contra Costa and beyond.
                                                                  Journey, wrote a
                                                                  powerful cover letter,
                                                                  which accompanied
 This Issue                                                       this year’s appeal.

 Mother’s Day Tea Party. . . . . . . . . . . .                1   An excerpt from
 Executive Director’s Report . . . . . . .                    2   the letter read, “It’s
                                                                  challenging to do
 Foster Home Program Update . . .                             3
                                                                  justice to the power              Mina Janatpour and Karen Mulvaney
 Circle of Hope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   3   and lessons of love,
 Phantom Tea Party . . . . . . . . . . . . .            4-5       especially a Mother’s love. My Mom worked hard, was generous and
                                                                  kind, and left me knowing that she loved me unconditionally. It is in her
 YH Auxiliary Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                  memory that I want to extend a helping hand to others with the hope
 Inside Yourself Poem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6               that they too will feel the transforming power of love and kindness.”
 Take a Tour of YH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                  The Mulvaney’s generosity was more than matched as Youth Homes
 Major Donor Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            7
                                                                  enjoyed far and away the most successful Phantom Day Tea Party
 Major Donor Thank You . . . . . . . . 7-9                        of all time. This event gave people a chance to remember, honor and
 In Kind Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                                  acknowledge their parents.

                                                                                                                     youth homes   news       1
 Executive Director’s Report
 The foster care system is terribly broken.
 Too much money is spent at the high end of
 service and the outcome for the kids served
 from many of these programs does not
 warrant the high expenditure. This is mostly
                                                                                                    where hope lives and grows
 do to a lack of funding and the structural

 design of the foster care system. Currently,
 kids, who are seriously emotionally disturbed,
 must fail in several placements before they
 are transferred to an intensive residential

 treatment program. More than 75% of the                    Stuart McCullough
 kids placed in our emergency shelters, if                    Executive Director
 they are over 13 years of age, have had more     new coping skills that will lead to healing
 than eight previous placement failures. That     and foster forgiveness. The Bhagavad-Gita
 means they have lived in at least 8 different    says, “If you want to see the brave, look for
 homes, in 8 different neighborhoods, with 8      those who can forgive. If you want to see the
 different caregivers, and attended 8 different   heroic, look at those who can love in return
 schools. What is the impact on kids who          for hatred.”                                        High-End Men’s & Women’s
 have undergone the gauntlet necessary                                                                         Fashions
 to finally get the care they need? They are      This past year, Youth Homes has made
 deeply wounded, not only by their parents,       great progress. In our four residential             New Clothes & Housewares
 but by a system that is under funded, under      programs, at discharge our outcomes                         Every Day
 staffed and suffers from a dearth of qualified   were better than two times the statewide
 placement alternatives.                          average as measured by Paul Sunseri, Psy.             Large Selection of Books
                                                  D., Psychological Assessment Systems &
 Without exception, these children exhibit        Consulting Services. We enjoy a mutually               Wednesday is 1/2 OFF
 a terrible sadness that comes from               respectful relationship with Contra Costa
 abandonment, loss, and disappointment.           County and following a competitive bid                  All Men’s Clothing
 Typically, the foster care and community         process, Youth Homes was chosen by                      (including Shoes)
 mental health system defines these kids          Mental Health Services to expand our post
 by what has happened to them. They are           discharge mental health services. While           Tuesday is Senior Discount Day
 children of dysfunctional families or children   other foster care programs are closing their
 of alcohol and/or chemically dependent or        doors, Contra Costa County has agreed
 codependent families. In fact, they are kids
 in great pain. That pain arises daily, often
                                                  to support Youth Homes to open two
                                                  new 6 bed community-based residential                 15C VIVIAN DRIVE
                                                                                                         PLEASANT HILL
 in completely unanticipated ways. It has         treatment homes.
 lead in the past to injury, confusion, shame,
 disappointment, defeat, angry outbursts,         All of us involved in the foster care/
 suicidal thoughts and the always present,
 “placement failure.”
                                                  community mental health system are social
                                                  engineers. We are community stewards,                  (925) 798-5561
                                                  working to foster each child’s capacity for
 At Youth Homes, we are determined to             empowerment. In that sense, we are trustees
 break this cycle of failure. From the Board      of our community’s future and guardians
                                                                                                     HOurS: MON - SAT 10 - 4
 of Directors on down, we are determined          of future generations. Why spend so much
 to never give up on a child. Having highly       time and money on foster care kids? Aside
 trained and licensed mental health               from the fact that every child matters,
 professionals located at each home allows        there are more than 76,000 kids in foster
 us to do very comprehensive assessments          care placement in California alone. Seventy-
 and treatment planning. We have spent            six thousand!
 thousands of man hours training our staff
 to expect the unexpected and know how            To work with foster children requires
 to deal with it. Sigmund Freud said, “when       everyone to work really hard, 24 hours a day,
 one looks at a crystal, the place it is broken   365 days a year. It is our counseling staff who
 most clearly reveals its structure.” Our goal    carry this responsibility. They have very
 is to help each child acknowledge their          big hearts that can stand up to the daily
 difficult childhood and begin to restructure     pressures of a broken system. They are the
 themselves in ways that calm and heal their      heroes of the foster care system. Our donors,
 troubled souls. We can not make their pain       volunteers, county and state partners
 go away. We can only help each child learn       make it all possible.

2 youth homes news
Foster Home Program Update                                         Circle of Hope
Last spring we promoted two of our most competent
TBS Behavioral Coaches as the leaders of our foster care
                                                                   Kicks Off A Grand Year
program. Alicia Richardson, our Clinical Supervisor, worked      What do you do when it costs       the history of Youth Homes.
for another agency for six years and as a TBS Behavioral         more to feed, shelter, and         These wonderful people have
Coach for Youth Homes since 2004. She received her               support the young people in        taken the time to really get to
                                                                 your care than the budget the      know our programs and learn
master’s degree in 2006. Ronnie Mabou started working for
                                                                 County provides? That’s the        about the very troubled lives
Youth Homes in 1999. Ronnie became a certified as a PRIDE        dilemma that’s been keeping        of foster kids. Several have
(parent training system for foster and adoptive homes)           the Youth Homes’ staff and         volunteered as mentors. They
Trainer in 2004 and a certified foster parent herself in 2005,   board up nights worrying           fully understand the deep
she is our Foster Family Coordinator.                            for the past several years.        wounds felt by foster children
                                                                 There has been no increase         and they are determined to
One of our first foster home placements was Sarah (not           in funding for programs that       help in any way they can.
her real name). We first met Sarah when she was 8 years          care for foster care children in
old. She was placed at Pryor Center, one of Youth Homes,         more than six years. Virtually     For the Jacobs, the gift was
Inc.’s emergency shelter programs. At that point Ronnie          all foster homes are forced to     simply an extension of
was a Residential Counselor there, Kim Chilvers, Program         raise private funds to remain      long-time support they’ve
Director, was the acting Clinical Supervisor and Alicia was      in operation and many have         offered Youth Homes. Jonnie
                                                                 been forced to close. In Fiscal    is a former mentor, both
assigned as Sarah’s behavioral coach. Because her behavior                                          she and Rod have provided
                                                                 Year 2006-2007 all of our
was so difficult to manage at that time, Sarah moved from        residential programs cost          advice on how Youth Homes
Pryor Center to high level residential treatment facility at     significantly more than the        communicates its distinctions
another agency. She did very well there. After that she was      public resources allotted.         to the larger world, and their
placed back in a foster home. Unfortunately that home did        As the executive staff did         gifts in the past have enabled
not work out and she soon ended up back at Youth Homes           financial forecasts for the        improvements to Andersen
and by then she was 13. She was placed at Anderson House,        year, it was difficult to be       House. Says Jonnie, “I first
our all girls home where she did very well. Because Sarah        optimistic. What to do?            became aware of Youth
had been in homes that did not work out, our staff were                                             Homes as a volunteer in the
very cautious about finding her the right foster home. It        As the old saying goes, “when      mentoring program. The
had to have a staff who had sufficient enough training to        the going gets tough, the          heartbreak and tenacity that
                                                                 tough get going.” The President    is at the core of each resident’s
manage complicated teenagers.
                                                                 of the Board of Directors, Tim     life opened my eyes to the
                                                                 McCreery and his wife Patty,       needs of young people in the
Sarah is now 16 and is an energetic, extroverted, young          took the bull by the horns and     foster system -- boys and girls
woman. She is happy, healthy, has friends and engages in         made a personal pledge of          who have no parent or other
positive structured activities to                                $10,000 and challenged the rest    family member who can care
keep her busy. She continues to                                  of the Board to match their        for them. As a mother, I can’t
see her outpatient therapist at                                  contribution. The Board not        imagine my own children
Youth Homes Counseling Center                                    only matched it, they exceeded     growing up without love and
and she continues to maintain                                    it by one hundred per cent!        guidance and support, and
relationships with her former                                    In the process, the Circle of      yet there are so many kids in
foster family, as well as to re-                                 Hope was launched, Youth           just that situation. I’m in awe
build a relationship with her                                    Homes’ first-ever major donor      of the wonderful staff and
                                                                 program for supporters with        the overall program at Youth
birth family. As she grows up and                                                                   Homes, and as a mentor, I’ve
                                                                 the resources, passion, and
thrives she will be able to have all                             compassion to be a leadership      connected personally with
the resources, attention, freedom                                supporter at the 10,000 or         some amazing young women.”
and supervision every teenager in                                more level. During our major
a healthy family needs.                                          donor campaign, in addition        The motto of Youth Homes
                                                                 to Tim and Patty, a group of       is, “Where hope lives and
We have three teenage girls currently placed in our foster       extraordinary people have          grows.” The Circle of Hope
homes and are looking for an additional 5-8 homes for            become charter members: Bob        members have brought that
older children and teens In order for this program to be         and Faith Cushman, Rodney          motto to life. Our kids live in
successful we need your help. If you or anyone you know          & Jonnie Jacobs, Tom & Karen       a safe, warm and clean home
is interested in becoming a foster parent or want more           Mulvaney, and the Gemmer           every day thanks to these
                                                                 Foundation.                        wonderful people and all the
information on this program please contact Ronnie
                                                                                                    other hundreds of community
Mabou, Foster Family Coordinator or Kim Chilvers, MFT            This level of community            supporters, listed in this
Program Director at (925) 933-2627. You can also email us at     support is unprecedented in        newsletter, who donate so or                                                      selflessly to our cause.
                                                                                                     youth homes       news         3
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CARLENE ABBORS                       JAMES & CAROL BUNN                BERNICE M. ELY                     DOROTHY HACKETT
  In honor of Anna-rose Stebbins      In memory of Angela Wilson        In honor of Catherine English      In honor of Mary Marshall
SANDRA ABRAM                         NANCY BURCHETT                    CLAYTON ENGLAR                      In memory of Lula McCoy
  In memory of Claudia Orange         In honor of Zelma Ridgely and     In honor of our Troops            SCOTT HAFNER & BILL GLENN
FRED ACKERMAN                         Marcia Hicks                      In memory of Timothy Englar        In honor of Linda Peterson, Mary
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LISA ALLPHIN                         MARGARET BURNS & DALE AMES         In memory of Gladys Vanderkove     In honor of Kay Hallstone
  In memory of Maureen Gardner        In memory of Lee Martyn          PATRICIA FALCONE                    In memory of Jean Parkhill
ANONYMOUS                            THERESA CALESTINI                 JOHN EATON & BETH FERREE           ROBERT & BONNIE HAM
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PETER APPERT                                                                                               In memory of Virginia Sweazey
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                                               Mother’s Day                                               LOLA HAMMONS

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MARY RAE ARVEDSON                                                                                         NINA HARRINGTON
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VERNICE BARKER                                                                                            AMY HERRERO

  In memory of Olga Alpen                                                                                  In honor of Marty Lewis
JOAN BAUM                                                                                                 MARCIA HICKS
  In memory of Miriam                 With great appreciation to all those who have                        In memory of David Ellis
  Rasmussen                               honored these very special people . . .                         MARIA HJELM
JEAN C. BAXTER                                                                                             In memory of Ingalill Hjelm
  In memory of Frances B. Ketterer   CHARLES CARVER                    DOROTHELLE FITES                   CARL HOPKINS
COOKIE BEDFORD                         In memory of Helen Carver       JULIET FLETCHER                     In honor of Anna Hopkins
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TOM BEDFORD                            In memory of Mary Casady,       HILARY FORD                        MIMI HOWARD
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STEVEN BICKEL                        CHRISTINE CRECELIUS                 In memory of Virginia Simons      In honor of Mina Janatpour,
KAREN BLODGETT                         In honor of Mary Strawser       BILL FULCHER                        Lorna Martyn and Laura Stark
  In honor of Jackie Truelsen        CATHERINE CROWELL                   In honor of Shirley Fulcher      TERESA JERNER
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JACLYNE BOYDEN                       MR. & MRS. ERNEST DICKSON         E. F. GIDLEY, JR.                   In honor of Linda Peterson
  In honor of Bea Witte              GERI DOCKTER                        In honor of Karen Mulvaney       MOLLY KAPLAN
BETSY BROWN                            In memory of Katheryn Piatz       In memory of Marguerite Gidley    In honor of Louise, Rossi and Lise
  In honor of Helene Brown           DR. SUZANNE L. DUDECK             MARTHA GREEN                       SARAH KARR
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HELEN BUDDE                            In memory of Hugh Edwards         In honor of Fran Fiorentino

4 youth homes news
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JEAN KENNEDY                        GERI McLAUGHLIN &                 LUCILLE RICHEY                      NORMA SVATOS
 In honor of Annie White            CAROL BURNHAM                      In memory of Dorothy Seeman        CLIFF & CONNIE SWISHER
DONALD & HELEN KEYSER                In memory of Lorene Williamson    and Dolores DeForce                  In memory of Patricia Nangle
 In memory of Joseph Dudeck         TIM McNAMARA                      ZELMA RIDGELY                       HELEN TAYLOR
DONALD & LURLINE KEYSER              In honor of Peggy McNamara        In honor of Lois Foster, Nancy       In memory of Edna Biles and
 In memory of Joseph Dudeck         RUTH MERRIFIELD                    Barchett and Bobbie Scalabrini       Clara Bopp
CHARLES & PAM KINDER                 In memory of Louella Wilson      BARBARA RIGGINS                     JOANNE TAYLOR
 In honor of Stephen Kinder         PAT MIGHETTO                      PHYLLIS RIGGS                         In memory of Edna Taylor, Mary
KATHLEEN KINDER-LEIGHTON             In memory of Marge Couher and     In memory of Elizabeth               Lockwood and Virginia Sweazey
 In honor of Pam Kinder and          Florence Mighetto                MR. & MRS. ALTON ROBINSON           STEPHEN & NANCY TAYLOR
 Linda Hayes                        MARGARET MIGLIA                    In honor of Ada Robinson             In memory of Madeline
ELIZABETH KING-SLOAN                 In memory of Anna Nepote and      In memory of Elvira Minetti          Compagnoni, Sybil Taylor and
YULIYA KORENTSVIT                    Mary Miglia                      ANN ROBINSON                          Mary Taylor
 In memory of Saveliy Korentsvit    RICHARD MITCHELL                   In memory of Waneta DeWeerd        ANN THELWELL
DICK & STELLA KRIEGER               WAYNE & PAM MOSHER                 and Juanita Chellew                  In memory of Sarah Platt
ROBERT & PHYLLIS LABORDE             In memory of Wilma Mosher        BETTY ROWE                          GLORIA TIERNAN
 In memory of Nana Boyd              and Gloria Dupuls                 In memory of her mother, Louise    BARRY C. TRENT
LYNNE LaMARCA                       TOM & KAREN MULVANEY              MARLENE SAKOL                         In honor of Joan Lee Trent and
 In memory of Betty LaMarca          In memory of Marguerite Cutler    In memory of her mother              Shirley Fulcher
LAWRENCE VOLVO                       Gidley                           JOHN & JOANN SCHEXNAYDER            VINCE & DANA VANNELLI
 In memory of Meme                  BRIAN & SHELLY O’NEILL             In memory of Robert Murphy           In honor of Jackie Douglass
RUTH LEE                             In honor of Ellie O’Neill        CLARIBEL SHIDELER                   JOANNE VUYLSTEKE
 In memory of her mother            JOHN & TERESA ONODA                In honor of Ellen Thompsom         MILDRED P. WALLING
ARLENE LEWANDOWSKI                   In honor of Zita Heger           JOHN & MICHELE SIEGFRIED            VIRGINIA WANEK
 In memory of Edythe Donne and      CARLA PANCHECO                     In memory of Beverly Siegfried       In honor of Bernice Heller and
 Marilyn Fusi                        In memory of Verna Owens         BILL & VEL SNIDER                     Geo Heller
MARILYN LINDQUIST                   VICKI PAPPAS                       In memory of Eleanor Gast and        In memory of Bernice Heller
 In memory of Sharon Lindquist      JEAN PAUL & KATHLEEN PELUFFO       Sarah Graham                       SANDY WEBER
BRAD LOCKWOOD                        In honor of their mothers,       ARLINE SPIELER                        In memory of Loneta Luce and
 In memory of Mary Lockwood          Beverly and Paulette              In honor of Sharon Brazell, Amy      Elizabeth Weber
MARY LOVILL                         KEN & LINDA PETERSON               Masters and Alison Spieler         ANNE WEBSTER
KAY & RAY LUNDGREN                   In memory of Marguerite Gidley    In memory of Ethel Moorhead          In honor of Susan Hollingshead
RANDY MacKENZIE                      and Vauneta Winthrop             JEFF & LAURA STARK                  MELODY HOWE WEINTRAUB
 In honor of Harriet Reininger                                         In honor of Jean Grabner             In honor of Karen Mulvaney
MARGARET MacPHERSON                                                    In memory of Sylvia Bateson        WAYNE & CATHERINE WELCOME
THE MARKS FAMILY                                                                                            In honor of Nancy Welcome
 In honor of Margaret Moulthrop                                                                             In memory of Catherine Rodgers
SEVERINA MARSH                                                                                              and Marguerite Welcome
 In honor of Ann Ackerman,                                                                                DAVID WHITE
 Barbara Marsh-Wetherell and                                                                                In memory of Beverly White
 Carol Hoy                                                                                                LISA WILEY WOELFEL
DICK & KATHY MARSHALL                                                                                       In honor of Kathi Woelfel and
 In memory of Marguerite Cutler                                                                             Marlene Wiley
 Gidley                                                                                                     In memory of Helen Wiley
LORNA MARTYN                                                                                              JEANNIE WILLIAMS
 In honor of Mary Ellen Dalgaard,                                                                         MURRAY WINTHROP
 Monica Jean Martyn,                                                                                        In honor of Linda Peterson
 Catherine Welcome,                                                                                       KAREN WORTH
 Barbara Marsh-Wethyerell                                                                                   In memory of Joseph Dudeck
 and Barbara McCullough                                               ANNA-ROSE STEBBINS                  BARBARA WYANT
 In memory of Lorna Hayes,                                              In honor of Carlene Abbors          In memory of Lilac Deran
 Barbara Hayes and Jane Kavert      ANNE PIEPER                       JAMES & BARBARA STEDMAN             RONALD & LONA WYATT
PETE & CANDY McCORKELL               In memory of Bee Pape              In memory of Rachel Scroggie        In honor of Constance Wyatt,
 In honor of Suzanne Mitchell       ANNE PIERSON                      DON & CORRIE STORK                    Nina Harrington, Julia Wyatt,
 In memory of Alice Smetts and       In memory of her mother            In memory of Peggy Watkins          Janelle Wyatt, Katheryn Wyatt,
 Patricia Hildebrand                VIRATEEN PRATT                      and Marguerite Stork                Kimberly Wyatt and Trina Wyatt
TIM & PATTY McCREERY                 In honor of Viola Gilder         MARY STRAWSER                       ANNETTE YOSHINO
 In honor of Patricia A. McCreery   MILDRED RATTO                       In honor of Christine Crecelius     In honor of Fujie Sonoda
 In memory of Verna E. Patton       CHARLES R. WHITNEY                PATRICIA STRONG                     INNA ZAFIRIS
STUART & BARBARA McCULLOUGH          FOUNDATION                         In memory of Gladys Strong          In memory of Helena Cauvin
 In honor of Nedda Sanguinazzi       In honor of Lois Howe            MARY P. SULLIVAN                    BELYNDA ZOBB
 and Helen Bunn                     TONY & LINDA REVELLI                In honor of Mary M. Sullivan        In honor of Lynn Nelson and
 In memory of Marguerite Cutler      In memory of Lucy Spinardi,      INGRID SULLIVAN                       Marjorie James
 Gidley, Doris Ream and
                                     Florence Revelli and Jan Daher     In memory of Lisa Marfoldri
 Helen McCullough
                                                                                                            youth homes      news        5
    Youth Homes Auxiliary Report                                                                  InsIde Yourself
From Incoming President                        From Outgoing President                            Traveling through your veins
The critical moment in any relay is the
passing of the baton. Each team member
                                               To write a final message as outgoing
                                               President of the Auxiliary presents a
                                                                                                  From bitter to sweet
must have a firm grip or the race it lost as   unique opportunity to “come full circle.” In       Embracing those along the way
the baton is dropped. Lorna Martyn has         January 2006, I extolled the term of office        And each soul we meet.
deftly carried the Auxiliary baton for two     of my predecessor. Now I confidently
years and has kept me so well informed         pass the mantle of leadership to one               Knitting from a single thread
throughout my Vice Presidency that it has
prepared me for the transition. The key
                                               who is endowed with exceptional skills
                                               and a capacity to enrich and advance the
                                                                                                  Occasionally adding strength
word in this is “team.” The Auxiliary works    organization to greater heights.                   Life has once fallen short
as a team to meet our goal of helping to                                                          But now has desirable length
serve the young people who come looking        During my two-year tenure, the Auxiliary
for hope where there has been none. It         has witnessed some changes, namely in              Reaching for optimistic thoughts
is my goal to continue Lorna’s work of
improving our teamwork as well as to
                                               the area of communication and recording
                                               for posterity. Working closely with the
                                                                                                  While filtering out the bad
help the Auxiliary grow in membership.         Chapters wrought a better understanding            Allowing yourself to release
We need to guarantee the Auxiliary’s           of long-term needs of the organization.            The life that you once had
continued service by bringing in new and
younger members who will carry this            This past year, the Auxiliary has witnessed        Sacrifice yourself 2 the darkness
work into the future. The agency and
the Auxiliary already face challenging and
                                               the usual successful benefit events:
                                               January 2007, Crab Feed and Silent
                                                                                                  Shut the door behind
exciting changes that require new ways of      Auction; May 2007, Day at the Races; May           Now look inside yourself
responding. I have a refrigerator magnet       2007, Fashion Show and Luncheon and                Hope is what you’ll find.
that keeps the need to be flexible ever        in June 2006, the Pantry/Linen Shower,                                             L.T.
before me. It goes like this:                  which was truly an emotional, memory-
                                               making event. The Auxiliary outdid
                IYAD                           itself in donating a quantity of quality,
                WYAD                           varied supplies to the four houses and
                 YAG                           the program given by our residents
                WYAG                           was outstanding. The residents’ choice
          “If you always do                    of items performed was touching and
         What you always did                   entertaining.
           You always get                                                                          Would You Like to
         What you always got.”                 This event gave closure to a remarkable               take a Tour?
                                               two-year period of developing new and
The Auxiliary is a great team that is          exciting friendships and opportunities.        There is no better way to learn first hand
preparing to meet the challenges                            My sincere thanks to all who      about our program than to take a tour
of the future. I feel privileged to                           supported me, and a             and meet the staff. Typically, we begin at
                                                                                              our administration office which is also
be a part of it all.                                          special thanks to Shirley
                                                                                              the site of the Youth Homes Counseling
                                                                 Fulcher for helping
Shirley Fulcher                                                                               Center. After a short orientation meeting
                                                              achieve so much and             there, we head off to one or two of our
                                                            easing the transfer of office.    homes.
                                                            With her, the Auxiliary will
                                                              promote so well.                This tour takes about an hour and a half
                                                                                              from start to finish. If you would like to
                                                                Lorna Martyn                  join us, we have scheduled three tours in
                                                                                              the upcoming months:
                                                                                              Wednesday, September 25, 2007
                                                                                                   10:00 – 11:30 AM
                                                                                              Wednesday, November 14, 2007
                                                                                                   10:00 – 11:30 AM
                                                                                              Friday, January 18, 2008
                                                                                                   10:00 - 11:30 AM
                                                                                              Please call Laura Stark at 933-2627 and let
                                                                                              her know which tour you would like to

6    youth homes      news
Major Donor Thank You Party
Volunteers extraordinaire Bob and Faith Cushman opened
their beautiful home in Moraga to host the first of what
we hope to be many Major Donor Thank You Parties. Scott
Hafner, long-time YH supporter and member of the Fund
Raising committee, donated delicious Hafner Vineyards
wines for the evening. The event was a great success and
the highlight of the evening was the talk given by Nick
Robinson. Nick had failed in six previous foster placements
before he came to us when he was 15 years old. Nick was
severely addicted to methamphetamines and had not gone
to school in the last two years. When he left, Nick had been
clean and sober for six months, had passed the California
                                                                                    Bob and Faith Cushman
High School Proficiency Exam and was reconnected with
his mother. Mr. Robinson is a former resident who is now a
counselor at one of our emergency shelters. His story was
tender and compelling. Nick looks forward to a career in law
                                                                  thank you to all our donors. . .
enforcement, specializing in juveniles.                          Youth Homes Auxiliary           Dinner Table Donors
In a room full of people who have been so generous,                $50,000+                      $1,000-$2,499
everyone was moved by Nick’s wish to give back to the next                                         Anonymous
generation of foster kids and to the nonprofit agency that       Circle of Hope $10,000            Peter & Ann Appert
has served him so well.                                          Bob & Faith Cushman               Lewis Bird
                                                                 Gemmer Foundation                 The Boucher Family Foundation
Tim McCreery and Linda Peterson, Co-Chairs of our
                                                                 Rodney & Jonnie Jacobs            Chubb & Son
Fundraising Committee, wanted every attendee to hear
                                                                 Tim & Patty McCreery              Bill Coney
one message loud and clear: You’re playing a critical role in
                                                                 Tom & Karen Mulvaney              Glenn Foster
improving the lives of troubled children and teens.
                                                                                                   E.F. Gidley, Jr.
Supporter and volunteer Kathy Bowles, whose energy and           Foundations                       The Guardsmen
entrepreneurial spirit have helped move YH fundraising to        The Mervyn L. Brenner             Laura Hoffman
new paths, brought her husband, Rick, to the party. She had        Foundation, Inc.                Reid Johnson
this to say about our mission, “I think that all contributors    Irene S. Scully Family Foundation Kiwanis Club of Rossmoor
to Youth Homes share the belief that each child in this          The Walker Foundation                Foundation
world deserves an opportunity to be healthy, happy and                                             Anthony Knappen
experience success in their life. As individuals, we may never                                     Isabelle V. Lindskoog
                                                                 Guardian Angels
have the opportunity to do great things; however, together,                                        Allison McClish
thanks to Youth Homes and the extraordinary service              $5,000-$9,999                     Stuart & Barbara McCullough
they provide, we can make a significant and meaningful           Coit Family Foundation            R.M. Bonnifield
difference in a child’s life… and what can be greater than       Mary Cruess Crut                  Rehabilitation and Recovery
that?”                                                           Matt & Eileen Guichard               Insurance Agency
                                                                 Lorna Martyn                      Rossmoor Rotary Charitable
                                                                 Leigh & Ivy Robinson                 Trust
                                                                                                   Robert & Thalia Siegel
                                                                 Honorary Coaches                  St. Perpetua Church
                                                                 $2,500-$4,999                     Elizabeth Steinbrugge
                                                                 The Mary Ellen Browning           Charles & Robin Studebaker
                                                                    Memorial Trust Fund            Robert & Cris Tarozzi
                                                                 The Pearl E. Chester Fund         Joanne Taylor
                                                                 Nancy Davis                       Margaret Tunnell
                                                                 John Donatoni                     Selene Vasquez
                                                                 Lafayette Community               Denise Von Tagen
                                                                    Foundation                     Wayne & Catherine Welcome
                                                                 Kang Lim                          Clara Wentz
                                                                 Ken & Linda Peterson              The Charles R. Whitney
                                                                 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church          Foundation
                                                                 Ronald & Lona Wyatt               Mahboud Zabetian
     Kim Chilvers, Program Director and Nick Robinson,
                  Youth Homes Counselor
                                                                                                   youth homes     news        7
Family Room Friends              Fred Ackerman                     Elizabeth King-Sloan          Anonymous
$500-$999                        Zoe Alexander                     Gene Lehfeldt                 Anonymous
                                 Debra Alioto                      Patricia Leicher              Christine Armstrong
Anderson & Bonnifield            Lisa Allphin                      Arlene Lewandowski            Mary Rae Arvedson
Ruth Barcelon                    Janet Appel                       Dr. & Mrs. Sheldon Lewis      Mr. & Mrs. Victor Baigent
Michael Bonnifield               Judith Arbini                     Margaret MacPherson           Walt Baker
Rick & Kathy Bowles              Roubik & Shakeh Avanessians       Carolyn Maier                 Bruce & Donna Baker
Ken Bozzini                      Ruth Bailey                       The Marks Family              Vernice Barker
Whiff Collins - MCC Realty       Peter Banwell                     Kathy & Dick Marshall         Pat Bauer
   Group, INC                    Jean C. Baxter                    Lee Scher Martin              Joan Baum
Beth Darrow                      Bill & Sandy Belk                 Brent Martin                  Jude Bedell
Bernice M. Ely                   Mary Bentz                        Pete & Candy McCorkell        Cookie Bedford
Bill Fulcher                     Jan Berckefeldt                   Geri McLaughlin & Carol       Steven Bickel
Goldman, Sachs & Co.             Bob and Sue Best                     Burnham                    Karen Blodgett
Scott Hafner & Bill Glenn        Mary Bissell                      A.R. McPherson                Maria Borquez
John Kikuchi & Debra Coggins     Tom Blanks                        Margaret Miglia               Louise Bourassa
David McCosker                   Robert & Elizabeth Bowles         Wayne & Pam Mosher            Brad & Tracy Bowles
Carla Pancheco                   Jeannette Burness                 Maria De Jesus Neu            Anna Bowman
                                 Theresa Calestini                 Patricia O’Brien              Dr. Tom Bowman & Mrs. Nancy
Stephen Rexrode
                                 Michael S. Colvin                 Gemma Osendorf                   Little John Bowman
Shargel & Co. Insurance Services
                                 Jim & Sue Cosenza                 Debbie Oxley                  Jaclyne Boyden
Jeff & Laura Stark               Co-Sher, Inc.                     Vicki Pappas                  Kevin Bristow
Anna-rose Stebbins               Karol Coyne                       Katherine Parish              Betsy Brown
Rod Uffindell                    Leslie Dawson                     Mary Jane Perna               Carole Brown
                                 Vicky De Young                    Anne Pierson                  Helen Budde
Mentors $250-$499                Rebecca Dickinson                 Brenda Price                  Nancy Burchett
Joseph Moore & Taleesha Becker Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dickson           Lucille Richey                Margaret Burns & Dale Ames
Tom Bedford                      Dr. Suzanne L. Dudeck, MS, PhD,   Zelma Ridgely                 Megan Busby
                                    MSCP                           Barbara Riggins               The William R. Byrd Trust
Joanne Buckley
                                 Amy Duling                        Karen Rinaldi                 Mary Caldera
James & Carol Bunn
                                 Clayton Englar                    Ed Roth                       Elizabeth Chapman
Business Plus                    Nancy Eubel                       Mr. & Mrs. Craig Schlatter    Angie Cianfichi
Elizabeth Calfee                 Patricia Falcone                  Ronni Schwartz                Annabelle Cloner
Charles Carver                   John Eaton & Beth Ferree          Jeffrey Sherman               Evelyn Cohelan
Fiorentino Charitable Trust      Andrew Foster                     Claribel Shideler             Marilyn Cook
Janice Foster                    Lois Foster                       Tad & Katie Smith             Mrs. Douglas Corbin
Lou Ann Gaeddert                 Michael Frederick                 Rhonda Souza                  ME Cordingabrams
Anne F. Grodin                   Barbara Freet                     Arline Spieler                Misty Cork
Teresa Jerner                    Shirley Fulcher                   James & Barbara Stedman       Ms. Evan Corkett
Molly Kaplan                     Leslie Geannacopulos              Robert Stewart                Toy Cox
Lawrence Volvo                   Nancy Glenfield                   Mary P. Sullivan              Christine Crecelius
Jill Levine                      Steven Greenfield                 Albert & Minoo Sultan         Rick Crispino
Marsh-Wetherell Market           Cynthia Hall                      Connie Swisher                Catherine Crowell
   Relations                     Robert & Bonnie Ham               Stephen & Nancy Taylor        Emily Culaton
Tim McNamara                     Nina Harrington                   Barry C. Trent                C.C. Cutting
Douglas Oglesby                  The Harrington Group              Dana & Vince Vannelli         Mary Ellen Dalgaard
Cecilia Parisi                   Erin Dawn Harris                  Mildred P. Walling            Geri Dockter
Anders Rasmussen                 Vonne Heninger                    Sandy Weber                   Elizabeth Edwards
Doris Ream                       Carl Hopkins                      Anne Webster                  Patti Evans
Phyllis Riggs                    Julie Hoyle                       David White                   Deena Evans-Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Solem            Marilyn Hughes                    Lisa Wiley Woelfel            Lynn Ferrin
                                 Cherie Huillade                   Robert & Elizabeth Williams   Mrs. Robert E. Fites
Joan Sorensen
                                 Rondi Walker Hurlbut              Carol Wilson                  Juliet Fletcher
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian
                                 Melissa Irish & Randall Briggs    Mr. & Mrs. Burke Winget       Footloose Fivers
   Church                        Joan Jackson                      Murray Winthrop               Hilary Ford
Helen Taylor                     The Janatpour Family              Don & Marianne Wood           Katie Fordham
Gregory Wanket                   Leta Jay                          Karen Worth                   Stacy Freeman
Melody Howe Weintraub            George Judge                      Barbara Wyant                 Phyllis Gallaher
The Ed & Clara Young Trust       Kaiser Permanente Retirement      Belynda Zobb                  Regina Garabedian
Joy Young                           Association                    Ellen Zucker                  Margaret Gardner
The Young Family Trust           Jean Kennedy                                                    Judy Geis
                                 Donaly & Helen Keyser             Patrons $0-$99                Hollace Gertmenian
Good Friends $100-$249 Donald & Lurline Keyser                     Carol Agnost
                                                                                                 Nick Gianakos
                                 Haleh Kimelman                                                  Vanessa Gloor
Carlene Abbors                                                     Marjorie Alexander
                                 Kathleen Kinder-Leighton                                        Martha Green
Sandra Abram                                                       Orin Allen
8 youth homes news
Mr. & Mrs. Grover W. Gregson   R. Peter Johnson & Susan Marie
Charles Gross                     Neyer
Anna Gunn
Mrs. Albert Hackett
                               William Northlich
                               Brian & Shelly O’Neill
                                                                In-Kind Donations
Ann Hallstone                  John & Teresa Onoda              American Sewing Guild: hand-sewn pillowcases for our children
Jeanne Hambleton               Joan Pedron                      Azzulini: 5 turkeys
Lola Hammons                   Jean Paul & Kathleen Peluffo
B.C. Hart                         - Le Bistro                   Doug & Dawn Bachman: Sony 32” Trinitron color television, 20”
Dodie Haskell                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Peterson        Sony color television, a teak folding bookshelf, a teak drying stand,
Norman Heathorn                Ms. Jean Blankenship & Ms. Pat     a William Sonoma bread maker and a remote speaker system by
Stephanie Helberg                 Peterson                        Recator
Harriette Henrickson           Anne Pieper                      Ron & Csilla Bick: very high quality household items including
Marcia Hicks                   Francine Podenski                  one Rosenthal crystal decanter and four matching glasses, one
Maria Hjelm                    Virateen Pratt                     Waterford Linen Table Cloth (60’ x 24’) and six matching linen
Marjorie Hogle                 Amy Prince                         napkins, one Waterford crystal and cobalt green decorative piece
Mimi Howard                    Mildred Ratto                      and 3 pot holders
Lois Howe                      Faye Reitman                     Mary Lou Bouchard: Clothing
Madge Inman                    Tony & Linda Revelli
                                                                Brownie Troup #1598 - Zoe, Amelia, Michele, Stella, Maya, Sierra,
Barbara Jarred                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rieger
                                                                  Catherine & Grace Rhodora Del Rosario: Lots of toiletries
Dorothy Jelly                  Mr. & Mrs. Alton Robinson
Janis Johnson                  Ann Robinson                     Chandler’s Complete Tree Care: $100 off the price of work done
Fay Johnson                    Betty Rowe                         at our Foster Family Agency Home and for additional work you
A. Joyce Price Jones           Marlene Sakol                      provided us at no extra charge
Syndey Kapchan                 Tom & Trish Schneider            Shirley Fulcher: 2 cases of Planter’s peanuts
Sarah Karr                     Thomas Sheridan                  Mike Gorman: several boxes of books, assorted furniture, lamps,
Alan Kaye                      Peggy-Jean Sherrard                silver dishes, medical supplies, electric typewriter, kitchen electrics,
The Kelsberg Family Trust      Jennifer Shrauger                  dishes, exercise equipment, and various household items
Steve Kerstner                 Michele & John Siegfried
Charles & Pam Kinder           Noe Sisneros                     Matt Guichard: 2 Viewsonic flat panel monitors
Yuliya Korentsvit              Ellen Smith                      Scott Hafner: Several cases of Hafner Vineyards wine
Ralph & Carolyn Kraetsch       Patricia Smith                   Hanna Insurance Solutions: A catered Christmas dinner for
Dick & Stella Krieger          Bill & Vel Snider                  twelve children and staff, a brand new gas dryer from Sears, and
Dawn Kruger                    Jeff & Laura Stark                 $900 in Wal-Mart gift cards to the residents of the East Bay Shelter
Robert & Phyllis Laborde       Tunette Steiner                  Ed & Bonnie Hazarabedian: Foosball machine
Lynne LaMarca                  Jeannie Sternberg
Tonya Lapham                   Don & Corrie Stork               International Orphan Relief Foundation: Clothing, games, and
Ruth Lee                       Mary Strawser                      recreation equipment
Jeanne Lee                     Patricia Strong                  Mina Janatpour: two bar stools
Marilyn Lindquist              Carrie Stuk                      Lisa Kaplan: In-n-Out Burger gift cards and holiday gifts to the
Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Lockwood      Ingrid Sullivan                    residents of our Cherry Lane home
Brad Lockwood                  Norma Svatos
                                                                Mr. & Mrs.Tony Knaapen: 4 solid wood dining room chairs
Mary Lovill                    Vickie Tappero
Ann Luke                       Robert & Jeane Tharatt           Yuliya Korentsvit & Gene Lusherovich: Microwave oven and many
Barbara Lundblade              Ann Thelwell                       assorted toys
Kay & Ray Lundgren             Gloria Tiernan                   Arlene Lewandowski: Twin sheets, pillowcases and soap
Sylvia Lundy                   Ed & Barbara Tonningsen          Severina Marsh: Hand-made scarves
M & W Tax Service              Monica Venables
E.L. MacDonald                 Edgar Vevgera                    Kathleen McAdam: Epson 670 Printer and ink cartridges
Randy MacKenzie                Joanne Vuylsteke                 Mt. Diablo High School, Digital Safari Academy
Kamin Macomber                 Joel Vuylsteke                   Matt Davis, Jose Guzman, & Leticia Harris: toiletries, food, kitchen
Kathleen Marchini              Virginia Wanek                     items and school supplies
Laurence Marion                D. L. Webster                    Office Depot: $500 gift card
Sandra Marsh                   June Whitesides
Severina Marsh                 Jeannie Williams                 Leigh & Ivy Robinson: RCA 20” television
Sheree McIntyre                Mrs. Robert Wilson               Fred See: Household items including towels, toiletries, canned food
Janis Medina                   Harry Witt                       Jerry Smetts: Towels
Bryant Meredith                Barbara Phillips-Wolpman
Ruth Merrifield                Kit Ling Wong                    Joanne Taylor: Hewlett Packard G55 copier, scanner, and printer,
Pat Mighetto                   Winifred Wootten                   complete with replacement cartridges
Louise Milford                 Annette Yoshino                  Walnut Creek Newcomers: twin sheets sets, soap, paper towels,
Ann Miller                     Stanley Young                     shampoos, and other toiletries
Mr. & Mrs. F.H. Mills          Kathryn Young                    David & Sandra Weber: 12’ x 9’ area rug
Richard Mitchell               Jim Yribarren
Gwaltney Mountford             Inna Zafiris                     Sharon Whitten: 3 Epson Stylus High Speed Color Printers

                                                                                                        youth homes        news          9
                                                                                                               Non-Profit Organization
                                         P. O. Box 5759                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                         Walnut Creek, California 94596-1759
                                         Phone (925) 933-2627
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 323
           where hope lives and grows                                                                           Walnut Creek, CA

Our Mission
Youth Homes, Inc. is a non-profit
organization committed to serving
the needs of abused, neglected and
delinquent children by providing
comprehensive quality group home
treatment programs & services that
promote the well-being of individuals,
families & the county.
United Way Donor Option #3225

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                                                                               It is a true privilege to be a partner with
                                                                               Youth Homes Auxiliary. They are far and
                                                                               away our biggest supporters year in and
                                                                               year out. Please mark your calendar
                                                                               for Saturday, January 12, 2008. On that
                                                                               evening, the Youth Homes Auxiliary will
                                                                               be hosting the third annual Crab Feed.
                                                                               This year it will be held again at the
                                                                               Shadelands Civic Arts Center at 111 North
                                                                               Wiget Lane in Walnut Creek. There
                                                                               will be many great items at the silent
                                                                               auction and the food is simply delicious.
            Linda Peterson (Board Member), Tim McCreery (Board                 Please come and bring all your
            President), and Stuart McCullough (Executive Director).

10 youth homes news