The Early Years 1915 - 1955

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					Since 1915, the Roth name has been synonymous with providing superior design and
construction services to residential and commercial clients. Three generations of the Roth family
have been ensuring quality design and construction projects completed on time and within
budget. The Roth completed product can be seen throughout the United States.

The Early Years 1915 - 1955

In 1915 John E. Roth started his first business designing and constructing concrete bridges in the
Southeastern Michigan area. In 1925 John E. Roth and his brother William F. Roth Jr. organized
the company Roth Bros., Inc. for the purpose of
constructing homes. From 1925 through 1933 under
the company names of Roth Bros., Inc., John E. Roth
Construction Company and Roth Detroit Builders,
John and his brother built homes in the Pontiac, Flint
and Detroit areas. From 1933 to 1946, John E. Roth
continued to build houses in addition to providing
appraisal and inspection services for the U.S.
Government. In 1946, John E. Roth and his sons,
John Jr. and Robert formed the construction
company; John E. Roth & Sons.

Perfecting The Design/Build Process 1955 - 1985

The third son of John E. Roth, Thomas, joined the company in 1955. In 1955, to meet the
changing business needs the construction company; John E. Roth & Sons was incorporated and
the design firm of Roth Engineers was formed. These companies were established to offer both
                                                our design and construction services to the
                                                local commercial, industrial and institutional
                                                clientele. John E. Roth & Sons, Inc., the
                                                construction company, provided the
                                                estimating, project management and
                                                construction services. In addition, John E.
                                                Roth & Sons, Inc. self performed the site
                                                work, foundations, masonry and carpentry
                                                work. Roth Engineers, the architectural and
                                                engineering company, provided the
                                                architectural design and the civil, structural
                                                electrical and mechanical engineering

                       Providing quality design and construction services since 1915
                                                 For thirty years the design/build team of John E.
                                                 Roth & Sons, Inc. and Roth Engineers produced
                                                 quality projects for satisfied clients. Their projects
                                                 included manufacturing plants, warehouse and
                                                 distribution facilities, office buildings, automobile
                                                 dealerships, recreational facilities, retail centers
                                                 and church facilities. These projects were located
                                                 throughout the United States. (Michigan, Ohio,
                                                 Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Connecticut,
                                                 Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and New York)

Full Service Design and Construction Companies 1985 – 2003

In 1985 the decision was made to expand the
services we offer to our clients. We also decided
to enlarge the geographic area we would service
from our home office. To do this we had to
restructure our companies. During this period
Robert M. Roth Jr. and Jeffrey W. Roth began to
take a more active role in managing the business
operations. The design services were expanded
to offer the traditional architectural and
engineering design service to our clients as well
as the design services relating to our design/build
projects. The firm, Roth & Associates, P.C. was
formed to better provide these added design
services and to assume the design role performed by Roth Engineers. Construction Management
services was added to the General Contracting and Design/Build services already being provided
to our clients. The firm Roth, Incorporated was formed to provide these expanded construction
services. In 1989 the general contracting firm of John E. Roth & Sons. Inc. was merged into the
                                              full service construction company Roth,

                                               Roth & Associates P.C. established relationships
                                               with such high profile clients as United Parcel
                                               Service, SYSCO Corp., Penske Corp. and Federal
                                               Express Corp. Roth, Incorporated constructed many
                                               high profile religious structures in the Southeast
                                               Michigan area receiving awards from industry
                                               associations and organizations including the
                                               Engineering Society of Detroit, American Institute
                                               of Architects and Masonry Institute of Michigan.
                      Providing quality design and construction services since 1915
The New Millennium

Today’s ever changing market and industry conditions require that we approach our clients with
a broad menu of design and construction service options. We listen to our clients needs and then
recommend the particular services that will accomplish their project goals.

Clients may need only feasibility studies, pre-design services, design services, owners
representation, project management or construction services. Whatever the requirement may be,
Roth has the design and construction expertise and experience to ensure that the construction
project will be completed on time and within budget.

                      Providing quality design and construction services since 1915