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									                        KEVIN THOMPSON
                        49 04 SW HANFORD, SE A TTLE W A 98116
                                  CELL: 206.390.6461
                         E-MAIL KEVIN.THOMPSON2@ATT.NET

        Kevin Thompson has over 26 years of experience in Systems and Software Engineering and
        Architecture. He has worked on a variety of platforms in a variety of industries, including
        aerospace and defense, automotive, service industries, banking, healthcare, consumer electronics,
        utilities and energy, transportation, and government.


        2005–2010                                CSC                                      Lanham, MD
        UNIX System Administrator and Tivoli System Engineer
         Installed, integrated, and maintained Tivoli Management Framework 4.1.1, Tivoli Monitoring

          for Transaction Performance (TMTP) 5.3, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Tivoli Monitoring 6.2,
          Tivoli Monitoring 6.2 for MQSeries, ITCAM for WebSphere V6.1, Tivoli NetView, Tivoli
          Enterprise Console 4.9, and Tivoli Configuration Management 5.2 onto a clustered Solaris 10
          platform running Oracle10g.
         Integrated, monitored, and created management metric reports for approximately 800 UNIX

          (Solaris10) endpoints and 400 Wintel (W2K, W2K3) server endpoints.
         Maintained patching for all Oracle10g databases and all Solaris10 servers.

         Created scripts that monitored the License Enforcement Manager and Microsoft Security

          Baseline Analyzer (MBSA) and collected data to meet Computer Security Incident Response
          Center (CSIRC) requirements. Also created scripts for maintaining user accounts according to
          the IRS Law Enforcement Manual (LEM) on Wintel, UNIX, and Oracle accounts.
         Managed user access to UNIX server through restricted x-term tasks. Also managed file

          systems and performed system admin functions on the UNIX (Solaris) servers.
         Utilized Perl, XML, VB, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and UNIX Shell scripting.

         Worked extensively with NIS, DNS, and sudo in the UNIX environment.

         Worked on plan to implement Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) 4.6, Tivoli Access Manager

          (TAM) V5.1, Tivoli Directory Integrator for an LDAP environment in the Shadow Lab.
         Created Log File Collector scripts (LFC) which collected logs (syslog, BSM, audit, Oracle)

          from UNIX servers and alert, security logs and user access logs on Wintel servers, tar’ed them
          and distributed them to a collection server on a daily basis. The logs were then moved into a
          SaaS database and used for user forensics for the specific servers. The LFC was moved to the
          Production environment.
         Create a Shadow Operations Website in Perl and HTML for collecting daily health statistics of

          the Wintel and UNIX servers in the DITE Shadow environment. This site also monitored
          promotion and demotion to servers in the DITE environment and collected user, security, and
          access reports.
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     2005                      Sony Corporation of America                       Woodcliff, NJ
     AIX/Tivoli Administrator
      Installed Tivoli Management Framework, Tivoli Configuration Manager 4.2.1, Tivoli Access

       Manager 4.2.2, Tivoli Resource Manager, and Tivoli Planning Manager.
      Integrated Tivoli Monitoring, monitors, WebSphere, Tivoli Web Health Console,

       Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Data Warehouse and mDist.
      Utilized Perl, XML, UNIX, and JavaScript.

     2004–2005                  United States Postal Serice                      Eagan, MN
     Tivoli/AIX Administrator
      Wrote scripts in XML, Perl, and UNIX shells.

      Provided system administration for the Oracle database, Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW),

       WebSphere, Integrated Tivoli Monitoring (ITM), and Veritas NetBackup.
      Worked with z/OS platform servers and servers running LINUX.

     2003–2004                  Mastercard Corporation                      St. Louis, MO
     Senior Systems Engineer
      Implemented system monitors for the company’s B-to-B network.

      Utilized WebSphere, WebLogic, JavaScript, Perl, XML, Visual Basic, Tivoli Resource

       Monitoring (TRM) software, and ITM.

     2001-2003                        Crane Aerospace                             Burbank, CA
     On-site Support Engineer
      Provided engineering support for the Crane Brake Systems Control Unit on Boeing 747, 767,

       and 777 models.
      Coded software in Ada, C, and Assembler.

      Wrote high-level Autobrake code in C for the 87c196kc processor.

      Designed code to the DO-178B standard and completed documentation regarding this design,

       including Software Description Documentation, Software Requirements Documentation,
       Software Verification Plan, and Software Traceability Requirements.

     2001                            United States Army                       Seattle, WA
      Completed a proposal for a 10 TB Storage Area Network (SAN) using EMC hardware and

       software for the US Air Force.
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     2000–2001                       United Parcel Service                              Durham, NC
     Tivoli Enterprise Certified Consultant
      Installed Tivoli enterprise related software at a large package transportation company at the

       Louisville AirHub in conjunction with the HUB 2000 upgrades to the large package
       transportation company enterprise network.
      Led the team that installed Tivoli User Administration with single sign-on.

      Worked on a proposal to install Tivoli Security Module to meet best practice security

      Developed application monitors using SNMP traps.

      Developed LAN Web interface using ColdFusion.

      Documented UPS TMR and created a documentation archive that could be accessed from the

       LAN Web.

     1999–2000                                 ATT                                  Pittsburg, PA
     Senior Network Engineer
      Installed Tivoli enterprise related software, including Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)

       monitoring, User Administration, and Service Desk, at various sites. Completed enterprise-
       level documentation at these sites.
      Utilized Perl, UNIX, and ColdFusion languages

      Installed Cisco Routers/Switches and Xyplex terminal servers at various sites for a large

       wireless backbone that brought together all the voice data onto one network.
      Configured routers, completed site surveys, documented the installation, supervised the

       installation, and completed the as-built documentation.

     1997–1999                  Stevedoring Services of America                          Seattle, WA
     Tivoli Enterprise Certified Consultant
      Installed and configured Tivoli enterprise products, including Framework, GEM, User

       Administration, Software Distribution, Distributed Monitoring, and Compact Insight Manager,
       at various customer sites.
      Specialized in fast roll-out and customization of environment to meet customer’s needs.

     1996–1997                               Boeing                                  Seattle, WA
     Senior Systems Engineer
      Developed monitoring for Primary Flight Control Computer for interface to the Actuator

       Control Electronics (ACE) for the Boeing 777-stretch fly-by-wire system.
      Developed system simulation for the Boeing 777 Flap Slat Electronics Unit (FSEU) for system

       software specification validation and verification.

     1996                               Bosch GMBH                                Stuttgart, Germany
     Senior Systems/Software Engineer
      Developed Vehicle Dynamic Control Systems.

      Wrote C code for use in an automotive application for different vehicles with different control

       configurations; also wrote C code for fault monitoring and safety systems.
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        1995–1996                       Hughes Aerospace                                  Tucson, AZ
        Senior Systems Engineer
         Developed hardware specifications for the Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) and the

          Seeker Exo-atmospheric Vehicle.
         Wrote the Built-in-Test Software specification for the EKV and BIT Fault coverage analysis.

         Specified hardware engineering change requests for both vehicles.

        1995                              Allied Signal                                 South Bend, IN
        Senior Systems Engineer
         Developed an anti-lock brake system that utilized Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

          proportional valve technology.
         Used MatrixX simulation to design, integrate, and develop software, valve, and system models.

        1984–1995                                 Boeing                                    Seattle, WA
        Senior Systems Engineer
         Developed a multi-tasking multi-process simulation hosted on three Harris Night Hawk 5800s,

          used to perform validation and verification of the Boeing 777 Primary Flight Control Computer
          (PFC), flight critical software. Used Ada as the main high-level language, but included C and
          FORTRAN interfaces. This simulation models the PFC which has nine lanes running
          concurrent calculations to determine surface position and also requires interfaces to other
          systems including inertial data, hydraulics, autopilot, and aerodynamic modules for a full
          airplane simulation.
         Developed a worst-case circuit analysis for the F18 E/F fighter Signal Data Computer using a

          Pspice modeling tool.
         Developed a system-level simulation for the Boeing 777 Hydraulic Interface Card (HYDIM)

          using a structured methods approach. The simulation includes a bus interface, external built-in-
          test, normal processing, initiated test, and fault monitoring


        1987                   National Technological University                                  Online
         Graduate Courses in Electrical Engineering

        1986                        Penn State University                           Collage Station, PA
         Graduate Courses in Computer Engineering

        1984                          University of Utah                             Salt Lake City, UT
         B.S. Mechanical Engineering
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   Tivoli Enterprise Certified Consultant (1996)
   7/1997 – Present: Tivoli Enterprise Certified Engineer—Member
   1988 – Private Pilot License
   4/1985 – 5/1995: International Society for Optical Engineering—Member
   4/1984 –- 5/1995: AIAA—Member
   4/1984 – Present: Utah Engineer-in-Training—Member
   AS-400 Administrator Certification (1997)

   Hardware: SUN, IBM, RS/6000, AS-400 E, p670-p690, IBM Z-Series, IBM Mainframes, PCs, Compatibles
   Operating Systems: UNIX, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95, MS-DOS
   Computer Languages: PL-SQL, Transact-SQL, Java, C++, C, Perl, UNIX, Visual Basic 4.0–6.0, HTML,
    JavaScript, VBScript, Pascal, FORTRAN. Ada, VMS, EKS, Z-80Assembler, 1750 Assembler, HC11
    Assembler, MC6833X Microcontroller, ColdFusion, XML
   RDBMS: SYBASE 4.5-11.9.2, MS SQL Server 4.5-7.0, ORACLE 8.0-10.1.0g, DBII UDB 5.0-8.0
   Development Tools: TRM WorkBench, SQL Navigator, Visual Studio, Jbuilder.
   Applications: Microsoft Office 97, 98, XP, Microsoft Office 2000, Tivoli Products

   ―Fault Tolerant Architecture for a Fly-by-Light Flight Control Computer,‖ IEEE/AIAA/NASA Ninth Digital
    Avionics System Conference, Virginia Beach, Virginia, August 16, 1990
   ―Fault Tolerant Architecture for a Fly-by-Light Control System,‖ American Helicopter Society (AHS)
    Vertical Lift Aircraft Design Conference, San Francisco, California, January 17, 1990
   ―Fault Tolerant Architecture for Optical Flight System,‖ SPIE-The International Society for Optical
    Engineering, Fiber Optical Systems for Mobile Platforms, SPIE
   ―Three Phases of Testability,‖ AIAA Aircraft Design an Operations Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, September 8,

   Beginning French
   Beginning Spanish
   Intermediate/Advanced German

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