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Group Counseling for Fifth Graders by kko17523


									                Group Counseling for Fifth Graders

Check any groups that are interesting to you and that you would like to have
a chance to participate in. Groups will last about 4 weeks and will be
scheduled according to interest. We will cover as many as we can this year.

_____          Keeping Your Cool – if you struggle with anger

_____          What If… - for kids who worry too much and feel stressed out

_____          Substance Abuse Concerns – if you’re concerned about someone
               who is important to you using alcohol or drugs

_____          Standing Up for Yourself – if you have a hard time with others
               picking on you but you just let it go – learning to be assertive

_____          Where is My…? – getting organized in school and at home

_____          None at this time, thanks

Dear Parent,

Your child has checked off groups that he or she would like to participate in
             this year. Please review the selections and add any that you
             would like your child to be involved in.

Groups are held during the time already allotted in your child’s schedule for
            classroom guidance and will take place during first semester.
            All groups are optional.
Groups will be scheduled according to the topics of greatest interest and
             therefore all topics may not be covered this year. Usually
             about six children are in a group. If no group suits your child’s
             needs, that’s fine also. Please return this form even if your
             child will not participate so that I know you are aware of the

Please sign and return to Anne Peters, Counselor, by Wednesday,
             September 3. If you have questions please do not hesitate to
             call me at 427-1879.

__________________________                   ________________________
     Parent’s Signature                           Child’s Name/Homeroom

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