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					                                                                              DISTRICT B
                                                                 PARENT CENTER WALK
                                                                   Observation Checklist

           Information                         Parent Center Programs                               Leadership                                    Attitude
1. Information and resources              1. Programs and workshops offered for         1. There is a plan/vision for the center   1. The Parent Center Director(s)
available in the school and/or            parents support the instructional program.    that involves parents/staff as             maintain a positive professional
community are presented to and               a. Substantial time involves parents       collaborators.                             attitude, and are respectful of others
discussed with parents.                           in workshops related to grade level      a. There is evidence of the             and receptive to new ideas.
    a. Information regarding                      standards.                                    involvement of parents in the        a. There is evidence that the
         school/community programs           b. There is evidence of a number of                decision-making about and                 centers welcome all parents.
         and activities are posted and            certificated staff members working            operation of the center.             b. There is a process for parents
         discussed.                               with parents about their child’s         b. The organizational structure of             and staff member to offer new
    b. Parents attend workshops and               instructional program/progress                the center is obvious to all              ideas and suggestions for the
         receive materials that explain      c. Parent center directors make use                participants and is well                  centers operation and
         instructional programs,                  of their knowledge of community               coordinated and implemented               programming
    c. Parents can demonstrate their              resources to provide workshops           c. There is evidence that resources       c. There is evidence that all
         knowledge of school policies             for parents (particularly in                  are used effectively and                  cultures and languages are
         by responding to questions               academic areas)                               creatively to accomplish goals            honored and respected
    d. Parents are involved in a two-        d. Parents demonstrate the                    d. The parent center goals are            d. It is obvious that the directors
         way communication                        knowledge they’ve gained by                   posted and support the schools            believe in their work and are
         strategies with the school and           participating in their child’s                instructional plan                        enthusiastic about their plans
         center                                   learning at home and at school                                                          and accomplishments
                                             e. Attendance reflects an effective
                                                  outreach strategy is in place and
                                                  being used appropriately
What evidence of the above examples       What specific evidence of the above           What specific evidence do you see of       What specific evidence do you see of an
of INFORMATION do you see/hear            examples of ACADEMIC PROGRAM                  the vision for the center, the             open and welcoming environment
validated by your observations and        SUPPORT do you see or hear in your            involvement and collaboration with         where the involvement of all
conversations with Parent Center          observations or conversations with Parent     others and the solid implementation of     participants is received
Directors and Parents?                    Center Director and Parents?                  plans?                                     enthusiastically?