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									                               Job Evaluation Purpose and Process

Job Evaluation is the assessment of the relative worth of varied jobs within an organisation on the
basis of a consistent set of job and personal factors, such as skills, qualifications, experience and
training required.

At the London Borough of Hillingdon, the Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) Job
Evaluation Scheme is used. It is used to evaluate support staff job descriptions only. It does not
apply to teaching staff.

The GLPC Job Evaluation Scheme

Under the GLPC Scheme, a job description will be assessed against the following different criteria,
or factors:-

Supervision/Management of People - 7 Levels
Assesses the scope of managerial duties and the nature of the work which is supervised. Will
account for flexible working patterns, deputising, the number of staff supervised and their
geographical dispersal.

Creativity and Innovation - 7 Levels
Measures the extent to which the work requires innovative and imaginative responses to issues
and in the resolution of problems, and the impact of guidelines.

Contacts and Relationships - 8 Levels
Examines the content and environment of contacts required as part of the job. Measures the
range and outcome of contacts.

Operates as two sub-factors:

   Discretion - 6 Levels
   Identifies freedom to act and the controls in place.

   Consequences - 5 Levels
   Measures the outcome of decisions by effect, range and timescale.

Resources - 5 Levels
Assesses the personal and indentifiable responsibility for resources.

Work Environment

   Work Demands - 5 Levels
   Considers the relationship between work programmes, goals, deadlines and the subsequent
   management of priorities.

   Physical Demands - 4 Levels
   Identifies a range of postures and demands of a physical nature
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     Working Conditions - 4 Levels
     Examines the typical elements encountered with working inside and outside.

     Work Context - 4 Levels
     Examines the potential health and safety risks to employees carrying out their duties.

Knowledge and Skills - 8 Levels
Assesses the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills required.

There are a differing number of levels for each factor, ranging from the most basic level to the most
complex. So for instance, creativity and innovation has seven factor levels, ranging from ‘work with
very limited opportunity for creative or innovatory thinking (factor 1)’, right up to factor 7 – ‘work
carried out in new and challenging situations frequently involving innovatory response on diverse
subjects which have extensive policy or service implications’.

Every factor level has a points value, and these points are added up to given an overall total for the
job in question. The different factors are also weighted, reflecting the fact that some factors are
deemed to be more important than others e.g., a factor level 1 for Contacts and Relationships is
worth 20 points, whereas the equivalent level of Working Conditions is only worth 6 points.

By using the GLPC Job Evaluation Scheme, the Council is able to ensure that jobs with vastly
different characteristics can be assessed and remunerated on a fair and equitable basis.

Management Request for Job Evaluation

Managements requests will occur in the following circumstances:-

     Where the post is new to the school

     Where there is a permanent or significant change in the duties of the job, arising from job

     Where there is an internal re-organisation which results in a change in the duties of the job

Employee request for Job Evaluation

For jobs where the employee believes the job has changed, the manager is required to review the
job description with the post holder.

Job Evaluation Process

The job evaluation process is as follows (See also the Job Evaluation Process Flowchart at
Appendix A):-

1.    A Headteacher wishing to have a job description evaluated should complete the Job
      Evaluation Request Form and email it together with the job description and person
      specification to the designated person in Schools Personnel – details given below:-

      For Primary Schools: Tracy Moon, tmoon@hillingdon.gov.uk
      For Secondary Schools: Lynne Ingham, lingham@hillingdon.gov.uk
      For Special Schools: Julie Collier, jcollier@hillingdon.gov.uk

2.    The job description will be evaluated by two people in Schools Personnel. The school will be
      informed by email of the evaluated grade within 5 working days of receiving the initial request.
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     There may be variations to this timeframe dependant upon any additional information which
     may be required to complete the evaluation.

3.   Where the Headteacher disagrees with the evaluation, Schools Personnel will discuss the
     evaluation with the Headteacher. This may involve clarifying the explicit nature and extent of
     the role and its responsibilities as written down and clarifying the interpretation of these.
     Following the discussion, it may require amendments to the original job description so that it
     reflects the discussed outcomes. The Headteacher will then submit the revised job
     description to Schools Personnel who will carry out the evaluation and inform the school

4.   The school should inform Schools Personnel of when the evaluated grade will be
     implemented, either through submitting a Regrade Details Form in case of an existing post
     holder, or the intended date to start the recruitment and selection process in case of a new

5.   An employee has a right of appeal against an evaluation of their post. However, this right
     does not exist against an evaluation of a new post. An employee must perform the new job
     for 6 months before they are able to request an evaluation if they think there is a significant
     difference in the job they are doing to that what is reflected in the job description.

     An employee does have the right to appeal against the re-evaluation of their job which must
     be made through their Headteacher. To address the appeal, the job description will be
     evaluated by different evaluators and may involve a meeting with the employee where they
     will be entitled to be accompanied by a trade union representative or work colleague.

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                                                                                                             Appendix A

                                          Job Evaluation Process Flowchart

                                             School has Job Description for

                                            School completes the Job Evaluation
                                            Request Form

Special Schools: Julie Collier,             School emails the Job Evaluation                  Primary Schools: Tracy Moon,
jcollier@hillingdon.gov.uk                  Request Form, Job Description and                 tmoon@hillingdon.gov.uk
                                            Person Specification to the designated            Secondary Schools: Lynne Ingham,
                                            person in Schools Personnel                       lingham@hillingdon.gov.uk

                                            Schools Personnel evaluates the job               Within 5 working days of
                                            description and notifies the school by            receiving the Request for Job
                                            email of the provisional evaluated                Evaluation Form and Job
                                            grade                                             Description

                                            School agrees with the evaluated                  School implements the evaluated
                                            grade for the job                                 grade

                                            School disagrees with the evaluated               School notifies Schools
                                            grade for the job                                 Personnel via the Regrade Form
                                                                                              for an existing post holder

                                            School discusses the evaluation with              School undertakes recruitment
                                            the designated person which may                   and selection exercise if a new
                                            involve amendments to the job                     post or if the existing post is
                                            description                                       vacant

                                            School submits a revised job
                                            description following discussions to
                                            Schools Personnel

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