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									mojoRTK Console
Product Specification
                                               n Guidance

                                               • Robust No-Drift™ positioning using L1/L2
                                                 & GLONASS (option), 99% 2 inch 24-hour
                                               • 6km/4 mile baseline with suitable
                                                 line-of-site communications to the base
                                                 station. Up to 16 miles optional with
                                                 suitable alternative communications to
                                                 base station
Overview                                       • Fast convergence times (typically
The Leica mojoRTK is a MObile JOb                8 seconds)
controller for agricultural vehicles. Base
                                               • Basic parallel guidance (Auto-steer)
functionality includes powerful core
                                               • Setting of waypoints and line spacing
processor, robust augmented dual GPS
positioning, remote service connectivity via   • AB wayline storage and recall
CDMA/HSDPA/GPRS, ISM band radio for RTK        • Manual setting of implement and
reference station data, ISO11783 and CAN         field offsets
interfaces all packaged in a standard “DIN”    • Automatic setting of field offset by
radio enclosure.                                 putting the vehicle in the correct position
                                                 and performing a mojo operation
Software Features                              • Adjustment of steering sensitivity
n General                                      • Steering of various CAN compatible
• 3 x soft keys, 1 x Engage key, 1 x mode        steering kits from 6 – 18 mph, where
  key, 1 x escape key, 1 x command rotator,      3 – 13 mph is the optimal speed range.
  1 x OK key, 1 x audio rotator                • US standard & metric support
• Multi-color LCD backlight depending          • Configuration for track vehicles and
  on mode (blue=guidance, green=radio,           front-wheel assist, as well as vehicle
  orange=warning, red=error)                     height and antenna offsets
• Multi-language support via text file         • 9-axis terrain compensation technology
• Wizard to set up system for                    for uneven and undulating surfaces
  different vehicles                           • Line acquisition from up to 33 feet or half
                                                 implement width (whichever is smallest)
                                                 from wayline at 60 degrees1
                                               • Displays row number and basic status

                                               1   For electric kits, these restrictions will be tighter
                                                   (e.g. EZ-Steer ® 3m & 30 degrees)
n RTK Base station support                     n Audio                                                  n   Positioning
• Support of mojoRTK base station only         • Adjustment of volume, bass, treble,                    Accuracy                   5cm 99% (horizontal)
• (Option) support CMR/CMR+ and RTCM             balance and fader                                                                 50cm (height- software
                                                                                                                                   upgradeable to 2-4cm)
  3.0 base station format support              • Seek, manual tune and storage/recall
                                                                                                        Convergence time           8 seconds (typical)
n Third   party device support                   of radio stations in AM/FM
                                                                                                        Baseline                   6.5km
• Cables, software and install guide for       • Selection of front, rear and radio                     GNSS                       GPS & software
  the following vehicles/steering kits:          audio inputs                                                                      upgradeable support
                                               n Upgrade                                                                           for GLONASS
• CAT MT 7xx/8xx series track tractors                      options
                                                                                                        Augmentation               3 axis gyroscope
• John Deere AutoTrac™ ready CAN               Via a secure key, the following fea-
                                                                                                                                   3 axis accelerometer
  tractors (6x30, 7x20, 7x30, 8x30, 9x30)      tures can be purchased as software                                                  2 axis magnetometer
• John Deere AutoTrac™ Universal               upgrades. Apart from GLONASS, these
  steering wheel (ATU100 & ATU200)             upgrades will only be made available                     n   Core Engine
                                               through Value-Added Resellers                            Processor                   400MHz Power PC with
• John Deere GreenStar™ 1 & GreenStar™ 2
                                               • GLONASS                                                                            floating point support
  compatibility as a terrain compensated                                                                                            (MPC5200)
  RTK GPS positioning engine                   • Survey height measurement accuracy*                    RAM                         64MB DDR Ram
• Trimble EZ-Steer on front wheel
                   ®                           • Extended baseline support to                           Flash                       On board 64MB plus USB
  assist tractors                                8/16 miles                                                                         expansion

• Beeline VIU & hydraulic kits                 • CMR/CMR+ and RTCM 3.0 correction
                                                                                                        n   Communications
• Various auxiliary products that support        support
                                                                                                        Internet                   CDMA 1xRTT, HSDPA or
  the standard NMEA0183 via RS232 serial       • Terrain-compensated NMEA output                                                   GSM GPRS
  port, e.g. Rinex AS7500 spray controller     • Fixed position input                                   Base Station               900MHz ISM 1W
                                                                                                                                      (USA/AUS) OR
• External control API for third-party
                                                                                                                                   868MHz ISM 0.5W (EU)
  devices to control steering via the          Hardware Features                                        USB                        2 x V1.1 – Full speed
  mojoRTK console                              n   Environmental                                                                   devices
Leica Geosystems is constantly expanding        Voltage                 10.5 – 26V, Reverse             RS232                      1 x Accessories
                                                                        polarity protected                                         1 x NMEA0183
the number of supported third-party
                                                Power                   Approx 20W, (depending          CAN                        1 x ISO11783
devices. For the latest information, please                             on audio system usage)                                     1 x Tractor Steering
visit                          Temp                    -40°C to 85°C Storage                                      proprietary
                                                                        -30°C to 70°C Operating
n Remote    and local diagnostics                                             (No CDMA)                 n   Audio
                                                                        -30°C to 65°C Operating
                                                                              (with CDMA)               Radio                      AM/FM
                                                                        -104°F to 185°F Storage         Amplifier                  4 x 20W
                                                                        -86°F to 158°F Operating        Inputs                     Front via 3.5mm Jack
                                                                              (No CDMA)                                            Rear via 2 x RCA
                                                                        -86°F to 149°F Operating
                                                                              (with CDMA)
                                                                                                        n   Certification
                                                                                                        USA                        FCC Class A, UL, Sprint
                                               n   Display
                                                                                                                                   CDMA Network
                                                Pixels                   160 x 100                      Australia                  C – Tick ISO14982
                                                Colors                   B&W                            Europe                     CE
                                                Backlight                Variable red, green
                                                                                                        llustrations, descriptions and technical specifications
                                                                         & blue                         are not binding and may change. Copyright Leica
                                                                                                        Geosystems AG, 2008.
                                               * Absolute height accuracy is survey grade only if the
                                                 base station antenna position has been surveyed
• Remote user interface monitoring                                                                      V1.6 – Subject to change

  and control
• Ability to view key parameters
  including location, reference station
  location, visible satellites, lag and
  hardware status
• Remote and USB upgrade support

United States:                   Europe:                        Australia:
Leica Geosystems, AMG            Leica Geosystems               Leica Geosystems
61 Inverness Drive East, #270    Heinrich-Wild-Strasse          270 Gladstone Road
Englewood, CO 80112              9435 Heerbrugg                 Dutton Park QLD 4102
1-877-800-mojo                   Switzerland                    Australia                  0800-756-9665                  1800-83mojo
mojoRTK Base Station
Product Specification
Overview                                         Features
The Leica mojoRTK Base Station is a simple,      The core features include:
compact, self-contained RTK base station         • Ability for the unit to conduct a self
designed specifically for agriculture using        survey by using its first position as
Leica Geosystems’ heritage in GNSS, reference      its position fix.
station networks and machine automation.         • Generation of Leica mojoRTK
The unit includes:                                 corrections and CMR/CMR+/RTCM
• RTK GPS & GLONASS receiver                       3.0 standards

• GPS and ISM radio antennas and 900MHz 1W       • Configuration of radio channel
  ISM band radio (US/AUS) or 868MHz 0.5W (EU)      (0-9 US/AUS, 0-3 EU)

• Fast fix time <140 sec 95%                     • View current status information
                                                   (battery life %, basic diagnostics,
• Internal rechargeable batteries providing
                                                   GPS status)
  up to eight hours of use without an
  external battery                               • USB software upgrade facility

• Supplied with 120V power charger as well       • Backlit screen — activates for 30
  as external battery and car charger cables       seconds after a key press for night
                                                   operation or when external power
• Lightweight tripod
                                                   is supplied
• External interfaces via USB and RS232 Serial
                                                 • Key entry facility for optional
  for future upgradability
• Simple keypad and LCD display (2 x 16
                                                 • Support for external radio via
  characters) for system configuration and
                                                   serial port
                                                 • Support for fixed system installation
                                                   via removable antenna and fixed
                                                   location entry
                                                 • Power management to allow seamless
                                                   operation between internal batteries
                                                   and external supplies such as long life
                                  User Interface

                                  OK: Accept current selection or go down to the next menu level
                                  ESC: Go back one menu level and ignore current entry
                                  UP: Go up menu items, or scroll through current input selection
                                  DOWN: Go down menu items, or scroll through current input selection
                                  Front screen: Displays battery status, number of satellites and current base
                                                station status

                                  Hardware Features
                                  n   Environmental                                  n   Core Engine
                                  Voltage               9–26V, Reverse               Processor                   400MHz Power PC
                                                        polarity protected           RAM                         64MB SD Ram
                                  Temp                  -40°C to 85°C Storage        Flash                       On board 64MB
                                                        -30°C to 70°C Operating
                                                                                     API                         Yes
                                                        -104°F to 185°F Storage
                                                        -86°F to 158°F Operating
                                  IP                    66
                                                                                     n   Communications
                                                                                     Radio                       900MHz ISM 1W
                                                                                                                    (USA/AUS) OR
                                  n   Power
                                                                                                                 868MHz ISM 0.5W (EU)
                                  Power                 Approx 12W
                                                                                     USB                         1x
                                  Voltage               10.5 – 26V, Reverse
                                                                                     RS232                       2x
                                                        polarity protected
                                                                                     CAN                         1x
                                  Battery               2 x 3800mAh
                                                        rechargeable lithium ion
                                                                                     n   Certification
                                  n   Display                                        USA                        FCC, UL
                                  Pixels                2 line, 16 character         Australia                  C – Tick ISO14982
                                  Colours               B&W                          Europe                     CE
                                  Backlight             Yes
                                                                                     llustrations, descriptions and technical specifications
                                                                                     are not binding and may change. Copyright Leica
                                  n   Positioning                                    Geosystems AG, 2008.

                                  GNSS                  GPS & software up-           v2.0 subject to change
                                                        gradeable support for
                                  Correction            mojoRTK proprietary,
                                                        CMR/CMR+/RTCM 3.0
                                  Time to first fix     <140 seconds 95%

United States:                  Europe:                       Australia:
Leica Geosystems, AMG           Leica Geosystems              Leica Geosystems
61 Inverness Drive East, #270   Heinrich-Wild-Strasse         270 Gladstone Road
Englewood, CO 80112             9435 Heerbrugg                Dutton Park QLD 4102
1-877-800-mojo                  Switzerland                   Australia                 0800-756-9665                 1800-83mojo

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