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									Home Landscape Gardening Certificate Program

A love of gardening and a willingness to learn are the only pre-requisites for success
in the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate Program.

The Home Landscape Gardening Certificate provides a framework for selecting a well-
rounded combination of practical courses. Begun in 1996 under the leadership of Bill
Carvell and Jan Little, this Certificate Program meets the needs of beginning and
advanced gardeners. While not a professional training program, confidence and know-
how are the end result of participation in the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate

Through participation you will:

   Learn how plants grow and function and what they need to thrive in your garden
   Study a variety of plants suitable for landscape gardens in the Midwest
   Gain knowledge in garden style and landscape planning by assessing and
   developing your property's aesthetic potential
   Inventory and evaluate the inherent resources of your site including soil, setting,
   vegetation and microclimate
   Learn how to install and maintain your landscape garden as well as how to locate
   certified landscape professionals in your community

Program Outline

Thirteen core courses and 48 hours of elective courses are required to complete the
certificate. Electives provide the flexibility to design the program around your areas of
interest. Most students complete the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate in three
to five years. The price of a class averages $12 per hour of instruction.


For more information and to register for classes, call 630-719-2468.

    The Morton Arboretum 4100 Illinois Route 53 Lisle IL. 60532
13 Core Courses required for the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate
Life-long learners agree that pursuing a Certificate provides a focus and pathway for
specialized learning that is practical and meaningful. Core requirements include the
following courses representing botany, plant ID/culture, landscape design and

H171-H177 - Landscape Plants (7 courses, 9 hours each)
Identification and culture of woody and herbaceous plants, covered in seven 3-week courses over a 12-
month period. Students keep a personal “bloom” calendar.

H234 - Introduction to Botany (18 hours)
Fun introductions to botany, ecology, and plant taxonomy.

H422/H424/H426 - Insects and Diseases of Landscape Plants (12-15 hours)
Students choose one of these classes on the science & application of integrated pest management for
woody landscape plants.

H443 - Plant and Care for Your Landscape Garden (9 hours)
This maintenance course covers planting, dividing, watering and seasonal care, including tools and
techniques. Students begin keeping a personal garden journal.

H448 - Pruning Small Trees and Shrubs (6 hours)
An overview of proper pruning techniques for woody plants including timing and tools.

H777 - All About Soils and Composting (12 hours)
Introduction to soil composition, biology, and management.

H933 - Plan Your Landscape 1: Getting Started (12 hours)
Pre-requisite for other design classes; covers site measuring, scale drawings, and site evaluation.
Students prepare a scaled drawing of their property to use as a base map. This class was formerly
named “Beginning To Plan Your Landscape”.

48 elective hours required for the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate
Elective courses change each season; participants choose those elective courses that complement their
personal interests. Typical elective topics include tree care and selection, landscape design, woodland
and prairie gardens, plant propagation, vegetable and herb gardening, perennials, eco-friendly
landscape choices, garden tours, research symposia, and guest lectures.

Completion of the Home Landscape Gardening Certificate
The Arboretum celebrates those who complete their Certificate with a lovely reception in the fall.
Call 630-719-2468 for more information.

    The Morton Arboretum 4100 Illinois Route 53 Lisle IL. 60532

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