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					                         Waste Paper
                         A Quarterly Publication Of Keep Nebraska Beautiful                         Fall

 Board of Directors
                         National Soft Drink Association Award
         Ogallala              Keep Nebraska Beautiful is honored       statewide litter cleanup effort
     CINDY ADKINS        to have received the         National Litter   coordinated by Keep Nebraska
       JOE BAXTER        Prevention Award from the National Soft        Beautiful Every city and village in
   South Sioux City      Drink Association The Award was based          the State was invited to participate
    ROGER BEHRNS         on the litter reduction efforts from six of    There were        participating com
        Louisville       our programs                                                    munities and
         Kearney         including:                                                      cleanup events The
    CHERYL GERKINS               Litter                                                  effort involved
         Lincoln         Free School                                                             volunteers
     DENNIS GRAMS                                                                                 volunteer
                         Zone Program
       ROD HORN          which encour                                                    hours with
          Sidney         ages students                                                   pounds of bagged
  CHRISTOPHER JERRAM     and staff to                                                    litter and
                         keep school                                                     pounds of unbagged
        Columbus         grounds litter                                                  litter collected
BETH ANN KERNES KRAUSE   free For more                                                   Additionally
          Julian         information on                                                  bags of clothing
         Seward          this program                                                    were collected for
     TOMAS MILLER        see article on                                                  charity      litter
         Norfolk         page of this                                                    prevention educa
     PAUL O’HARA         newsletter                                                      tion workshops were
     DAVE OSTDIEK                Motor                                                   held           flowers
          Gering         ist Litter Awareness Day is sponsored by       and        trees were planted
     MARK PEYTON         KNB the third Saturday of April each year              Nebraska Used Oil Collection
        Holdrege         to raise awareness of littering among          Program was initiated by Keep
         Ashland         motorists Car litterbags printed with the      Nebraska Beautiful to provide a
  MIKE SCHRAD PRES       Nebraska Litter Laws are distributed           means for Nebraskans to collect
         Omaha           through drive through banks restau             their used oil for reuse Fifteen
      DAVID STERN        rants etc                                      partners from both public and
      DICK VARNER                Litter Summit KNB hosted a             private sectors formed a Leader
         Omaha           Litter Summit in June         providing        ship/Management Team to devise a
                         litter education and work sessions on          program and implementation plan
    MIKE JOHANNS         litter to attendees from five states           Over           gallons were collected
       Governor                  “Litter It’s Beneath Me”     second    in the first year of operation Over
     MIKE LINDER                                                            cities and counties will have a
Director Department of
                         television public service announcement
Environmental Quality    was produced and distributed focusing on       collection sites for used oil by April
     JANE POLSON         cigarette butt litter                                    Check our website for a
  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR             Great America Cleanup™ was a           listing of the collection sites
    NEBRASKA AFFILIATES                      Executive Director’s Comments
        KEEP ALLIANCE BEAUTIFUL              Welcome New KAB Affiliate
           ( )
                                               Keep Nebraska Beautiful is delighted to welcome a new KAB
         KEEP BEATRICE BEAUTIFUL             Affiliate! Keep Sidney Beautiful was certified on November
            (    )                           Many programs and projects are already planned for         Rick
      KEEP BROKEN BOW BEAUTIFUL              Spearow the Recycling Coordinator will serve as Director of the
           ( )                               program
        KEEP CHADRON BEAUTIFUL                 We also welcome the reactivation of the Ogallala affiliate
           ( )                               program which will now be Keep Keith County Beautiful Lexi
        KEEP COLUMBUS BEAUTIFUL              Bauer will be the Director The program will be housed in the
            (   )                            Chamber of Commerce office
            (    )

                                             Accomplishments of Nebraska KAB Affiliates
          ( )                                    Each year the local affiliates of Keep Nebraska Beautiful
                                             compile an annual report that represents the culmination of their
           (    )                            hard work for the year Results are in for all of the local Nebraska
                                             affiliates through this fiscal year Many thanks to the KAB affiliate
             ( )                             directors Board Members and all their volunteers for keeping
                                             Nebraska so beautiful!
      KEEP KEITH COUNTY BEAUTIFUL               Their combined totals are:
           ( )
                                                     ❖ Conducted over          cleanups
         KEEP KIMBALL BEAUTIFUL                      ❖           cleanup volunteers
            ( )
                                                     ❖ Held       Litter Free events with         people attending
        KEEP LEXINGTON BEAUTIFUL                     ❖       volunteers helped to plant        trees
            ( )
                                                     ❖       volunteers removed graffiti from locations
 KEEP LINCOLN & LANCASTER COUNTY BEAUTIFUL           ❖      sites were beautified by       volunteers
             (    )
                                                     ❖           volunteers for other projects/programs
        KEEP NORFOLK BEAUTIFUL                       ❖          total volunteers
           (   )                                     ❖        was the average cost/benefit ratio (For each
   KEEP NORTH PLATTE/LINCOLN COUNTY          government dollar spent            was returned to the community in
              BEAUTIFUL                      donated goods and services!)
           ( )
                                                     ❖        average Litter Index (A Litter Index is a number
         KEEP OMAHA BEAUTIFUL                that is derived from taking a focused look at various areas within
           (    )
                                             a local community and determining how littered or litter free an
        KEEP SCHUYLER BEAUTIFUL              area is based on a number system ranging from being “no litter”
            (    )
                                             to being “extremely littered” )
   KEEP SCOTTSBLUFF/GERING BEAUTIFUL                 ❖         presentations to classrooms provided to
           ( )                               students
    KEEP SHERIDAN COUNTY BEAUTIFUL                   ❖ presentations to youth groups and clubs with
            ( )                              young people in attendance
          KEEP SIDNEY BEAUTIFUL                      ❖     teachers attended teacher workshops
            ( )                                      ❖       community outreach presentations were given
                                                If your community is not currently a part of Keep Nebraska
      Pioneers Blvd Suite                    Beautiful and you would be interested in finding out more about
    Lincoln NE                               becoming a local affiliate and having your community’s efforts
               ❖ Fax:
  Website: http://www knb org                included please contact our office for more information
    Email: jpolson@knb org                   Everyone working together can help to Keep Nebraska Beautiful!
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Great American Cleanup™ Results
  The Great American Cleanup™ was a huge success in Nebraska again this spring! Events occurred during the
months of March April and May The final results include:
          communities participated
           events held (cleanups beautification efforts recycling reuse collections etc )
             volunteers participated
             volunteer hours donated
               pounds of bagged litter collected
                pounds of unbagged litter collected       trees planted
             flowers planted

   Also many communities took part in the new “Liberty Garden” project which consisted of
anything from a single boy scout planting flowers around the family’s flagpole to over         of an
entire community planting a “Liberty Garden” on their property Many communities who
participated planted red white and blue flowers in a public garden such as in a park along main
street or in front of the village or city office All Liberty Garden projects will honor the memory of
the many who perished in the tragic events of September of last year and reaffirm the principles
of freedom and liberty on which our country has been built It was wonderful to hear of the many
commemoration efforts undertaken across the state

   Everyone who lent a hand on a cleanup beautification event or recycling drive helped to make
this year’s Great American Cleanup™ a huge success! Thanks to the          volunteers involved in
these events the state is a cleaner more beautiful place to live and work!

   If your community or group is interested in participating in the      Great American Cleanup™
please call the Keep Nebraska Beautiful office for registration information Trash bags and posters
will be provided free to participants

KNB Golf Tournament
  The Sixth Annual Keep Nebraska Beautiful Charity Golf Tournament took place on Friday
September     at Woodland Hills Golf Course near
Eagle It was a beautiful day for golfing!
  Congratulations to the winners!
  Power Struggle:
  First Place Nebraska Rural Electric Association
  Second Place Nebraska Public Power District
  Corporate Challenge:
  First Place Pepsi Bottling Group
  Second Place Coca Cola Bottling

   We would like to thank all our sponsors
including: Hole Sponsors: Coca Cola Bottling Kiewit
Companies Foundation Northern Natural Gas
Pepsi Bottling Group Ralph & Beth Kernes Krause        Pepsi Bottling Group - First Place Winner
and Sue & Jim Smith The Hole In One Sponsor
Spalding Sports Worldwide; as well as the team sponsors the numerous flag sponsors raffle prize
donors and golfers goodie bag contributors All the wonderful contributions will be used in our
efforts to “keep Nebraska beautiful”
                                                                                    Waste Paper ❦ Page
Keep Nebraska Beautiful                                    Environmental Awards
The Keep Nebraska Beautiful Environmental Awards       “Liberty Garden” Award
Luncheon was held on Friday June              at the   First Place: RSVP North Platte
Lied Conference Center’s Steinhart Lodge in            Second Place: Extension Office Garden Club No Platte
Nebraska City Each year Keep Nebraska Beautiful        Award of Excellence:
honors youth groups schools civic and non profit         Kenesaw Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts
groups businesses and local communities with awards
for their environmental efforts in several different   Great American Cleanup™ Award
categories at the statewide luncheon                   First Place: Keep Scottsbluff Beautiful
                                                       Second Place: Keep Kimball Beautiful
  This      Award Winners are as follows:              Award of Excellence: City of Deshler
                                                       “Liberty Garden” Award
Civic/Non Profit Group Award                           First Place: RSVP North Platte
First Place: Loup Basin RC&D Ord                       Second Place: Extension Office Garden Club No Platte
Second Place: Keep Scottsbluff Gering Beautiful        Award of Excellence:
Awards of Excellence:
 Extension Office Garden Club North Platte
                                                        Kenesaw Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts

 Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful             Keep America Beautiful Affiliate Award
 Kiwanis Club of Milford                               First Place: Keep Scottsbluff Gering Beautiful
 National Honor Society & Kenesaw Community            Second Place: Keep Beatrice Beautiful
 Twin Rivers Walking Trail Culbertson

Business/Industry Award
                                      Beautiful        Award of Excellence:
                                                          Keep North Platte & Lincoln Co Beautiful

First Place: Central Nebraska Public Power &
        Irrigation District
                                                       Nadine Blair Outstanding Coordinator Award
                                                       Sara Morris Keep North Platte &
Second Place: Pronto Creighton                         Lincoln County Beautiful
Special Corporate Awards
 Nebraska Department of Roads KAB Award                Deanie Anderson Outstanding
 Bruce Filipi Saline County Nebraska Used Oil          Community Environmental Award
Program Award                                          Population: Less Than
                                                       First Place: Washington
Youth Group/School Elementary Award                    Second Place: Kenesaw Community
First Place: St Isidore NEED Group Columbus            Award of Excellence: City of Creighton
Second Place: Giltner Cub Scout Pack
Award of Excellence:                                   Population: Over
Kenesaw Cub Scout Pack       & Girl Scout Troop        First Place: City of Grand Island
                                                       Second Place: City of North Platte
Youth Group/School Secondary Award                     Award of Excellence: Lincoln University of Nebraska
First Place: Ord North Loup & Loup City FFA Chapters
Second Place: Howells Clarkson FCCLA Chapter                       Deanie Anderson Outstanding
Awards of Excellence:                                            Community Environmental Award
 National Honor Society & FCCLA Kenesaw                                   Overall Winner
 Zion Lutheran Church Youth Group Creighton                            City of Grand Island
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Nebraskans Win National KAB Awards
       Several Nebraska KAB Affiliates were among the winners accepting awards at the Keep
    America Beautiful National Awards Luncheon in Washington D C on December
    Affiliate Award         and under
    First Place Keep Scottsbluff Gering Beautiful
    Non Profit Civic and Community Organizations Waste Minimization
    Second Place Keep Nebraska Beautifu
    Great American Cleanup™ Awards:
    Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund National Winner: Keep North Platte/Lincoln County
    Film Gard Plastic Sheeting Winner: Keep Nebraska Beautiful
    Others recognized for Great American Cleanup™ efforts include: Keep Alliance Beautiful
    and Keep Fremont Beautiful Congratulations to all the National KAB Award Winners!

Postal Service Increase Donations of Undelivered Items
  New U S Postal Service regulations that went into effect October           will make it easier for
the Postal Service to donate undelivered product samples and other undelivered items to food banks
and homeless shelters The new regulations should also increase the number of items that are
donated The Reuse Development Organization Inc (ReDO) and the National Waste Prevention
Coalition along with the King County (Washington) Solid Waste Division played a major role in
developing these regulations with the Postal Service Staff and board members with these
organizations solicited and provided input from around the country wrote the first draft of the
proposed regulations and worked directly with top Postal Service environmental officials to help
move the regulations through a long process

   "These changes will help many Americans who need food and basic supplies "
said Bill Ewing executive director of the Maryland Food Bank in Baltimore and
co chair of the ReDO board of directors "We're very pleased the Postal Service
has taken this step to streamline and improve these regulations and we're glad
that we could help them with this "

   The Postal Service has estimated that U S post offices get stuck with up to
         tons every year of undelivered product samples alone not to mention other
undelivered products and items The new regulations will make it much easier for all undelivered
items food toothpaste shampoo diapers and many other items to be distributed to people who
need them For example in the past undelivered unopened toiletries and over the counter drugs
were not supposed to be donated at all The new regulations specify that these items should be
donated to food banks shelters or other non profits

  ReDO and America's Second Harvest will work in partnership with their affiliates and the Postal
Service in communities across the country to make sure these product donations get to the people
that need it most America's Second Harvest provides emergency food assistance to more than
million hungry Americans each year ReDO promotes the reuse of surplus and discarded materials
by assisting reuse programs around the nation to meet environmental and social objectives

   The National Waste Prevention Coalition is a national network advocating waste reduction and
reuse The Coalition is coordinated by King County Solid Waste Division in Seattle The new Postal
Service regulations are online at http://www usps com/cpim/ftp/bulletin/     /html/pb      in the
"Domestic Mail" section of the Postal Bulletin
                                                                                 Waste Paper ❦ Page
Litter Free School Zone Program
   The school year is well under way and with it many schools across Nebraska have a plan in place
to keep their school grounds clean For numerous schools in Nebraska that plan includes being part
of Keep Nebraska Beautiful’s Litter Free School Zone program Through the program schools agree
to check the campus grounds weekly and remove litter that is found Each quarter they mail a very
simple report to the Keep Nebraska Beautiful office reporting the results of their efforts Each
participating school receives an aluminum sign to place on their grounds that proclaims “This is a
Litter Free School Zone” If your school is interested in receiving more information or that would like
to be a part of this valuable program please contact the Keep Nebraska Beautiful office at
      or complete a registration form on line at www knb org/litter_free html
   Below is a list of the schools that are participating for the       school year Many schools
are returning from last year and several new ones have been added already this school year We
appreciate their willingness to help keep Nebraska beautiful!
      Alcott Elementary School Hastings               Arlington Elementary School Arlington
      Barr Middle School Grand Island                 Bel Air Elementary School Norfolk
      Box Butte District        Alliance              Brugh District School Fremont
      Buffalo Elementary School North Platte          Campbell Elementary School Lincoln
      Central Elementary School Kearney               Clarkson Elementary School Fremont
      Colfax County        District R Schuyler        Dawson County District
      Lexington; District       School Schuyler       Eisenhower Elementary School North Platte;
      Elliott Elementary School Lincoln               Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School York
      Franklin Elementary School Holdrege             Gates Elementary School Grand Island
      Geil Elementary School Gering                   Goodrich Middle School Lincoln
      Grandview Elementary Alliance                   Grant Elementary School Norfolk
      Harney Elementary South Sioux City              Hawthorne School Hastings
      Jefferson Elementary School North Platte Jefferson Intermediate School Fairbury
      J Sterling Morton Elementary Omaha              Jefferson Elementary School Grand Island
      Kenwood Elementary Kearney                      Lewis & Clark Elementary School South Sioux City
      Lincoln School Grand Island                     Lourdes Central Catholic Elementary School Nebraska City
      McCartney District Nebraska City                McCook Junior High School McCook
      Morse Bluff th Grade North Bend                 Northfield Elementary Gering
      Nebraska Center for the Education of the Blind or Visually Impaired Nebraska City
      Northside Elementary School Nebraska City Oconto Elementary School Oconto
      Our Lady of Lourdes School Omaha                Paddock Lane Elementary School Beatrice
      Palmer Jr /Sr High School Palmer                Pershing Elementary School Lexington
      Pinewood Elementary School Omaha                Progress Elementary School Ogallala
      Ralston Middle School Ralston                   Richland Colfax     Richland
      Rosehill Elementary School Omaha                Rumsey Station Papillion
      Rosehill Elementary School Omaha                Sacred Heart School Norfolk
      Schuyler Elementary School Westward Schuyler Seward Elementary Seward
      Seward Middle School Seward                     Seward High School Seward
      South Sioux City Middle School South Sioux City St Isidore NEED Group Columbus
      St John the Apostle School Lincoln              St Joseph's Catholic School Beatrice
      St Michael's Elementary School Hastings Starr Elementary School Grand Island
      Stoddard Elementary School Beatrice             Trinity Lutheran School Fremont
      Trinity Lutheran School Lincoln                 Walnut Middle School Grand Island
      Wayne High School (Future Business Leaders of America) Wayne
      West th Elementary School Ogallala              Westmoor Elementary Scottsbluff
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                          Keep Nebraska Beautiful Members
                                  Bold text indicates new or recently renewed members
SUSTAINING CORPORATE (                       )             City of South Sioux City             South Sioux City       VonBusch & Sons Inc                      Lincoln
Nebraska Soft Drink Association                   Lincoln                                                               Washington County Recycling Assn      Washington
                                                            SUPPORTING COMMUNITY (UNDER                          )      WASP                                   Falls City
SPONSORING CORPORATE (                           )         City of Alma                                     Alma       Wastecap of Lincoln                      Lincoln
Coors Brewing Company                       Golden CO       City of Auburn                                 Auburn
ITW Hi Cone                                   Itasca IL     Village of Belden                              Belden       INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY MEMBERS
Midland Recycling Lincoln                       Lincoln     City of Benkelman                           Benkelman       Larry & Sue Andersen                     Kearney
Novartis Consumer Health Inc                    Lincoln     City of Long Pine                            Long Pine      Rod & Robin Bates                         Lincoln
Nucor Steel                                    Norfolk      City of Minden                                 Minden       Joe Baxter                      South Sioux City
Omaha Public Power District                     Omaha       City of Neligh                                  Neligh      Roger & Linda Behrns                   Louisville
Omaha World Herald                              Omaha       Village of Verdigre                           Verdigre      Nadine Blair                              Omaha
Weyerhaeuser                                    Omaha       Village of Wolbach                            Wolbach       Matt Boerkircher                        Kearney
                                                            City of Wymore                                Wymore        Jim Brown                                Lincoln
SUPPORTING CORPORATE (                        )                                                                        Frosty Critchfield                        Lincoln
Aaron Ferer & Sons Co                          Omaha                                                                    Mike Davis                               Chappell
Abe’s Trash Service                            Omaha        NON PROFIT/CIVIC ORG /SCHOOLS/OTHER CORP
                                                            A Plus Insurance Services (George Acker)        Ogallala    David C Dow                               Omaha
Aquila                                         Lincoln                                                                  Marilyn & Dick Elder Family        Richmond VA
                                                            Abate of Nebraska Inc                            Lincoln
Ash Grove Cement Company                     Louisville                                                                 George & Barbara Frye                     Lincoln
Ayars & Ayars Inc                              Lincoln      Beatrice Board of Public Works                  Beatrice
                                                            Bethphage/Holdrege Area Recycling Center Holdrege           Cheryl Gerkins                           Lincoln
Beatrice Scrap Processing Inc                 Beatrice                                                                  Dennis & Lynn Grams                       Lincoln
Bryan LGH Medical Center                       Lincoln      Burton Enterprises                         Henderson
                                                            Cornhusker Public Power District              Columbus      Linda & Allen Grell                      Beatrice
Cargill                                            Blair                                                                Gail Graeve                               Omaha
Chief Industries                          Grand Island      Doane College                                       Crete
                                                            Folsom Children’s Zoo & Botanical Gardens        Lincoln    Bob Hemphill                     Des Moines IA
Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc Kimball                                                                        John & Deb Hendry                         Lincoln
Crawford Enterprises                              Crete     Gage County Agriculture Society                 Beatrice
                                                            GFWC Seward Womans Club                          Seward     Rod Horn                                  Sidney
Davidson Insurance Agency Inc                  Lincoln                                                                  Rick Inderlied                            Lincoln
Dempster Industries Inc                       Beatrice      GFWC/NFWC Sower Club                           Schuyler
                                                            Grand Island Area Clean Comm System        Grand Island     Chris Jerram                              Omaha
Duncan Aviation                                Lincoln                                                                  Ron Johnson                              Lincoln
Firstar Fiber                                  Omaha        The Groundwater Foundation                      Lincoln
                                                            Heartland Community Schools                Henderson        Doug Karl                                Ohiowa
Firth Energy/Firth Cooperative Co                  Firth                                                                Nancy Knuth                               Oxford
Flowserve Corp                               Hastings       Heartland United Way                     Grand Island
                                                            Immanuel Lutheran School                     Columbus       Anne Kramar                               Omaha
G&P Development Landfill                       Milford                                                                  Carla Loemker                           Beatrice
Great Plains Packaging                       Hastings       Keep Alliance Beautiful                         Alliance
                                                            Keep Beatrice Beautiful                         Beatrice    Rick A Lucchino Sr                       Lincoln
Jebro Inc                               Sioux City IA                                                                   Mildred Matney                            Omaha
Elizabeth Ann Kernes Krause                      Julian     Keep Chadron Beautiful                         Chadron
                                                            Keep Creighton Beautiful                     Creighton      Dr Tom & Evelyn McKnight                Fremont
McDonalds of Alliance                          Alliance                                                                 Kathy McWilliams                         Shelton
Molex Inc                                      Lincoln      Keep Kimball Beautiful                          Kimball
                                                            Keep Lexington Beautiful                     Lexington      Tomas A Miller                           Norfolk
Delmar W Morgan                                Elkhorn                                                                  Paul O’Hara Family                       Lincoln
Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Lincoln         Keep North Platte/Lincoln Co Beautiful        No Platte
                                                            Keep Omaha Beautiful                             Omaha      Mary Alice Park                          Lincoln
Nebraska Beer Wholesalers Assn                 Lincoln                                                                  Mark Peyton                         Gothenburg
Nebraska Dept of Administrative Services Lincoln            Keep Scottsbluff Gering Beautiful            Scottsbluff
                                                            Lincoln Chamber of Commerce/WasteCap             Lincoln    Alan Phares                            Columbus
Nebraska Public Power District              Columbus                                                                    Dave & Jane Polson                        Lincoln
Nebraska Rural Electric Assn                   Lincoln      Lower Loup NRD                                       Ord
                                                            Lower Platte North NRD                           Wahoo      Dr Wayne R Price                        Beatrice
Nestle PURINA PetCare Co                          Crete                                                                 Sharilyn Rector                          Lincoln
Panhandle Geotechnical & Environmental Inc Scottsbluff      Lower Platte South NRD                           Lincoln
                                                            Lutheran High Northeast                         Norfolk     Cindy Reinhard Wagner Family            Fremont
Papio Missouri River NRD                        Omaha                                                                   Sue Stoeber Reyzlik                     Fremont
Pepsi Cola                                     Lincoln      Mail Boxes Etc                                    Lincoln
                                                            Martin Luther Homes of Nebraska                     York    Harry Richardson                    Broken Bow
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co of Hastings Inc        Hastings                                                                  Maurine & Harold Roller & Family        Alliance
The Pepsi Bottling Group of Omaha               Omaha       Meyer Inc                             South Sioux City
                                                            National Arbor Day Foundation                   Lincoln     Shellyn Sands                           Beatrice
Perrett Environmental Management            Valentine                                                                   Trixie & Dave Schmidt                    Lincoln
Pfizer Global Manufacturing                     Lincoln     Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Lincoln
                                                            Nebraska Press Association                       Lincoln    Mike & Lorrie Schrad                      Omaha
QC Supply                                    Schuyler                                                                   Jim & Sue Smith                          Joliet IL
Shell Valley Companies                   Platte Center      Nebraska Safety Council                           Lincoln
                                                            Nemaha Natural Resources District             Tecumseh      Merlyn & Caroline Stadler                   Axtell
Sherman County Bank                          Loup City                                                                  Mark Stephens                       Ft Calhoun
Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska Chadron            NIOGA                                           Kimball
                                                            NMPP Energy                                      Lincoln    David & Dorothy Stern                     Omaha
Speece Lewis Engineers                         Lincoln                                                                  Ken Svoboda                               Lincoln
Tenneco Automotive                               Cozad      North Platte Catholic Schools             North Platte
                                                            Ogallala/Keith Co Chamber of Commerce Ogallala              Don & Cynthia Thies                     Lewellen
TMCO Inc                                       Lincoln                                                                  Martha Thomas & Family                  Wymore
T O Haas Tire                                  Lincoln      Sir Speedy                                       Lincoln
                                                            Smithfield Community Club                   Smithfield      Dick Varner                               Omaha
Tri Con Industries Ltd                         Lincoln                                                                  Jeff Waszgis                                Crete
                                                            South Platte NRD                                  Sidney
                                                            Southeast Community College                      Lincoln    James D Whitaker                   North Platte
COMMUNITY/COUNTY                        POPULATION
                                                            Southwest Nebraska RC&D                      Cambridge      Hugh Wilkins Family                      Geneva
City of Lincoln Public Works & Utilities          Lincoln                                                               Ron Wolvin Family                       Ogallala
                                                                                                                                            Waste Paper ❦ Page
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