Jaya Bhattacharya --- Kyunki by pengxiuhui


									She is someone who never grows old, she, in the truest sense, is the strength that drives
their children to reach goals that are beyond their reach. She loves because she knows
nothing else ---- all this in front of the camera that never stops recording. These women
are not just great actresses in their own right, but are mothers to the most popular
daughters on the telly today. But sometimes it happens that these characters, who so often
form the backbone

She is the mother of perhaps the most popular girl on the telly, Jassi, aka Jessica, aka
Mona Singh. She is the lady who binds the Walia family together. It is not a mean thing
to be the mother of the most loved daughter of the country….to be the cynosure of all
eyes, while the daughter takes difficult decisions of her life. Surinder Kaur is without
doubt the most envied mother on telly today. She is the epitome of patience and a pillar
of perseverance. “She is the most harmonizing factor in the family. She is not
extraordinary, and that is what makes her appealing,” says Surinder about her character.
Surinder herself has two sons, who have grown up to be self reliant at a very early age.
“They crib only when I am gone for a very long time, otherwise they seem to be busy
with their own set of friends,” says Surinder, who thinks that if parents provide a basic
security for the kids, they will be independent and strong.
What about her relationship with her reel life daughter, we wonder --- “We share a
beautiful relationship. She calls me mamma, and I call her beta even off the sets. She
shares her thoughts with me all the time,” laughs Surinder. Is it difficult to bring up a
child like Jassi, who is the butt of ridicule from all quarters of the society? How would
she have coped with it in real life, we ask --- “I always tell my kids that you don’t need to
look good to be a winner. They should be able to touch the hearts of people and make a
difference. Mona is looking fabulous now, but it didn’t make a difference what she
looked like, people love her both ways,” says the mother, who believes that love goes
beyond external façade, when you love, she says, you love the person, not her looks.
Surinder will soon play mother to Saif Ali Khan in Pareenita. This is one mother who
seems to be going places!

She is the mother of the most famous Gujju lass in town, and Vandana Pathak, takes
pride in her special bond with her on-screen daughter, Poooja, in Ye Meri Life Hai
(Shamma Sikander). “Arre we gelled with us from Day 1. Hamari hugging shugging
chalti rahti hai,” says Vandana who tries to make her character look as realistic as
possible. Her character as the typical gujju ma, who is dominated by her overbearing
husband, is reminiscent of the Indian society at large. But although the character is
submissive, Vandana is quick to point out that she is not like that in real life. “The
characters are very real. There is no melodrama. When Pooja wants to get married, Sudha
(her character in the serial) advices her to continue studying….she is very practical and
matter of fact, and that is how mothers should be…at least my mother is like that,” says
Vandana, who has two children of her own. She tells us that being a mother comes
naturally to her, although she admits that she can be quite a nag sometimes! “My husband
keeps telling me to stop nagging, and try being friends with my children. But I can’t seem
to help it!” laughs Vandana. So what is she doing this mother’s day, we ask --- “I am
definitely taking my kids out to dinner. And I have a surprise lined up for my mother as
well. My dad is out of town, so we are planning to go out together. So, the three
generations of the Pathak parivaar will be out partying on mother’s day….quite a sight it
will be, we say!

She has been playing mom for over a decade. She is 32 now. She is as popular as a vamp
as she is as a mother. Her telly children invariably turn out to be evil minds at work,
inspired by her. She is Jaya Bhattacharya, who has set a record of sorts of playing mother
to men and women younger to her in real life. A mother’s day special report would be
incomplete without a mention of this gregarious woman, who redefines motherhood as it
were. “Well, it’s a job. I started 13 years ago. I go to the sets give my shot and come
back, I don’t relate to what I am doing at all.” What would have been her advice to
Shobha (Ritu Choudhary) when she became I widow, we ask --- “I certainly will not ask
her to get married again! I would advice her to go around for sometime, have a boyfriend
and then decide what to do…You live only once…yaar!,” says Jaya, who plays pranks on
Ritu all the time. This is one bindaas mother that most will kill for!

She plays mamma to the only mamma’s boy on the telly. Ratna Pathak, enjoys her
dominating role in the Sarabhai family, as much as she enjoys playing mamma to
Roshesh (Rajesh Kumar), who sees life through her eyes. Ratna plays a mamma, whose
idea of right and wrong is defines by who is part of it. If it is her daughter-in-law
Monisha (Rupali Ganguly), then it is always wrong…no matter what --- “I have snobbery
in me, but I can hardly show it. Everything that I don’t do in real life, I do it on the sets of
Sarabhai…,” says Ratna, who admits that in real life, she cannot even dream of behaving
with her daughter-in-law in the way that she does on Sarabhai…, “I can never do that
even if I wanted to,” Ratna says with a laugh. As far as her relationship with her on-
screen son is concerned, it was evident for all to see on the sets of the show --- mother
and son were seen sitting next to one another in a way that was proof enough of their
comfort levels with one another.
This is one mother who probably never got the time to gel with her on-screen daughter.
Her daughters kept on changing, not once or twice, but thrice! Savita Prabhune has been
the mother to a character…who has become one of the most popular names on the telly,
although the individuals playing the character keep changing. How does it feel to have
daughters who keep leaving the show, we ask her --- “I shared a very good rapport with
both Manasi and Nausheen. I have never worked with Shweta Saklani so I can’t say. But
as far as the three of us are concerned, we SMS each other and sometimes even meet
when we are not shooting and have loads of fun!” says this lady who says that she
enjoyed doing Saaya the most, although, the character in Kkusum was closest to her in
real life. The relationship that not only the duo, but the whole family of Kkusum share
was evident in the way that they hung out together during the shoot of the wedding
sequence of Kkusum and Hshitij.

She is the mother of the self-proclaimed brat. Soniya Kapoor, who plays the diva mother
to Anvesha (Priya Wal) on Remix, is a mom that all mom’s are envious of --- rather are
wary of! She is the next generation mom, who believes in changing the norms of the
society rather than change herself. “Soniya is a different kind of a mom. She had
Anvesha when she was only 15, so the difference in age is not much. Then there is her
friendly attitude towards all the kids in school, which too makes her very special. She is a
diva, she is a mother and that is her charm,” says Soniya, who was at first reluctant to
take up the role of a mother. Whoever has seen the show will not forget the smartly
dressed woman who overpowers everyone with her very presence, such is the impression
that Soniya leaves on the viewer. The mother daughter banter is a treat to watch, a clash
of minds that dwell primarily on similar issues. Anvesha is a far cry from the Kkusum’s
and Jassi’s of this world and it is difficult to keep up with her tantrums, but Soniya
manages to hold her own…even off the sets --- “Priya is a very dear friend. We go out
shopping together, we watch movies and party, I really enjoy being with the young
crowd. She pulls my leg by calling me mom….but what to do I am her mom after all!”
says Soniya with a laugh. A mother with a lot of spice, we say….wish more mothers
were like her!

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