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					                                                   Curriculum and Instruction/Student Support
                                                         Dr. Jeanine Gendron, Director

         Tech Teaching And Learning Konnections
http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/it/techtalk                                                                               April 2006

                                                     BCPS Honors Continuous
  Curriculum and Instruction/Student Support
         Dr. Jeanine Gendron, Director
                 (754) 321-0475
                                               For the fifth year, the Quality                  third place awards were then
  Dr. Earlean Smiley                           Award Ceremony recognized                        awarded for each level of story
 Deputy Superintendent                         teams of employees from                          board and written application
      Frank Vodolo                             schools, district departments                    submission.
    Executive Director                         and collaborative applicants for
                                               their efforts to resolve issues                  First place for story boards that
         Director -                            through the Plan-Do-Study-Act                    clearly delineated the process
   Dr. Jeanine Gendron                         process.        These projects                   went to: Schools - Broadview
      Secretary -                              showed appreciable benefits                      Elementary - “Developing ESE
  Dayna Mullings-Jones                         for students, employees and                      STARRS,”       Collaborative     -
         Staff -
                                               the      greater     educational                 Curriculum            Instruction,
    Jackie Ackerina                            community.      “These projects                  Student Support - BEEP: Your
  Charlotte Cannizzaro                         are getting better every year!”                  “Digital Doorway to Resources
    Shernell Dozier                            remarked Darla Carter.                           for Teaching and Learning, and
     Coby Enteen
    Kristine Haller
                                                                                                District - BECON - “Science &
     Andy Hooker                               Story boards and a written                       Me.”
     Sally House                               application,      detailing     the
   Peggy Livingston                            objectives and results, were                     First place for the written entry of
    Steve Mosher
    Rose Parsons                               submitted and then judged for                    their project showing results
      Rick Reece                               their     ability     to     close               and improvement over time at
    Michele Rivera                             achievement        gaps     and/or               the     novice level included:
    Harriet Walters
                                               performance. First, second and                                (continued on page 2)

  Quote of the Month                                                                                 Inside this
      If you have the CHOICE of being                                                           Quality Awards - pg. 1 & 2
      average or being excellent, and                                                            Your Dashboard - pg. 3
      EXCELLENCE is an option, then how                                                          Summer DETA I - pg. 4
      can you SETTLE FOR AVERAGE?!?                                                                 DETA Two - pg. 5
                                                                                                      eBOLT - pg. 6
                                                    - Larry Raskin                               Color-coding CAB - pg. 7
                                                                                                May 12 TLC Event - pg. 8
Quality Awards                 (con’t. from pg. 1)

Schools - Sawgrass Elem. - “Navigating           “Increasing Reading Achievement Through
Through Mathematics,” - Collaborative -          Prescriptive Assessments,” Collaborative -
Nova Innovation Zone - “Reader’s                 Everglades Innovation Zone - “Formulaic
Theater Boosts Fluency Scores and                Factoring for Algebraic Passing,” and District
District - Magnet Programs - “Increasing         - Physical Plant Operations - “Opening
Access to Magnet Programs by Linking to          Schools After the Storm.”
Parents and Schools.
                                                                   All      entries      were
At the Intermediate level for the written                          commended by Dr. Till
application, awards went to: Schools - Ft.                         and     Broward     County
Lauderdale High - “Project R.I.G.O.R.,”                            School Board members
Collaborative - North Area Middle School                           and     personnel     were
Principals - “New Teacher Orientation,”                            encouraged to continue
and District - Grants Administration and                           their focus on system-
Government Programs - “Grant Support                               wide capacity building and
for Superintendent’s Schools.”                                     closing critical gaps in
                                                                   student achievement and
The Exemplary level awards went to:                                personnel performance.
Schools - Ramblewood Elementary -


  The A+ Math web site provides worksheets, games, homework helper and
  practice flash cards. These flash cards are both Java and Non-Java and cover
  many different math topics. A few of these include: Addition, Subtraction,
  Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, Rounding, Analog Clock, Order of
  Operations, Geometric Area & Shapes, Algebra, Fractions, and Money.

  This site’s links are ideal for student practice - both this spring but also during
  the summer for those students with Internet access.

   There are a total of 29 different rules for fractions addressed on the S.O.S.
   Math web site. Below are a few examples of the linked information.
         •      Rule 1: Zero in the Denominator of a Fraction
         •      Rule 2: Zero in the Numerator of a Fraction
         •      Rule 3: One Minus Sign in a Fraction
         •      Rule 4: Odd Number and Even Number of Minus Signs in a Fraction

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                     What's on Your Dashboard?
Dashboard, a feature of Mac OS X - Tiger,            When the widget bar is visible, active widgets
provides a number of easy-to-access mini-            will show a close box (in upper left) and a most
applications called “widgets.” The widgets,          will have a small “i” that allows you to specify
which are available at all times, can give you an    preferences. For example, if you have a weather
instant dictionary, a calendar, or a calculator.     widget active, it allows you to change the target
Or, they can provide real-time access to             zip code of the weather information. These
weather, stocks, sports scores, and clocks.          preferences, coupled with the fact that you can
Apple supplies approximately twenty widgets          have multiple copies of a widget open on your
with the operating system, but many more are         desktop really expand the possibilities. Imagine
available for free download.                         keeping track of the local weather with one
                                                     widget, while another displays the weather at
                       To       access      your     that hot vacation spot you're going to on the next
                       Dashboard and view your       break. If you decide you no longer want a widget
                       widgets,     click    the     to be active, simply click the close box (“X”).
                       Dashboard icon on your
                       Dock or simply press the      There are many free widgets that can be
                       F12 key. Any widgets          downloaded.         The Apple       web    site
                       that have been previously     (http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/)
 activated will appear on the screen as a semi-      alone lists more than 2700 in more than twenty
 transparent overlay. In the lower left, you         categories including Food, Games, Developer,
 will notice a plus sign with a circle around it.    Movies & TV, Shopping, Music, Information,
 Clicking this icon shows the widget bar             Travel, and Transportation.
 containing all of the widgets loaded on your
 computer.                                           With just a little knowledge you can even create
                                                     your own widgets. All it takes is a basic
 To make one of these widgets active, simply         knowledge of HTML (or an HTML editor), Java
 click its icon on the widget bar and it will        Script, and CSS added to a dash of creativity.
 appear on your desktop. You don't even need         For additional information about Dashboard,
 to be happy with where your Mac locates a           visit      the        Apple      web        site:
 widget on your Desktop. You can simply              http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/dashboard.
 drag the widget to its desired position.

    Didn’t go to FETC this year?
        Check out the web site for virtual handouts from the breakout
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                            ATTENTION TEACHERS:
               Summer 2006 DETA 1 COURSES AVAILABLE!
               Please Pre-Register through our new on line Registration Site
                         to Assure a Seat in the Week You Prefer

                       Intranet: http://web/casdl/deta/registration.asp
             Internet: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/casdl/deta/registration.asp
The Digital Education Teacher Academy (DETA) is an FAU graduate level course in
partnership with SBBC. It is designed to provide contract teachers with strategies and
resources to infuse technology into their teaching & learning environments.

If you are a teacher and haven’t yet gone through DETA, opportunities are still available this
school year and during the summer of 2006.

Tuition for DETA 1 is paid by SBBC. DETA I is for contract teachers only and meets from
8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for five Saturdays during the school year or five days straight during
Spring Break and the summer.

        DATES                      LOCATION                                OPEN HOUSE
                              Mirror Lake Elementary
   June 5, 6, 7, 8, 9         TradewindsElementary            May 3 Open House FAU Davie LA124 4:30 pm
                              FAU Las Olas Campus

                                 Dillard Elementary
June 12, 13, 14, 15, 16                                       May 3 Open House FAU Davie LA124 4:30 pm
                           Martin Luther King Elementary

                              Stranahan High School
June 19, 20, 21, 22, 23       Royal Palm Elementary           May 3 Open House FAU Davie LA124 4:30 pm
                              FAU Las Olas Campus
                           Deerfield Beach High School
June 26, 27, 28, 29, 30                                       May 3 Open House FAU Davie LA124 4:30 pm
                             FAU Las Olas Campus
                              Park Springs Elementary               May 10 Open House FAU Davie
 July 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
                               FAU Las Olas Campus                         LA 124 4:30 pm
                           Pasadena Lakes Elementary
                                                                    May 10 Open House FAU Davie
 July 17, 18, 19, 20, 21         Colbert Elementary
                                                                           LA 124 4:30 pm
                               FAU Las Olas Campus
                           Virginia Shuman Young Elem.
                                                                    May 10 Open House FAU Davie
 July 24, 25, 26, 27, 28    Falcon Cove Middle School
                                                                           LA 124 4:30 pm
                               FAU Las Olas Campus

 Attend the scheduled Open House at the FAU Davie Campus, Liberal Arts Building, to complete the
 registration process and be added to the official roster for the course.

 PREREQUISITES: Candidates MUST have intermediate technology skills, MUST ATTEND ALL 5 FULL
 DAYS and must complete all registration requirements as listed on the DETA web site:

 For more information, contact: the Department of Instructional Technology @754-321-0475 or visit their
 web site at http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/it and click on Support Programs.

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You’ve completed DETA I and want more...Enroll in
                  DETA Two!

                Intranet: http://web/casdl/deta/registration.asp
      Internet: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/casdl/deta/registration.asp

In Honor of April - National Poetry Month
                                   What is Success?

  To laugh often and much.
  To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children.
  To appreciate beauty.
  To find the best in others.
  To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a
         redeemed social condition.
  To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
  That is to have succeeded.
                                                           - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Instructional Technology is now offering Moderator training for eBOLT (Elluminate). If
you haven't heard of eBOLT, take a quick look at the info below.

To learn how to moderate eBOLT sessions, the following Moderator Trainings are available.
Please sign up with your Inservice Facilitator.

Do you have problems scheduling a             of tomorrow—today. With this tool, you can
meeting or training session? Do you run       connect online and onsite students,
into scheduling problems, travel issues,      leverage    teachers    between    physical
and lost productivity? Elluminate Live!™      schools, bring in remote lecturers and
enables you to eliminate expensive and        experts, and more.        Because today's
inconvenient travel and teleconferencing,     students have grown up in a digital world,
while maintaining the effectiveness of face-  they are used to multitasking and
to-face communication.                        multimedia technology. Elluminate Live!
                                              can help you engage these "digital natives"
With Elluminate Live! you can also extend to make the classroom an even more
the boundaries of the traditional "bricks and exciting and stimulating environment that
mortar" classroom, creating the classroom     promotes active learning.

EBOLT - Elluminate Moderator Training - 6 points
3 hours in session and 3 hours follow-up

BET# 10369752
BE# 10369762       5/10   1:00 - 4:00   ETS Presentation Room (TSSC Building) -
                                        corrected BE from original posting
BE# 10370591       5/23   1:00 - 4:00   ETS Presentation Room (TSSC Building)

For a quick sample of eBOLT, click the link below. If this is the first time you have ever
used eBOLT, it may take 3 to 4 minutes to launch. After the first time, eBOLT launches
in about 30 second. If you don't hear the presentation, move the Speaker slider to the


For more information, contact: the Department of Instructional Technology @754-321-0475.

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           Color-coding Your E-mail Messages
Did you know you could color-code your e-mail messages? It’s possible and is a good
method for organizing the numerous types of messages you receive in your CAB e-mail
account on a daily basis. Below are the directions for highlighting messages with different

1) With your CAB Mailbox open (showing your
       list of messages), click once on the
       message you want to color code.
2) Click on the Format pull-down menu from the
       top of the screen in the CAB Mailbox.
3) Scroll down to color and over to the sub menu
       on the right.
4) Move your mouse to your desired color and release the mouse.
5) Click back into your CAB Mailbox and the message will now turn
       from black to whichever color you chose from the color menu.

Enjoy your color-coded organization!

                                   Kudos Corner

                      We’d like to acknowledge...Sheridan      Hills Elementary
                                                 for their

                           Completion of Refresh Phase I Training

  100% of their teachers and their principal, Donald Fitz, have all
  received passing scores on their Refresh Phase I Post Test.
  Thanks and appreciation goes to their Refresh trainers - Kate
  Treado Martin and Rachelle Porter!

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May 12th Set for No Tech Left Behind Event
                                TLCs      will   Each breakout session will be 40 minutes
                                meet at the      long and include the following topics:
                                Rock Island      • Light up Your Life with iLife 2006
                                Professional     • Pinnacle Implementation Strategies
                                Development      • Refresh Staff Development
                                Center from      • What’s Next for 2007?
                                                 • Back Up or Back Off!
8:30 until 3:00 on Friday, May 12th to learn
                                                 • Divide and Conquer
about new district initiatives and how to use
                                                 • Planning for FileMaker 8
various software programs. Registration
                                                 • eBOLT - What can it do for me, the TLC?
and breakfast will take place from 8:30-
                                                 • Refreshing Refresh!
9:00. The opening session will be followed
                                                 • Software Licensing
by three breakout sessions,             lunch
                                                 • Interactive White Boards
(provided by Too Jays), one afternoon
                                                 • Developing an Effective Technology
breakout session and then the closing
                                                 • Getting the Bits and Bytes out of the TSCP
Many of the sessions are being facilitated
                                                 • Sanity Savers and Tips for the Busy TLC
by TLCs within the county, guaranteeing
                                                 • Ready, Set, Go! Summer Preparations
applicable strategies and information to
                                                 • Podcasting Strategies
implement       within your own school.
                                                        • Adaptive Technologies
Registration for the sessions is
                                                        • LAN Desk is
available from the district’s TLC
web page - http://web/tlc Click on
the “Register Online Now” button.                        Register now to
The number of participants for each                      get the sessions
session are limited and will be on a                     you want!
“first-registered” basis.

                                            Teachers...Wondering about
                                             VTRP and those fabulous
                                         Some changes are in progress, but the
                                         VTRP (Virtual Technology Recognition
                                         Project) is alive and well!          Keep
                                         developing your project-based learning
                                         ideas for unit, lesson or WebQuest plans
                                         using the Create feature of BEEP and let
                                         Michele Rivera know that you’re
                                         interested so she’ll put you on her e-mail
                                         update listing.
                                                                        Thanks for reading!
                                                                            Rose Parsons, Editor
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