Inclusion in the early years

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					                                                                                                                                    Making Inclusion Happen

                  What will we get out of this?                                             Inclusion in the
• Learn processes that will help you and others reach a shared and deeper
   understanding of children’s challenging behaviours, disabilities and un-met
   emotional needs. Discover richer strategies and educational responses to
                                                                                                 early years
   hard to reach young people.
                                                                                       Need training or development work on Inclusion?
• Support to develop multi-agency working around individual young people.
                                                                                                            ‘INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS’ can help
                  ABOUT THE FACILITATORS
Laura Chapman, Disability Equality Trainer joins Derek Wilson and Colin Newton,        We provide inclusive, creative and practical tools
co-founders of Inclusive Solutions who have combined experience of over 35             that help everyone to belong.
years working as educational psychologists across the UK, most recently as Senior
and Principal educational psychologists in Nottingham City LEA. Jackie Dearden                  Comprehensive Training, Planning and Consultation
works as an Associate of Inclusive Solutions and is also a Senior Educational
                                                                                         Opportunities for Early Years Teams and Partnerships across
Psychologist with responsibility for children in public care in Nottingham City LEA.
Find out more about their work at:
                                                                                                    the UK from Psychologists and Trainers who
                                                                                                                            specialise in inclusion.
                                                                                                        Our mission is: Making Inclusion Happen!
         Phone us on: 0115 955 6045 or 0115 956 7305
                         or 0115 940 8550                                              ‘Inclusive Solutions’ can support you in many ways!
                        Fax: 0115 956 7305
          Email us at:
                                                                                         We are training with Early Years providers in
                          Or write to us at:
          49 Northcliffe Avenue, Nottingham, NG3 6DA                                    many LEAs including Nottingham City, Durham,
                                                                                          Oxfordshire and the London Boroughs of
                                                                                                  Lambeth and Southwark.
We can:                                                                                        Training days we currently offer:
                                                                                                Find out more about the content of theses training days at:
•   Lead your visioning and problem solving as you plan                                  
    for the future in early years settings.
                                                                               Practical Keys To Inclusion. Participants in this day will gain a deeper set of
•   Set up a circle of friends for a child using our                           answers to the question ‘What is Inclusion’ and a range of tools and guiding ideas
    approaches to the intentional building of relationships.                   to enable them to put this into practice in their own work settings
•   Provide you individually designed training days, key                       Including Children With Autism In Mainstream Settings.
    notes and seminars.                                                        A practical workshop day that will extend participants’ understanding of the
•   Offer top quality ‘disability equality’ training                           experience of autism and consider effective accommodations to meet needs.

•   Arrange consultation on your difficult to solve issues                     Inclusive Education Policy. What it takes to create an effective inclusion
•   Support your policy writing in light of new SEN Code
    of Practice and the SEN and Disability Discrimination                      Disability Equality Training. An exploration of medical and social models of
    legislation and their implications for early years settings.               disability to inform policy and practice

•   Alert you to Research and Publications relevant to your                    Children In Public Care. Meeting the needs of children in public care
    needs                                                                      Building Creative Staff Teams. Provides answers to the question
•   Link you with others facing similar issues around                          ‘What makes an effective Team?’ and strategies for developing this. This day can
    developing inclusive practice.                                             also be delivered with a particular emphasis on developing effective multi-agency
•   Help you build inclusive multi agency Support Services
    for families.                                                              Effective Working With Parents and Carers. Exploring collaborative
                                                                               working with parents and carers in the early years
INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS makes available cutting edge practical strategies
and ideas for developing effective inclusion in local mainstream classrooms,   Emotional Needs Of Boys. Meeting the emotional needs of boys.
schools, colleges and communities                                              Fresh Approaches To Managing Challenging Behaviour.
                                                                               A tour through a range of cutting edge and inclusive strategies for bringing about
                   Who is our work aimed at?                                   positive behaviour change and for meeting challenging emotional needs
                          Early Years Providers
                                Teachers                                       Inclusion in the Early Years.
                            Learning Mentors
                    Behaviour Support Service workers
                        Educational Psychologists
                             Health workers
                              Social Services