Analytical Job Evaluation

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					                                                                                          Guidelines für Users

5.   Guidelines for Users
     The compensation survey gives an overview          hesitate to contact us. We can create a custom-
     of the current salary scales on the market and     ized salary report for your organisation and pre-
     how they are composed. The study contains          sent you with answers for your individual situa-
     important information to help companies sup-       tion.
     port and develop a useful remuneration policy.
     The results presented in this study are well-      General Information on Classification
     founded and can substantiate companies’
     decisions to create or restructure salary scales   For each job, this compensation survey presents
     within their organisation.                         a detailed description of each reference group,
                                                        including the following:
     The study is the result of a reliable data base
     and supports you in:                               1. Description of Reference Group
                                                        1.1. Dependency Of Industrial Sector
     -   orienting your remuneration policy with        1.2. Distribution Of Company Sizes
         that of the market                             1.3. Distribution Of Age
     -   the development of a modern and com-
         petitive remuneration policy                   2. The Reference Group - Compensation Sta-
     -   structuring a flexible performance-oriented    tistics
         salary policy including perks and benefits     2.1. Remuneration Characteristics, total number
     -   creating a clear remuneration policy that is   of records: X*
         internally accepted by your employees          2.2. Chart Base Pay
     -   salary negotiations because you can fall       2.3. Chart Bonuses
         back on current structures in similar mar-     2.4. Dependency Of Salary By Age
     -   head hunting new talent and key person-        3. Companies With Up To 100 Employees**
         nelgenerally structuring your overall per-     3.1 Level 1***
         sonnel costs and your remuneration poli-       3.1.1 Remuneration Characteristics, total num-
         cies                                           ber of records: X*
                                                        3.1.2. Chart Base Pay
     Analytical Job Evaluation                          3.1.3. Chart Bonuses

     The results presented in this compensation         * In this section you will find:
     survey are based on a comparison that takes        - Basic Salary
     into consideration not only the Job Description    - Overtime
     but also the particular requirements that are      - Performance related payments
     demanded from a candidate in that position.        - Total Cash
     We call this the “Position Value” In order to      - Company pension schemes
     calculate the Position Value, we have inte-        - Perks / Extras (discounts for employees, low
     grated the rating system of Baumgartner &             interest loans etc.)
     Partner in the elicitation and analysis of the     - Total Remuneration
     data collected. The resulting “Position Values”    - company car allowance
     are shown in the Job Grades and offer a clear
     picture on the value of a particular position.     ** For each job, the study presents findings for
                                                        organisations of „up to 100 employees“, „101
     The advantage of such an analytical job            to 1000 employees“ and „over 1000 employ-
     evaluation system is that it allows different      ees“.
     positions within an organisation to be com-
     pared with each other. Organisations can thus      *** For manager the study presents findings for
     create a stringent and well-structured salary      level 1 and 2, for specialists findings for level 3
     policy with fair remuneration for all employees.   to 5 are presented.
     Comparable performance is rewarded with
     comparable salaries.                               For your orientation, on each page you will find
                                                        information for each current position. At the top
     Individual Benchmarks                              and at the bottom of the page, you will see
                                                        which position is being described, how big the
     Should you have any questions that go be-          organisation is and what the requirements for
     yond the results presented in this study, do not   the particular position are.