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          Dennis Donovan ’79 and the
Human Resource Transformation at The Home Depot
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                                                                                    —Is There a Trend?
                                                                                    Assistant Professor of Law William G. Childs
                                                                                    explores the “growing threat” of criminal liability
                                                                                    in several high profile cases involving amusement park

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                                                                                    Rob Luckritz 3L
                                                                                    The day after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast,
                                                                                    paramedic Rob Luckritz was in the middle of what
                                                                                    he calls a “life changing experience”—caring for
                                                                                    hurricane victims from his medic base at New
                                                                                    Orleans International Airport. Learn why he is
                                                                                    studying law to support the profession he loves.
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Dennis Donovan ’79 and the
Human Resource Transformation                                                       ALUMNI PROFILE
at The Home Depot                                                                   Robert Kelly ’80
In just five years, change agent Dennis Donovan, Executive                          From elementary school Principal to counter-
Vice President, Human Resources, has leveraged the power                            narcoterrorism expert, read how Bob Kelly has used
of human capital to help transform The Home Depot, Inc.                             his legal education as a passport to a career with
into a model of efficiency and profitability.                                       more unexpected turns than a Robert Ludlum thriller.

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S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                               N 1
        Uniform Real Property
        by Art Gaudio, Dean and Professor of Law

              Uniform Real Property
               Electronic Recording:
                           Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

             How often have you stood in line at the Registrar of Deeds

             Office, idly waiting when you could have been doing something

             much more productive? While in line, you may have thought that,

             surely, in this day of electronic marvels there ought to be a way

             of sending your deed or mortgage to the registrar electronically

             from your office computer. Well, that day is coming.

            For two years I had the privilege of serving as the             document is one that is received by the registrar in an elec-
        Reporter on a NCCUSL (National Conference of Commis-                tronic form. This includes one that was originally in an elec-
        sioners on Uniform State Laws) committee drafting the Uni-          tronic format as well as one that is an electronic copy of an
        form Real Property Electronic Recording Act. The committee          original paper document. Thus, an electronic copy of a paper
        finished its work and obtained approval of the Act by the           document satisfies any requirements in state law that the
        entire Conference on time for it to go to the state legislatures    recorded document be an original document.
        for their 2005 legislative sessions. At the time of this writing,       If existing state law requires, as a condition for recording,
        the Act has already been adopted in five jurisdictions and has      that the document be signed, an electronic signature satisfies
        been introduced in seven other state legislatures, where it is      that requirement. Further, if existing law requires that the
        moving its way through the enactment process.                       document be notarized, acknowledged, or verified, an elec-
            Why is a uniform act (or any special enactment) neces-          tronic signature of the verifying person satisfies state law.
        sary for a recorder to accept documents electronically? There           The Uniform Law is really an enabling act—it allows elec-
        are several reasons, but foremost among them is the fact that       tronic documents to be recorded electronically, but it does
        the recording acts existing in the various states were initially    not mandate it. In my view, although it will become common
        adopted at a time when the only means of creating a record of       to draft and record documents electronically over the next
        a transaction was on paper. Consequently, those acts clearly        several years, it will be quite some time until everyone is
        envision the subject of a recording being a written paper doc-      comfortable with that format and uses it.
        ument. Beyond that, these acts, expressly or by interpretation,
        require that the document be an original, which can be a            Rules for Recording
        problem with some kinds of electronic documents.                        The second major aspect of the Act sets up a number of
            What the Act does is clarify state law so that a registrar      rules for recording and searching for electronic documents.
        may receive and record an electronic document. It provides          One of the more interesting and important of them requires
        that if any existing state law requires, as a condition for         the registrar to maintain the index for electronic documents
        recording, that a document be on paper or in writing, an elec-      and paper documents as a single index. If paper and elec-
        tronic document satisfying the provisions of the Act will com-      tronic documents were indexed separately, the searching
        ply with the previously existing statute. An electronic             process would not be shortened and might be extended by

2   N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                 P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                  Message from the Dean

the need to search through two separate indices.
The Act also allows, but does not require, the
registrar to convert paper documents, whether                                          Dear Alumni and Friends,
recorded prior to or after the enactment of the
Act, into an electronic format. Although such a                                        The School of Law is approaching the end of one
conversion can be costly, it will make possible                                        of the most exciting years in memory. The imple-
the viewing of all documents online in an elec-                                        mentation of our historic three-section day pro-
tronic format. Finally, the registrar is allowed to
enter into agreements with other county or state                                       gram has exceeded our expectations. The reviews
officials on procedures to receive documents or                                        from students and faculty are positive and our
payments that must be filed in two or more                                             admissions office is busy reviewing a very robust
offices. Thus, for example, past due real estate                                       group of applicants for next year’s class.
taxes could be paid along with the recording of
                                                         The LL.M in Estate Planning and Elder Law, which we launched last August,
a deed or mortgage.
    The last part of the Act creates a statewide      has been exceptionally successful. The demand for this program went beyond
electronic recording commission. Its purpose is       our hopes and we started the semester with nineteen highly energized new LL.M.
to establish and enforce uniform standards for        students. In fact, we received such a large volume of qualified candidates that we
recording electronic documents. Its job is not
                                                      had to form a waiting list. We are anticipating even further growth in the program
only to promote uniformity within the state but
also, to the extent appropriate, promote har-         this fall. Professor Fred Royal, the Director of LL.M Programs, will monitor this
mony and uniformity among the states that             growth very carefully. We want to ensure that the program continues to develop
adopt the Act. In essence, what this cross-state      in a way that provides its graduates with the expertise needed to serve the growing
harmony provision recognizes is that real estate      number of baby boomers in the areas of estate planning and elder law.
transactions are no longer truly local in nature.
                                                         The Law and Business Center for Advancing Entrepreneurship has also had
Not only are buyers and sellers frequently resi-
dents of another state, but the financing of the      a wonderful start. Aimee Griffin Munnings, the Center’s director (and a School
transaction, particularly in the secondary mort-      of Law graduate), has developed an exciting speaker series to showcase the
gage market, is often from out of state. Differ-      Center to the greater Springfield and the law and business academic communi-
ences in recording processes among the states
                                                      ties. Law students are receiving practical, hands-on training with actual clients.
that are not necessary can impair these transac-
tions and put stresses on interstate commerce.        The involvement of Business School students in the program is an added benefit
    For me, the experience of being a Reporter        to our students because that model helps to develop transactional skills they will
on a Uniform Law was a truly enriching one. I         need when they are practicing on their own. In conjunction with the School of
saw attorneys experienced in real estate matters      Business, we also have hired a new professor, Robert Statchen, who has a joint
from California to Vermont and from Texas to
North Dakota work together to “hammer out”            appointment in both the Schools of Law and Business. He will teach both law
difficult provisions. I also saw the interaction of   and business students in the Center’s programs.
lawyers with recorders, notaries public, bankers,        Finally, I want to remind those alumni whose class year ends with a “1” or a
mortgage lenders, and title insurers. The inter-      “6” that next fall is time to join your classmates at the Western New England Col-
ests of all were seldom singular, but in the end,
                                                      lege School of Law reunion. This year, Reunion Weekend will be Friday and Sat-
it was possible to draft a law that was not only
acceptable, but also welcomed by all. N               urday, October 13th and 14th. As in the past, we will be holding the Reunion
                                                      Dinner and Reception on Saturday, the 14th, at the Naismith Memorial Basket-
                                                      ball Hall of Fame on the Connecticut River front. I look forward to seeing all of
                                                      the celebrating alumni and their friends.


                                                      Arthur R. Gaudio
                                                      Dean and Professor of Law

    S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                   N 3

                                         IT TAKES A
                                        LO WAYGER
                                          ACH NE A
                                        CU LTURE
                                         By Mary Mazzaferro

4 N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                         P E R S P E C T I V E S

                 Change Management is the new

  IF             mantra of corporate America,
                 Dennis Donovan is its guru. In just
                 five years, Donovan and the leader-
   ship team at The Home Depot have leveraged the
   power of human capital to transform the “Big
   Box” retail giant into a model of efficiency and
   profitability that has made organizations from
   AARP to the U.S. Army eager partners.

      His title of “Executive Vice President, Human Resources” does
   not begin to define Donovan’s role in The Home Depot corporate
   culture, one that he has helped to restructure from the ground up.       “I’ve worked ‘change’ in organizations all around the world—
      His work is widely recognized. Donovan was named 2003 HR          Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. I’ve had my
   Executive of the Year by HR Executive magazine. He gave the          nose in a lot of tents. And I was lucky to have been in the right
   keynote speech at the White House for the inaugural meeting of       place at the right time.”
   the government’s Chief Human Capital Officers. He is a Fellow in        Donovan outlines his architecture for driving “quantum” change
   the National Academy of Human Resources and has participated         as, “The starting point is linking change with competitive advan-
   on numerous boards and committees for such organizations as          tage. If competitive advantage is the end game, change is the
   Jobs for America’s Graduates, Inc. (JAG), the Human Resource         common denominator. Organizations that change effectively win;
   Institute, the U.S. Council for International Business, the Human    those that don’t lose. That’s Step One in the change architecture.
   Resources Policy Association, and the Center for Advancing               “Step Two is to think about what it takes to be competitive.
   Human Resources Studies.                                             Traditional organizations will only think about being number one
      Like any great change agent, Dennis Donovan draws readily         or two in their marketplace. Contemporary organizations under-
   from the sum of his experience to shape the business architec-       stand that you need leadership, not only in the marketplace, but
   ture he advocates today.                                             also in the workplace and in the community. When I say

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                          N 5
      ‘community,’ it means the media, the government, and the public.           Vice President of Human Resources for its Power
      Those three sectors—marketplace, workplace, and community—                 Systems business unit, and as Senior Vice Presi-
      are inextricably linked.                                                   dent, Human Resources, for Raytheon Company
           “In order to mitigate risk and exploit opportunities in the market-   before joining The Home Depot in 2001.
      place, workplace and community, you need a planning process—
      that is Step Three. Basically, there are three legs to the stool of an     Building on a Legal Foundation
      effective planning process—strategic planning, operating planning,         A native of Gardner, MA, where his father oper-
      and human resource planning.                                               ated a hardware store, Dennis Donovan first
          “Step Four is figuring out how to implement those plans. There are     considered the value of a law degree as an
      four levers that you pull as a leader to execute strategic operating       industrial relations major at UMass Amherst.
      and human resource plans. The first lever is ‘direction.’ Direction is         Recalls Donovan, “That’s where I started
      about gaining understanding, commitment, and accountability                having an idea that I wanted to either get a
      throughout the entire organization.                                        Ph.D. in Industrial and Organization Psychology
           “The second lever is ‘people’—building a high-performing,             or a law degree. I thought at that time that
      diverse workforce.                                                         these areas would be mutually exclusive. Little
           “The third lever is ‘process and systems.’ In any organization,       did I realize that there is a lot of compatibility.”
      especially large companies like ours, you really need process capa-            After completing his undergraduate degree
      bility and enterprise technology solutions.                                in business at the University of Massachu-
           “The last lever is ‘structure’—designing an organization to           setts, he began his graduate studies. In 1972,
      enable direction, people, processes, systems, and structure to work        he was hired at GE in Pittsfield, MA.
      together effectively.                                                          “I was in the Human Resource Man-
           “In Step Five you forward integrate change to customers and           agement Program at General Electric,
      partners, and backwards integrate change to suppliers.”                    which was a real opportunity for me,
           This architecture reflects Donovan’s career-long penchant to          because a lot of the areas in human
      look beyond what his job description required to be a catalyst for         resources have a legal foundation
      Big Picture improvements. He has found his legal education to be           —staffing, compensations, bene-
      an integral component in his approach to human resource manage-            fits, employment practices, and
      ment as he rose through the executive ranks at General Electric to         labor relations.”

6 N                                                                                                                             P E R S P E C T I V E S

     Despite his youth, Donovan moved quickly up the cor-
                                                                 A CHANGE AGENT FINDS A HOME
porate ladder. “My third job at General Electric in the
Human Resource Management Program was in labor

                                                                                                                                                              Photo: Gerry J. Gilmore
relations. I was the negotiator with two of the unions in
Pittsfield. I started out in the Defense business with Gen-
eral Electric, and I just loved it. Collective bargaining,
contract administration, labor disputes, strikes as well as
arbitrations, and litigation were highly appealing to me—
and in these areas a law degree is highly beneficial.”
     With the support of GE, Donovan enrolled in the part-       (L to R) Dennis Donovan, Executive VP, Human Resources, The Home Depot; Secretary
                                                                 of Veteran Affairs Anthony Principi; Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao; Under Secretary of
time evening program at Western New England College              Defense David S.C. Chu; and Robert Nardelli, Chairman, President and CEO, The Home
School of Law.                                                   Depot, announce an agreement to provide employment opportunities for veterans at the
     “I worked all day in labor relations and I was involved     National Press Club in Washington, DC, in September 2004.
in contract negotiations, arbitrations, strikes, and in
cases before the National Labor Relations Board. At the            When Bob Nardelli, former President and CEO of GE Power Systems, took
same time, I was going to law school. So this was just a           over the helm at The Home Depot, he had big shoes to fill replacing the
                                                                   company’s revered founders Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank. He turned
real treat.
                                                                   to his former colleague from GE, Dennis Donovan, as one of his first
     “Law school became incredibly relevant for me. Evi-           hires and put HR center stage of the company’s visionary transformation.
dence, contracts, and procedure all had tremendous rel-
evance to what I was doing in the workplace. I got even            Their many successful initiatives include:
more excited when I was able to take the employment
                                                                    • Developing a centralized purchasing      • Working with the Departments of
law and labor law classes. So I really looked forward to            model—Bob gave Dennis and the team         Labor, Defense, and Veterans Affairs
it. It was fun, and I was taking what I learned every day           90 days to complete this unusual first     in Operation Career Front to provide
and applying it in the workplace. I was promoted to chief           assignment for an HR executive;            employment opportunities for 13,000
                                                                                                               veterans (in 2004 Home Depot was
labor relations negotiator in Pittsfield for all of GE’s oper-      • Putting an HR manager into every         ranked by G.I. Jobs #1 among The
ations there while I was still just finishing law school.”          store in the chain (1,300 in just 12       Top 25 Military-Friendly Employers);
     Driving an hour and a half one way to class, Donovan           weeks), freeing store managers to
                                                                    focus on product knowledge and             • Accommodating the needs of
found his carpool a natural extension for classroom                 customer service;                          employees who are active duty,
                                                                                                               reservists, or guardsmen by equalizing
                                                                    • Instituting a 24-month Store Leader-     pay and extending health benefits;
                                                                    ship Program which trains new hires
                                                                    in stores and at forums taught by          • Hosting leadership seminars for U.S.
                                                                    senior managers, including the CEO.        Army brass through the Army Strategic
                                                                    In 2005, Chief Executive magazine          Leadership Initiative;

  “What I really like to do                                         recognized The Home Depot as one of
                                                                    the “Top Ten Companies for Leaders”;       • Establishing a hiring partnership
                                                                                                               with the ASPIRA Association, Hispanic
 is change organizations”                                           • Organizing mass hiring career
                                                                    forums to leverage the more than
                                                                                                               Association of Colleges and Universi-
                                                                                                               ties (HACU), National Council of
                                     Dennis Donovan ’79,            17 million applications the company        La Raza (NCLR), and SER-Jobs for
             Executive Vice President, Human Resources,             receives per year;                         Progress National;
                                   The Home Depot, Inc.
                                                                    • Creating 20,000 new jobs annually;       • Developing a staffing partnership
                                                                    there have been more than 120,000          with the AARP that taps this highly
                                                                    new jobs created since Donovan’s           reliable and skilled workforce, and
                                                                    arrival;                                   provides a commercial opportunity in
 STEP 1:                                                            • Adopting Six Sigma quality programs
                                                                                                               merchandising, marketing, and sales
                                                                                                               for the company; and
 Link change with                                                   into the retail arena;
                                                                                                               • Growing revenues in the first four
 competitive advantage.                                             • Recruiting 550 Junior Military Offi-     years by $27 billion.
                                                                    cers (JMOs) into the Store Leadership
                                                                    Program to capitalize on their inten-
         STEP 2:                                                    sity, leadership, and reliability;

         Think about what it takes
         to be competitive.

    S P R I N G    2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                    N 7
                                                                                         According to Donovan, he created “a bit of a stir at the School.”
                                                                                          He says, “I finished the four-year program in three and a half
                                                                                     years so I took the Bar in February and there was evidently some
                                                                                     concern—‘how can this guy be working full-time and complete
                                                                                     the whole program in three and a half years?’ I took courses in the
                                                                                     summer and overloaded on classes during the regular semester.
                                                                                     I think I handled it just fine.”
                                                                                          After graduation, Donovan was promoted to head GE’s labor
                                                                                     relations in Pittsfield.
                                                                                          He recalls, “I took on an unusual assignment where they
                                                                                     allowed me to work the labor and employment law side at the
                                                                                     same time I was doing the labor relations role. On the legal side, I
                                                                                     worked with the general counsel. He gave me a lot of
               Dennis Donovan appeared on a panel during the Senate Sub-committee    leeway on the cases. I was doing arbitrations and cases before
               on Employment and Workplace Safety’s “Enhancing Cooperation
                                                                                     the National Labor Relations Board—unemployment hearings—
               Between Employer and Guardsmen/Reservists” hearing in October 2005.
                                                                                     union organizing drives—so it was just terrific.
                                                                                          “I got to a point where I had to decide if I was going to prac-
               debate. He says, “We had an interesting carpool. There was
                                                                                     tice law—either inside or outside of GE on a full-time basis—or if
               someone who worked in legal aid, someone that was a social
                                                                                     I was going to work in HR full-time. I made the decision to make
               worker, someone in the state police who was teaching criminol-
                                                                                     human resources my career, believing I can keep my
               ogy at the state police academy, and me. Four of us were in the
                                                                                     finger in the legal pie if I go into human resources because I’ll
               carpool together, which made for interesting discussions on the
                                                                                     still have labor relations and employment disputes, etc. I thought
               way to school and back. Every drive seemed like moot court
                                                                                     this would significantly increase my career bandwidth.”
                  “What I really enjoyed about the faculty was that they had
               practical experience. They were not only academics—and that’s          Thinking Outside the “Big Box”
               fine to be an academic—they were also great people. It was                Throughout his career, Dennis Donovan has found a legal
               really special to have someone who not only had the academic          mindset an asset in the corporate world. He observes, “You
               perspective, but also the practical experience to bring into          approach problems analytically. My team provides HR support
               the classroom.”                                                       for 345,000 employees. In such a large workforce, I have every

8   N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                          P E R S P E C T I V E S
    aspect—international relations, compensation, benefits, staffing,           “I tell people, ‘Law school’s great. Even if you don’t want to be
    learning, performance management, leadership development,               a lawyer,’ It’s just a great background, and it will help you in life
    compliance management, organizational effectiveness, medical            with everything you do—professionally and personally.”
    and health, and executive education.”                                       For law students considering working in the human resources
        Through the rigors of a legal education he asserts, “You’re able    field, Donovan offers this advice: “You need the ability to do
    to take large amounts of data, whether this is in a business acqui-     research so you have a body of authority that guides you in deci-
    sition or litigation—and synthesize it down to those things that are    sion-making, to organize your thinking so you can express your-
    really critical to your success or failure. The result will normally    self—orally and in writing. People rely on your judgment because
    turn on those four or five things that you really need to think         you provide effective advice and counsel. That’s not just in a cor-
    through analytically— then quickly determine strategy, tactics,         poration, that’s pretty much true in any job.
    and contingencies.”                                                         “I’ve found the most effective attorneys are not the people that
        He added, “I really learned how to write when I went to law         can tell you all the things you can’t do… they’re people that listen
    school. I’ve found that I’m a real bugger with people who work for      intently and try to find solutions to get you where you want to go,
    me on how to organize their thoughts to not only be informative,        even though it may take you down a different path.
    but also persuasive and succinct.                                           For Dennis Donovan, who grew up helping out in his Dad’s
        “As a lawyer, you have to organize your thoughts; and be quick      hardware store, the career path less traveled by lawyers has led
    on your feet. You never lose that in your career; you really hone       him to find a home in human resources. N
    this ability in your legal training.

                                                                           The Home Depot, Inc. @ a Glance

                                                                           • World’s largest home improvement retailer
                                                                           • Second largest retailer in the U.S.; third largest retailer in the world.
                                                                           • 345,000 employees
                                                                           • More than 200,000 stores
                                                                           • 1.3 billion transactions a year
                                                                           • $73.1 billion in sales FY2004

Have a planning
                                      “Law school is great. Even if you don’t want to be
STEP 4:                                a will help you in life with everything
Figure out how                                   you do professionally and personally.”
to implement
those plans.
Forward integrate change to customers
and partners, and backwards integrate
change to suppliers.

 S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                   N 9
                               New Partnership Helps Make the American Dream a Reality

                                      Law and
                                      Center                                                By Germaine Marie Lang

                                      for Advancing
                                          Owning your own business is a part of the American Dream. Pursuing this
                                          dream has made Springfield, Massachusetts one of the fastest growing
                                          cities for entrepreneurship in the country. In fact, it was ranked third out
                                          of 394 regions for being “the most active in creating new firms, supporting
                                          the growth of those firms, and building a strong base of support for entre-
                                          preneurs,” as stated in the Innovations-Entrepreneurship NEXUS.

   The Law and Business Center                                                                  ccording to Dr. Harlan Spotts, Associate
   for Advancing Entrepreneur-                                                                  Professor of Business and Assistant Dean for
   ship was realized through the                                                                Graduate Programs at the School of Busi-
   efforts of (L-R) School of Busi-                                                             ness, “The reality of western Massachusetts
   ness Assistant Dean of Gradu-                                                                is that many of the large companies have
   ate Studies Dr. Harlan Spotts,
                                                                                                moved or have significantly changed the
   Center Director Aimee Griffin
   Munnings, Associate Dean for                                              structure of their businesses. As a result, people have either
   Academic Affairs Professor                                                followed their jobs, or stayed and started their own companies.
   Eric Gouvin, and Center Assis-                                            It is these types of life changing situations that are creating the
   tant Maegan Brooks 2L (not                                                momentum for the shift toward entrepreneurship in the Valley.”
   pictured Dr. James McKeon).                                                    Western New England College has supported community
                                                                             economic development efforts for several years, primarily
                                                                             through the School of Law’s Small Business Clinic and through
                                                            projects coordinated with the School of Business. When Eric Gouvin, Associate
                                                            Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, observed that many of the
                                                            clients in the Small Business Clinic had a combination of business and legal
                                                            issues, he was inspired to expand the Clinic’s role. He teamed up with
                                                            colleagues in the School of Business to offer both legal and business consulting
                                                            through the clinic. Gouvin, along with business faculty Dr. Spotts, and Dr. James
                                                            McKeon, work together to advise students in the Small Business Clinic. This
                                                            collaboration is an outgrowth of their work on the combined JD/MBA program,
                                                            which gives students an important credential that is a significant advantage in
                                                            the corporate arena.
                                                                As the Small Business Clinic took root and won acclaim from students,
                                                            clients, and other support organizations, those involved decided to take the law
                                                            and business collaboration one step farther. Seeing a growing opportunity for
                                                            the College to nurture these businesses, they established the Western New
                                                            England College Law and Business Center for Advancing Entrepreneurship.

                                                         (Left) Dr. Spotts observes a typical student consultation.

10 N                                                                                                                  P E R S P E C T I V E S
(L to R) Keynote Speaker at
the Academic Conference,
Richard Walker III; Director
for the Law and Business
Center, Aimee Griffin
Munnings ’03; and Social
Entrepreneur Bill Strickland

Working together, Gouvin and Dr. Spotts leverage the resources of their              The students work on their respective tasks throughout the course,
schools, connecting knowledge and entrepreneurship to advance                   meeting with their faculty advisors and maintaining journals and time
economic development.                                                           sheets as though they were practicing lawyers and business consultants.
    The Center is presently housed in the Scibelli Enterprise Center in         At the final client meeting, students present their finished project, be it a
Springfield. The location provides close proximity to the facility’s entre-     contract, employee handbook, or marketing plan.
preneurs and is easily accessed by start-up business owners inquiring                Gouvin believes that “Learning to deal with clients while still in
about services. It also offers resources for Western New England                school is invaluable because the training that was once available in law
College’s Small Business Clinic, such as a conference room equipped             firms has changed considerably as the economics of law practice has
with video cameras to record student/client meetings for future critiquing      made it more and more difficult for practicing lawyers to spend time
by faculty advisors.                                                            training new associates.” Clients benefit by receiving free, high-quality,
    Initially funded by an anonymous grant, the Center opened in the fall       expert advice usually reserved for larger companies with bigger budgets.
of 2005. It enhances current alliances in the community and provides a          The satisfaction students get from helping people realize their dreams is
forum for new partnerships to develop. The Center will focus its efforts        an invaluable part of this unique learning experience.
on performing services for clients on both the legal and the business                The AACSB International Accreditation of the School of Business and
fronts, and also on providing learning opportunities through workshops,         the ABA Accreditation of the School of Law ensure the high quality of the
speaker series, and conferences. The Center also hosts a resource center        clinic’s consultation.
where potential clients can walk in and learn about the issues facing
small businesses.                                                               In addition to the Small Business Clinic, the Center offers a
    The Center’s Director, alumna Aimee Griffin Munnings ’03, has been          range of programs, including:
committed to small business development in greater Springfield for nearly       • The Speaker Series of free public lectures at the School of Law, focus-
a decade. She participated in the first Small Business Clinic and thinks the    ing on entrepreneurship and economic development issues. Social entre-
experience was the most relevant one she had while pursuing her law             preneur, Bill Strickland, launched the series in January with his talk on
degree. She believes bringing Western New England College and its               “Building Enterprise to Empower Community.” Other recent topics
surrounding community face to face is vitally important to economic             included “Achieving the Bottom Line: A Framework for Corporations
development in the region.                                                      Seeking to Deliver Profits and Public Services;” “Oppression of LLC
    In February 2006, the Center held an open house that invited members        Members;” and “Building Business from a Base of Strength.”
of the business and legal communities, public officials, students, faculty,
                                                                                • The Academic Conference entitled “Issues in Community Economic
administrators, and entrepreneurs to visit the facility. A panel of intellec-
                                                                                Development” which was held on March 24. The outstanding roster of
tual property law experts including Steven Wheelock ’98, Michelle Bugbee
                                                                                panelists and speakers made this event essential for anyone interested in
’00, and Pamela Chestek ’00, led an interactive discussion about how
                                                                                new business development and economic renewal in the Pioneer Valley.
entrepreneurs can legally protect their creative output and innovations.
                                                                                • The Extreme Business Makeover to be held on June 15, which will
Learning at the Intersection of Law and Business                                showcase a reworked business plan submitted by a local entrepreneur.
                                                                                The panelists will use their expertise to transform it into a finished prod-
    The Small Business Clinic, one of five clinics associated with the          uct, which will be unveiled at this event.
School of Law, is the cornerstone program of the Center. The Clinic pairs
                                                                                • The Workshop Series featuring short programs addressing topics of
students from the Schools of Law and Business to offer legal and busi-
                                                                                interest to entrepreneurs.
ness consultation to small businesses in the area. Areas of expertise
include legal advice in corporate and commercial law as well as business        • A referral network of attorneys and other professionals who are
advice on marketing, human resources, and competitive analysis. This            willing to take cases at a reduced fee or as a pro bono basis for the
combination of resources differentiates this Clinic from others around          businesses the Center cannot place in the Clinic.
the country.                                                                    • More than just a physical space, Munnings sees the Law and Business
    Potential clients go through an application and review process to           Center as symbolic of the College’s role in inspiring new business devel-
determine their eligibility. Once selected by the director of the Center, a     opment. She says, “It is less of a ‘center’ than it is a catalyst for change
team consisting of two law and two business students interviews clients.        in the community. It brings people together and infuses hope and oppor-
They conduct a thorough business analysis to determine the areas of             tunity into the surrounding area.” N
greatest need.
                                                                                       Learn more about the Western New England College Law
                                                                                       and Business Center for Advancing Entrepreneurship and
                                                                                       upcoming events at

     S P R I N G      2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                   N 11
       is there a
           by Bill Childs
 Assistant Professor of Law

                                          illions have enjoyed amusement park attrac-

                               M          tions for over a century. When an injury or
                                          death occurs on such attractions, people most
                                frequently file a civil lawsuit. In the past 20 years,
                                  however, criminal prosecutors increasingly have
                                   become involved, and some commentators suggest
                                   that there is a “growing threat” of criminal liability
                                   in the industry. After providing a brief history of
                                   these recent prosecutions, I discuss several factors
                                 to weigh in deciding whether these prosecutions
                              represent a trend.
12 N                                                                      P E R S P E C T I V E S
MAY 11, 1984                                                                   In “the first [case] in New Jersey and one of the first in the coun-
GREAT ADVENTURE HAUNTED HOUSE FIRE                                         try” in which companies in any industry had been charged crimi-
The earliest modern criminal prosecution involving amusement               nally with homicide, prosecutors charged two Six Flags corporate
attractions arose out of “the notorious fire of May 11, 1984” which        defendants with aggravated manslaughter and two members of
took the lives of eight young people in the “Haunted Castle” at Six        management with manslaughter. The grand jury also considered
Flags Great Adventure. The attraction consisted of 17 trailers con-        charges against, but ultimately did not indict, officials of Jackson
nected together behind a castle facade, filled with typical haunted        Township, issuing a presentment criticizing the township for being
house features. Early that May evening, a fire broke out, likely           “slipshod and ineffective” in enforcing the state’s code.
caused by a patron’s cigarette lighter igniting highly flammable               The criminal trial of the corporate defendants lasted for two
foam rubber. At the time, four employees and 16 visitors were              months. In closings, the prosecutor described the park’s manage-
inside the attraction. Eight died in the 2,000 degree fire, all found in   ment as “indifferent, reckless, greedy, and callous” in their decisions
a single trailer.                                                          not to install sprinklers or smoke. The defense, on the other hand,
    Township officials had inspected the attraction at the start of the    conceded that the park was wrong in believing that their efforts had
season and found that it complied with the building code, which,           been sufficient to prevent a fatal fire, but focused on the park’s good
because the attraction was a “temporary structure,” did not require,       faith efforts and the state’s failure to meet its burden of proving con-
for instance, smoke detectors or a sprinkler system. Reports indi-         scious disregard of the known risk. The jury acquitted the corporate
cated “deteriorating conditions” at the Castle, with an employee           defendants in July 1985. The individual defendants entered a pretrial
writing “forget it, too numerous to mention” on a safety report the        intervention program; after completing that program, the indict-
year prior, and employees evidently staging a walkout.                     ments were dismissed. Neither individual admitted any wrongdoing.

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                           N 13
  MARCH 19, 1998                                                            tion, and the unlicensed electrician who did the wiring had left the
  AUSTIN-TRAVIS COUNTY LIVESTOCK                                            grounding wire dangling at the pole. The electrician later stated that
  SHOW & RODEO IN TEXAS                                                     he assumed the ride was grounded elsewhere and that he didn’t
  REVERCHON HIMALAYA                                                        know what the green wire was for. While two state inspectors had
                                                                            inspected the ride and passed it as safe to operate two days before
  Fifteen-year-old Leslie Lane was ejected from a spinning
                                                                            the death, later investigation revealed that inspection to be superfi-
  “Himalaya” ride and flew into a wall, suffering fatal injuries. Ride
                                                                            cial and inadequate.
  inspectors approved the ride ten days earlier.
                                                                                The electrician, ride owner, and inspectors were all prosecuted.
      After initially returning and then dropping murder indictments
                                                                            A jury convicted the electrician of reckless homicide and involun-
  against nine individuals associated with B&B (the company that
                                                                            tary manslaughter and a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail.
  owned the ride), a grand jury indicted five people, including B&B’s
                                                                            The ride owner pleaded guilty to attempted involuntary
  vice president, and two corporations for manslaughter. The indict-
                                                                            manslaughter and sentenced to six months in jail. The inspectors
  ments alleged that the restraining lap bar was held in place by a
                                                                            eventually pleaded no contest to dereliction of duty and were each
  too-small pin (possibly made of an inadequate material), and that
                                                                            sentenced to 15 days in jail.
  the lap bar’s latch was insufficient. Prosecutors alleged (and the vice
  president admitted at his guilty plea) that he was aware of, but had
                                                                            SEPTEMBER 19, 2004
  not acted on, a California report ordering modifications to the
                                                                            SIZZLER— SHREWSBURY, MASSACHUSETTS
  Himalaya’s lap bar cotter.
      In November of 2000, the owner pleaded guilty to manslaughter         Andrew Fohlin, a resident of a group home in Massachusetts, was
  and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and six years of probation. He       thrown from a Wisdom Sizzler ride and killed at a festival at
  insisted that his decision was only based on the financial costs of       St. Mary’s Parish in Shrewsbury. State officials concluded that “an
  proceeding. At the end of his probationary period, the plea agree-        improperly replaced lap bar nut loosened, a bolt with its head
  ment provides that his conviction can be removed from his record.         removed gave way, and an undersized bolt sheared off.” Prosecu-
  B&B was fined $50,000. The inspector eventually also pleaded guilty       tors charged the supervisor of the ride with manslaughter. He
  to a misdemeanor and was fined $100, and his company pleaded              pleaded guilty in a plea agreement and received two and a half
  guilty to manslaughter and was fined $30,000. The inspector also          years of probation.
  insisted that he was not responsible for Ms. Lane’s death and that he
  pleaded guilty out of pragmatism.                                         IS THERE A TREND?
                                                                            In determining whether there is an industry-specific increase in
  MARCH 14, 2004                                                            criminal prosecutions, one needs to look at the increased atten-
  PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE HAWK                                              dance and ridership, greater press coverage, and the changed legal
                                                                            context after high-profile corporate prosecutions.
  Early in the afternoon of March 14, June Carol Alexander, with
  her son and sister, boarded the Hawk (a ride that lifted patrons
                                                                            ATTENDANCE TRENDS
  around 75 feet in the air, hanging upside-down) at Rockin’ Race-
                                                                            Fixed-site park attendance has grown from 253 million visitors
  way in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. When at the top of the ride’s
                                                                            in 1990 to 328 million in 2004, a 30 percent increase. Today, 350
  cycle, her restraint failed and she fell 60 to 65 feet to her death.
                                                                            million people visit carnivals every year, and presumably that
  Inspections revealed “jumper cables” in the ride’s control box that
                                                                            attendance is also growing. The number of injuries has also
  permitted the ride to operate without all of the restraints properly
                                                                            increased, though the limited data suggest that the rate of injuries
  in place. According to testimony at trial, a similar incident had
                                                                            is probably not a great deal higher (if at all).
  occurred a year prior, but the patron held himself in place when
  his restraint failed.
                                                                            ADDITIONAL PRESS
     The manager of the park, Charles Stan Martin, was charged with
                                                                            The proliferation of cable news and Internet news sources provides
  second-degree murder and reckless homicide. Prosecutors
                                                                            extensive coverage of such accidents and a greater opportunity
  contended that Martin at least knew of the jumpers or placed them
                                                                            for elected officials to gain public exposure by responding with
  himself. Martin denied having placed the jumpers in the control
                                                                            legislation or criminal prosecution. Officials seeking to expand
  box and suggested that the manufacturer had done so.
                                                                            regulations have indeed publicized incidents such as those above.
      The televised trial lasted four days and included 26 witnesses
  and a video showing how the ride could be operated without the
                                                                            CORPORATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS GENERALLY
  restraints in place. The jury convicted Martin of reckless homicide
                                                                            Massive corporate scandals, epitomized by Enron and WorldCom,
  but acquitted him of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to
                                                                            have led prosecutors to think more seriously about the criminal
  four years of probation and 200 hours of community service.
                                                                            prosecution of business entities and associated individuals. The
                                                                            increase in amusement park prosecutions may thus be part of a
  AUGUST 13, 2003                                                           broad, general trend, not specific to the amusement park industry.
  Eight-year-old Greyson Yoe was electrocuted while waiting to get on       INVESTIGATION VERSUS INDICTMENT
  the “Scooters” bumper car ride at the Lake County Fair in north-          In the full version of this paper (available at my website), I explore
  eastern Ohio. The fair operator had not obtained a permit for             additional incidents where police and prosecutors conducted
  wiring the ride, a licensed electrician did not inspect the connec-       criminal investigations following a serious amusement ride injury

14 N    w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                    P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                               Faculty Article
or death but did not bring criminal charges. This history suggests                                                                     by Bill Childs
that there have long been criminal investigations and that the                                                              Assistant Professor of Law
trend—if there is one at all—can perhaps most usefully be under-
stood as a trend in deciding to bring formal charges and prosecute
rather than simply to investigate.

More prosecutors are charging a wider array of people with crimes
based on injuries or deaths at amusement attractions. There are several
explanations for what appears to be a trend—an increase in attendance
(and thus an increase in injuries or deaths that could result in
charges); increased press relating to amusement injuries;
a general increase in criminal prosecutions of corpo-
rations and other businesses.
If we further consider
the incidence of criminal
investigations together
with criminal prosecu-
                                                   Bill Childs’ Wild Ride
tions, the trend may
not be as stark as it
appears. Put another
way, prosecutors have
been paying attention all
along. These explana-
tions together suggest
that the “growing threat”
of criminal liability has
little to do with the
amusement industry in
particular and more to
do with external trends
and forces. N
                                  The thrills, the highs, the lows, the unexpected            coasters—and, more specifically coaster and amuse-
                                  twists and turns…it’s no wonder Bill Childs is              ment park safety and liability issues. Recently he made
                                  passionate about the field of law.                          a presentation on the topic “Criminal Prosecutions and
The original version of this            Bill’s journey to Western New England College         the Amusement Industry—Is There a Trend?” at the
paper was prepared for the        School of Law began as a political science major at         2006 International Amusement & Leisure Defense
first annual legal symposium      Macalester College. From there he went on to earn his       Association Symposium.
of the International Amuse-
                                  J.D. with high honors from University of Texas School           A lifelong fan of roller coasters, Bill is sought after
ment and Leisure Defense                                                                      for his expertise about the amusement park industry.
                                  of Law where he was Chief Articles Editor for the
Association; that longer and                                                                  He has been quoted by the Springfield Republican, the
                                  Texas Law Review and a member of the research staff
more detailed version, which                                                                  Worcester Telegram & Gazette, and the Pittsburgh Tri-
includes complete footnotes, is   for Michael Tigar, lead counsel for Terry Nichols,
                                  defendant in the Oklahoma City Bombing case.                bune-Review. Last semester, Bill took an unusual trip
available at Professor Childs’s                                                               to Holiday World in southern Indiana. He says, “They
website,              After law school, Bill served as a Law Clerk for
                                  Chief Judge James M. Rosenbaum, United States Dis-          are building a huge new wooden coaster. They asked
Thanks to Margaret R. Solis
                                  trict Court for the District of Minnesota. Then he joined   about a dozen people to be on a ‘secret committee’ to
2L for superb research assis-
                                  the Washington, DC law firm of Williams & Connolly          give feedback on various potential features and
tance and to Professor Chad
Emerson at Faulkner Univer-       as an associate attorney, working principally in mass       designs. Discovery Channel flew some of us out there
sity Jones School of Law for      tort and intellectual property litigation. His research     to be interviewed for a show that will air sometime in
the invitation to participate     and teaching interests include intellectual property,       the next few months.” The 6,442 foot long coaster,
in the symposium.                 mass tort litigation, and complex litigation.               known as The Voyage, is being billed as “The world’s
                                       Bill’s publications include The Implementation of      top airtime wooden coaster” with a total of 24 seconds
                                  FDA Determination in Litigation—Why Do We Defer to          of weightlessness.
                                  the PTO but Not to the FDA? (5 MINN. INTELL. PROP.              Bill also offers his opinions through his Internet
                                  REV. 155, 2004), The Intersection of Preemptory             blogs. He is the editor of TortsProf Blog, part of the
                                  Challenges, Challenges for Cause, and Harmless Error        LawProfessorBlogs network, as well as his own web-
                                  (27, AM. J. CRIM. L. 49, 1999), and the forthcoming         site,, which offers amusement park
                                  When Criminal and Tort Law Incentives Run Into Tight        safety oriented information. He and his six year-old
                                  Budgets and Regulatory Discretion (34 CAP. U.L. REV.).      daughter, Ella, host a weekly radio show, “Spare the
                                       He has also found outlets through his scholarship      Rock, Spoil the Child,” on Valley Free Radio, 103.3 FM
                                  to pursue one of his many other passions—roller             in the Pioneer Valley.

    S P R I N G      2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                N 15
                                           from the
                                                  By Debra Whittemore

16   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                 P E R S P E C T I V E S
W                     hen asked to share the
                    greatest benefit of the judi-
                   cial clerkship he performed
                  in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court
 a few years ago, Paul Leoni ’02 answers with
 enthusiasm and without hesitation.
     “There is nothing better or more fulfilling
                                                           Shana-Tara Regon ’03 was excited to clerk
                                                      for the Connecticut Supreme Court, often the
                                                      “last stop” for cases that have been appealed
                                                      and in the legal system for years. “Knowing
                                                      that the issues I was being asked to assist
                                                      with were quite often the last chance for
                                                      litigants was very compelling,” she says.
                                                                                                                 Students vying for judicial clerkships are
                                                                                                             well aware of what’s at stake and the potential
                                                                                                             doors that may open for them, should they
                                                                                                             secure a clerkship. Indeed, competition for
                                                                                                             clerkships can be fierce, and the application
                                                                                                             process is arduous and at times complicated.
                                                                                                             The School of Law’s Office of Career Services
 than having access to a master’s mind,” says              “Through my clerkship, I learned how to           works to help ease some of the trepidation
 Leoni, now an attorney with WolfBlock in             approach an argument,” Leoni recalls. “I               students feel when beginning the process.
 Boston, “and a federal judge is a master of          learned what the judge responds to—and                     “We encourage students to clerk and
 the law.”                                            that no one likes a sloppy lawyer. And I had           assist them in all phases of the application
     Each year School of Law graduates com-           the luxury of being able to do purely research         process,” says Olearcek. Career Services staff
 pete with thousands nationally to seize this         and writing, spending hour upon hour in the            members provide one-to-one counseling,
 highly coveted opportunity to learn “straight        minutiae of the law.”                                  help students narrow down where to apply,
 from the master.” While the prestige of a                 Research and writing are themes that              review résumés and cover letters, and assist
 judicial clerkship is part of its appeal—most        surface again and again with any discussion of         students with preparing for interviews.
 potential employers greatly value clerkship          judicial clerkships. School of Law graduates say       A panel of former clerks also visits the
 experience—the prospect of immersing                 that outstanding writing skills and a dedication       School of Law each year to discuss their
 themselves in the law, honing their research         to meticulous research are absolutely vital to         clerkship experiences and offer pointers on
 and writing skills, and working at a judge’s         being considered for a clerkship position.             the application process.
 side for a year or more is most tantalizing for           Maniscalchi, who was a self-employed                  Leoni is one of the former clerks who
 students.                                            writer for 20 years before applying to law             ventures back to the School of Law to talk
     “A clerkship is a unique training experi-        school, has come to realize that her previous          about his clerkship and professional life
 ence,” says Sandra Olearcek ’96, Assistant           experience has left her well prepared for a            thereafter. When looking back at his own
 Dean and Director of Career Services for the         job that relates so much to writing.                   journey through the application process,
 School of Law. “It’s an intellectual endeavor.                                                              including a “very intimidating” meeting with
 Clerks learn to analyze and to interpret the                                                                the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme
 law and gain unparalleled knowledge about a                 School of L aw                                  Court, “Everyone at the School of Law was
 judge’s decision-making and the judicial                                                                    very accessible, very helpful, and very knowl-
 process. The opportunity to gain a lifelong                                                                 edgeable,” he says. “They always made sure
 mentor is also part of the appeal as many
                                                                   graduates                                 I had the information I needed.”
 judges serve as mentors to their clerks well                                                                    Maniscalchi echoes, “I had outstanding
 beyond the clerkship. From the judge’s point
                                                           participating in                                  instruction, and I really appreciated the level
 of view, clerks bring a fresh perspective on                                                                of expertise and accessibility of my professors
 issues and are some of the best and brightest
                                                         this opportunit y-                                  throughout the process. At many law
 law students.”                                                                                              schools, you need to make appointments.
     Similar to the national average, about              of-a-lifetime have                                  Here, I could stop by their offices, and if
 11 percent of our graduating classes go on                                                                  I needed help, they would help.”
 to obtain judicial clerkship positions in trial,         a front row seat                                       School of Law graduates conclude their
 appellate, and specialized courts regionally and                                                            clerkships confident that they’ve gained a
 nationally. Graduates have completed clerk-                as the l aw from                                 wealth of insight and hands-on experience
 ships in many of the Massachusetts courts,                                                                  that will be applicable throughout their legal
 including the Supreme Judicial Court, Appeals             their te xtbooks                                  careers. Consequently, many look back at
 Court, and Massachusetts Trial Courts, as well                                                              their law school education as excellent
 as in many Connecticut, Rhode Island, New                       comes alive                                 preparation not only for their clerkship, but
 Jersey, and New York courts and as far away as                                                              for a bright future in the law.
 Alaska. Some have clerked as high as the U.S.                                                                   “It was a lot of work, it required a lot of
 Court of Appeals level.                              “That and the Legal Research and Writing               focus, but I felt well prepared for my clerkship
     As their days fill with observing argu-          course required during my first year at the            and business in general,” says Maniscalchi.
 ments, discussing cases, and researching             School of Law were key,” she says.                         Regon, now a litigation associate with
 the law, graduates quickly discover that                 Regon also had a writing background,               Shipman & Goodwin, hopes that even more
 clerkships are an exhilarating first glimpse at      earning an MFA in Fiction Writing, prior to            School of Law students will take advantage
 the real world application of individual sub-        attending law school to find a more practical          of clerkships.
 jects they’ve studied for three or four years.       outlet for her skill and passion.                          “There are myriad opportunities out
     “In school, you’re learning about each               “My clerkship was like going through               there—they should reach for them,” she
 topic separately,” says Deena Maniscalchi ’05,       another three years of law school because              says. “I found that my education at the
 currently clerking for the Massachusetts             it was such an intense legal research and              School of Law had perfectly equipped me for
 Superior Court, “but during your clerkship,          writing experience,” she says. “They are your          the rigors and discipline I needed at the
 you get to see how the different types of laws       two most important skills as an attorney, and          Connecticut Supreme Court. I could not
 work, and how it all fits together. The law is       when you leave the clerkship with that kind            have been better prepared.” N
 a big, big system of thought.”                       of experience, you’re ahead of the game.”

                            Pictured at left: Deena Maniscalchi ’05 with Judge Mary-Lou Rup ’78 of the Massachusetts Superior Court

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                           N 17
             by Mary Mazzaferro

                                                          LL.M. in Estate
                                                           Planning and
                                                            Elder Law

                                                                                                   Attorney Hyman G. Darling ’76, Adjunct Professor of Law

       Attorney Richard C. Martin, Adjunct Professor of Law

                                                              William G. Baker, Professor of Law

                                 ith interest exceeding expectations, the newly launched LL.M.

       W                         in Estate Planning and Elder Law is proof positive that the School
                                 administration has made an excellent choice for its first ever
                                 master of laws degree.
            Rather than developing a program strictly about taxation, Dean Gaudio and his administration looked carefully at the
            program’s target audience, the country’s changing demographics, and competing programs.
               Their research led them to broaden the scope of the School’s first post-graduate degree, offering an Estate Planning and
            Elder Law program that is among only three in the country. The program capitalizes on some of the School’s strongest
            areas of expertise while satisfying a growing demand for educational opportunities in this fast-growing specialty.

18 N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                 P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                   LL.M. Exceeds Expectations

                                                                     “This is such a highly complex specialty.
                                                                     Typically, it takes 10 to 15 years to acquire
                                                                     the level of proficiency that we are able to
                                                                     provide for our students through the program.
                                                                     This expertise will greatly enhance their ability
                                                                     to help their clients make informed decisions.”
                                                                      Fred Royal, Director

       Planning to roll out the program conservatively with a            of excellence. There’s also a really great range of students
   projected first semester enrollment of 10-15 students,                in our class. Everyone brings a different perspective and
   Program Director and Professor of Law Fred Royal, was                 expertise to presentations from veteran’s issues to trusts
   pleasantly surprised to find that applications surpassed pre-         for people with disabilities. It’s wonderfully interactive.”
   dictions. Last fall, the School decided to expand enrollment                                             Other students travel north
   to 19 students and approved the creation of a wait list for                                          from Connecticut, including
   applicants looking to enter in the fall of 2006.                                                     Kelley Peck ’97 of Hartford.
       The LL.M. in Estate Planning and Elder Law has wide-                                                   She says, “Clients are
   ranging appeal, attracting both new attorneys in solo                                                savvier today; they are looking
   practice eager to develop a niche specialty and seasoned                                             specialist not general practi-
   lawyers looking to enhance their expertise.                                                          tioners when it comes to estate
         The program has attracted students from throughout                                             planning. Having an LL.M.
   the Northeast. With evening hours and extensive use of the                                           degree is one way to distin-
   Internet to supplement communication between faculty and                                             guish yourself in this specialty.
   students, the program is designed to fit the busy schedules                                               “I come from a fairly
   of working attorneys, including those who travel long                                                sophisticated estate planning
   distances to attend class.                                                                           practice, so I am looking for
       Solo practitioner Margot Parrot ’03,                                                             the LL.M. to make me an even
   travels from West Tisbury, MA, on                                                                    better practitioner. In the first
   Martha’s Vineyard to Springfield to                                                                  three months of class, I feel
                                                                              Kelley Peck ’97
   attend class.                                                                                        that I have already learned a
       Parrot says, “The LL.M. program                                          lifetime’s worth. The program has opened my eyes
   provides the perfect niche to expand                                         to new opportunities and enabled me to see things
   my practice to offer complex estate                                          differently. The School has always done an excellent
   planning to seniors and small business                                       job of blending theory with practical application.
   owners here on the Vineyard.                                                 And that’s important in a specialty in which the
       “I commuted to Springfield both for                                      laws are always changing.” N
   my J.D. and now for my LL.M. because
                                                                                  To learn more about the program, visit
   I can’t imagine a law school with a
                                                                         or call Professor Royal at telephone:
   more student-centered program. The                                             413-782-1422 or by email at
   faculty provides such personal attention
   while still maintaining high standards
                                                              Margot Parrot ’03

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                          N 19
       The Science of Blending


20 N                                   P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                      By Patricia Gagnon
Faculty Profile:
  Professor of Law Katharine Van Tassel

                        “One of the most dynamic and fascinating areas of the law is
                        the growing interrelation between healthcare providers and
                        the legal system,” explains Associate Professor Katharine Van
                        Tassel. “I started my career in healthcare over 20 years ago and
                        the change in the role the legal system plays in the delivery of
                        healthcare is remarkable.”
Katharine Van Tassel’s career began in             Health providers are becoming more reliant         member of Baystate’s Institutional Review
healthcare at Case Western Reserve Univer-         on lawyers to help them navigate this new          Board, which is charged with reviewing pro-
sity where she earned a B.S.N. and R.N. from       legal maze.”                                       posals involving human experiments of new
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.                Van Tassel also stated that “one of my         drugs and devices for compliance with regula-
Prior to switching careers, she practiced as       goals in coming to Western New England             tions, common law, and ethics. “By reaching
an Advanced Clinical Nurse in hematology-          College was to create a curriculum that pre-       out to the local medical community, I hope to
oncology at Rainbow Babies and Children’s,         pares our graduates to meet the sophisticated      facilitate the creation of externships for stu-
a world-renowned pediatric cancer center,          legal needs of healthcare providers and regu-      dents who are interested in practicing in the
working to put herself through law school.         lators. I am pleased to report that we are well    area of health law.”
“I am proud to have been a member of the           on our way to achieving this goal.”                    Van Tassel is also involved on the state
team that performed one of the first bone              The School of Law now offers six health        and national level. She was recently
marrow transplants.”                               law courses covering the physician-patient         appointed as a Commissioner of the Cervical
    Professor Van Tassel received her J.D.         relationship, business entities, government        Cancer Special Commission, House of Repre-
from Case Western’s School of Law. After           delivery of healthcare, medical technologies,      sentatives, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
graduation, she clerked for U.S. District          biotechnology, public health, and bioethics.       She also presented her scholarship in the area
Court Judge William K. Thomas. After                   The students have responded enthusiasti-       of biotechnology at the annual products lia-
working with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey,            cally to this new career path by organizing to     bility conference of the Food & Drug Law
she became Managing Partner of Van Tassel          create the student Health Law Association          Institute (the teaching arm of the F.D.A.) in
& Associates, a 13-lawyer firm representing        (HLA). Together with Van Tassel, the HLA           Washington, DC.
healthcare entities and physicians in both         instituted a speaker series that has included a        Van Tassel said the addition of Associate
general corporate and malpractice litigation.      nationally recognized geneticist on the politi-    Professor Barbara Noah will bring further
The firm also represented Fortune 500 com-         cal and ethical issues surrounding research        attention to health law studies at the School.
panies in state litigation and federal multi-      involving stem cells, and Elaine Kolish ’80 the    “She has a national reputation as a cutting-
district litigation in product liability cases     Associate Director of the Enforcement Divi-        edge health law scholar, and brings a wealth
filed across the country.                          sion of the FTC, on the prosecution of false       of experience and knowledge about healthcare
    “Our firm tried cases in international liti-   claims for drugs, devices, and dietary supple-     delivery. I think she would agree that we have
gation as well. Traveling to Japan to take the     ments. The HLA also plans to start a health        a wonderful synergy, and are both interested
deposition of the CEO of a large manufac-          law newsletter, provide job search support for     in the laws relating to emerging biotechnolo-
turing concern is one of my most memo-             health law students, and begin networking          gies and ethical issues raised by novel modes
rable experiences. It was exciting, but            with Western New England College law               of reproduction, cloning, genetic testing, stem
eventually I realized what I enjoyed most          alums practicing health law.                       cell research, organ donation, and end of life
was teaching new attorneys the art of prac-            “Furthermore,” adds Van Tassel, “to            decision making and euthanasia.”
ticing law.”                                       enhance the reputation of our newly devel-             This synergy is already apparent as Van
    Since joining the Western New England          oped health law curriculum, I am working to        Tassel and Noah are acting together as arti-
College School of Law in 2001 as an Assis-         build credibility as both a specialist in health   cle coordinators for a Western New England
tant Professor of Law, Van Tassel has focused      law and as a health law scholar. To that end,      Law Review symposium focusing on politics
on developing the health law curriculum.           I’ve enrolled in the M.P.H. program at Har-        and health law. Publication is planned for
“Healthcare is the fastest growing industry        vard and expect to complete my degree in           the spring of 2007.
in the country. This growth, coupled with          2007. In addition, my publishing has focused           On a more personal note, Van Tassel
the rapid advancements in both science-            primarily on health and biotechnology law,         shares that, now that she has received tenure
based medicine and medical technologies            with more articles in a similar vein in the        and a promotion to full professor, she can
has spawned a labyrinth of new legal rules         pipeline.”                                         turn some of her attention to starting a family.
and regulations. This mushrooming body of              Van Tassel is also working to develop ties     “There are more than 750,000 children in
law deals not only with traditional issues of      with the local medical community by making         Ethiopia who have been orphaned as a result
professional liability, but also with every        numerous presentations on health law and           of AIDS. My heart goes out to them.” Profes-
facet of modern medical organizations–from         bioethics at medical conferences. She is a         sor Van Tassel is currently involved in
financing and oversight to accountability for      member of several ethics committees at             adoption plans for at least two orphaned
business decisions and social responsibilities.    Baystate Health System, and has served as a        Ethiopian children in the coming year. N

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                              N 21
                                  Beth Cohen, Assistant Pro-                                      Eric Gouvin, Associate
                                  fessor of Law and Director of                                   Dean for Academic Affairs
                                  the Legal Research and Writ-                                    and Professor of Law, has
                                  ing Program, is serving on                                      been appointed cochair of
                                  the editorial advisory panel                                    the New Developments
                                  for The Redbook: A Manual                                       Subcommittee of the Task
                                  on Legal Style. She has also                                    Force on Director and Offi-           presented the paper at the International
                                  signed on to participate in                                     cer Liability at the spring           Contracts Conference in Fort Worth, TX, in
                “Pro Bono Professors,” a project launched                                         meeting of the American               February 2006, as part of a panel discussion
                under the auspices of the Stanford Univer-                        Bar Association’s Business Law Section in             on the Boundaries of Contract Law.
                sity’s Center on Ethics to provide assistance to                  Nashville, TN.
                nonprofit public interest legal organizations.                                                                                            Bruce Miller, Professor of
                                                                                                                    Jennifer                              Law, along with Arthur
                                  Jamison Colburn, Associate                                                        Levi, Assis-                          Wolf, Professor of Law,
                                  Professor of Law, has been                                                        tant Profes-                          conducted a seminar on
                                  named Vice Chair of the                                                           sor of Law,                           selected topics for the
                                  American Bar Association’s                                                        along with                            Attorney General’s Insti-
                                  Task Force on the intersec-                                                       Sam Stone-                            tute. The A.G. Institute was
                                  tion of constitutional and                                                        field, Associ-                        established by Attorney
                                  environmental law and is                                                          ate Dean for                          General Tom Reilly to bring
                                  also a contributing editor to                                                     External            experts to the A.G.’s office in Boston to con-
                                  the task force’s newsletter.                    Affairs and Professor of Law, spoke at Smith          duct seminars on legal issues of interest to the
                The hearings on the Alito nomination have                         College in Northampton, MA. Their speech              attorneys who work in the office.
                focused much attention on the nominee’s                           was entitled “Does it Matter What the Consti-
                philosophy of federalism and federal legisla-                     tution Says? Enumerated Rights, Unenumer-                               Arthur Wolf, Professor of
                tive power, due in part to how important Jus-                     ated Rights, and Judicial Philosophies.”                                Law and Director of the
                tice O’Connor’s vote has been on such issues                                                                                              Institute for Legislative and
                over the last decade. Most recently the                                                 Jennifer Martin, Associate                        Governmental Affairs,
                Supreme Court granted certiorari in two cases                                           Professor of Law, has written                     served as moderator for the
                involving the commerce clause and the scope                                             a paper entitled “An Emerg-                       tenth annual Supreme
                of the Clean Water Act.                                                                 ing Worldwide Standard for                        Court Review Conference
                                                                                                        Protections of Consumers in                       held at the School of Law.
                                                                                                        the Sale of Goods: Did We
                                                                                                        Miss an Opportunity with
                                                                                                        Revised UCC Article 2?” She

                                                 Alumni Volunteers Open a World of Opportunity

               Our alumni are the bridge from the classroom to their professions. You can help students realize their potential by offer-
               ing mentoring, networking, or employment opportunities. Let your success today help open doors for others tomorrow.

               Yes, please contact me to discuss how                         Name______________________________________________Grad Year __________________
               I can assist students as:
               K    An Alumni Mentor                                         Title ____________________________________________ Employer __________________
               K    An Alumni Contact Files Participant
               K    An Alumni-in-Admissions Volunteer                        Address ________________________________________________________________________
               K    An Externship Sponsor
                                                                             City ______________________________________________ State________ Zip __________
               K    A Chapter Organizer
               K    A Class Agent
                                                                             Phone ____________________________________________ Email______________________
               K    A Prospective Employer

               Send a copy of this form to: Office of Law Alumni Relations, Western New England College School of Law,
               1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-2684

            F o r d e t a i l s o n t h e s e o p p o r t u n i t i e s , v i s i t w w w. l a w. w n e c . e d u / a l u m n i .

22 N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                                                         P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                               Faculty and Staff in the News


      William Childs           10/30/05   Worcester Telegram             Carnival Ride Safety
                               10/30/05   Boston Globe                   Carnival Ride Safety
                               10/30/05   The Republican                 Carnival Ride Safety
                               10/30/05   Associated Press               Carnival Ride Safety
                               12/22/05   Worcester Telegram & Gazette   Carnival Ride Safety

      Jamison Colburn          8/14/05    The Republican                 Water Pollution
                               10/30/05   The Republican                 Supreme Court Review Conference

      Arthur Gaudio            9/2/05     WWLP TV-22                     Hurricane Katrina—Law Students

      Eric Gouvin              9/6/05     Western MA Law Tribune         Hurricane Katrina—Law Students
                               9/25/05    The Republican                 Lawyers as Legislators
                               10/3/05    BusinessWest                   Center for Entrepreneurship
                               10/26/05   The Republican                 Law and Business Center

      Leora Harpaz             10/5/05    WHMP AM                        Supreme Court—Harriet Miers
                               10/30/05   The Republican                 Supreme Court Review Conference
                               10/31/05   WHYN AM 560                    Supreme Court Alito Nomination
                               1/12/06    WHMP AM                        Supreme Court Alito Nomination

      Michael Johnson          9/12/05    Western MA Law Tribune         Law School Admissions
                               1/21/06    WSHM-TV 3                      Minority Law Day Workshop

      Arthur Leavens           10/30/05   The Republican                 Supreme Court Review Conference

      Jennifer Levi            8/21/05    The Republican                 Gay Marriage Ballot Question

      Bruce Miller             9/11/05    The Republican                 Patriot Act/Sept. 11 Anniversary
                               10/2/05    Connecticut Post               Patriot Act and Libraries
                               10/30/05   The Republican                 Supreme Court Review Conference

      Aimee Griffin Munnings   10/3/05    BusinessWest                   Center for Entrepreneurship
                               10/26/05   The Republican                 Law and Business Center
                               11/16/05   The Republican                 Munnings/Law and Business Center

      Barbara Noah             12/6/05    WHYN AM 560                    Right to Die Case

      Fred Royal               12/26/05   BusinessWest                   LL.M. in Estate Planning and Elder Law

      Sam Stonefield           9/7/05     WHYN AM 560                    Fingerprint Evidence

      Arthur Wolf              9/7/05     The Republican                 Legislative Internship
                               9/19/05    WGGB TV-40                     Supreme Court Forum
                               9/30/05    WWLP TV-22                     Supreme Court Vacancy
                               10/3/05    WGGB TV-40                     Supreme Court—Harriet Miers
                               10/20/05   Wilbraham Times                Supreme Court Conference
                               12/5/05    WAMC                           Teen Mall Restrictions

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                             N 23
   Student Spotlight: Rob Luckritz

24 N                                 P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                               by Patricia Gagnon

                 A Calling For
                Emergency Care
        he day after Hurricane                  them for 30 seconds to a few minutes. In        help you develop into an all around good
                                                my paramedic work, I get a bit more time        person,” says Rob. He cites Professors Jami-
        Katrina hit the Gulf Coast,             w ith patients . Sometimes up to a half         son Colburn and Katharine Van Tassel as
        Rob Luckritz 3L was in the              hour,” says Rob who is an EMT for North         being faculty who have been supportive
middle of what he calls a “life                 Adams Ambulance.                                and strong influences on him.
                                                    “I enjoy disaster preparedness, but my           Rob maintains a busy schedule. He
changing experience”—caring for                 true heart lies in paramedic work,” says        attends classes at the School of Law during
hurricane victims from his medic                Rob. Born and raised in New Jersey, Rob         the day, teaches paramedic classes in the
                                                received his B.S. degree in Emergency           evenings, and works as a paramedic on the
base at New Orleans International
                                                Medical Services Management from Spring-        weekends. “During my down time at work,
Airport. Rob is a member of disas-              field College in 2003. He began thinking        I do a lot of studying. I give myself a few
ter medical teams for FEMA and                  about studying law to support the profes-       hours every day to do school work. But I
                                                sion he loves.                                  leave Sundays for myself, I try not to be
has been on-call three months out                   “There is limited leadership for EMTs       working. That’s my day to go out with my
of the year for FEMA since 2002.                and no lobbying groups. I don’t think peo-      friends or stay in and watch TV,” he says.
“We were so overwhelmed when                    ple can determine if E M Ts fall under

                                                healthcare or public safety,” explains Rob.
we got there. We would treat                    “They are very poorly paid. I know people         “There is limited leadership
10,000 patients a day, 1,000                    who start a heart and place an IV in a per-
                                                son and then go home and struggle to put
                                                                                                  for EMTs and no lobbying
patients an hour, between a couple              food on the table. People can forget the          groups. I don’t think people
hundred doctors, nurses, and para-              importance of our work and think all we do        can determine if EMTs fall
medics,” Rob recalls. Rob’s team                is drive people to the hospital. I would like
                                                to use my degree to impact public policy,
                                                                                                  under healthcare or public
worked 12-hour shifts, working                  lobby legislation and government regula-          safety.”
noon to midnight. At the end of his             tions to get better wages and better com-
                                                pensation for EMS workers,” he says.
shift he would curl up to sleep on                  With that mission Rob chose to enroll at    “People ask me if being a paramedic is
the airport baggage carousel.                   Western New England College School of           stressful, but our training includes how to
                                                Law. “I enjoyed the area from when I went       balance that stress and how to manage it,”
“We triaged the patients until they could be    to school here for my undergraduate             says Rob. “Being a paramedic gives me the
transported out. The more critical patients     degree. What I really liked about Western       opportunity to make a difference at a time
would be taken by military jets to hospitals    New England College was its atmosphere.         when people are truly in need. To see peo-
around the country. I really didn’t have        The professors and staff are family-oriented    ple’s reaction on their faces, the relief
time to get to know my patients, their          and really care about you as a person. They     when they see us come through the door, it
names, or their background. I would see         don’t just care about grades; they want to      balances those other days.” N

                                               Name: Rob Luckritz 3L
                                               Education: B.S., Emergency Medical Services
                                               Management, Springfield College, 2003
                                               NREMT-T (Paramedic)

  S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                N 25
         by Professor Arthur D. Wolf, Director

       Institute for Legislative and
       Governmental Affairs Summary
       of Programs Fall 2005

       D          URING THE FALL TERM, 2005,
                  the Legislative Institute sponsored
                  three programs on the United States
       Supreme Court, three Continuing Legal Educa-
       tion sessions, and a sitting of the Massachusetts
                                                                           Semester CLEs
                                                                           With the Massachusetts Bar Association and our Office of Alumni
                                                                           Relations, the Institute hosted three Continuing Legal Education
                                                                           (CLE) programs, which were open to the entire bar with special
                                                                           admission rates for School of Law graduates and students. The
       Appeals Court. With the retirement of Justice                       semester CLEs began with the long-awaited program on the
       Sandra Day O’Connor and the passing of Chief                        recent revisions to the Federal Bankruptcy Code (the changes
       Justice William Rehnquist, President Bush nomi-                     were pending in Congress for over five years). Under the exper-
                                                                           tise and guiding hand of Federal Bankruptcy Judge Henry Boroff,
       nated his first justices to the Supreme Court,                      the Institute hosted the “Fourth Annual Recent Developments in
       Judges John Roberts and Samuel Alito. The Insti-                    Bankruptcy.” Bankruptcy judges and practitioners conducted a
       tute sponsored two seminars on the nomination                       full day seminar on the extensive amendments Congress made to
       and confirmation process, exploring the historical                  the Bankruptcy Code in 2005. The Institute also hosted two other
       and contemporary issues that have arisen in the                     CLE programs: “A Civil Practice in Housing Court” and “Handling
       appointment of justices to our highest court.                       Depositions.” Again with a distinguished faculty of judges and
                                                                           attorneys, the audience learned firsthand from key players in two
       In these two sessions, Professors James Gordon,                     important areas of civil litigation.
       Leora Harpaz, Bruce Miller, and Art Wolf
       explored the wide range of questions associated
       with the appointment process.

       Supreme Court Review Conference
       The Institute sponsored the Tenth Annual Supreme Court
       Review Conference, which focused on the important decisions
       of the Court during the October 2004 term, and assessed the
       direction the Court may take under Chief Justice Roberts.
       Professor Leora Harpaz, who first began the conference
       10 years ago, presented the decisions on race and religion.
       Professor Jamie Colburn discussed the Court’s land use opin-
       ions, principally the Kelo case from New London, CT, the emi-
       nent domain case that has sparked such controversy.

       Professor Arthur Leavens explored the criminal law decisions,
                                                                         Massachusetts Appeals Court
       particularly as they related to sentencing, search and seizure,   Finally, the Institute along with the Office of Career Services hosted
       and the death penalty. Finally, Professor Bruce Miller examined   the semi-annual sitting at the School of Law of the Massachusetts
       two interesting federalism decisions involving the medical use    Appeals Court, with the Honorable Judges Barbara Lenk (presiding),
       of marijuana and interstate wine sales. The program concluded     Kent Smith, and Andre Gelinas. As usual, the docket consisted
       with a panel discussion of the direction the Court may take       largely of criminal law cases with an occasional argument in a civil
       under Chief Justice Roberts. Professor Art Wolf moderated the     matter. We were privileged to have the Court join us for lunch after
       Review Conference.                                                the hearings.

26 N    w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                 P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                Development Report
                                                                                                                By Keith McKittrick

Law School Alumni Answer the Call!
                his fall and spring, our law students contacted more than 1,000 alumni to explain the reasons

                for making a charitable contribution to Western New England College School of Law. The
                alumni responded with a 40 percent increase in giving over the previous year. Our fall
                Phonathon netted $22,500 in pledges from 245 alumni (the final numbers will be known on
                June 30, 2006 when the fiscal year closes). This spring, the students are extremely close
                to the Phonathon goal of 500 pledges from Law Alumni (the Phonathon ended March 9,
                2006). We are rapidly approaching the 15 percent mark for alumni participation. The impor-
tance of alumni giving when considered by foundations, corporations, and other donors cannot be under-
stated. Less than 10 years ago, Western New England College School of Law was ranked number three in the
country in terms of student satisfaction in a national law school publication. Many publications use the
percentage of alumni that give to their alma maters to gauge customer satisfaction. Let’s send a message
that Western New England College School of Law is a great law school and is worthy of supporting.
There is still plenty of time to participate in the Law School Fund. You may make a gift online
by visiting and choosing “Giving Back,” by calling 413-782-1523, or by mailing
your gift to the Office of Law School Development, 1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119.

  For One Student, the Phonathon is All in the Family                                                              Keith McKittrick
                                                                                                                   Director of Law School
  During the spring phonathon, one of our callers, Holen Brady 1L had the option of not only calling               Development
  one family member, but three! Holen’s parents John Brady ’74 and Diane Webster-Brady ’74, graduated
  from the School of Law, as did her sister, Caitlin, a 2005 graduate of the School. Holen has really shined
  as a student caller and says that she enjoys speaking with our alumni and responding to the questions
  that she receives from them. There are many alumni whose children have chosen to follow in their foot-
  steps. We are proud of the Brady family and other families who continue their legacy through support
  of the Law School Fund.

                                                                                                         GIVE BACK
                                                                                                         TO WHERE
                                                                                                         YOUR FUTURE
     Your legal education has been the foundation of your                   For more information about bequests, life income gifts, or
     career, helping you to achieve professional and personal               other types of planned giving, please contact James Rich
                                                                            in the Advancement Division at 413-782-1373 or write:
     goals. When you were a student, alumni support helped
     put that legal education within your reach.                            James Rich
                                                                            Senior Director of Planned Giving
     Now, you have the opportunity to give back to help future              and Foundation Relations
     generations of students. Consider leaving a lasting legacy             Western New England College
     by making a planned gift to the College. Planned gifts can             1215 Wilbraham Road
     include a bequest through your will or a life-income gift              Springfield, MA 01119-2688
     such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable trust,               Email:
     which pay you income and provide tax savings while                     Or visit our new website:
     helping students for generations to come.                    

S P R I N G   2 0 0 6                                                                                                                       N 27
                                                                                                    By David Stawasz

                                                   From September 2005 - January 2006

                                                                          Western New England College
                                                                          Signs Joint Admissions Agreement
                                                                          with Area Community Colleges
                                                                          In December 2005, Western New England College President
                                                                          Dr. Anthony S. Caprio joined with Holyoke Community College
                                                                          President Dr. William F. Messner and Springfield Technical
                                                                          Community College President Dr. Ira H. Rubenzahl to sign a Joint
                                                                          Admissions Agreement. The program will allow students to simulta-
                                                                          neously apply to either of the two community colleges and Western
                                                                          New England College. Besides being able to further their education
                                                                          at Western New England College, HCC or STCC students enrolled
                                                                          in the program will be able to use the D’Amour Library and student
                                                                          support programs while attending community college.
                                                                          (L to R) Springfield Technical Community College President Dr. Ira H. Rubenzahl,
                                                                          Western New England College President Dr. Anthony S. Caprio, and Holyoke
                                                                          Community College President Dr. William F. Messner

       Honoring the Region’s
       Academic Achievers
       In January 2006, the College teamed up with
       MassMutual Financial Group to salute some
       500 outstanding students from Springfield
       and Hartford high schools. The fifth annual
       “Picture Your Future” Conference provided
       students with information about important
       life choices, and addressed issues such as
       college, career, and time and money man-
       agement skills. MassMutual Academic
       Achievers earned invitations to the confer-
                                                                         Springfield Mayoral Debate
       ence by maintaining a “B average or better”
       for four consecutive marking periods. The
                                                                         Comes to Campus
       College also announced that it will award a                       The School of Law’s Institute for Legislative and Gov-
       half- or full-tuition scholarship each year to                    ernmental Affairs hosted the first debate of the 2005
       qualifying members of the Academic                                Springfield mayoral campaign in October 2005. The
       Achiever program.
                                                                         meeting of incumbent Charles Ryan and challenger
                                                                         Thomas Ashe in Sleith Hall was televised live on
                                                                         WGBY-TV Channel 57. Western New England College
                                                                         History professor John Baick and members of the local
                                                                         media questioned the candidates during the first half
                                                                         of the debate, while law and undergraduate students
                                                                         read questions submitted by Springfield voters during
                                                                         the second half.

28 N                                                                                                               P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                              Campus Update
                                      Third Annual
                                      Conference                                       College Recognized as
                                      More than 100 professionals from local
                                      businesses and nonprofit organizations
                                                                                       a College of Distinction
                                      took part in the third annual Communica-         Western New England College has been selected for inclusion in
                                      tions Conference held January 11 at the          Colleges of Distinction, a new college guide and website profiling
                                      College. Participants learned the finer          some of America’s top institutions of higher education. “This is a
                                      points of creating effective news releases       great honor for any college,” explains Dr. Ruth McClelland-Nugent,
                                      with the help of local newspaper editors,        chief editor for the publication. “The schools in this book are some
                                      discussed branding and communicating             of the best in the country. Some are household names, some are
                                      in a crisis with top public relations profes-    ‘hidden gems,’ but what they all share is that they are great places
                                      sionals, and learned the latest in Power-
                                                                                       to get an education.” Based on the opinions of guidance counselors,
                                      Point and digital photography. During the
                                      conference luncheon, former Springfield          educators, and admissions professionals, Colleges of Distinction
 Brian Zelasko, Vice President/Com-   Daily News Writer and Editor Bob McClel-         honors colleges that excel in key areas of educational quality.
 munications, United Way of Pioneer   land was presented with the Valley Press
 Valley, addresses the crowd at the
 Third Annual Communications
                                      Club’s Lifetime Achievement Award,
 Conference in January 2006.          honoring his 50-year career in journalism.

Economics Professors Address
Presidential Conference on Clinton Legacy
Western New England
College Economics
Professors Michael
Meeropol and Carlos
Liard-Muriente pre-
sented a paper during
the 11th Presidential
Conference at Hofstra
University in Novem-                                                                  College Named Employer of the Year
ber. The conference,                                                                  Western New England College has been honored as “Employer of the
titled “William Jeffer-                                                               Year” by the Employer’s Association of the Northeast. The College
son Clinton: The ‘New                                                                 was singled out among nonprofits with more than 100 employees.
Democrat’ From Hope,” brought together scholars, journalists, government              In presenting the award, the Employer’s Association cited the
officials, and the former President himself to discuss the legacy of the Clin-        College’s Work and Family Resources Program, which provides
ton administration. Meeropol and Liard-Muriente took part in a panel on               information to help balance the demands of job and family.
domestic economic policy.

                                                 Community Rallies Around Student In Need
                                                  Shortly before the holidays, senior social work major Peter Chambang got a call that
                                                  would change his life. His family in Sudan had become victims of violence in the
                                                  troubled region—his sister-in-law killed, his mother critically injured, and the family
                                                  farm in ruins. Upon hearing the news, Chambang’s professors and coworkers knew
                                                  they had to help. In a few short weeks, they raised more than $5,000 from the cam-
                                                  pus community and the public. “From the bottom of my heart, it’s been great,” said a
                                                  grateful Chambang.
                                                    The money allowed Chambang to travel to his native Sudan for the first time in
                                                  15 years over the winter break. After walking for three days from neighboring
                                                  Ethiopia, Chambang finally reached his family’s village. While there, he helped get his
                                                  mother medical attention and began the process of getting the entire family back on
                                                  its feet, before returning to campus for the spring semester.

    S P R I N G      2 0 0 6                                                                                                                           N 29
     ALUMNI NEWS                                      By Mary Mazzaferro

     CAREER SERVICES:                                  Alumni Reconnect Through Regional
     Our Door is Always Open
     Whether you are relocating to another city
     or looking for new opportunities in your
     own region, the Office of Career Services is
     here to assist you. While many recent grad-
     uates turn to our office for assistance, it's
                                                       receptions                                                     Springfield 2/7/06
     important to remember that our free ser-                                                                         The annual Springfield Reception drew nearly
                                                                                                                      80 alumni from throughout Hampden and
     vices are available to our graduates
                                                                                                                      Hampshire counties to reunite and network
     throughout their lifetime.
                                                                                                                      with fellow graduates at the Colony Club. On
         In addition to assisting job seekers, the                                                                    hand to welcome them were College Presi-
     office can be a valued resource to alumni                                                                        dent Anthony S. Caprio, Dean Art Gaudio, and
     looking for outstanding attorneys, employ-                                                                       Director of Law School Development Keith
     ees, clerks, or interns. If you have an                                                                          McKittrick. Alumni enjoyed catching up with
     opportunity in your firm or organization,                                                                        faculty members, which included Associate
     please consider our highly qualified alumni.                                                                     Dean of External Affairs Professor Sam
     Visit our website at                                                                               Stonefield, and Director of the LL.M. Program
     edu/careerservices to learn more about our                                                                       Professor Fred Royal.
     extensive services or contact Sandra
     Olearcek '96, Assistant Dean and Director of                                                                     Washington, DC 11/10/05
     Career Services, at 413-782-1416 about                                                                           Our growing alumni contingent in Washing-
     your specific needs.                                                                                             ton was well represented at a gathering at
                                                                                                                      Petit Plats in November. Professor Jamie
                                                                                                                      Colburn, coordinator of the 2005/2006 Clason
                                                                                                                      Speaker Series, joined Dean Art Gaudio and
     SAVE THE DATE!                                                                                                   Keith McKittrick for fireside conversations
                                                                                                                      with our alumni guests which included Ruth
                                                                                                                      Hoffman ’86, Director of Excise Tax Practice,
      Reunion 2006,                                                                                                   for KPGM in Washington. Commented Ruth,
      October 14, 2006                                                                                                “I’ve attended about 15 receptions. I like to
      Calling the Classes of 1961,                                                                                    keep up with what is going on at the School
                                                                                                                      and with what people in the area are doing.
      1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986,                                                                                   It’s a nice location for a reception.”
      1991, 1996, and 2001!
                                                                                                                      The Berkshires 10/18/05
      Reunion 2006 will be held in the MassMutual                                                                     The picturesque Cranwell Resort was the
      Gallery at the Naismith Memorial Basketball                                                                     setting for a fall gathering of alumni living
      Hall of Fame. Several area hotels have agreed                                                                   and practicing in the Berkshires. Nearly 20
      to offer a reduced rate to our alumni. Please                                                                   alumni attended.
      remember to reference the School of Law
      when making your reservation. A listing of                                                                      Hartford 10/6/05
      local hotels can be found on the Law                                                                            Robinson & Cole LLP was the site of a
      School’s website:                                                                       Connecticut reception that drew 37 guests.
      under “Reunion.”                                                                                                Organized by partner Kathleen Porter ’90 who
                                                       (Photos top to bottom) Lori Leavitt ’02 and Jeff Morneau ’98   was formerly assigned to the Hartford office
      Visit our website to view our list of “lost”     at the Springfield reception; Ruth Hoffman ’86 and Vincent     and now works in firm’s Boston office, the
      alumni. Please help us reach all of your         Salamone ’87 at the Washington, DC reception; and Dean         gathering has become an annual event.
      classmates so that we can have a great           Art Gaudio sharing a moment with Joseph Pieropan ’87 and       Professors Bill Baker, Art Leavens, and Fred
      turnout again this year!                         Janet Pumphrey ’90 at the Cranwell Resort.
                                                                                                                      Royal joined Dean Gaudio and Keith
      If you would like to help with the planning                                                                     McKittrick in sharing news of the School with
                                                                                                                      our alums to the south.
      of your reunion or just want to share an
      idea with the staff, please contact Carol
      Thompson at 413-782-1311 or email her

30    N    w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                            P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                                                              Alumni News

                                                                                                                                                New Board
                                                                                                                                               New and returning members of the Law
                                                                                                                                               Alumni Board of Directors attended a
                                                                                                                                               meeting on October 1, 2005. The Board
                                                                                                                                               is continuing to work on communica-
                                                                                                                                               tions among alumni and expanding its
                                                                                                                                               Class Agent and Chapters programs.

(Back row l to r) Mark Kolber ’76, Victor Meir ’96, Julian Tynes ’97, AnnMarie Alexander ’01, Marc Paquette ’01, Ann Thomas ’02, Cynthia Ellis ’81, Marcia Horwitz ’81,
Henry Meyer ’76, Peter Morin ’84, and Maurice Powe ’01. (Front row l to r) Jeffrey Morneau ’98, Robin Stolk ’84, Darlene Gerry ’84, Judith Jones ’86, Janet Doolin ’79,
Rosemary Hoag ’95, Keshia Espinal ’00, and Gautam Sen ’02. (Missing from photo) Nancy Linck ’84, Kathleen Porter ’90, Martha Uribe ’01.

The Law Library is Now
                                                            Mentoring Program Provides
Making Westlaw Available
                                                            Unique Opportunity
to You at No Charge
The Law Library has purchased a subscrip-
tion that includes all primary law, all case
law, law reviews, and extensive practice
                                                                                                                                           RED ’06                        SEASON

materials for Massachusetts and Connecti-
cut, Key Cite, and other databases. While
Westlaw is available to all our Library users,
we purchased it with our alums in mind.
     You may access Westlaw on a desig-
nated computer in the Law Library lobby.
                                                                                                                                           PRO   ROGRAM
Reference librarians can assist you in
accessing the service and formulating
                                                             A m e n t o r can be the guide to discovering your des-
                                                             tined practice area or making valuable connections for
                                                                                                                                          a HOME RUN!
search strategies. While printing is not avail-              future employment. They can offer experienced counsel
able from the work station, you can email                    on what courses to take or valuable advise on inter-                             Our Red Sox tic
documents to yourself or download docu-
                                                             viewing techniques.                                                                               kets
ments to a diskette or CD. If you wish to
                                                                                                                                           drawing was a
use this option, please bring a disk with                        Many successful alumni can point to a mentor in                          success. Each
you. Our subscription does not permit us to                  their life who made a powerful impact on the course of                       winner was al
                                                                                                                                                         lowed to
make Westlaw available to you outside the                    their careers. For our first-year law students, the                             purchase ticke
Law Library.                                                 opportunity to forge such relationships is presented to                                         ts.
                                                                                                                                            The Office of La
     The Law Library is pleased to make                      them through our Mentoring Program.                                                              w
                                                                                                                                          Alumni Relatio
Westlaw available to you and proud to be                         On January 25, 2006, more than 40 mentors, com-                                          ns sold
                                                                                                                                          out our tickets
the first library in the region to have pur-                 prised of alumni and local attorneys, met with their                                         for the
chased this public access service.
                                                                                                                                           May 7 and June
                                                             mentees at the annual kick-off reception. The men-                        games. We look        10
     We hope you will take advantage of this                                                                                                              forward
                                                             tors and students continued to meet individually                            to seeing our Re
service and find it beneficial to your practice                                                                                                            d Sox
of law.                                                      throughout the semester.                                                      alumni fans at
                                                                                                                                       games and to
                                                                                                                                        the program ne
                                                                                                                                                         xt ye
                                                                                                                                          See you at Fenw ar.

                                                                      School of Law Launches New Website
                                                                       The School of Law has recently launched a brand new look and design for its website and the
                                                                       accolades have been rolling in. The contemporary, upscale design simplifies navigation to
                                                                        make it easier to locate information about the School. New pages will continue to be added
                                                                        as the design evolves. We encourage you to be a frequent visitor to stay informed about
                                                                         events and news of the School of Law and programs and services available to alumni.

    S P R I N G       2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                                  N 31
   How Robert Kelly ’80
   journeyed from elementary school                                                                                                           rro
   principal to counter-narcoterrorism expert                                                                                  By Mary

What a long strange trip it’s been.
  What a long strange trip it’s been.
The Berkshires. The West Wing. The Pentagon. The Amazon.
Bob Kelly’s résumé reads like a travelogue. In the 25 years since graduation,
Kelly has used his legal education as a passport to a career with more
unexpected turns than a Robert Ludlum thriller.
    In 1976, Colrain Central School Principal Bob    quarters in Portsmouth, VA, as one of seven           Port of Hampton Roads, and coastal waters out
Kelly was at a crossroads in his career. Disillu-    attorneys on the staff there. Soon he was             200 miles to the North Carolina line.”
sioned by the legal system that he felt had          assigned as the Special Assistant U.S. Attorney           Next Kelly was asked to be one of two Coast
failed a student victimized by child abuse, he       for the Eastern Districts of Virginia and North       Guard Officers on the Reagan White House staff.
determined that he could do more to prevent          Carolina prosecuting drug cases. “Over the course     He worked in the Office of Emergency Opera-
injustice with a law degree.                         of about four years, I did about $100 million in      tions as a Presidential Emergency Plans Officer.
    He enrolled in the Evening Program at West-      drug boat cases ranging in size from about eight      Recalls Kelly, “After about eight months I was
ern New England College School of Law, com-          tons up to a 40 ton load which was on a state-        promoted to Special Assistant for Operations
muting to Springfield from the quiet hamlet of       less vessel that originated in Colombia.”             Policy and I moved to the East Wing of the
Shelburne Falls, MA.                                     Unlike other branches of the service, the         White House. I was the interface between the
    During law school, Kelly, who grew up sailing    Coast Guard requires all officers, including attor-   National Security Council staff and the White
the waters off Cape Cod, developed an interest       neys, to do a field rotation. Kelly found it a        House military office staff on highly classified
in maritime law. “I did an independent study on      humbling experience, “You become a little less        national security plans and programs. A light
the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act        smug because then you’re the guy out there            week may have been 70 or 80 hours and I was
of 1976. That was the law that extended the          actually making the decisions at 2 a.m. as the        traveling all over the world. I couldn’t tell my
U.S. territorial fishery jurisdiction 200 nautical   wind is blowing at 50 knots. When you return          wife where I was going or what I was doing. It
miles, and virtually changed the whole face of       to a legal office, instead of saying. ‘Gee, I won-    was really tough on the family, but the work
commercial fishery in the United States,” says       dered how that happened?’ you say, ‘I know            was incredibly interesting. It was just a ‘pinch
Kelly. On the advice of a friend, who was an         exactly how that happened.’”                          me’ experience.”
officer in the Coast Guard, he applied to its            Kelly was assigned as a Deputy Commander              Kelly’s unique background led to an appoint-
Direct Commission Law program.                       of Coast Guard group Hampton Roads. “We had           ment as Executive Secretary to a wise man
    Kelly was commissioned a Lieutenant and          five search and rescue stations, five cutters, and    panel. Explains Kelly, “It was a commission of
assigned to the 5th Coast Guard District head-       responsibility for the Southern Chesapeake Bay        senior people, and this one was called the

32 N                                                                                                                             P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                                            Alumni Profile

Schlesinger Panel, chaired by James Schlesinger,                                                                          Military support took various forms. Says
the former Secretary of Defense, Secretary of                                                                        Kelly, “We provided intelligence to the local drug
Energy, and Director of Central Intelligence, to                                                                     enforcement agencies, and we also provided
evaluate what to do with a classified program                                                                        training to the counter-narcotics forces in using
that was having some problems. So I worked for                                                                       military tactics to go after the narco trafficantes,
Secretary Schlesinger and for Bobby Inman,                                                                           the drug traffickers.”
retired Nav y Four Star Admiral and former                                                                                On a typical trip, Kelly was met at the airport
Deputy Director of the CIA. Senator Ed Musky                                                                         by a driver and a security guard “with an Uzi
was also on the panel. It included five of the                                                                       sitting between them on the front seat.” A week
smartest people I’d ever met in my life.”                                                                            after a visit to the U.S. ambassador’s residence in
     As Kelly was preparing to return to the qui-                                                                    Lima, rebels blew up a wall to the compound,
eter routine of his Coast Guard desk job, the                                                                        blowing out the windows in the suite where
Deputy Assistant to the President for Manage-                                                                        Kelly had stayed.
ment, Paul Batemen, asked if he would be inter-                                                                           After President Bush left office, Kelly moved
ested in working as the General Counsel for the                                                                      into the less dangerous, but still intriguing,
Office of Administration for George H. W. Bush.                                                                      private sector, running the government business
     “So here I am a Lieutenant Commander in                                                                         unit for ORBCOMM, the world’s first low-Earth
the Coast Guard making $44,000 a year—on a                                                                           orbit telecommunications satellites launched by
good day—and now I’m being offered a job as            Kelly pictured on the banks of the Amazon River in Iqui-      the Pegasus Rocket. The company’s primary
the General Counsel for the Office of Administra-      tos, Peru, the site of “riverine operations” looking for      client was the intelligence community.
tion for the Executive Office of the President in      boats carrying pre-cursor chemical used in the production          After helping to found a start-up company,
                                                       of cocaine.
the White House. And it was like ‘Wow, how                                                                           Kelly then joined Hawkeye Systems as Vice
many nanoseconds does it take you to make up                                                                         President for Government Relations and General
your mind to take that job?’”                                                                                        Counsel. “Most of the work Hawkeye did was in
     He resigned his active duty commission in                                                                       the counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism
the Coast Guard, kept a commission in the                                                                            area,” says Kelly. “I wore three hats: I did the
reserves, and took the appointment for a year.                                                                       lobbying, I was the general counsel, and I was a
     Despite a view overlooking the West Wing,                                                                       ‘Subject Matter Expert’ in narcoterrorism.”
Kelly missed the adventure of the East Wing,                                                                              When the president of Hawkeye moved up
but soon found it at the Pentagon, helping then                                                                      to the parent corporation, Kelly went with him
President Bush to deploy the military in the                                                                         and today serves as Vice President of Adminis-
“Drug War” against Central and South American                                                                        tration and General Counsel of ManTech Gray
drug traffickers. Says Kelly, “I never used that                                                                     Hawk Systems, Inc., overseeing company work
term because I don’t believe there is such a                                                                         with “Counter Intelligence Field Activity, the
thing.” He was asked to serve as Deputy Assis-                                                                       National Counter-terrorism Center, the Foreign
tant Secretary of Defense (Drug Enforcement)                                                                         Terrorist Tracking Task Force, and other organi-
and as Deputy Chairman of the nation’s Border                                                                        zations that are focused on the intelligence side
Interdiction Committee.                                                                                              of counter-terrorism.”
     “It was highly controversial,” states Kelly. “I                                                                      In the aftermath of the 2001 terrorists attacks,
think we were very successful because now the          Bob Kelly enjoys sailing the coastal waters of the Atlantic
                                                                                                                     the need for continued vigilance against terrorist
counter drug effort in DOD is well-established         in the “Connemara” from his Annapolis, MD home.               activities has became more personal for Kelly,
and it’s become a very non-controversial part of                                                                     who willingly accepted a temporary Coast Guard
the mission. But in 1989-90 it was anything but                                                                      post-9/11 assignment as a Special Assistant in
that.” During his three-year assignment, the                                                                         the Office of the Secretary of Transportation.
budget grew from $400 million to $1.2 billion.                                                                            Kelly remembers, “The plane that struck the
     Soon Kelly was flying regularly into the                                                                        Pentagon landed just to the right of the heli-
highly volatile territory of two insurgent groups:                                                                   copter port about 25 yards from where my office
the Sendero Luminosas, the Shining Path                                                                              had been when I was Deputy Assistant Secre-
guerrillas, and the MRTA, the Tupac Amaru rev-                                                                       tary of Defense.” Kelly’s daughter watched the
olutionary movement, that were determined                                                                            news coverage from her high school classroom
to overthrow the government of Peruvian Presi-                                                                       and was disturbed seeing smoke pouring out of
dent Fujimori.                                                                                                       her Dad’s old office window. Knowing that he
     Santa Lucia was one of his most dangerous                                                                       was still a frequent visitor to the Pentagon, she
stops. “If there is such a place as ‘downtown                                                                        called him on her teacher’s phone to make sure
narcoterrorism’ that would be it. It’s in the Upper                                                                  he was safe. Kelly’s former secretary was away
Huallaga Valley of Peru, which at that time the                                                                      from her office and just leaving a restroom
largest concentration of coca cultivation was tak-                                                                   when a fireball flew passed her down the corri-
ing place,” states Kelly.                                                                                            dor. Says Kelly, “She survived and now has a
      “At that time, the major focus was on the                                                                      terrifyingly interesting story to tell.”
                                                       Vice President Dick Cheney, then Secretary of Defense,
cocaine threat. Crack cocaine was just becoming        awarded Bob Kelly the Secretary of Defense Medal for
                                                                                                                          Reflecting on his unusual journey from ele-
a very potent problem in our cities. Back then         Outstanding Civilian Service in 1993. Kelly’s military        mentary school principal to his present post,
about 60 percent of the coca was cultivated in         awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal (two),      Kelly says, “While I feel very fortunate that I am
Peru, about 30 percent was cultivated in Bolivia,      the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Coast Guard        able to work in the counter-terrorism area, that
10 percent in Colombia, but 90 percent of it was       Commendation and Achievement Medals, and a number             day hit pretty close to home.”
                                                       of other individual and unit awards.
processed in Colombia and controlled by Colom-
bian criminal organizations.”

     S P R I N G    2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                          N 33
                                                            Western New England College School of Law
 CLASON SPEAKER SERIES 2005-2006                                                              

  Assistant Professor of Law Jamison Colburn, coordinator of the 2005/06 Clason Speaker Series, invited a
  diverse group of legal scholars and educators to present at these free public lectures.

                                                               Michael Tigar, “The Enemy Combatant Doctrine and the
                                                               Scope of Executive Power”
                                                               In October 2005, Michael E. Tigar, a Research Professor of Law at
                                                               Washington College of Law at American University, presented a lec-
                                                               ture, which focused on the antiterrorism case Jose Padilla v. Donald
                                                               Rumsfeld, et al., and its implications for civil liberties and human
                                                               rights in the United States.
                                                                  Professor Tigar has represented many high profile clients including
                                                               Angela Davis, H. Rap Brown, John Connally, Kay Bailey Hutchison,
                                                               the Washington Post, Fantasy Films, Terry Nichols, Allen Ginsberg,
                                                               Leonard Peltier, Fernando Chavez, and Lynne Stewart. The California
                                                               Attorneys for Criminal Justice held a ballot in 1999 for “Lawyer of the
                                                               Century.” Professor Tigar placed third among such notable figures as
                                                               Clarence Darrow and Thurgood Marshall.

                                                                Tim Casey, “Problem Solving Courts, the Perpetual Reform
                                                                of the Justice System, and Possibilities for a Better Future”
                                                                Tim Casey, an Associate Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve
                                                                University School of Law in Cleveland, OH, spoke last November
                                                                about recent developments in problem-solving courts nationally and
                                                                considerations for the future of such courts.
                                                                   Most recently, Professor Casey authored “When Good Intentions
                                                                Are Not Enough: Problem-Solving Courts and the Impending Crisis
                                                                of Legitimacy” (2004), in the Southern Methodist University Law
   Zygmunt J. B. Plater                                         Review, which has led to implementation of improvements in courts
   “Law, Media, and Environmental Policy:                       across the country.
   A Fundamental Linkage in Sustainable
   Democratic Governance”
                                                               Patricia A. McCoy, “Predatory Lending: Who’s to blame?”
   Professor Zygmunt J. B. Plater of Boston Col-
   lege Law School has been an advocate for envi-              Patricia A. McCoy, a Professor of Law at the University of Connecti-
   ronmental protection and land use regulation                cut School of Law in Hartford, CT, addressed securitization and
   for more than 25 years. His February lecture                predatory lending practices in a January lecture. The lecture was fea-
   addressed issues such as global warming,                    tured in a newscast by the Springfield NBC affiliate WWLP TV-22.
   endocrine disruptors in food supplies, and the                  Professor McCoy sits on the Board of Directors of the Insurance
   micro level of on-the-ground daily lawyering                Marketplace Standards Association and the Research Advisory Coun-
   in litigation and local governance and how                  cil of the Center for Responsible Lending and was recently re-elected
   attorneys can play a greater role in improving              as the chair-elect for 2006 of the Section on Financial Institutions
   such matters.                                               and Consumer Financial Services of the Association of American
       He has served as petitioner and lead counsel            Law Schools.
   in the extended endangered species litigation
   over the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Tellico
   Dam, representing the endangered snail darter,               Martha Ertman, “New Frontiers in Private Ordering”
   farmers, members of the Cherokee nation, and                 A Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College
   environmentalists in the Supreme Court of the                of Law Martha Ertman is coauthor of Rethinking Commodification
   United States, and before federal agencies and               (NYU Press 2005), a book that challenges us to reexamine the tradi-
   congressional hearings. For two years, he was                tional legal question: “To commodify or not to commodify?”
   chairman of the State of Alaska Oil Spill Com-                  Prior to teaching, Professor Ertman clerked for the Honorable
   mission’s Legal Task Force following the wreck               Peter H. Beer, a U.S. judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana, and
   of the M/V Exxon-Valdez. He was a consultant                 practiced law in Denver and Seattle before becoming a law professor.
   to plaintiffs in the Woburn toxic litigation,                Her writing focuses on bridges between commercial law and inti-
   Anderson et al. v. W.R. Grace et al., the subject            mate affiliation, suggesting ways that commercial models can
   of the book and movie A Civil Action.                        improve family law, as well as feminist and gay/lesbian legal theory.

34 N                                                                                                       P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                 ALUMNI NOTES Spring 2006
Class Agents
are needed for the Classes of 1971, 1972, 1974, 1978,
1980, 1981, 1982, 1995, and 2000. If you are interested in
serving as a Class Agent please contact Carol Thompson at

Stay in the loop!
Please be sure your Class Agent and the Office of Alumni                                                                REUNION October 14, 2006 for classes 1966,
Relations have your current mailing and email addresses.                                                                1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, and 2001.

Class Agent Hon. Peter Sokaris email:          is a member of the adjunct faculty at
                                                                                            1981                     25 Years

                                                                                            Jay M. Elias is a partner in the firm of
                                                                                                                                             Class Agents Ellen Teller email:                                  American International College and also      Ratcliffe, Burke, Harten & Elias, LLP, in
                                               teaches at Branford Hall Career Institute.   Providence, RI.                                  Maureen Burns email:

                                               In addition, he is an instructor in the                                             
                                               continuing education program for the
                                               Independent Electrical Contractors of

                                               New England, Inc.

Class Agent Walter Powell email:

                                               1977                                                                                          Class Agent Ina Forman email:

                                               Class Agent Marty Martin email:                                                               Donna J. Arnold has retired as an
                                                                                                         Assistant Public Defender and is now an
                                                                                            Lynda Godkin is Chair of the Northside
                                                                                            Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (NINA),       ordained Episcopalian Priest of the Christ
Class Agent Richard Fortier email:             Dana Barrows, Field Director with The
                                                                                            which has been nationally recognized for         Episcopal Church in Ballston Spa, NY.                            Steffen Group of Northwestern Mutual
                                               Financial Network, in Springfield, MA,       its success in helping to improve the area’s     Joseph P. Curran is the owner of the
                                               is celebrating his 30th anniversary with     public safety, housing, and quality of life.     Curran & Berger law firm in Northamp-

1976                     30 Years              the agency.                                  In addition to the restoration of Victorian      ton, MA, where he practices primarily
                                                                                            homes, a $2.2 million project, the alliance      immigration law. He has also started an
                                                                                            is working closely with neighborhood resi-       overseas nurse recruiting business. He

                                                                                            dents and the Hartford Police Department         has two boys, Pete who is five, and Sam,
Class Agent Gary Thomas email:
                                                                                            to improve the quality of life for all who       who is three years of age.
                                                                                            live and work in the neighborhood.
Robert M. Berliner was recently installed                                                                                                    Carl J. DiPiazza has opened his own
as Judge of the Surrogate’s Court for          Class Agents: Lew Kurland email:             Joseph P. Stampone, founder and princi-          office in Montville, NJ, where he concen-
Rockland County, New York.                                       pal shareholder of Stampone D’Angelo             trates his practice in residential and
                                               Andrew Aloe email:                           Renzi DiPiero, was knighted in Rome, Italy,      commercial real estate, wills and estate
                   Hyman G. Darling                                                         as a “Cavalieri di Cristo” with the Templar
                                                                                                            planning, workers’ compensation, and
                   recently attended the                                                    Order. This high honor is bestowed on
                                               Anne Geoffrion email:                                                                         municipal court. He is married to Lori, a
                   national conference on                                                   those of Italian ancestry who demonstrate
                                                                                                            critical care nurse at Hackensack Univer-
                   Special Needs Trusts                                                     loyalty to their Italian heritage while giving
                                               Deborah Grover email:                                                                         sity Medical Center, and has two children,
                   at Stetson University.                                                   back to the community philanthropically.
                                                                                                         Sara, age 15, and Jacqueline, age 13.
                   Attorney Darling is
                   chairman of the Estate                                                                                                    Jeffrey J. Fleming has retired with the

                                               1980                                         1982
                   Planning and Elder Law                                                                                                    rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S.
Departments and a Partner at Bacon &                                                                                                         Army Reserve, but has been employed
Wilson, P.C., in Springfield, MA. He is an                                                                                                   by the U.S. Army as a civilian attorney
instructor in our LL.M. in Estate Planning                                                                                                   since 1995. His wife, Diane, works as
and Elder Law program.                                                                      Stephen J. Varga has joined the law              Headstart Manager in Manhattan, KS.
                                               Timothy P. O’Neil has been named
                                                                                            office of Gary A. Friedle in New Britain,        They have a son, Matt, who attends the
Michael Spagnoli retired in June 2003          acting general manager for the Town
                                                                                            CT, as an associate.                             University of Nebraska, and a daughter,
from the Department of Consumer                of Manchester, CT.
                                                                                                                                             Kayleen, who is a high school senior.
Protection for the State of Connecticut                                                     Gale D. Candaras, State Representative
                                               Peter Pardo has been named Grand
after 35 years of service. His last position                                                for the 12 Hampden District in Massachu-
                                               Marshal of the 26th annual Fourth of
with the State was that of an Administra-                                                   setts, is a candidate for the State Senate,
                                               July parade in Madison, CT.
tive Hearings Attorney. Currently, he                                                       First Hampden and Hampshire District.
                                                                                            Gale is serving her fifth term in the State
   S P R I N G       2 0 0 6                                                                House of Representatives.                                                             N 35

 Where are they now?
                                      Spring 2006

                                                                      Ina A. Forman is currently
                                                                                                          Class Agent Pete Steingraber
                                                                                                                                                Class Agents Ann Marie
                                                                      working for the State of Con-       email:              Lancour email:
                                                                      necticut Judicial Branch as                                     
                                                                                                          Dennis R. Anti has been chosen
                                                                      Counsel to Sentence Review.                                               Michael Borg email:
                                                                                                          as a “Massachusetts Super
                                                                      Darlene Gerry, our current Law      Lawyer” by Law and Politics
                                                                      Alumni Association President,       Magazine. Attorney Anti is a          Douglas J. Apicella is currently
                                                                      is living in Chubbuck, ID, and      partner in the firm of Morrison       working at Wiggin and Dana in
                                            Timothy Murray ’94        is Senior Vice President and        Mahoney LLP in Springfield, MA.       New Haven, CT, as their Law
                                            Mayor                     General Counsel at AMI Semi-                                              Librarian. He is married and has
                                            Worcester, MA                                                 Michele Gatto, National Life
                                                                      conductor, Inc.                                                           a two-year-old son.
                                            Democratic Candidate                                          Executive Vice President Corpo-
                                            for Lieutenant Gov.       Nancy L. Hart is currently          rate Services and General Coun-       Dwight E. Austin is Chief in the
                                            Massachusetts             working as Town Prosecutor          sel, has been elected to the          Legal Assistance Office of the
                                                                      for Orchard Park, NY. She is        Board of Directors of the Associ-     Staff Judge Advocates’ Office
                                                                      married and has three children:     ation of Corporate Counsel.           in Fort Drum, NY.
                                                                      Bridget, 13, Matthew, 11, and
                                            Describe your typi-                                           Francis X. Wright Jr. has been        Hon. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto is
                                                                      Patrick, 9.
                                            cal day as a candi-                                           elected to the Board of Alderman      Assistant Administrative Judge
                                            date for Lieutenant       Sharon Horne has transitioned       in Melrose, MA. He serves as          of Litchfield Superior Court in
                                            Governor of               from being annuity product          Assistant City Solicitor for the      Litchfield, CT.
                                            Massachusetts:            tax counsel to a business man-      City of Somerville, MA, and was
                                                                                                                                                Rosemary J. Cooper has
                                                                      agement position overseeing life    recently appointed to the Board
       I am busy traveling all over the state meeting with                                                                                      received the “Hero Award” from
       Democratic organizations, along with school leaders            and annuity tax reporting func-     of Editors of the City Solicitors
                                                                                                                                                the Massachusetts Association
       and municipal government employees. One day I could            tions as Second Vice President      and Town Counsel Association.
                                                                                                                                                of Court Appointed Attorneys
       be in Pittsfield and the next, Boston. I spend most of         of Tax Services at Mass Mutual      He lives in Melrose, MA, with
                                                                                                                                                for her efforts as a bar advocate
       my days on the road.                                           Financial Group in Enfield, CT.     his wife and two sons.
                                                                                                                                                lawyer in Springfield for 20 years.
                                                                      Her daughter, Melissa, has grad-
       Why did you decide to run for Lieutenant Governor?             uated from Carnegie Mellon                                                Louise Croll has accepted a

       I believe that as a proven advocate for the schools and        University with an MBA and is                                             position with the Massachusetts
       municipal governments in Massachusetts, I can improve          employed by Deutsche Bank in                              20 Years        Department of Education as an
       the quality of life for our residents and, in turn, stem the
                                                                      New York City. Her daughter,                                              Education Specialist in the west-
       two-year trend of the state losing its residents. We are
                                                                      Jennifer, is completing a retail                                          ern Massachusetts Office of
       the only state in the country that is experiencing this                                            Class Agent Judith Jones email:
                                                                      internship in Nantucket and will                                          Program Quality Assurance. She
       type of emigration. If I can improve the very essential                                  
                                                                      be completing her degree in                                               will be closing her law practice
       relationship between people and these groups, the
       State’s overall value will increase, and it will become        fashion in 2007.                    Jonathan R. Goldsmith has             after 14 years. She still resides
       more attractive to current and prospective residents.                                              been appointed to the Panel           in Longmeadow, MA, with her
                                                                      Bruce S. Klein has joined the
                                                                                                          of Chapter 7 Trustees for the         husband, Dennis, and two chil-
       How did the School of Law prepare you for your cur-            firm of Shectman Halperin
                                                                                                          western division of the U.S.          dren. Her daughter, Elizabeth, is
       rent position? Obtaining a law degree and then practic-        Savage, LLP, as counsel for the
                                                                                                          Bankruptcy Court, Massachu-           a sophomore at Simmons Col-
       ing for 10 years in the child court system gave me a           firm’s newly established New
                                                                                                          setts District.                       lege and her son, John, is in the
       great background working with the many legal issues            York office. He will focus on
                                                                                                                                                third grade.
       that intersect with governmental policies. It also gave me     corporate, commercial, and          Linda M. Tessman has been
       a solid grounding for the launch of my political endeavors.    real estate transactions, mergers   reappointed chairperson of the        Michael J. Daly has opened his
       I am in my third term as the Mayor of Worcester, and           and acquisitions, and trusts        Title Standards and Practices         own law office in Hamden, CT,
       the work that I’ve done to improve the city builds on the      and estates.                        Committee of the Rhode Island         focusing in the area of bank-
       experiences from my days as a lawyer.                                                                                                    ruptcy. He has raised $15,000
                                                                      J. Mark Mutter is now the           Bar Association for the 2005-
       Who is your most memorable faculty member and                                                      2006 term.                            for the Lance Armstrong Founda-
                                                                      Township Clerk for the Township
       why? My experience with all of the faculty and staff at                                                                                  tion and rode 100 miles as a
                                                                      of Dover, NJ.
       Western New England College was outstanding, from                                                                                        survivor in the Ride for the Roses

       the faculty, to the clerks, to the secretaries. Everyone       Hon. Jonathan D. Nichols has                                              in Austin, TX, last October.
       was pleasant and helpful. However, if I had to pick just       become County Judge for the
       one, it would probably be Phil Bouchard. His classes                                                                                     Anthony Drago is currently
                                                                      Columbia County Court in
       were the most entertaining. He was a practicing attor-                                                                                   working at his own law firm in
                                                                      Hudson, NY.
       ney, and he would come in with some of the greatest                                                Class Agent Robert Murphy             Boston, MA.
       and funniest stories from his real-world experiences.          Joseph C. Scala is married to       email: rmurphy@bacon-
                                                                                                                                                Kelly P. Hawruk is working at
                                                                      Molly McBride, and they have
       What is your best Law School memory? Graduation!                                                                                         the law office of D’Angelo &
                                                                      four children: Amanda, Robert,
       I was an evening student and working full-time as a                                                                                      D’Angelo in Butler, NJ.
                                                                      Margaret, and Katherine.
       substitute teacher. It seemed to take a long time to get
       to the end of my studies, but I really enjoyed the inter-                                                                                Theresa Leroux is currently
                                                                      Steven Werbner has retired
       esting mix of people in that program. They had very                                                                                      working at Mount Holyoke
                                                                      from the position of General
       different backgrounds and experiences to bring to the                                                                                    College in South Hadley, MA.
                                                                      Manager for the Town of
       classroom.                                                     Manchester after 28 years,
                                                                      to become Town Manager of
                                                                      Tolland, CT.

36 N    w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                                       P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                                                          Alumni Notes

Arlene J. Lotters has opened her new law
                                               Class Agent Jim Baker email:
                                                                                               1991                    15 Years

                                                                                               Class Agents Chris Browne email:                Marwan S. Zubi was recently named as a
office in Glens Falls, NY.                                                          “Massachusetts Rising Star” by the Boston
                                                                                               George Conway email:                            Magazine in the Super Lawyer section. He
Kara McCormack is solo practitioner for        David Denvir has opened a second law                                                            is currently with the Nicolai Law Group in
her law firm in Haverhill, MA. She has         office in Madison, CT, after leaving his                                                        Springfield, MA.
                                                                                               Martha Allard email:
been working primarily in the care and         position as First Selectman for the Town
protection field as a court appointed attor-   of Killingworth, CT, which he held for four

ney for the past 12 years. She is married      years. His law practice is limited to litiga-   Pedro J. Rivera has been selected as this
and has a seven-year-old son. She writes       tion, primarily in the areas of divorce and     year’s “Lawyer on the Fast Track” by Amer-                               10 Years
a legal column for The Town Common             child custody, personal injury, and busi-       ican Lawyer Media-PA. He currently works
Newspaper.                                     ness claims; as well as Medicaid planning,      for PNC Advisors in Philadelphia, PA.
                                               residential real estate, and criminal                                                           Class Agents Marie Angelides email:
Hon. Bryan Meccariello has been elected        defense. He is presently serving as the                                               

as Judge of Probate Court in Southington,      Chairman of the Board of Directors of                                                           Frances South email:
CT. He resides in Southington with his         MIRMA, the Municipal Interlocal Risk Man-                                             
wife Shari Bornstein.                          agement Agency; and, as a Director of the
                                                                                                                                                                        Diane C. Fernald
Louis Mountzoures has his own law office       Workforce Alliance, a public-private enter-
                                                                                               Class Agent Chris Brown email: cameron-                                  has been appointed
in Framingham, MA.                             prise, created under the Federal Workforce
                                                                                                                                                as a partner in the
                                               Investment Act to prioritize and facilitate
                                                                                                                                                                        firm of Morrison
Stuart W. Rapp is currently in solo prac-      job creation and the filling of employment      Paul Fetherston has become Chief Admin-                                  Mahoney LLP in
tice in Osterville, MA.                        needs in south central Connecticut.             istrative Officer for the Town of Canton, CT.                            Springfield, MA,
Philip H. Schnabel is working at Schnabel      David Grebber recently joined Metropoli-        Prior to taking this position he was Town                                where she will be
Law Offices in Chester and Vails Gate, NY.     tan Life Insurance Company in Boston as         Manager for the Town of Newington, CT.                                   part of the Health
                                               Senior Counsel of Advanced Markets.                                                             Care Practice Group. In addition to her
Todd Spillane is now working as Advisory                                                       Daniel J. Finnegan has been listed in the
                                                                                                                                               law background, she has over 15 years of
Compliance Director for AIM Investments        Sgt. Michael J. Kwederis has been               2006 edition of The Best Lawyers in
                                                                                                                                               experience in the healthcare field. She will
in Houston, TX.                                chosen to fill the position of Legal Adviser    America and also named a “Massachu-
                                                                                                                                               concentrate her practice in health law,
                                               for the Worcester (MA) Police Depart-           setts Super Lawyer” in Boston Magazine.
Laura A. Tencza is Senior Assistant Pros-                                                                                                      regulatory compliance, and defense of
                                               ment, where he has worked for more                                                              medical malpractice claims.
ecutor for Passaic County, NJ, and she
                                               that 26 years.

has been transferred to the Narcotics Unit.
                                                                                                                                               Helen Flaherty is currently Chief of Staff
In her spare time she coaches girls’           Patricia M. O’Connell and Vivian L. Daigle                                                      and General Counsel of the Office of Sena-
basketball for the Wayne PAL, and is an        were married on May 28, 2005 in Spring-                                                         tor Richard T. Moore (MA).
instructor at Passaic County Police Acad-      field, MA.
emy teaching New Jersey law, use of                                                            Class Agents Holly Lemieux email:               Michael J. Grilli has joined the law firm
force, search and seizure, and the state       David Street and his partner, Pam West,                         of Bacon & Wilson, P.C. in Springfield,
court system. She is also the proud aunt       have their own law firm and realty              Katie Stone Harrington email:                   MA, where he will focus on residential
of four nieces and one nephew.                 business in Springfield, MA. They have                       real estate, divorce and family law, and
                                               recently opened their second office in                                                          personal bankruptcy. He lives in South-
Cheryl H. Thornton is living in Troy, NY,      Monson, MA.                                     Debra E. Cohen has joined the law office
                                                                                                                                               wick, MA, with his wife and two children.
with her two children, Sean Patrick and                                                        of Gary A. Friedle in New Britain, CT, as an
Brigid Colleen.                                                                                associate.                                      Richard T. O’Connor has been named

                                                                                                                                               legal counsel at the Holyoke Medical Center
Claudia S. Weiss has married her law                                                           Ken Kozik has joined the firm of Holland
                                                                                                                                               in Holyoke, MA. In addition to his new
partner, Steven St. Clair. They have been                                                      & Knight as Senior Counsel for the Intel-
                                                                                                                                               position, he also works as administrator
practicing together in Putnam, CT, for the                                                     lectual Property Law Practice Group. He
                                                                                                                                               at Valley Neurosurgical Associates while
past four years. She has renewed her           Class Agent Chris Browne email:                 will work out of the firm’s Boston office.
                                                                                                                                               maintaining his private practice in
passion for riding and currently owns                                                                           Springfield, MA.
five horses.

                                               Lisa Brodeur-McGan has established her
Joanne V. Yandow is the Hearing Officer                                                                                                                            Howard Steinman and
                                               own law firm in Springfield, MA, with a
at the Department of Public Health for the                                                                                                                         his wife announce the
                                               satellite office in Easthampton, MA. The
State of Connecticut. She is married to                                                                                                                            birth of their son,
                                               firm will focus on employment law, pro-
David and they have four children. They                                                        Class Agents Lisa Bongiovi email:                                   Andrew Mark, born
                                               fessional malpractice, police misconduct,
reside in Glastonbury, CT.                                                                                                    September 5, 2005.
                                               municipal liability, insurance, and state
                                               and federal civil rights law.                   Melanie Branham email:

                                                                                                                   Mark and Patty Swan
                                                                                                                   announce the birth of       Robert Tukey has been elected as a Direc-
                                                                                                                   their daughter, Payton      tor in the law firm of Suisman Shapiro in
                                                                                                                   Elizabeth, on June 5,       New London, CT, where he practices per-
                                                                                                                   2005. She joins big         sonal injury, marital, and real estate law.
                                                                                                                   brother, Mack, who
                                                                                                                   is four.

       S P R I N G       2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                                     N 37
                              Spring 2006                                                1997
                                                                                         Class Agent                                firm of Morrison Mahoney LLP in
                                                                                         Michael Blanchard email:                   Springfield, MA.
Where are they now?                                                                      Robert K. Fowler, President and Chair-
                                                                                                                                    John J. O’Neill has been sworn in as
                                                                                                                                    Ward 7 Councilor for the City of
                                                                                         man of the Board of Hampden Papers,        Holyoke, MA.
                                                                                         Inc., has received the Human Relations
                                                                                                                                    Peter J. Siciliano and Taryn M.
                                                                                         Award from the Council for Human
                                                                                                                                    Markham exchanged wedding vows
                                                                                         Understanding. The council’s goal is to
                                                                                                                                    July 9, 2005 in a ceremony at St.
                                                                                         improve the quality of human develop-
                                                                                                                                    Anthony’s Church in Springfield, MA.
                                                                                         ment in the greater Holyoke community.

                                                                                         Kristine R. Jones has relocated to

                                                                                         Connecticut where she is currently
                                                                                         working at the law firm of Morrison
                                                                                         Mahoney LLP in Hartford, CT.

                                                                  Keshia Espinal ’00                                                Michael Cruz has opened his own law
                                                                  Assistant District                                                office in Rocky Hill, CT, focusing in
                                                                  Attorney                                                          the practice of negligence, litigation,
                                                                  Queens County                                                     housing, real estate, general practice,
                                                                  Queens, NY                                                        and probate.

                                                                                                                                    Jeremy C. Johnson and Amy C. Smith
       What is the best part of being a prosecutor? I like trial work and love being                                                ’01 were married October 8, 2004, in a
       in the courtroom. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but I originally wanted to                                                 ceremony in the chapel at Wilbraham and
       be a defense attorney. One of my internships was at the U.S. Defense Attor-                                                  Monson Academy in Wilbraham, MA.
       ney’s Office. I came to realize that prosecutors actually have more power to
       “fight the good fight” in deciding what crime to charge a person with and                                                    Todd A. McGee has joined the firm of
       get the best deal for them. That’s especially important in cases involving                                                   Bacon & Wilson, P.C. in Springfield, MA,
       teenagers.                                                                                                                   where he will focus on sophisticated
                                                                                         Koren Harris, Julia Staunton, Preeti       estate planning issues, in addition to the
       Your courthouse is the fictional setting of the court in Law and Order.           Singh, Angela Nunez and Kristine           areas of guardianship, conservatorship,
       What advice would you give to the writers to make the court scenes more           Jones (above) gathered at a baby           and residential real estate.
       realistic? Persuading a jury to vote “guilty” is much harder to do in reality     shower for Preeti Singh who recently
       than what appears on TV. People have the expectation of what a trial will be      gave birth to a baby girl.                                     Frank P. Wittmann
       like from what they see on TV, and it’s nothing like it. You never have all the                                                                  announces the birth
       evidence they have on TV—CSI is a real killer for us. People expect you to                                                                       of his daughter,

       always have forensic evidence, what they don’t understand is that you may                                                                        Eva Clair Reeves
       have the defendant’s fingerprints in a burglary, but there may be another                                                                        Wittmann, born
       explanation as to why they are at the crime scene.                                                                                               October 28, 2005.
           Also, on TV all lawyers are good lawyers. Sometimes the defense attor-
       ney is not always up to the challenge, and you have to do the work of both        Class Agent Darlene Massery email:
       sides to make sure that a guilty conviction sticks and isn’t overturned in
       appeal. I’d always rather face an attorney who is better than me.
                                                                                         Kevin C. Bopp has recently opened
       Describe a typical day at work: There is no such thing as a typical day. You

                                                                                         his own law office in Williamstown,
       can plan all you want, but by 9:01 everything changes. I’m on-call and have       MA, specializing in estate planning                                   5 Years
       a pager 24-7. You never know when you might get called to file a motion and       and administration and real estate law,
       argue it in 10 minutes, appear before a grand jury, or speak to a victim who      including elder law, probate, and Medic-
       has popped into the office unexpectedly.                                          aid. He currently resides in Pownal, VT,   Class Agents Michele Morris email:
       How did the School of Law prepare you for your present position? In real-         with his wife, Paula, and son, Jasper.
       ity nothing can. I guess my experience on the trial team taught me the basics                                                Matt Massengill email:
       and the confidence to stand up there in court. Professor Egnal made us            Nathan A. Byrnes has been appointed
       practice that day in and day out. We also learned how to argue with judges        as the First Assistant Clerk Magistrate
       and the importance of knowing the rules of evidence.                              of the Westfield District Court in         Michael I. Montembeau has joined the
                                                                                         Westfield, MA.                             firm of Smith, Elliott, Smith, and
       Most important academic lessons learned: The first is to always be ethical.                                                  Garmey, P.A., in their Saco, ME, office
       Losing your license or your job is not worth any case.                                                                       as an associate.

            The second is simply to return phone calls—that is one of the most
       important things to do in this job. You can get a bad reputation instantly, but                                              Royce Saalfield is a program attorney
       it takes a long time to take one away.                                                                                       for the Fourth Judicial Circuit Guardian
                                                                                                                                    Ad Litem Program located in Jack-
       Most memorable member of the faculty and why: There were so many—
                                                                                         Class Agent Rebecca Proakis email:         sonville, FL. Prior to accepting this
       I just loved my time there. There’s Professor Egnal who I still call “Papa
       John.” I have memories of just hanging out in the hall with Prof. Miller, and                          position Attorney Saalfield served as
       the day I wore a Yankees t-shirt to Prof. Royal’s class, the support of Prof.                                                an Assistant Public Defender for the
                                                                                         Heather Beattie is a member of the
       Goldstein, and the insightful lessons of Catherine Jones and Dan Lathery.                                                    Fourth Judicial Circuit. Royce Saalfield
                                                                                         Health Care Practice Group at the law

38 N                                                                                                                                    P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                          safety, facilities, and transportation.   member of the firm’s Business and
is currently pursuing a Master in
Business Administration while contin-
uing to advocate for the environment
in his community.
                                          She will also be teaching a class in
                                          the paralegal studies program at the
                                          University of Arkansas.
                                                                                    Commercial Law Practice Group,
                                                                                    and a former summer associate of
                                                                                    the firm.
                                                                                                                               IN MEMORIAM
                                                                                    Caitlin Brady, along with her husband
Amy C. Smith and Jeremy C. Johnson                                                                                             The magazine has received notice of the deaths of

                                                                                    Bill, and son, Aidan Patrick, have
’00 were married October 8, 2004 in                                                                                            the following members of the Law School family.
                                                                                    moved to Pooler, GA, where Caitlin is
a ceremony in the chapel at Wilbra-
                                                                                    practicing with a real estate firm.
ham & Monson Academy in Wilbra-
ham, MA.                                                                            Patrick Doyle has begun his LL.M. in
                                          Class Agent Linda Fakhoury email:                                                    Carol Ann C’Miel ’84 passed away on
                                                                                    Taxation at Northwestern University        December 11, 2005. She leaves her
Debra Dreibelbis Thurley currently                       School of Law in Chicago, IL.              husband, George J. C’Miel; and her two
resides in State College, PA, and is an
academic advisor for Pennsylvania         Courtney A. Almeida has opened her                                                   sons, Jason and Craig C’Miel.
                                                                                    Ryan McKeen has joined the firm
State University. Debra and her           own law office in Danbury, CT, where      of Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle
                                          she will focus on bankruptcy law.                                                    Thomas E. Coyle ’86 passed away on
husband, Jonathan, have one son,                                                    in East Hartford, CT, as an associate.     December 19, 2004.
Graham Thurley.
                                          Rose Cheever has been appointed
                                          as the first female detective in the                                                 Joseph T. Dolan ’77 passed away on
                                                                                                                               August 16, 2005. He leaves his wife,

                                          history of the Swampscott Police
                                          Department, in Swampscott, MA,                                                       AnnMarie Dolan, of Suffield, CT.
                                          where she has been serving for the
                                                                                                                               Harvey B. Gruskin ’60 passed away
                                          past five years.
                                                                                                                               January 19, 2003.
Class Agents Lori Leavitt email:
                                          Karen Eaton Ferrell has joined the                                                                                                            Brian T. Hart ’80 passed away September
                                          firm of Martinelli, Discenza & Hanni-
Gregory Lenetis email:                                                                                                         19, 2002. He leaves his wife, Susan Hart.
                                          fan, P.C. as an associate. She will                                                             Kelley Cooper Miller (second from
                                          practice in the areas of estate plan-
                                                                                    left) began her LL.M. in Taxation at       Philip K. Kimball ’41 passed away Septem-
                                          ning, real estate development, and
                                                                                    Georgetown University Law Center in        ber 5, 2005. He is survived by his wife,

                                          finance law.
                                                                                    Washington, DC, where she has also         Florence Kimball, of Longmeadow, MA.
                                          Christopher F. Girard has completed       been working in the Tax Practice
                                          his clerkship at the Connecticut                                                     Geri Laventis ’83 passed away December
                                                                                    Group of a DC firm. Kelley also com-
                                                                                                                               17, 2005. She is survived by her daughter,
                                          Appellate Court and has been hired as     peted in the American Bar Association
Class Agents Anderson Theodore                                                                                                 Katharine Laventis, of Florence, MA; and two
                                          an associate at the firm of Robinson      Tax Section 2005 Law Student Tax
email:                                                                                                  sisters, Tina Merante, of Danbury, CT, and
                                          & Cole in Hartford, CT.                   Challenge, where she was awarded
Karen Romano email:                                                                                                            Joanne Carpenter, of Southwest Harbor, ME.
                                                                                    first place in the LL.M. division, for                          Kevin J. Kelley has opened his law
                                                                                    “Best Written Submission” in this          John von Mehren ’88 passed away August 3,
Richard Gray email:                       office in Ware, MA, where he will
                                                                                    national competition. Kelley was           2005. He leaves his daughter, Jessica, and                       focus his practice in the areas of
                                                                                    coached for this challenge by Freder-      her husband, Brian W. Abbott Jr.
Jennifer Cunningham email:                juvenile delinquency, child welfare
                                                                                    ick D. Royal, professor, Western New                     law, education law, criminal law, and                                                Frank Satta ’70 passed away September 21,
                                                                                    England College School of Law. Kelley
                                          health law.                                                                          2005. He leaves his wife, Claire Satta, of
                         Seth Bostock                                               will begin a two-year Federal clerkship
                                          Brenda Oppermann has arrived in           on the United States Tax Court in          Alexandria, VA.
                         has located
                         his law office   Baghdad to serve as the new Chief of      Washington, DC, in May 2006.
                                                                                                                               Rosemary Sprague ’69 passed away
                         in Sandown,      Party for the U.S. Institute of Peace
                                                                                    Monica Ribeiro and Michael Mertzic         November 12, 2005.
                         NH, and is       (USIP). The USIP is a nonpartisan
                                                                                    were married on October 22, 2005, and
                         shown here       think tank based in Washington, DC,                                                  Elizabeth E. Zielinski ’40 passed away
                                                                                    reside in Ludlow, MA, where Monica is
                         with Supreme     that focuses on mitigating conflict.                                                 December 31, 2005. She is survived by
                                                                                    in practice.
                         Court Justice    She has committed to staying for at                                                  her son, Peter Zielinski of Orange, MA.
                         David Souter     least one year.                                                   Stephanie Tao
                         at a recent                                                                        has settled in
                         New Hamp-                                                                          Ireland after

                         shire                                                                              completing her
                                                                                                                               Send your Alumni Notes to:
                         Supreme                                                                            European tour
                         Court event.                                                                       last summer.       Carol Thompson, Office of Law Alumni Relations,
                                                                                                                               Western New England College School of Law,
                                                                                                            She is currently   1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-
                                          Class Agents Sara Micflikier email:
Sabrina DiMauro has received her ele-                                               working with a Solicitor where she is      2684 or email
mentary education certification and has                                             learning Irish law.
                                          Kelley Cooper Miller email:
been hired as a second grade teacher
                                                     Keith Strohl has been admitted to the
in the Cheshire Public Schools in
                                                                                    Pennsylvania Bar and is currently
Cheshire, CT.                                                   Robyn C. Abbate
                                                                                    employed as an associate in the firm
                                                                has recently
Karen M. Romano has relocated to                                                    of Steckel & Stopp in Slatington, PA.
                                                                joined the law
Arkansas where she is working for
                                                                firm of Halloran    Melissa Wakeman has relocated to
the Head Start Program focusing on
                                                                & Sage, LLP, in     Oregon where she has successfully
compliance work with regard to
                                                                its Hartford        passed the bar.
                                                                office. She is a
         S P R I N G      2 0 0 6                                                                                                                                          N 39
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                                                                                                                                                 or call 413-782-1463
       The Alumni Healthful                                             413-782-1416 or email
       Living Center (AHLC)                                   
       Law alumni are welcome to use the
       world-class facilities of the AHLC                               Continuing Legal                         The College Bookstore           Alumni Publications
       free of charge. Popular amenities                                Education Programs                       There’s no better way to        Alumni of the School of
       include the fitness center, pool, and                            Our highly successful CLE                proudly display your law        Law receive the full-color
       track. For details, call 413-782-1518.                           Programs have covered topics             school connection than          Perspectives magazine twice
                                                                        ranging from probating an                with a shirt or memento         a year and the newslet-
                                                                        estate to trying OUI cases.              from the College Bookstore.     ter Law School Digest
                                                                        All alums get a discounted               For more information, call      three times a year. The
            Alumni Association ID Card                                  rate of $80. For details, visit          413-782-1284 or visit           monthly Law School
            The Alumni Association ID provides access to campus                           Minute is an email
            resources including the Law Library and the Alumni                                                                                   newsletter designed
            Healthful Living Center. For details, call 413-782-1311                                                                              to inform alumni of
            or email                            The Office of Law Alumni                                                 current news.
                                                                        Relations serves as a resource
           Transcript Requests                                          to our members, committees,
                                                                        and regional chapters. Feel free
           Law transcripts are issued by the Student Records
                                                                        to contact Carol Thompson at
           Office at the School of Law. There is no charge for
                                                                        413-782-1311 with questions
           this service. For more information, call the Student
                                                                        about benefits, events, or
                                                                                                                     Learn more about alumni benefits at:
           Records Office at 413-782-1401 or visit
                                                                        volunteer opportunities.
           Replacing a Diploma
           If your diploma is lost or damaged,                                                                School of Law Library               D’Amour Library
           you can replace it by calling                                                                      Free access to Western              The D’Amour Library serves
           Student Administrative Services                                                                    Massachusetts’ only law             as a valuable resource to
           at 800-325-1122 ext. 2080.                                                                         library is an outstanding alumni    alumni undertaking professional
           (A $30 service fee is required.)                                                                   resource. For hours or informa-     research or expanding their
                                                                                                              tion, call 413-782-1457 or visit    personal reading enjoyment.
                                                                                                              the School of Law website at        Alumni I.D. card required.
                                                                                                        Call 413-782-1535 or visit

40 N   w w w . l a w . w n e c . e d u                                                                                                                    P E R S P E C T I V E S
                                                                                                                     SPRING 2006
Western New England College is committed to the prin-
ciple of equal opportunity in education and employ-
ment. The College does not discriminate on the basis of
sex, race, color, creed, national origin, age, religion, sex-
                                                                                Perspectives is a publication of Western New
ual orientation, veteran status, or disability in admission
to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its pro-
                                                                                England College School of Law.
grams and activities. The following person has been                             ARTHUR R. GAUDIO
designated to handle inquiries regarding the College’s                          Dean
nondiscrimination policies: The Executive Director of
Career and Human Resources, Western New England                                 SAM STONEFIELD
College, 1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-                            Associate Dean for External Affairs
2684. Inquiries concerning the application of nondis-                           and Professor of Law
crimination policies may also be referred to the
Regional Director, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Depart-                        KEITH MCKITTRICK
ment of Education, J.W. McCormack P.O.C.H., Room                                Director of Law School Development
222, Boston MA 0 2109-4557.
                                                                                BARBARA CAMPANELLA
                                                                                Vice President for Marketing
                                                                                and External Affairs
                                                                                MARY MAZZAFERRO
                                                                                PATRICIA GAGNON
                                                                                GERMAINE MARIE LANG
                                                                                MARY MAZZAFERRO
                                                                                DAVID STAWASZ
                                                                                DEBRA WHITTEMORE
                                                                                VARIOUS FACULTY/STUDENT CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                                BARBARA CAMPANELLA
                                                                                DEBORAH PORTER SAVOIE
                                                                                ROSEMARY O’DONOGHUE
                                                                                CAROL THOMPSON
                                                                                Alumni Notes Editor and
                                                                                Faculty Notes Editor
                                                                                DEBORAH CHAPPELL
                                                                                Creative Director
                                                                                LENARD DESIGN GROUP
                                                                                Design & Production
                                                                                J. C. OTTO
                                                                                PAUL SCHNAITTACHER
                                                                                Principal Photography

                                                                SUBSCRIBE TO LAW REVIEW

                                                                  Western New England Law Review
                                                                                              STATEMENT OF PRICES

                                                                                              VOLUME 28.2 (2006)
                                                                                                 Alums                     $10.00
                                                                                                 Non-Alums                 $15.00

                                                                                                    VOLUMES 1-27
                                                                                                    These may be obtained from
                                                                                                    William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
                                                                                                    1285 Main Street
                                                                                                    Buffalo, NY 14209

                                                                               Please enclose payment with your order.
                                                                                            SEND REQUESTS TO:
                                                                     WESTERN NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW
                                                                           Western New England College School of Law
                                                                                     1215 Wilbraham Road
                                                                                  Springfield, MA 01119-2684

                                                                The Western New England Law Review invites the submission of unsolicited
                                                                manuscripts. When submitting a manuscript, please enclose pertinent
                                                                biographical data, business and home addresses, and business and home
                                                                phone numbers. Manuscripts that are not accompanied by a self-addressed
                                                                stamped envelope will not be returned.
APRIL 2006                            MAY 2006                           JUNE 2006                          OCTOBER 2006
7       Barristers Ball, MassMutual   2     NYC Reception at             10     Red Sox vs. Texas Game      14    Reunion
        Center, 6:30 p.m.                   Skadden Arps Slate                  7:05 p.m.
                                            Meagher Flom
8       Admissions First                                                 15     Law and Business
                                            6:00-8:00 p.m.
        Year Preview,                                                           Center for Advancing
        10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.          7     Red Sox vs. Baltimore Game          Entrepreneurship
        Law School Lobby                    2:05 p.m.                           Extreme Business Makeover
18      Massachusetts Appeals         15    MassBar CLE
        Court Moot Court Room,              “Melanie’s Law,” Room C
                                                                         JULY 2006
        9:00 a.m.                           4:00-7:00 p.m.
                                                                         25     Tanglewood on Parade
20      Dean’s Award Tea              18    Dial-A-Lawyer                       2:30-11:00 p.m.
        4:00-6:30 p.m.
                                      20    Commencement
25      Law and Business Center             MassMutual Center
        Speaker: Laura Gordon, CPA          9:30 a.m.
         “Building Business from a
        Base of Strength” Law
        School Lobby, 5:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                   Springfield, MA
                                                                                                                   Permit No. 896
Office of Law Alumni Relations
    1215 Wilbraham Road
 Springfield, MA 01119-2684

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