Nov 2009 - Welcome to Rotary Dis by pengxiuhui


      District Governor’s Newsletter for
      Rotarians of District 2009

Dear Rotarians, Eve and I have completed all 58 District Governor Visits. What an experience the past 5
months have been! Sincere thanks to all of you for making us feel so welcome and for sharing information
on the activities of your various Clubs. So much is being achieved by Rotary in our District!

On Saturday night, 28 November, we had the pleasure of attending the Charter Dinner of the newest Rotary
Club in our District, the Rotary Club of am Kap (Cape Town). This is a German speaking Club. It was
wonderful evening. Twenty-Three Rotarians were inducted including am Kap’s charter President Martin
Kottman. Their first project is to supply R100,000 worth of incubators for the children’s’ ward at Somerset

Mid November I spent 6 days with Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Luanda. After the DG Visit I travelled with
Rotarian John Yale to the town of Huambo (600kms from Luanda) in Huambo province, where Rotary has a
3H grant project, an amazing and interesting project President Manuel de Sousa is investigating starting a
new Rotary Club in Luanda South and in Benguela/Lobito (cities 30kms apart on the coast 500kms from
Luanda). I told the Rotarians my ―dream‖ was for there to be 4-5 Rotary Clubs in Angola within the next 3
years. It was such an interesting and enjoyable 6 days in Angola.

On page 2 you will find a number of worth reading District notices. Please read the notices, particular the two
concerning the Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).

November month was Rotary Foundation Month. On pages 3 and 4 you will find the information and reports
from 3 Ambassadorial Scholars, as well as a snippet on the Ambassadorial programme.

In November over two Saturdays Master PRLS (Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars) was held for the first
time in D9350. The previous two PRLS were Basic PRLS. Again PDG Fred Roberts of D9320 very kindly
gave up his time to come through from Port Elizabeth to facilitate the presentations for us and to train IPDG
Elwin Thompson and PP David Holtzhausen. See the article on page 5.

Intercountry Committees, ProjectLINK, World Community Service (WCS) and how they can be used to
possibly find Rotary partners to help fund a Club project will be found on pages 6 and 7. It is rather dry
reading, but worth reading!

December is Family Month! See page 9. Please put the District Assembly and Conference in your diary

All the best and kind regards to you all, Mike

                                 RI Convention in Montreal
If you are considering going to Montreal, register before 15 December to get the early bird sc

                                                        The 2010 Convention will be in
                                                        Montreal, Canada. Early Bird Booking
                                                        is now open and can be done through

 Rotary Youth Exchange                   ROTARY DISTRICT SERVICES                       Special Months in Rotary
 Programme Committee (YEP)              CENTRE – IMPORTANT NOTICE
 plays a vital role in our District                                                   Months designated by Rotary
                                                                                      International to emphasize the
 to ensure that the needs of all      “The District Office in Tannery Park will be    involvement of every Rotarian, and not
 Rotary Exchange Students are         closed from midday on 15 December 2009          just Clubs, in Rotary activities.
 met, and needs Rotarians to          and will reopen on Wednesday 13 January         July
 assist.                              2010 (the day schools go back) at 09.00.        August                 Membership and
                                      During the break the office will be available
 Should you wish to serve on
                                                                                                             New Generations
                                      to take any urgent Rotary business calls on     October                Vocational Service
 this committee, kindly contact:      073189 7873”                                    November               Rotary Foundation
                                                                                      December               Family
                                                                                      January                Rotary Awareness
 Dianne Rigotti (Chairperson)                                                         February               World
 Tel:        +27 21 794 1386                                                                                 Understanding
 Mobile:    +27 82 732 3000                                                           23 February 2010     105th Anniversary of
                                         ROTARY DISTRICT SERVICES                                            Rotary International
 e-mail:                                                        March                  Literacy
                                          CENTRE –Where are they?
                                                                                      April                  Magazine
                                      Suite WB08B, West Block                         May
                                      Tannery Park                                    June                  Rotary Fellowships
                                      21-23 Belmont Road
    Long and Short Term               Rondebosch.
                                                                                          Monthly Membership &
   Exchange Students for              PO Box 255, Newlands, 7725                            Attendance reports
           2011.                      Phone: 0027 21 686 4499
                                      Fax:    0027 21 689 3970                        Reports are to be submitted to
    Nominations PLEASE!!              Email:                     District Office by the 15th of the
                                      In Tannery Park there is limited visitors       following month.
 Rotary Youth Exchange                parking for visits up to 1 hour.
 Programme Committee (YEP)                                                            Please could ALL clubs make it a
 is looking for suitable              Should anyone be requiring the                  priority to get November 2009
 candidates for Long and Short        Boardroom at the District                       reports in on time.
 Term Exchange Students for           Services centre, please contact
 2011.                                Muriel or Freda and give them at                Attendance reporting from a
                                      least one (1) week’s notice so they             number of Clubs has been non
 All Clubs are kindly requested       can book it for you.                            existent, which is of concern.
 to nominate students. PLEASE!!
                                        POETS (Presidents and Officers Elect Training Seminar) and
 Closing date: 31 January 2010           District Leadership Team Training for Rotary Year 2010-11
 Please contact:
 Long Term - Dianne Rigotti           13th February 2010 - District Leadership Team Training – Rosenview,
 +27 21 794 1386 (h)                  Stellenbosch
 +27 82 732 3000 (mobile)             20th February 2010 - POETS – Harold Porter gardens
                                      6th March 2010 - POETS - Fairways Restaurant Bellville Golf Club
 Short Term - Colin Jacobs
                                      17th March 2010 - POETS – Southern Suburbs (venue still to be determined)
 +27 21 558 4023 (h)
                                      Meeting will start after lunch and into evening (includes supper)
 +27 21 448 1591 (w)
 +27 84 558 4023 (mobile)             27th March 2010 - POETS – Namibia (tentative date and venue still to be                  determined)

                                      17th April 2010 - POETS – Southern Cape – Belvidere Manor Southern Cape

                       Lindi van Niekerk – Outgoing Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
(Lindi was the successful applicant at the interviews in August 2009. The Rotary Foundation has to approve her
           selection. Approval is normally given in December. Her studies will begin in September 2010)
Here is a short bit about myself:
                                                                 "Excellence is risking more than others think is safe and dreaming
                                                                 more than others think is possible"
                                                                 This is how I, Lindi van Niekerk, strive to live my life. I am a 26
                                                                 year old medical doctor. I completed my medical degree at the
                                                                 University of Pretoria in 2007 and have since been working at
                                                                 Victoria Hospital in Cape Town. My practical experience of
                                                                 working as a doctor in South Africa and dealing with challenges in
                                                                 societal demographics, the scarcity of resources and patients
                                                                 affected by HIV/AIDS has led me to develop a passion to
                                                                 transform and improve health care in our country. To gain the
                                                                 skills needed to achieve my goal, I wish to pursue a Masters degree
in Public Health. It is a great honour to be awarded the Ambassadorial Scholarship as not only will it provide me with the
opportunity to further my education but also to be involved in Rotary Clubs across the world.

                 First Report of Damian Lahoud - Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar – 2009 - 2010
                                    D9350, South Africa – D2410, Sweden.
                     As I sat in the International Departures
                     Lounge of OR Tambo Airport and stared down                      AMBASSADORIAL SCHOLARS
                     at my ticket it dawned on me that my date of                   SELECTED 2008-09 AND 2009-10
                     departure was the same as the date of my
                     district interview. I was on the verge of an            Each year our district sends out one Rotary
                     adventure that had been more than a year in             Ambassadorial Scholar to a foreign country using
                     the making!                                             Funds from our District Designated Funds (DDF).
                     Never in my life have I put so much time and            The successful candidate from last Rotary Year who
                     effort towards one thing that it had taken me           in September 2009 left to study in Vancouver,
                     more than a year to prepare for it. Not to              Canada is Lizette Greyling. Her first report is due
mention the countless hours in front of the computer reading and
                                                                             soon and it will be published in the Sanamang next
researching everything that I needed to know, typing e-mails and
essays and of course phoning everybody I knew asking for advice
and help. When I heard I’d been accepted it felt like a piece of a
puzzle falling into place and I knew I was doing the right thing and         Up to last Rotary Year, 2008-9, but not available this
it was all worth it.                                                         Rotary Year, it was possible for our District to put
But then the real work started ………                                           forward the name of one person from each of the 3
                                                                             countries in D9350 for consideration by the Rotary
                                                                             Foundation for a competitive Ambassadorial
Almost two months have passed since I came to Sweden and
                                                                             Scholarship. There are only a limited number of
already I have done so much it is hard to write it all in a two page
                                                                             competitive scholarships each year and a candidate
report. Therefore, for a blow-by-blow description of what I’ve been
                                                                             put forward by any district competes with candidates
doing, including many photographs, please visit my blog at
                                                                             from other developing countries. After last year’s where I have been keeping a very
                                                                             interviews two candidates, one from South Africa and
detailed account of my adventures for the benefit of not only my
                                                                             one from Namibia were put forward for consideration
family, but anyone who is interested.
                                                                             for competitive scholarships by D9350. Damien
In short, coming to Sweden has been the greatest thing to happen
to me and I only have Rotary to thank. Rotary has been a big part            Lahoud from Knysna was successful and is
of my life for almost 9 years now and I owe a lot to this amazing            currently studying in Sweden.
group of individuals working so hard to make a difference in the
world. I hope to one day repay Rotary for all it has done for me by          At this year’s interviews, Lindi Van Niekerk was
doing what I can to serve others.                                            chosen for nomination to the Rotary Foundation as
                                                                             an Ambassadorial Scholar who will be funded from
This is an abridged report. PLEASE read Damien’s BlogSpot                    D9350 DDF. As mentioned above there are no
(address above)                                                              competitive Ambassadorial Scholarships available
                                                                             this year
      Ryan Klataske – One of the Inbound             Ambassadorial Students
       Sponsor Club: Manhatten, D5710 Kansas, USA. Host Club: Otjiwarongo, D9350.
         My first two months in Namibia have been fantastic. I am proud to be the first Ambassadorial Scholar
hosted by the Otjiwarongo Club in Namibia and I have been warmly welcomed to their small rural community.
         In contrast to the majority of Ambassadorial Scholars who take formal classes at a university, I am
using my scholarship to fund research toward my doctorate degree at Michigan State University. I recently
received my Master’s degree in Anthropology and I am currently working toward my PhD in Sociocultural
                                       Anthropology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior. During my
                                       year in Namibia, I am affiliated with the Department of Sociology at the
                                       University of Namibia, and I look forward to upcoming opportunities for
                                       interaction with students and faculty at the university.
                                                My research focuses on private conservancies in Namibia—locally
                                       planned and collectively managed areas of private land in which
                                       landholders pool their resources for purposes of collective wildlife
                                       management and nature conservation, tourism, and wildlife utilization.
                                                I have had the opportunity to visit many different farms for example,
                                       from some of the oldest German farms in Namibia to some of the newest
                                       resettlement farms as part of land reform. On these farms and in these
                                       rural regions, I have had opportunities to interact with farmers, farm
                                       workers, their families, and various other rural residents, and I have had
                                       many interesting exchanges about the differences and similarities of rural
                                       life, agriculture and land issues in our respective countries.
                                                I have also had the opportunity to learn about the fascinating small
                                       town of Otjiwarongo, including its many contradictions and disparities.
     Sharing Pictures with the local   Much of the town consists of dusty streets, lined with colorful adobe-style
                children              homes and green gardens. Shops fill only a few streets in the downtown,
but include a number of fine cafes, serving strong German-style coffee, fresh bread and tasty food. The
streets, sidewalks and businesses are often busy, and most of the faces reflect the town’s majority populations
of Herero, Damara and Ovambo peoples. On the edge of town are the ―locations‖ or former townships, areas
once the required residence of non-white Namibians during Apartheid years, which continue to be the home for
thousands of Otjiwarongo’s residents. Beyond this part of town, further out into the savanna, the poorest of the
poor live in an area of makeshift homes referred to in English by some as ―Tin-town‖. I have had many
enlightening opportunities visit all parts of Otjiwarongo and speak with people of incredibly different
backgrounds and ways of life. This I believe is one of my responsibilities and rewards as an Ambassadorial
         In addition to attending every club meeting since my arrival, I also helped set up and volunteered at the
club’s cake and coffee stand at a recent community event. I am currently working to organize a service trip to a
Rotary-sponsored soup kitchen that primarily serves impoverished San (Bushmen) communities in eastern
Namibia. I introduced myself to the local Interact club, and now that the students are returning from their school
holidays, I look forward to interacting and contributing to their efforts and activities.
         I have given Ambassadorial presentations to the Otjiwarongo, Windhoek and Auas Rotary Clubs, as
well as the Otjiwarongo Photography Club and to two classes at the Otjiwarongo Secondary School. At the
school I was asked to speak about my background, including life in Kansas and Michigan, my experiences in
Namibia, as well as the topic of linguistic and cultural diversity in order to complement the week’s discussion
on language and culture. Toward the end of my presentation, I presented slides with facts on the world’s
languages, the rapid loss of linguistic diversity, efforts at revitalization, and voiced my interest in the rich
linguistic and cultural diversity of Namibia. To end my visit, I told the students that I would really appreciate the
opportunity to hear the variety of languages represented in their class. Students were eager to share phrases
in Oshiherero, Damara, Oshiwambo, Tswana, German, Afrikaans, Silozi, as well as languages from Nigeria
and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Not only was this exercise captivating for me, but feelings of pride
seemed to fill the room as the students described their language, ethnic heritage and homes. For me and
hopefully for some other the students, this experience was inspiring and represented the value of cultural
exchange and goodwill promoted by this scholarship.

This report has been quite heavily edited. PLEASE read Ryan’s full report - Ryan's Full Report

                                    Short Term Exchange Orientation

                                             The proud parents and family
                                             of students at the handing over
                                             of Air tickets, Travel bags, etc.
                                             on the last day of their briefing
                                             and orientation weekend at
                                             Glencairn on 10th October 2009

                                   These students could not wait to
                                   check their air tickets.

                                   After months of planning, the dates
                                   until they left for their exchanges
                                   were getting closer.

       Master Potential Rotary Leadership Seminar – up to Level 3 (MPRLS3)

                                 D9350 - First 10 Candidates Complete MPRLS 3
                                 On Saturday 14 November, the first 10 candidates completed Master PRLS 3 at
                                 a venue in Rondebosch. Pictured below is Rotarian Ina Thompson from
                                 Knysna flanked by her husband IPDG Elwin Thompson and PDG Fred Roberts
                                 (D9320) who presented the course. Plans are in place to present the PRLS
                                 Seminar in various centres in the second half of this Rotary year.

Our District Goal was to hold two Basic PRLS and Master PRLS3 this Rotary year. This has been achieved in the
first 5 months of the year!! Our District is most grateful to PDG Fred Roberts and PDG Des Willis from D9320
who came from Port Elizabeth to present these courses in our District. IPDG Elwin Thompson and PP David
Holtzhausen ran sections of the courses and will be the presenters/facilitators in the future.

As mentioned above there are plans to run further courses in the second half of this Rotary Year. So please look
out for notices of where and when they will be held.

The seminars are leadership training seminars, which have Rotary elements, but first and foremost cover
leadership training. Those Rotarians that have attended have given very good assessments of the courses. PRLS
can be attended by all Rotarians. The courses are in no way restricted to just presidents or presidents elect.

                                 Intercountry Committees                        Fritz Körte 25 11 2009

The purpose of Intercountry Committees is twofold (R.I. Manual of Procedure):
1) To increase international understanding and goodwill by encouraging Rotarians to visit
    each other’s countries and homes
2) to strengthen friendships by encouraging clubs and districts to link with other clubs and districts in other countries by
jointly participating in World Community Service (WCS) or other international projects

Recommended activities (Rotary code of Policies):
        sponsor new Rotary clubs,
        develop a sister or twin club network between participating countries,
        conduct Friendship Exchanges between the two countries,
        initiate or carry out World Community Service projects,
        initiate or carry out Vocational Service projects
The Intercountry Committee “South Africa & Namibia – Germany” was started in 1995.
In South Africa five Districts (9250, 9270, 9300, 9320 and 9350 (which includes Namibia) are part of this ICC. Each of these
Districts has a coordinator on the German side. In the case of D9350 it is Erhard Krause (Bad Homburg) who was CEO of
Dresdner Bank in Namibia from 1990 to 1995.
During 2008-2009 E. Krause managed to implement together with his Namibian partners 20 projects to a total value of U$
800.000 (this is including the Matching Grant portion).

What would the advantage of pursuing the ICC route be for our District?
Whilst all the recommendations given in the RI Manual of Procedure and in the Rotary code of Policies are noble and
wordy and should be kept in mind at all times, our reality in South Africa indicates that we should use the ICC route mainly
to secure funds for our projects.
This is also the understanding of our partners in Germany.

Therefore it would be in the interest of D 9350 to establish a strong relationship with
D 1820 and to use the ICC system to fund partially/or totally some of our projects.

Should this route prove to be successful it would be advisable to establish ICC with other countries of the First World.

How does the ICC system work in practice as far as funding of projects is concerned?
      A Rotary Club of D 9350 identifies a project. It defines all parameters and writes a one page motivation with all financial
       To ensure that the projects presented for funding have a fair chance to raise the interest of a donor Club overseas it
      Be realistic as far as size (total funds) is concerned. To approach overseas partner clubs with projects which exceed any
       normal funding proportion simply makes the project unattractive.
      It must appeal (be sexy in DG Mike’s terms). It must convince the donor that putting money into this project is worth their
      Projects presented for funding to our partners should follow in broad lines the Matching Grant projects guidelines (The
       Guide to Matching Grants – 144-EN). This ensures that at any time one can justify and explain the expenditure to the
       donor club.

The D 9350 coordinator (Fritz Körte) would vet the project and should he think that additional information is required he would
contact the originator and request the info. Fritz has no authority to stop any project. Should the originator decide that the project
should be sent overseas as it this will be done.

The ICC partner (in our case Erhard Krause) would receive the project, analyze it and should he feel that additional information is
required he will do so.

Finally Erhard will put the project on the German ICC website were the project will ―sit‖ waiting for a club to pick it up and offer to
fund it.

As one can easily imagine this will not happen immediately. Here the personal contact with clubs in the other District comes in and
is of great importance.
Therefore it is very important to establish contacts with Clubs of the District of the ICC in case. Only if one has this relationship
established one can motivate clubs to select certain projects and perhaps encourage other clubs to join them. Even a Matching
Grant or the use of DDFs of ―wealthier‖ District could come in at this stage.

        World Community Service (WCS)

 A WCS project involves Rotary clubs from two or more
 countries uniting to serve one of their communities.
 Through the WCS program, clubs searching for
                                                                A ProjectLINK listing is a way to publicize
 international assistance can publicize their project needs
 to other clubs around the world. Likewise, clubs looking
                                                                a project’s need for financial support,
 to support an international project can use WCS                donated goods, or volunteers. Listings
 resources to locate a suitable candidate. By advancing         feature a brief project description, project
 international understanding and goodwill through service,      needs, and project contact details. Donors
 WCS reflects the heart of Rotary and provides exciting,        are advised to contact the local project
 challenging, and rewarding opportunities to Rotarians.         coordinator for additional details.

 The most effective WCS projects involve thorough               ProjectLINK Registration Guidelines
 planning and analysis, the use of all available resources,     The guidelines will ensure that ProjectLINK
 and good communication. Communities in Action/Menu
                                                                remains a valuable tool for Rotarians
 of Service Opportunities Kit (605-EN) can help you plan a
 project that other clubs want to support.
                                                                looking to get involved in international
 To be successful, your service project should                  service. Projects are listed for two years
                                                                and are eligible for ongoing re-registration.
 Address a Community Need
 Begin by meeting with community members to learn                     Clubs may have up to five projects
 about the issues they consider priorities.                            registered on ProjectLINK at any
 Also consult the Web-only publication Community                       given time, including those listed on
 Assessment Tools, which offers a variety of effective                 behalf of a Rotary Community
 techniques for determining community needs.                           Corps, Rotaract club, or Interact
 Provide a Sustainable Solution
 Rotary clubs are encouraged to implement service
 projects that provide long-term solutions to chronic           Tips for Completing a Project Form
 problems. For example, donating books to a classroom               Describe the community the project
 would be a worthwhile project, but establishing a school              will serve and the need it
 library staffed with local volunteers could benefit students          addresses. Does the community
 for years to come.                                                    struggle with unemployment?
 Be Managed Properly
                                                                      Does the community lack basic
 Plan your project carefully by creating a proposal,
 establishing goals and a timeline, determining club
 members’ roles and responsibilities, and developing a
 budget. As the project is carried out, monitor and                   If requesting financial contributions,
 evaluate its progress. Provide donors with progress and               provide a detailed, itemized list of
 final reports                                                         necessary goods and services and
                                                                       their individual costs in addition to
 WCS in Action!                                                        the total cost of the project.
 AIDS orphans cared for in Uganda
 The HIV/AIDS pandemic has destroyed countless lives            Be realistic when seeking funding.
 and livelihoods. In Uganda, the Rotary Club of Kalisizo
                                                                Requests for US$10,000 or more are
 sponsors a project in the Rakai District to provide for
 children orphaned by AIDS. With financial assistance           unlikely to be fulfilled. If your club has
 from clubs in Italy and the United States, the children        decided to undertake a large-scale project,
 regularly receive school supplies and other necessities,       consider completing it in stages to
 such as blankets, to help them attend school and live          increase the chances of securing gradual
 more comfortably.                                              partial funding.
 Link to WCS                                                     -Link to Further Guidelines and tips-

THE FAMILY OF ROTARY                                           RI President John Kenny’s
Who is our Rotary Family?                                     Message for Family of Rotary
   Fellow Club Members                                                  Month
   Spouses, Children, Parents
   Spouses of Deceased Rotarians                            RI President John Kenny talks about
   Youth Exchange Students & families                      celebrating family during Family
   Interactors
                                                            Month. "Every club should strive to
   Rotaractors
                                                            achieve a balanced interaction between
   RYLA participants
                                                            Rotarians and their families -- and the
   GSE team members
                                                            family of Rotary. Only by working
   Ambassadorial scholars
   Inner Wheel
                                                            together, as a family, can we ensure that
   Anns                                                    the Rotary of today grows into an even
   Rotary Foundation Alumni                                stronger Rotary of tomorrow," says
Why is “Family” a focus of Rotary?
   Enjoyment
   Retention                                                  Christmas puddings for the
   Recruitment
   Foundation                                                          Family
   Support
How do we care for fellow Rotarians like                    Kirstenbosch Club wants to set
family?                                                     a record and sell 1000 Christmas
   Remember birthdays and anniversaries
   Assist when they are sick, lonely, or having            puddings this year. They each
    difficulties                                            cost R60.00 and orders can be
   Share their grief during and after a death in the       placed with :–
   Celebrate at Births, Weddings, and Graduations
How do we involve our own families in                       Bob Harvey 021-7158542 or
Rotary?                                                     082 773 4068
   At special family oriented social events                 or
   At club meetings for special programs                   Brent Farrell
   Assistance at fund raisers                              Cell: 0828764548
   In community service projects                           Email:
   Hosting Youth Exchange
   Hosting GSE teams

              District Assembly and Conference 14 to 16 May 2010
                      (It is not on Mothers Day Weekend!!!!)
District Assembly:             Friday 14 May 2010
Partners Lunch and Meeting: Friday 14 May 2010 (12h00 – 16h30)
             (NB. This is something new to have a partners meeting after lunch)
District Conference:           Saturday 15 May 2010 (Full day)
                               Sunday 16 May 2010 (Half day)
Venue:             Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West

PLEASE put dates in your Diary NOW!!!. It will be informative and fun!!

 Rotary District 9350 -
      2009/2010                                                                      Monthly Membership &
                             Membership                 Attendance %                 Attendance reports are to be
                          July as                                                    submitted to District Office
                          per RI     Sept       Oct         Sept           Oct       on the 15th of the following
am Kap (Cape Town)              -           -       -                 -         -
Auas (Windhoek                 20          20      19            44            75
Beaufort West                  24           -       -             -             -
Bellville                      33           -       -             -             -    Please could all clubs make it
Blouberg                       25          32      32            83            75
Breede River/Wineland          17          17      17            63            73    a priority to get November
Caledon                         8           -       8             -            81    2009 reports in on time.
Cape of Good Hope              34          34      35            64            70
Cape Town                      54          52      52            45            49
Claremont                      41          41      44            77            84    Thanks
Constantia                     34          35      35            60            79
Drakenstein                    12          12      13            78            73
Durbanville                    17          17      19            84            81    Eve
George                         24          23       -            75             -
Goodwood                       10           -       -             -             -
Gordon’s Bay                   17          17      17            68            65
Groote Schuur                  13          15      15            37            36   How to make up a
Helderberg                     32           -       -             -             -
Helderberg Sunrise             57          50      50            52            51   missed meeting
Hermanus                       25          25      23            74            76
Hout Bay                       32           -       -             -             -   A club member must attend or make up at
Kirstenbosch                   22           -      20             -            61   least 50 percent of regular club meetings in
Kleinmond                      11          11      11            64            96   each half of the year (though some clubs
Knysna                         51          54      56            75            76   may have more stringent requirements).
Kromboom                       18           -      19            67            64   Any missed meetings must be made up
Le Cap Des Tempetes            16          13       -            29             -   within 14 days of a regular meeting. If
Lion’s Head                    15           -       -             -             -   traveling, club members are encouraged to
Luanda                         24           -       -             -             -   visit clubs in the new area to make up a
Luderitz                       24          31       -            55             -   missed meeting.
Malmesbury                     10           -       8             -            92
Melkbos                        15           8       -            88             -   Check the Official Directory or use the Club
Mossel Bay                     22          24      24            74            68   Locator to get meeting and contact
Newlands                       52          51       -            74             -   information. Be sure to call or e-mail before
Oostenberg                      9           9       9            93            92   you show up for a meeting.
Otjiwarongo                    18           -       -             -             -
Oudtshoorn                     20          21       -            75             -   What to do when you can't find a
Paarl                          44          43      43            65            60   meeting
Pinelands                      16           -      17             -            71
Plettenberg Bay                15           -       -             -             -
                                                                                    Rotarians often wonder what to do if there’s
Roggebaai                      15          12      12            84            79
                                                                                    not a club where they travel or if an
Rondebosch                      4           -       -             -             -   emergency causes them to miss a meeting.
Rundu                          10           -       -             -             -
Saldanha                       20           -       -             -             -
Sea Point                      32          31      31            72            67   One option is to attend a regular meeting of
Signal Hill                    28          28      28            58            60   a local Rotaract club, Interact club, Rotary
Somerset West                  26          23       -             -             -   Community Corps or Rotary Fellowship.
Stanford/Bredasdorp             7           -       -             -             -   Attending one of these meetings counts as
                                                                                    a make-up.
Stellenbosch                   25          31      31            94            94
Strand                         18          16      17            66            72
Swakopmund                     13           -       -             -             -   Another option is to participate in an
Swellendam                     27          30      30            66            68   interactive activity on a Rotary e-club Web
Table Bay                      27           -      25             -            78   site. Check with your club secretary and the
Tygerberg                      17          17      17           100            94   e-club of interest to learn more.
Upington                       17          17       -            80             -
Walvis Bay                     13          14      12            70            65   Find out more about e-clubs.
Waterfront                     49          48      48            69            76
Wellington                      7           -       -             -             -
                                                                                    Refer to the RI Bylaws to learn about other
Windhoek                       39          44      44            61            64
                                                                                    options for making up a missed meeting.
Worcester                      32           -      32             -            68
Wynberg                        22          21      20            76            76
Total & % for month         1,379         987     933         2,559         2,609
No. of clubs reporting         59          37      36        37            36
Average % for month                                         69%           72%

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