MINES ADVISORY GROUP Person Specification Programme Officer

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					                                 MINES ADVISORY GROUP
                                   Person Specification
                                    Programme Officer

           Name:________________________                                      Date:_____________
Criteria               Necessary requirements – skills,                         Measured by             Met /
                       knowledge & experience                                                           Not Met
Experience             Experience of developing and supporting projects         Interview/Application

                       Experience of working overseas on
                       development/humanitarian projects                        Interview/Application

Skills and Knowledge   Project design and planning skills                       Interview/Application

                       Proposal writing skills                                  Interview/Application

                       Report writing skills                                    Interview/Application

                       Research skills                                          Application

                       Commitment to humanitarian and capacity
                       building principles
                       Knowledge of international humanitarian
                       development needs and related issues

                       Ability to work to a budget                              Application

                       Awareness of relevant security issues in project         Interview/Application

                       Excellent organisational skills with the ability to      Interview/Application
                       coordinate activities

                       Good literacy, numeracy and IT skills (e.g.              Application

                       Ability and willingness to undertake routine             Interview/Application
                       administrative tasks

Aptitude               Innovative, creative and proactive with an               Interview/Application
                       analytical and solution-oriented approach

                       Determined and committed to high quality                 Application

                       Ability to establish effective working relationships     Interview/Application
                       at all levels internally and externally
                       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

                       Ability to meet deadlines and work calmly under          Interview/Application
                        Ability to represent and promote MAG                 Interview/Application

                        Commitment to MAG’s strategic direction and          Application
                        core values

                        Self-motivated, flexible and enthusiastic approach   Interview/Application
                        to work
                        Commitment to MAG’s equal opportunities policy

                        Knowledge of relevant institutional donors with an   Interview/Application
                        understanding of their needs and requirements

                        Understanding of legal issues in relation to
                        contracts and charity and company law                Application

        November 2007