FY2010 Continuous Improvement Plan

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					                                                Submitted: October 22, 2009

Northwest Ohio Computer Association             Mr. John Mohler, Executive Director
209 Nolan Parkway , Archbold, OH 43502          Direct: (419) 267-2500
Telephone: (419) 267-2801 Fax: (419) 267-5248   Mohler@nwoca.org
Web Site: www.nwoca.org
                                          FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

Fiscal Services Goal Matrix – including accounting (cash basis with generally accepted accounting practice extensions),
payroll/Personnel, and fixed asset accounting

# 1         Goals *                                Initiated Date    Status **      Comments                         Measure of Meeting Goal
2010.1.01   Offer at least 10 different training                     Ongoing        At least 28 group and            NWOCA Training Database
            opportunities throughout year                                           individual training sessions
                                                                                    were held during 2008-2009
2010.1.02   Make on-site visitations with                            Ongoing        Fiscal coordinators will visit   Number of districts visited,
            districts to discuss fiscal needs                                       as many districts as possible    Customer Satisfaction
                                                                                    in 2009-2010, additional         Survey, Helpdesk reports
                                                                                    districts will be visited in
                                                                                    next fiscal year
2010.1.03   Contract with districts to fill                          Ongoing        Four contracts were issued       NWOCA Contracts; fiscal
            vacancies for business office staff                                     during 2008-2009                 coordinator surveys
2010.1.04   Provide new/updated training                             Ongoing        Training materials updated       Training evaluations,
            materials for web applications                                          as new versions released         Customer Satisfaction
                                                                                                                     Survey, Helpdesk reports
2010.1.05   Cross-train NWOCA support staff        01/2008           Ongoing        To provide backup support        Customer Satisfaction
            in both USAS and USPS                                                   in opposite package              Survey, Helpdesk reports
2010.1.06   Restructure FiscWeb procedures         06/2008           Completed      Allow better district control    Follow-up emails to each
            to use security profiles                                                and more timely updates          district completed
2010.1.07   Provide documentation/training         04/2009            In progress   Training will be held as         Training evaluations,
            for fiscal use of EMIS-R system                                         needed for staff and             Customer Satisfaction
                                                                                    financial related reporting      Survey, Helpdesk reports
2010.1.08   Implement/train interested             08/2009           In progress    Attended initial ITC training, Training evaluations,
            districts on new EProcurement                                           waiting for new system to be Customer Satisfaction
            system                                                                  completed                      Survey, Helpdesk reports


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                                       FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

Student Records Management Goal Matrix – including provisions for student scheduling, grade reporting, attendance tracking, and
tracking of special education needs:

# 2         Goals *                            Initiated Date    Status **     Comments                       Measure of Meeting Goal
2010.2.01 Continue to offer at least four      June 2007         ongoing       NWOCA EMIS/Student             Reduction in requests for
          different training opportunities                                     Services held well over 20     assistance.
          for NWOCA Student services users                                     training opportunities this    Training evaluations.
          throughout the year.                                                 past year, including many
                                                                               eSIS trainings.

2010.2.02 Continue to support web-based        June 2007         ongoing       We continue to do as we
          grade entry (TAM) capabilities for                                   have in the past for our
          student services owner-                                              remaining McSIS districts.
          customers.                                                           We have also begun
                                                                               providing this solution for
                                                                               our eSIS districts as well.

2010.2.03 Continue training, capabilities,     June 2007         ongoing       We continue to work with all   Training evaluations and
          and usage of the eSIS to all                                         districts in various areas     customer feedback, surveys.
          districts.                                                           within eSIS.

2010.2.04 Continue to support web-based        Aug. 2008         ongoing
          grade review (PAM) capabilities
          for student services owner-
2010.2.05 Training on new EMIS entry           Fall 2009         In progress                                  Training evaluations and
          application                                                                                         calls for assistance.

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                                     FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative


State-Mandated Data Reporting Goal Matrix – including access to the appropriate department and software applications (EMIS):

# 3        Goals *                           Initiated Date    Status **   Comments                       Measure of Meeting Goal
2010.3.01 Continue to offer at least two     June 2007         ongoing     NWOCA conducted two
          EMIS reporting period specific                                   main EMIS meetings for all
          training sessions throughout the                                 EMIS Coordinators. The
                                                                           meetings were held in the
          year and maintain NWOCA-
                                                                           fall and spring time periods
          specific EMIS checklists.                                        prior to the main Student
                                                                           October and Yearend EMIS
                                                                           reporting periods.

2010.3.02 Continue with periodic EMIS        May 2007          ongoing     NWOCA held two EMIS
          Coordinator roundtable sessions                                  Roundtable meetings
          to improve user understanding of                                 to discuss the new
                                                                           “Missing” reports
                                                                           within EMIS. This topic
                                                                           and other new EMIS
                                                                           items were discussed.

2010.3.03 Hold an EMIS Reports session to    February 2007     ongoing     NWOCA handled this goal        Reduction in requests for
          review how to read EMIS reports.                                 by working individually with   assistance.
                                                                           district EMIS Coordinators
                                                                           instead of holding a general
                                                                           EMIS report sessions. This
                                                                           one-on-one approach,
                                                                           although more time
                                                                           consuming, seemed to be
                                                                           preferred by EMIS

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                                      FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

                                                                              Coordinators. NWOCA
                                                                              attended and assisted in an
                                                                              EMIS reports session
                                                                              arranged by EMIS
                                                                              Coordinator from our east

2010.3.04 Hold a Community School- specific    December 2006    ongoing       NWOCA scheduled several
          EMIS session.                                                       small group training
                                                                              opportunities for the
                                                                              Community Schools served
                                                                              by NWOCA. We also
                                                                              continued to offer one-on-
                                                                              one basic training to
                                                                              Community Schools on an as
                                                                              needed basis.

2010.3.05 Provide EMIS-R Redesign training     Fall 2008        Not started   NWOCA will be a               This goal has not started, as
          and support for our districts that                                  pilot ITC for the EMIS        the pilot project has not yet
          will be part of the EMIS Redesign                                   Redesign project. As          commenced as it is still in
                                                                              part of that pilot,           development.
                                                                              NWOCA will be
                                                                              involving and
                                                                              training the pilot
                                                                              districts beginning in
                                                                              the fall/winter of
2010.3.06 Our mission is to become an          Aug. 09          in progress                                 All calls get answered, all
          indispensible resource                                                                            emails converted to tickets
          consistently exceeding our                                                                        & closed within 4 hours.
          Customer’s expectations.

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                                       FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative


Library Automation Goal Matrix – curricular resources and educational technology services to support academic content standards
and effective instruction:

# 4         Goals *                              Initiated Date     Status **     Comments                       Measure of Meeting Goal
2010.4.01 At least four support meetings are     Aug. 31, 2009 –    In Progress   Monitored by the Director of 80% of libraries in NW Ohio
          held during the school year for        June 1, 2010                     Instructional Services       will attend support meetings
          INFOhio users (including public                                                                      at some time throughout FY
          and non-public librarians).                                                                          09-10
2010.4.02 INFOhio training for member            Aug. 31, 2009 –    Ongoing       Monitored by the Director of 80% of trainees will
          librarians is coordinated by the       June 1, 2010                     Instructional Services       complete evaluations
          INFOhio liaison.                                                                                     following training.
2010.4.03 A survey of librarians indicates the   June 1, 2010       Open          Monitored by the Director of 75 % of librarians will submit
          level of satisfaction with NWOCA                                        Instructional Services       a completed survey
2010.4.04 There is an increase in the number     June 1, 2010       Ongoing       Monitored by the Director of   Based on annual statistics
          of libraries using INFOhio.                                             Instructional Services         for INFOhio.
2010.4.05 Help resources are expanded for        June 1, 2010       Ongoing       Monitored by the Director of   Based on responses from
          INFOhio users.                                                          Instructional Services         year ending survey.
2010.4.06 Provide more cross-training on         June 1, 2010       Ongoing       Monitored by the Director of   Based on responses from
          INFOhio.                                                                Instructional Services         year ending survey.

Internet Access and Networking Services Goal Matrix – including email and the support of data exchange within the Information
Technology Center’s user entities and across different Information Technology Centers and their user entities:

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                                    FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

# 5        Goals *                            Initiated Date    Status **   Comments   Measure of Meeting Goal
2010.5.01 Continue to provide Erate           July 1, 2008      Ongoing                Districts use of our services
          assistance to member districts,
          non-public and community
2010.5.02 Monitor all UPS units at critical   July 1, 2008      Ongoing
          network hubs.
2010.5.03 Install UPS units at MDF at         July 1, 2008      Ongoing
2010.5.04 Continue to schedule planned        July 1, 2008      Ongoing                CA-USD tickets reduced
          system or network outages
          outside of the 8:00am – 4:00pm
          weekdays prime user hours.
2010.5.05 Provide more communication to       July 1, 2008      Ongoing
          better explain how internet
          content filtering works, and what
          the CIPA requirements for school
          districts are.
2010.5.06 Rent-A-Tech Services. NWOCA         July 1, 2008      Ongoing                We have and will continue
          has deployed technical services                                              to add districts as they
          personnel to districts. These                                                request this service. This will
                                                                                       help improve the
          technicians are there to provide
                                                                                       deployment of new
          needed expertise for districts                                               technologies in the districts
          requiring additional assistance.
          These persons are contracted on a
          yearly basis.

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                                      FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

2010.5.07 Application Deployment. NWOCA         09/01/2009    Ongoing   Initial deployment has            We will extend deployment
          is deploying thin applications to                             started. This has required        of thin application and
          districts that wish to reduce their                           some minor hardware               clients to districts as a cost
                                                                        tweaks and overall it is          saving measure. This will
          TCO for hardware in the districts.
                                                                        going well . NWOCA is             help improve the
          This deployment also has the                                  hosting a “Lunch and Learn”       deployment of new
          advantage of providing remote                                 meeting to explain the            technologies in the districts
          access to district resources (e.g.                            benefits of thin clients to our
          from home).                                                   Superintendents, Treasurers
                                                                        and Tech Coordinators on

2010.5.08 Hosted Services. NWOCA has a          01/01/2004    Ongoing                                     We will host service to
          large virtual server farm to host                                                               district that wish to reduce
          many different applications. The                                                                their TCO for districts and
                                                                                                          This will help improve the
          districts contract with NWOCA to
                                                                                                          deployment of new
          host and backup their data. This                                                                technologies in the districts
          alleviates the need for local
          districts to be involved in server
          maintenance that can drain
          district resources away from
          educational software deployment.


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                   FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

Narrative Summary:

This narrative should answer the following questions for all core service areas

    1. Explain the process that is used within your organization to identify changing customer needs
       and develop organizational goals to advance your organization as a service provider.

       NWOCA evaluates the surveys that are dispersed at each training. Each core service area
       provides resource visits to all member districts. In addition, monthly supervisor meetings are
       held to communicate the current and future needs of the member districts as well as
       networking time to keep us at the forefront of technological advances.

       The NWOCA staff participates in numerous regional and statewide initiatives to stay in touch
       with the needs and trends within the state. The Executive Director is also involved in statewide
       committees including the MCOECN and eSMOC. In addition the Executive Director has actively
       participated in site reviews at fellow ITC’s.

       The above mentioned are then evaluated to develop the goals for the upcoming year to ensure
       the highest quality of customer service.

    2. How do you plan for the ongoing and future financial and staffing needs of your organization to
       maintain its position as a viable service provider?

        NWOCA actively communicates with our member districts and board of directors in assessing
        the services they desire. We then evaluate our staffing and financial resources to best
        accommodate those requests in the pursuit of technological advances. Data derived from the
        training participant surveys provides the measurement tool to ensure the effectiveness of the
        current staff levels.

    3. CA-USD Questions: (The following questions must be addressed in the narrative.)

         i.    How did you use the data derived from the helpdesk to assist you in making
               management decisions?

        The helpdesk reports allow teams to see where the majority of requests come from, and help
        identify training needs for each team and evaluate overall ITC performance. If for example, we
        see a number of requests related to XYZ within eSIS, that tells our team that we either need to
        issue some clarification to our districts on the function XYZ, or provide another (or better)
        training session. Because we see success in utilizing the CA-USD to assess our performance,
        NWOCA intends to incorporate the CA-USD in all departments in FY2010.

         ii.   What is the relevance and correlation between data reports from CA-USD and the
               measurement and development of your organization’s goals?

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          FY10 ITC Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

   The CA-USD is a very reliable tool in evaluating needs and developing goals for NWOCA. The
   CA-USD provides the customer feedback also necessary in preparing our goals as well as the
   measurement of how we are performing for our member districts.

iii.    How is your organization beginning to utilize CA-USD to measure SLA compliance with
       services provided to schools by your organization?

The data is beginning to be used to determine how well we are meeting the contractual
obligations of our member districts. We are developing a rubric to measure correlations
between contracts with our districts and the proof of services provided by CA-USD.

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