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Larp presentation by pengxiuhui


									                       LHC controls

• Introduction
• Control challenges
• Controls
    – Operations
    – Subsystem
       • Laser, Unicos, Timber, Interlocks, Timing, …
• Application ASC
    – Example ROSALI
• Equipment Fesa           Controls is not only a diverse collection of
                           Hardware and software building blocks, controls
    – Example OASIS        is the glue that binds the building blocks together.
• Conclusion                      Controls Rookie book (Fermilab)

LHC controls                LARP Meeting                                      1
                       Control Challenges
• Super-conducting magnets
    • Multipoles, snap-back, persistent currents,, strong dependence on magnetic
    history: key beam parameters affected
• High energy, high intensity beams
    • Extremely low tolerance to beam loss: quench protection collimation
    mandatory at all times
•Machine design
    • 2 rings, 8 sectors, bits of the ring in common, cross-talk between the rings,
    small mechanical aperture, large energy swing  large range in magnets and
    power converters.
•Beam dynamics
    • Wide range of optics Beta* 18 m to 0.5 m
   • Dynamic aperture, limited by non-linear fields from magnet imperfections
   or beam-beam. Problem at injection where non-linearities are large and beam
   Tight constraints on beam parameters
   • Crossing angles, beam-beam effects, very tight orbit tolerances
   • Intra-beam scattering, instabilities, electron cloud, PACMAN bunches,
   ghost bunches, beta beating …
  LHC controls                    LARP Meeting                             2
                     Control room(s)
• Start 2006 CERN is planning to move all accelerator
  operations into a single control room.

• For the LHC will include:
     – Beam based operations
        • Machine protection etc.
     – Technical services
        • Cooling, ventilation, electricity
     – Cryogenics
        • Industrial CS
        • Dedicated operators
     – Hardware commissioning
        • Cryogenics, QPS, powering. Vacuum, post-mortem, interlocks
        • “Mobile” field control rooms foreseen.

LHC controls                 LARP Meeting                              3
                    Some numbers

• LHC control system
• Many industrial subsystems (cryogenics, vacuum,
• Anticipate 2000 servers, 500 clients, 50000 devices
• Programming in Java
• Use industrial software components and interfaces

LHC controls              LARP Meeting                  4
                      High level controls

     •     Operational Applications
               – Application Standard Components
                   • GUI platform / business layer/ thin client/ 3-tier / JAVA
                   • Data visualization
                   • Parameter & settings control
               – Application Deployment & Management
                   • Console manager etc.
                   • Web start etc.
               – Application Servers
                   • Databases logging alarms
               – High level control system
                   • LINUX/Windows

LHC controls                       LARP Meeting                                  5
    UNICOS project (Industrial development)

                                                 OS2                    Supervision GUI part
                                                                        Interface to operators
                                      PLC programming

                                                                     Supervision Real time DB
                                                                           & Archiving
                                 SCADA data servers                  No process control actions

      PLC process control Unit                                         PLC process control part
                                 PLC Field interface                  All control actions are taken
                                                                               at this level
                                 & Process Control

        PLC Field interface                            Gateway FIP
                                                                        Field interface Layer
                                                                      process data are connected
                                                                        to the control system
                                                                         directly or through

LHC controls                                   LARP Meeting                                           6
               Machine protection issue

LHC controls           LARP Meeting       7
                                      Laser (Alarms)

                                                Alarm Clients
               Alarm Consoles     Definition Consoles   Admin Consoles     External Clients

                                                                      Laser Client API


                   Distribution    Gathering    Definition    Analysis    Archiving

                                                                     Laser Source API
                                                Alarm Sources

                   Industrial        Accelerator         Technical         Control
                    Systems           Devices            Services           SW
           LHC controls                        LARP Meeting                                   8
               Timber LHC logging system

LHC controls            LARP Meeting       9

•   Fine timing TTC system                   •   Master Timing Generation

LHC controls                          LARP Meeting                          10
Virtual scopes   The way we work    Alarms
   OASIS                            Laser

  LHC controls       LARP Meeting            11
               The way we work

LHC controls       LARP Meeting   12
               Access Control

                                 •   Personal safety
                                 •   Access to the machine
                                 •   Keys
                                 •   Interlock system
                                 •   Beam stopper
                                 •   Doors
                                 •   Camera

LHC controls      LARP Meeting                           13
               PS Console Manager

LHC controls        LARP Meeting    14
               Applications - Key Points
•   Using the new Application Frame
•   Released in the production area
    (via Common Build and Release)
•   Deployed via JavaWebStart
•   Accessible through the Console
•   Able to run 2-tiers or 3-tiers
•   Accessing locally or remotely the
    business tier

LHC controls                     LARP Meeting   15
• Standard programs
     –   Fixed displays
     –   Analogue acquisition,
     –   Logging,
     –   Post-mortem
     –   Alarms, timing,
     –   Real-time feedback loops
     –   Settings management
     –   Etc…

LHC controls                  LARP Meeting   16

    •   JAPC
         – Java Api for Parameter Control
          – JAPC is based on the work done in ASC Layer.
          – It uses Parameters (a property of a device)
          – setValue, getValue (sync, async) and subscription

                                                     PS-GM      PS equipment
                                                      PS-GM TT40.BIC, OASIS equipment
                                          RDA API     server     SPS, TZ equipment
                                                     Biscoto          TT40 BLM
                             RDA,Corba       CMW
                    RDA                     Server
                                                      server TT40 BPM, BTV, BCT
                                             FWK                    Mugefs
  Java                                                server
program    JAPC                                                            MPS
                                                     Mugef         SLEquip currents
                                                     Server            /RPC

                  New developments
   LHC controls                      LARP Meeting                              17
                           Architecture – Physical View
Client Tier                       Business Tier (Web Container)


                                     macsy      macsy-generation    DAO Hibernate   Datastore
              macsy                  client
              client                  impl
                        Layer                   macsy-sequence

 Appli-                                             macsy-trim
                        JAPC             JAPC remote server         JAPC
                        client        Parameters concentration                      Devices

         LHC controls                              LARP Meeting                        18

• One application example
     – ROSALI (Rapid Online Software ALgorithm Implementation)
        • Application to test instrument and algorithms

LHC controls                   LARP Meeting                              19

• One application example
     – ROSALI (Rapid Online Software ALgorithm Implementation)
        • Application to test instrument and algorithms
        • Defines
               – Viewers
               – Actions
               – Sequences

LHC controls                   LARP Meeting                              20
               Front-End Software Architecture

LHC controls              LARP Meeting           21
                An interesting FESA Class

• Oasis
     – Open Analog Signals Information System
     – Virtual scopes written in FESA

LHC controls                     LARP Meeting            22
• LHC is a big, complex machine:
     – Everything is pushed at the limit
     – Especially control system
        • Huge number of devices to control
        • Security
        • Reliability
        • Post-Mortem
        • Logging
     – Control group has pushed a renovation of the control system
        • Java
               – With the many utilities it implies
          • Many modernisation has occurred in the hardware
               – VME with PowerPC
               – Linux system

LHC controls                        LARP Meeting                 23
               From LEP to LHC

                It is a very
                big step !!
LHC controls       LARP Meeting   24
           Accelerator Software Component

LHC controls          LARP Meeting          25
           Accelerator Software Component

LHC controls          LARP Meeting          26
               Software lifecycle

                 Implement              Test & debug


                  Deploy                  Publish

LHC controls          LARP Meeting                     27
•   Analysis                          •   EJB
     – Rational Rose                          – XDoclet
•   Build, package & publish          •   Device access
     – Common build                           – JAPC
•   Version management                •   O/R mapping
     – CVS                                    – Oracle TopLink/Hibernate
•   IDE                               •   Testing & debugging
     – Eclipse                                – JUnit
     – NetBeans                               – Commons Logging & Log4j
•   GUI                               •   Deployment
     – GP                                     – Java Web Start

LHC controls                   LARP Meeting                                28
               LHC Flow Chart

LHC controls      LARP Meeting   29
               LHC times and ramps

                           Phase                Time
                        Ramp down            18 minutes
                    Pre-injection plateau     15 minutes
                          Injection          15 minutes
                           Ramp               26 minutes
                          Squeeze           5 to 10 minutes
                          Physics            5 – 15 hours

LHC controls          LARP Meeting                            30

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