Continuous Improvement Plan Summary by lto14595


									Continuous Improvement Plan
            2006 – 2009

  “Education in a Culture of Excellence”
    Continuous Improvement Framework
    (CIF) is a system wide results-based
    strategic planning process intended to:
   Strengthen the capacity of school divisions to
    clarify and prioritize goals
   Create action plans for these goals
   Monitor and implement strategies
   Ultimately results in the advancement of
    provincial and division priorities
The alignment of priorities

   School divisions must align their goals
    and priorities with the provincial

   School goals must also align with
    division priorities

   School Community Council goals
    must also align with division priorities
       October 2006 – Identify NESD
        Priorities for the CIF
       May 2007 – Formalize the NESD CIF
         Plan (Division priorities, action plan,
        monitoring and reporting systems)
       September 2007 to September 2008 –
        Implement the CIF Plan
       October 2008 – Review, and Monitor
        progress January 2009 – Report
        Progress to the Ministry and the public
         Content of the Continuous
          Improvement Plan (CIF)

1.   Context of the NESD
2.   Divisional Priorities and Strategies that
     support Provincial CIF Priorities
3.   Division financial planning
4.   Communication Plan
                  Context of the NESD


          Division Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
          Governance Structure
          School and Grand Configuration
          Student Demographics
          Boundaries and Services
          General Program Overview

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                             Division Priorities and
   The NESD CIF Plan is a strategic plan. The action plans,
    outlined in the CIF, are contiually refined and updated with
    specific details necessary for implementation and serve as a
    guide for the North East School Division continuous
    improvement process.

   In keeping with the Provincial CIF Priorities the NESD has
    identified priorities in each of the four areas. These are
    presented in summary format on the following pages.

To view the CIF in detail please click on the following link
Provincial Priorities – as outlined by
the Ministry of Learning
1. Higher levels of literacy and
2. Equitable opportunities for all
3. Smooth transitions into and
     through the system
4. Strong system-wide
  accountability and
CIF Priorities support a core set of
learner outcomes:
   Improved learning outcomes in reading,
    writing, and math
   Improved outcomes for First Nations & Métis
   Improved social skills
   Improved student transitions within Pre-K –
    12 and to post-secondary and/or employment
NESD Priorities that support Provincial
Priority Areas:
   The following tables briefly highlight the
    improvement initiatives under each provincial
    priority area.

   Each of the following items can be viewed in
    detail in the full version of the NESD
    Continuous Improvement Framework Plan at
Priority Area: Higher Literacy and Achievement
 Goal Area      Target           Strategies               Measures              Outcomes

 Assessment     Improved         •PLC groups across       •AFL Reading & Math   Improved
 for Learning   learning         the division working     Data                  results over
                outcomes in      with provincial data     •School –Based PLC    time as
                reading and      •Each school having      Data                  identified in
                math             academic goals that      •NESD Teacher         each schools
                                 address AFL              Survey                SMART Goal
                                 deficiencies             •PLC Rubric
                                 •Data Interpretation
                                 Improvement Plans

 Core           Effective        •Implementation of:      •NESD Data:           All teachers in
 curriculum     curriculum       ELA Grades 6-9, Arts     Teacher Survey        the NESD
                renewal and      Ed. K-5, Math K,1,4 &7   •Documented           Current and up
                implementation   •Renewal of Science      Supports (resources   to date on new
                                 10 and Arts Ed. 6-9      & inservicing)        curricula /
                                                                                resources that
                                                                                impact their
                                                                                teaching area
Goal Area     Target               Strategies             Measures                Outcomes

Literacy      Implementation of    1. Literacy PLC- to    •Development of a       Baseline data
              a Literacy           investigate literacy   Division level          and ability to
              Strategy K-5         needs and develop a    assessment (K-5) in     monitor
                                   literacy strategy      reading and writing     literacy growth
                                   based on needs         •AFL Data               over time

Accelerated   Process to           1. Accelerated         Development and         Completed
Learning      identify and         Learner PLC to         sharing of an           NESD Manual
              support              develop processes      Accelerated and         for supports
              gifted/accelerated   and supports for       Gifted Guidelines for   for
              learners             schools and            teachers documents      Accelerated
                                   teachers                                       and Gifted
Priority Area: Equitable Opportunities to Learn and Succeed
Goal Area        Target           Strategies           Measures            Goal Attainment

Differentiated   Improved         Differentiated       NESD teacher        Increased number of
Instruction      learning         Instruction PLC      survey              teachers impacted
                 outcomes for research and    •Logistics Data     by DI.
                 all students     enhance              •Understanding &    Improved learning
                 through          knowledge and        Acceptance of DI    outcomes for
                 improving        understanding re:    Data                students.
                 instruction      DI                   •Action Research
                                  2.Action research    (student data)
                                  3.Work intensively   •AFL improvement
                                  with a minimum of    over time
                                  two teachers

Alternate        Included in      See next template    See next template   See next template
Education        detail in the
Delivery -       Priority Area:
Store Front      Smooth
Schools          Transitions
(This item is    template
included in      below
and Smooth
Goal Area     Target           Strategies            Measures               Outcomes

Integrated    Ensure that      Community Schools     1. Each Community      Advancement in all
Services      the four         PLC                   School will            for areas of
•Community    components       1. Develop a          complete an audit      Community Schools
Schools       of Community     Community Schools     yearly in the for      mandate.
              Education are    Protocol and          areas of Community
              being are        Procedures Manual     schools:
              being attained   for the NESD to       Learning Program,
              and measured     provide consistency   Family and
                               in service delivery   Community
                               and programming       Partnerships,
                               2. Compile data re:   Integrated Services,
                               learning program,     Community
                               partnerships,         Development
                               integrated services
                               and community
                               development – to be
                               used to focus goal

Integrated    To enhance       1. Establish a        •Partnership           Aboriginal
Services:     learning         formal partnerships   agreements             Education Strategy
•Aboriginal   opportunities    between NESD and      •Misconception         for the NESD.
Education     for all          First Nations         Training
Strategy      students in
              the NESD
   Priority Area: Smooth Transitions into and through the system
Goal Area       Target               Strategies             Measures                 Goal Attainment
Alternate       To provide an        1. To create a                                  Consistent learning
Education       alternate learning   recruitment plan in    •Credits attained        opportunities in all
Delivery        environment for      order to register      •Enrollment/Retention    NESD Store Front
- Store Front   at-risk students     (all) potential        •Transitions back into   Schools
Schools                              students for           regular program          Integration of
                                     storefront schools                              students back into
                                     in NESD                                         the regular
                                     2. Establish course                             programs within
                                     offerings that are                              schools
                                     consistent at all of
                                     the NESD storefront
                                     3. Develop a
                                     nutritional plan for
                                     storefront schools
                                     in NESD

Integrated      Pre-K                Pre – K                Pre-K                    Pre-K
Services        To provide           1.Development of a     •Handbook completion     Consistent learning
•Pre            consistency to       Pre- K handbook,       •Inventory - baseline    opportunities for
Kindergarten    the Pre-K            calendar, and          •ECRES Data (Early       Pre – K students
                programs in the      criteria               Childhood                and families.
                NESD                  2. Needs              Environmental Rating
                                     assessment             Scale)
                                                            Community Schools
                                     Community Schools      See Equitable            Community
Schools         Community            See Equitable          Opportunities            Schools
                Schools              Opportunities                                   See Equitable
                See Equitable                                                        Opportunities
Career       To provide an     •Research, share      •Increased use of     Increased
Guidance     equitable and     and develop           effective             effectiveness in
             consistent        resources             resources             assisting students
             career            •Scope and            •Individualized       as they develop
             development       Sequence for Career   opportunities for     and explore their
             program in the    Education             Grade 12 students     future
             NESD.             •Career Education     (tracking             opportunities
                               Calendar/Handbook     graduates)
                                                     •Clear direction of
                                                     Career Guidance
                                                     in the NESD

Counselors   To enhance        •Advocating and       •NESD Teacher         Increased
Group        students          supporting students   Survey                understanding of
             capacity for      with diverse needs    •Completed            the Counselors
             success with in   •Increased            documents             role, consistent
             the school        communication                               opportunities for
             system.           •Role clarification                         preventative
                               •TERT (Tragic                               programming, and
                               Events Response                             a TERT Manual for
                               Team Manual)                                the NESD
    Priority Area: Strong System Wide Accountability

Goal Area      Target           Strategies           Measures             Goal Attainment

School         School           •Local elections     •Learning            All schools in the
Community      Community        •Inservices 2006     Improvement Plans    NESD will have a
Councils       Councils will    &2007                •Completed           School
               be established   •Creation of SCC     constitution input   Community
               in all schools   constitutions        into the Student     Council involved
                                •Feedback on         Codes of Conduct,    in the creation,
                                Operational and      approval of the      approval, and
                                Procedural Manual    School Fees and      implementation of
                                •Parent              Fundraising Plan     the Learning
                                involvement          •Minutes of SCC      Improvement Plan

System Wide    Facilities       Establish a          Fame Software Data   A detailed long term
Efficiencies                    facilities capital                        plan for facilities
                                renewal and
                                maintenance plan
                                (FAME Software)
Goal Area      Target       Strategies               Measures                  Goal Attainment

System Wide    Human        •Employee group          •LINC Agreement           Reconciliation of
Efficiencies   Resources    engagement               •CUPE Agreements          Job Description
                            •Exec. Council           •Staffing Guidelines      and Compensation-
                            approval and support     •Employee Records         Collective
                            of staffing guidelines                             Bargaining

System Wide    Technology   1. To develop a          •Standardization of       •Operational
Efficiencies                functional               Network, OS, backup       Network
                                                     servers and               •Back up Servers
                            infrastructure for
                                                     practices, availability   purchased and
                            technology in the        of common software        operational.
                            NESD                     •Development of           •All Schools and
                            2. To provide and        Scope and Sequence        offices operating
                            support a scope and      and Baseline              on common
                            sequence for             Competencies              systems.
                                                     documents,                •Labs upgraded
                            students and a
                                                     Construction of online
                            teacher baseline         site with teacher
                            competencies             supports and
                            document that aligns     tutorials,
                            with the student         •Conduct a needs
                            needs                    assessment and
                                                     upgrade labs
                            3. To operate pilot
                            programs using
                            laptops, upgrade
                            existing systems and
                            then develop a
                            hardware plan by Oct.
                            of 2008
Goal Area      Target            Strategies               Measures                 Goal Attainment

System Wide    Transportation    •Document current        •Report with             Reduced amount of
Efficiencies                     state                    supporting documents     time NESD students
                                 •Identify alternatives   •Implementation of a     spend on the bus
                                 & barriers               solution

System Wide    Finance/Budget    1. To develop and        1. School financial      1. All schools will
Efficiencies                     implement school         statements               be formally
                                 based accountability                              tracking and
                                 measures                                          reporting all
                                                                                   transactions at the
                                                                                   school level
Student        Student           1. Meeting once per      1. Data collected from   Meaningful and
Feedback       engagement        year with Students       students                 authentic
                                 to seek feedback for                              student/board
                                 the NESD Board of                                 communication.
Policy         Operational and   •Board approval “in      1. Operational and       1. Operational and
Governance     Procedural        principle” of the        Procedural Manual        Procedural Manual
               Manual for the    Operational Policies     Completed and            completed and
               NESD              and Procedures           approved                 adopted by the
                                 Manual                                            NESD Board of
                                 •Distribute the                                   Education.
                                 Operational Policies                              2. Operational and
                                 and Procedures                                    Procedural Manual
                                 manual for feedback                               distributed to all
                                                                                   schools in the
Goal Area        Target           Strategies          Measures                Goal Attainment

Strengthening    NESD                                 •NESD Admin. Survey     To increase
Administrative   Administrative   •Mentorship         •Professional Growth    leadership skills
Capacity         Council          •Professional       Plans                   and leadership
                                  Growth              •Learning               capacity
                                  •Admin. PLC         Improvement Plans
                                  •Covey – 7Habits

Student          Student                              • NESD Survey           Improved service
Support          Support          •PLC Groups         •Data collection        delivery to ensure
Service          Services         •Improved:          •Consistent PPP         each student has
Delivery         Leadership       consistency, and    format and guidelines   access to the best
                 Team             communication       •Student Support        supports possible
                                  •Service Delivery   Services Manual
                                  Model               completed
                                                      •Guiding documents
                                                      for: ESL and AGL
                                                      •Promote inclusionary
                                                      practices in the NESD
                 Division Financial Planning

This portion of the plan is to include the following: 

   Description of Budgeted revenues and expenditures for current year
    and actuals from the previous year. Including:
   Standard expenditure categories of governance & administration
   Instruction
   Tuition & related fees
   Supplementary services & programs
   Interest & bank charges
   Average operating cost per student will also be reported by
    expenditure category
   Key cost drivers should be identified and their impact on the budget
Division Facility and Capital Planning
This portion of the report will include a summary of the
  division’s facility and capital plan including:  

   a. budgeted expenditures for plant operational and
    maintenance and student transportation and,

   b. a summary of capital projects, purchases and leases
    relevant to the plan

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