Job Evaluation Panel by sfh41483


									                              JOB EVALUATION PANEL

Terms of Reference

   1. To monitor agreed processes for ensuring a consistent and reliable process of job
      evaluation, this to include selection of role holders for interview.
   2. To sample individual evaluations in order to check consistency
   3. To place roles which are not benchmark in the benchmark framework using the
      HERA criteria
   4. In light of agreed grading structure to review scores of jobs that fall at the
      boundaries of grades

(should be as inclusive as possible of gender and ethnicity variations at Roehampton)
     2 role analysts
     2 Union representatives, one from UCU and one GMB
     2 senior managers representing academic and academic support
in attendance
     Experts invited to provide information and assist understanding of very
        technical/specialist roles
     Secretary – a member of HR staff
The chair to rotate between union and management representatives

Frequency of meetings
Currently seen as bimonthly

All members should
     Know principles of job evaluation
     Know content of HERA criteria and how measured
     Be able to interpret evidence for scoring under HERA
     Not be members of Appeal Panel

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