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									    LAW WEEK COLORADO
                    It’s a delicate operation, but to-
                    day’s lawyer must have it all —
                    legal prowess and a personality
                    to go with it. Meet five attorneys
                    who personify the “Compleat
                    Lawyer.” PAGE 12

Vol. 5 / No. 25/ $6           571 LOGAN STREET, DENVER, COLORADO 80203  303-292-1212                     Week of June 22, 2009

                                                                                          cover                           STORY
      The Guide To Being A Compleat Lawyer
                                       Brings Money And Good Humor; Superior In Every Way
By Peter Rossi

   DENVER — The “Compleat
Lawyer” is the whole package,          TRAITS THAT MAKE A WELL-ROUNDED LAWYER
the equivalent of a modern day         Managing Partners And Recruiters Weigh In On What’s Most Important
renaissance personality. Think
someone who not just excels
at their area of legal expertise,
but generates business, promotes
their firm’s values, stays on top
of the current trends and has a
personality that dazzles.
   In our quest to define traits
that best exemplify what it takes
to be a “Compleat Lawyer,” Law
Week Colorado reached out to
managing partners and staffing
recruiters to get their take.
   Results of our online survey
found that – no surprise – most
place a high importance on an
attorney’s ability to generate a
book of business. But partners
and staffing professionals also
ranked high a professional’s
“emotional intelligence” — that
is, the ability to listen, to empa-
thize, have compassion and con-
verse with people on varying
   “You really have to have
                                                                                      0              5               10           15            20
lawyers that relate to the cli-
ent, establish contacts with them,
form bonds and are perceptive          which places attorneys. “Because        regarded as the top two traits for     Law Week’s survey indicated it
about changes in the client and        of that, it’s critical that attorneys   the “Compleat Lawyer.”                 takes more than five years to
the client’s needs,” said Lonny        must be able to read and under-           “I think the first thing a ‘com-     grow a solid book of business
Donovan, CEO of Isaacson               stand people.”                          pleat’ lawyer has to have is solid     and be considered highly moti-
Rosenbaum. “That’s why I think            Additionally, attorneys with a       legal skills,” said Bob Miller,        vated. Forty-two percent said it
the emotional intelligence issue       high degree of emotional intelli-       managing partner of Perkins            should take between two to five
is a higher one than it used to        gence are able to build and main-       Coie in Denver. “If you don’t          years; nobody said it should take
be.”                                   tain relationships, which leads to      have legal skills, I don’t care        two years or less.
   If attorneys aren’t able to         business development and repeat         what else you have; you’re not            “We generally don’t expect an
communicate effectively with           business, Davis added.                  going to be a ‘compleat’ lawyer.”      associate who comes on to our
their clients on a level beyond              Growing a solid book of             With top legal skills comes          firm to be in a position where
the legalities of a case, the result                 business                  the ability to generate business       the associate is really in a posi-
could be detrimental to business.         Understanding people and             because clients will take notice,      tion to generate much business
   “Understanding the expecta-         their emotions will only get            Miller said.                           for that initial five-year peri-
tions and emotions of clients is       you so far in law, though. The            But it is tough to bring busi-       od,” said Donovan, of Isaacson
an integral part in the practice       ability to generate business and        ness into a law firm with mini-        Rosenbaum.
of law and in the management           achieve recognition as a superior       mal experience in the field. Fifty-       Donovan said younger lawyers
of cases,” said Sharon Davis of        in an area of legal expertise were      eight percent of respondents to        need to show an ability to main-
Strategic Staffing Associates,
tain contacts and generate some      qualities are closely related. But      Commitment to pro bono/

business at the five-to-seven year   how are attorneys expected to        community volunteering ranked
stage.                               stay ahead of emerging develop-      seventh in the survey. “We take            f you don’t have
   “It takes somebody quite a        ments in their preferred area?       it as a given now,” Donovan said.          legal skills, I don’t
while to learn an area of the law       Continuing legal education        “They’re expected to go have          care what else you have;
to the point that they’re skilled    classes are required, but most       that focus.”
                                                                                                                you’re not going to be a
enough to have something to          agree they are essential to stay        Indeed, pro bono has become
sell,” Miller said. “It also takes   ahead of new curves. Staying         more of an expectation — espe-        ‘compleat’ lawyer.”
quite a while to reach out to        current on legal trends and read-    cially at large firms — rather
potential clients and convince       ing voraciously have a definite      than a perk or a bonus. “The           — Bob Miller, managing
them that you do have those          purpose for lawyers too.             firm as a whole has accepted that
skills and that they do have con-       “You can get a sense on deals     as part of their role and expect
                                                                                                                partner of Perkins Coie in
fidence in your ability to ade-      that aren’t happening now, but       people in the firm to provide                            Denver
quately represent them.”             might happen in the future,”         those services,” Miller said.
                                     Donovan said, referring to CLE          Pro bono services are still con-
    Providing pro bono a must        classes and periodicals. If law-     sidered a big plus at smaller law
   Being regarded as superior in     yers can see similar legal work      firms that might not have the         not have the luxury of time or
an area of legal expertise and       done in other states that haven’t    same resources as larger ones.        the financial resources to enable
staying on top of current trends     come to Colorado yet, he said,       “It can still be a generous gift      them to do as much pro bono
in the law ranked second and tied    they can work ahead and educate      for a small or mid-size firm to be    work as they would like to do,”
for third in the survey. The two     themselves on emerging trends.       able to do that because they may      he said.

                                The Total Package
                    Five Attorneys Who Personify Compleation
By Neela Eyunni                      colleagues think that much more      HRO attorney for nearly 50 years      ter. “As a new associate, she
and Cara DeGette                     of him for it.                       who died in 2007. At the end of       was brought onto teams of more
                                        “While such an alternative        the day, some 150 lawyers and         senior lawyers to work on par-
                                     career path may not work for         staff from the firm had raised        ticular projects, but in many
   Editor’s note: The following      most lawyers, the firm was will-     more than $20,000 to benefit          instances quickly became the
five Colorado attorneys possess      ing to stand behind Alex and help    Urban Peak, a nonprofit that pro-     primary contact with the client.
the traits that in many ways per-    Alex make an alternative career      vides services to the homeless.       This is a direct result of not only
sonify the “Compleat Lawyer.”        path a success,” HRO noted in           “Alex has the respect and          her outstanding legal talent, but
Law Week Colorado selected the       its letter nominating Ritchie as a   admiration of attorneys and staff     also her easy nature, subtle con-
top five from nominations by         “Compleat Lawyer.” “Since that       of all levels at HRO,” according      fidence and her no-nonsense and
their colleagues. See page 15        time, Alex has continued to run      to the nomination. “He deserves       practical approach.”
for a list of finalists.             and manage large transactions        this recognition.”                       For example, a few years ago,
                                     (some close to or more than $1B)                                           Martin was assisting a partner
   Alex Ritchie                      while counseling clients on their       Kimberly Martin                    on a 200-plus acre mixed-use
   Holme Roberts & Owen              day to day business and legal           Otten Johnson Robinson             development project; ultimately
   Mergers, Acquisitions and         issues, consistently being near         Neff + Ragonetti                   she took on the first chair role,
   Financing Transactions            the top of the firm in terms of         Real Estate and Land Use           serving as the client’s primary
   He’s a deal closer.               billable hours.”                     Law                                   attorney.
   He’s a mergers and acquisi-          Ritchie, 38, also prepares           Not many attorneys can fly.           Martin, 39, has been at Otten
tions whiz.                          training programs for firm asso-        Meet Kimberly Martin.              Johnson for the four years she
   He’s a former CPA.                ciates, along with sophisticated        The Otten Johnson Robinson         has been practicing law; in her
   He writes papers with titles      form documents and knowledge         Neff + Ragonetti attorney is a        past life she was special proj-
like, “Form 5 LLC: A Modest          management systems.                  licensed private pilot. After she     ects coordinator for the Pueblo
Proposal for a Limited Liability        Out in the world, Ritchie is a    lands planes, she goes to work as     Memorial Airport, where she
Company Agreement Based on           graduate of the Metro Denver         a real estate and land use attor-     helped coordinate everything
Form 5.”                             Chamber        of   Commerce’s       ney, wading through the intri-        from leases with airlines to over-
   He goes to pajama parties         Leadership Denver Program.           cacies of annexations, subdivi-       hauling the airport’s restaurant.
with the mayor.                      He sits on the boards of Urban       sions, zoning, transferable devel-    She later worked in manufactur-
   In December, 2006, Alex           Peak, The Spot Youth Center          opment rights, revenue sharing        ing quality control for six years.
Ritchie made partner at HRO.         and Denver Mayor John                agreements, development agree-           When Martin graduated from
Two years later he made a gutsy      Hickenlooper’s Pajama Party to       ments and vested property rights.     the University of Denver Sturm
move; he resigned that partner-      End Homelessness.                       “Kim has excelled in her           College of Law, she was first in
ship to become a senior counsel         Last year Ritchie organized       legal practice in a way that goes     her class. This year the Denver
to better balance his career, fam-   the firm’s annual day of volun-      beyond her level of experience,”      Business Journal named her one
ily and community work. His          teerism in honor of Jim Bye, an      according to the nomination let-      of its 40 Under 40 people to
   “[Kim] is an outstanding
lawyer, but also an outstanding
person,” according to the nomi-
nation letter. “She doesn’t do
anything without doing it 125
percent. Her accomplishments
started many years before she
was a lawyer.”

   Reid Page
   Polsinelli Shughart
   Business Litigation
   Reid Page graduated from
Georgetown University Law
Center in 2000. He joined
Polsinelli Shughart six years
later; since then he has brought
in 10 new clients with an average                                                                      NEFF + RAGONETTI
                                                ALEX RITCHIE                         KIMBERLY A. MARTIN                              REID PAGE
annual revenue of $150,000. He
manages all of them.
   He also handles all aspect of
the firm’s business, from recruit-
ing talent, landing and manag-
ing new books of business to
researching, investigating, pros-
ecuting and defending cases and
post-judgment appellate pro-
ceedings. And he’s responsible
for all hiring within the office.
   Page, 33, specializes in com-
plex civil litigation and busi-
ness torts. He has represented
plaintiffs and defendants in a
variety of business disputes and
jurisdictions, including a major
trade secret case in U.S. District
Court in Wisconsin, represent-
                                                                                       PHOTO COURTESY DUFFORD & BROWN
ing a small company against a                    PHOTO COURTESY PATTON BOGGS

                                            JAMES MUCHMORE                            MECHELLE Y. FAULK
73-year old company with more
than $2 billion in revenue.
   He is currently working on the
complex, controversial $53 mil-
                                     Denver office, who nominated              31, is an associate who often              keting and business development
lion development deal between
                                     Page. “Reid is the complete, or           represents clients with complex            committee.
LandCo        Equity     Partners,
                                     ‘compleat’ package, and we are            financial issues and high-conflict            In the community, Faulk is a
the United States Olympic
                                     very fortunate he is with us.”            cases. She is an experienced liti-         champion for diversity. She is
Committee and the City of
                                                                               gator and negotiator, and guides           an officer of the Asian Pacific
Colorado Springs.
                                        Mechelle Faulk                         clients through difficult divorce          American Bar Association and
   He was named a Rising Star
                                        Dufford & Brown                        and post-divorce processes.                president elect for 2010-2011.
in Colorado this year by Super
                                        Family Law                             She has worked with clients on             In addition, she is active with
                                        This is Mechelle Faulk: “A             domestic violence restraining              the Colorado Campaign for
   Page      has     spearheaded
                                     leader in her profession, at her          orders and led families through            Inclusive Excellence, a nonprofit
Polsinelli Shughart’s community
                                     firm, at home, and in the com-            the step-adoption process.                 dedicated to increasing diversity
involvement in several projects,
                                     munity, balancing an active and              “She is a tough advocate for            in the legal profession.
including a benefit event for
                                     busy practice with extensive pro-         her clients by consistently devel-            Last year she became the
the Colorado Coalition for the
                                     fessional and civic involvement.          oping a thorough understanding             captain of the Asian Pacific
                                     And she does all this in addition         of each client’s objective and             American Bar Association
   “Reid personifies the type of
                                     to being a hands-on mother to             the unique issues of each case,”           Dragon Boat Team. She is also
complete lawyer that is criti-
                                     two children under the age of             according to her letter of nomi-           on the board of directors of the
cal to a firm now more than
                                     five.”                                    nation.                                    Colfax Community Network,
ever,” noted G. Steve Long, the
                                        At Dufford & Brown, Faulk,                She also chairs the firm’s mar-         which provides programs and
managing partner of the firm’s
                                     ing the National Association of

                                                                                                         The Compleat Contenders
services to families in low-
income and transient housing.        Corporate Directors, and volun-
  At home, Faulk and her hus-        teering with 501(c)(3) organiza-
band are parents of Satiene, 4,      tions.
and Gracelyn, 1. In her off time,       “Although he is an associate,
                                     he does more article writing,
                                                                                                         A Dozen Attorneys                 Professional Liability, Real
she skis, hikes and spends time in
the garden.                          networking and marketing than                                       Who Top The List                  Estate Litigation (Partial List)
                                     many partners,” according to his                                                                      Holland & Hart

   James Muchmore                    nomination letter. “He is very                                      The following accomplished
                                     focused on selling the services of                                  Colorado attorneys emerged        Tim Scott
   Patton Boggs                                                                                                                            Business Transactions and
   Securities,       Corporate       our entire firm-not just those he                                   as strong finalists in Law
                                     can provide personally.”                                            Week’s quest to personify the     Tax, Troubled Credits and
Governance, Mergers and                                                                                                                    Distressed Properties
Acquisitions                            Muchmore is chairman of                                          “Compleat Lawyer”:
                                                                                                                                           Otten Johnson Robinson Neff
   James Muchmore is much            the board for the Cottonwood
                                                                                                         Denise D. Hoffman                 + Ragonetti
more than the attorney who           Institute, a Denver-based non-
wades though complex transac-        profit that provides wilderness                                     Election and Campaign
                                                                                                         Finance Law, Nonprofits and       Conor Farley
tional matters.                      training and environmental edu-                                                                       Auto/Trucking             Law,
   For one, the Patton Boggs         cation to teens. It is, as its Website                              Religious Institutions, Tax
                                                                                                         Planning                          Commercial and Construction
attorney loves rodeo.                describes, designed to “inspire a                                                                     Litigation (Partial List)
   For two, he advises corpo-                                                                            Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons
                                     new generation of young com-                                                                          White and Steele
rations, company management          munity leaders who are envi-
and private funds on matters                                                                             Donald “Tripp” Lake
                                     ronmentally aware, civically                                                                          Lena Moeller
of corporate, transactional and                                                                          Personal Injury Defense
                                     engaged, and who are empow-                                         Pryor Johnson Carney Karr         Casualty Insurance Litigation,
securities law. In the past year,    ered to make a positive impact                                                                        Insurance     and      Medical
Muchmore has been helping                                                                                Nixon
                                     within their respective communi-                                                                      Malpractice (Partial List)
small and mid-size businesses        ties. Muchmore also works with                                                                        White and Steele
access funding through private                                                                           Elizabeth Meier
                                     the Home Front Cares, which                                         Commercial        law       and
equity, private placements and                                                                                                             Christopher A. Young
                                     provides support for veterans and                                   Securities, Mergers and
public markets to pursue their                                                                                                             Commercial Landlord/Tenant
                                     families of deployed troops.                                        Acquisitions (Partial List)
business plans.                                                                                                                            Disputes, General Commercial
   When he’s not in the office,         The 2000 graduate of                                             Holme Roberts & Owen
                                     Syracuse University College                                                                           and Construction Litigation
Muchmore, 35, is busy getting                                                                                                              Fisher, Sweetbaum, Levin &
the word out about the firm.         of Law is admitted to the bar                                       Sean Odendahl
                                                                                                         Commercial       Law        and   Sands
In the past year he’s taken part     in Colorado, New York, New
in sponsoring numerous events        Jersey, the District of Columbia                                    Securities, Mergers and
                                                                                                         Acquisitions (Partial List)       Chelsea M. Burns
including a sustainable opportu-     and Wyoming (pending) and                                                                             Commercial, Real Estate,
nities summit last March.            has been published in various                                       Holme Roberts & Owen
                                                                                                                                           Construction and Insurance
   Muchmore is also involved in      publications, such as Colorado                                                                        Fisher, Sweetbaum, Levin &
national organizations, includ-      BusinessWeek and Texas Lawyer.                                      David K. TeSelle
                                                                                                         Large Complex Litigation,         Sands
                                                                                                         Class Actions (Partial List)
                                                                                                                                           Brian Nazarenus
                                                                                                         Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh
                                                                                                         Jardine                           Water, Natural Resources and
                                                                                                                                           Environmental Law
How Important Is It? Managing Partners And Re-                                                                                             Ryley Carlock & Applewhite
                                                                                                         Jonathan Bender
cruiters Respond
                                                                                                         Business Litigation, Legal
                                                                      Source: Law Week Colorado survey

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