MODEL CB-4


Remote monitoring solutions          FEATURES
                                     ❏ Monitors 4 channels plus internal AC power
for water treatment, distribution,   ❏ Synthesized voice messages
and wastewater collection/           ❏ Automatic alarm calling
treatment facilities.                ❏ Remote status inquiry from any telephone
                                     ❏ Low cost
                                     ❏ All solid state electronics
                                     ❏ Rugged design
                                     ❏ Simple to program
                                     ❏ Expandable
                                     ❏ Two years parts and labor warranty
                                                          MODEL CB-4

                                                          AUTOMATIC DIALING
                                                          REMOTE MONITORING

                                                         CHATTERBOX CB-4 keeps you in direct touch
                                                         with your distant facility – as easily and simply
                                                         as picking up a telephone. This field proven,
                                                         4th generation CHATTERBOX uses state-of-
                                                         the-art technology. The CB-4 is carefully built
                                                         for rugged, reliable service, with all the right
                                                         performance and features to handle your
                                                         most demanding applications.

IT CALLS YOU                          WHAT’S REALLY SO SPECIAL                unit as your monitoring needs
                                      ABOUT THE CB-4?                         change. This gives you an effective
Located at your remote facility and                                           hedge against obsolescence with
plugged into a standard telephone     Rugged Design. A must for
                                                                              a unit that’s built to last.
line jack (or optional radio link),   real-world reliability. The CB-4 uses
the CB-4 continuously monitors the    conservative component selection,       TELEPHONE HOOKUP
inputs connected to the system. If    sealed positive action switches,
                                                                              The CB-4 can dial from one to eight
an alarm condition occurs, it dials   solid state and gas tube surge
                                                                              phone numbers, each up to 16
up to 8 field-programmable phone      protection on every power, phone,
                                                                              digits in length. Phone numbers are
numbers and identifies the specific   and input line, all protected in a
                                                                              entered via the system's keyboard.
problem in plain English.             durable metal enclosure. You get
                                                                              The system operates on a standard
                                      quality from the ground up!
YOU CALL IT                                                                   telephone line, with connection
                                      Ease of Programming. The voice          through an industry standard 4-pin
Call it from any telephone at any     guides you. All you need to do is       modular lack. Standard pulse dial-
time to hear a complete status        enter up to 8 dial-out phone num-       ing orlouch Tone DTMF dialing is
report. Either way, you keep in       bers. All other operating parameters    selectable at the keyboard, allowing
simple direct touch with your         (alarm criteria, alarm and normal       CHATTERBOX to work with any
remote or unattended facility.        messages, alarm trip delay, etc.)       telephone system and most
                                      are preprogrammed, but may be           paging systems.
                                      altered from their default values
                                      to meet your needs. NOVRAM              SYNTHESIZED VOICE MESSAGE
                                      (nonvolatile memory) keeps your         Communication with called parties
                                      programming intact.                     is via a highly intelligible solid
                                      Simplicity. CB-4 is easy to use.        state voice synthesizer (magnetic
                                      All the Chatterbox needs is a           tape loop is not used). Station
                                      standard telephone jack and 120         identification plus alarm and normal
                                      VAC. All you need is a telephone.       messages for each channel are
                                                                              programmable from a standard
                                      Modular Upgradability. The              230 word vocabulary.
                                      advanced modular designof the
                                      CB-4 lets you easily upgrade your
ALARMS                                       nal power status. Further, by press-    MODULARLY EXPANDABLE
                                             ing a telephone key, the unit will
When an alarm condition occurs,              report all user-entered programming     Expansion connectors are provided
the CHATTERBOX automatically                 and diagnostic counts. A built-in       to easily install field upgrades for an
dials the preprogrammed telephone            microphone permits a caller to listen   additional analog input.
numbers and reports the station              to local sounds and to have a two-      RUGGED CONSTRUCTION
identification and specific alarm            way conversation with personnel at
conditions that exist. Each channel                                                  The CHATTERBOX is built to last.
                                             the dialer site.
can be independently programmed                                                      An all solid state design, quality
for alarm on open circuit, alarm on          Front panel LED indicators, which       components, and a heavy-duty
closed circuit, or no alarm (report on       show system operation, alarm            metal enclosure ensure a long life
inquiry only). Alternatively to alarm        status, and battery condition, pro-     of service. All keyboard and front
monitoring, the elapsed time meter           vide system operation information       panel switches are sealed to prevent
can be activated for any channel.            at the site.                            contamination by dust and moisture.
Acknowledgement of an alarm                  NOVRAM NONVOLATILE                      INTEGRAL SURGE PROTECTION
phone call is accomplished by                MEMORY
pressing a button on the called                                                      Gas tube and solid state surge
                                             User-entered programming is kept        protection is provided on all inputs,
phone while the alarm is being
                                             intact for up to ten years. even when   including power. phone, and signal
received or by calling the reporting
                                             all power is removed from the unit.     lines. Protectors are integrated into
unit after having received the call.
                                             EMERGENCY POWER                         the main circuit board for maximum
INQUIRY CALLS                                                                        protection.
                                             A rechargeable gel cell battery keeps
Calls can be made directly to the                                                    REMOTE PROGRAMMING
                                             the system operating in the event
unit at any time from any telephone.
                                             of a power failure. A precision regu-   From any telephone the operator
locally or long distance, for a com-
                                             lated charger-superior to a "trickle"   can call the unit and program a wide
plete status report of all variables
                                             charger-is used to minimize charg-      variety of functions of the system.
being monitored, including inter-
                                             ing time and maximize battery life.

         ■ Sturdy screw-clamp terminal
           strips for easy installation,
         ■ Superior surge protection on power,
           phone, and all alarm input lines
           keep your CHATTERBOX
           on the job!

         ■ Expansion slots for optional
           plug-in modules give you
           flexibility and eliminate
         ■ FCC approved phone line
        ■ NOVRAM keeps your program-
          ming intact, even in extended
          power failures.
        ■ Solid state speech synthesizer
          eliminates moving tape loop

         ■ Gel cell battery with precision
           charger maintains operation
           during power failures.
                                                  Standard Specifications:
Enclosure. System available in
NEMA 4X enclosure, which is                       ELECTRICAL                                         TELEPHONE
corrosion proof and sealed against                ❏ Power requirement: 105-135 VAC,                  ❏ Rotary pulse or tone dialing, keyboard
12 feet of water.                                   50/60 Hz, 15 watts maximum.                        selectable.
Channels. Four additional contact                 ❏ Battery charging: Precision voltage              ❏ Dials up to 8 different numbers, each
channels may be added.                              controlled, including automatic rapid              up to 16 digits long.
Emergency Power. Battery opera-                     recharge after drain.                            ❏ Allows programming of PBX delays in
tion extended from 6 to 24 hours.                 ❏ Battery backup: 6 hours.                           1 second increments.
Environmental. Thermostatically                   ❏ Input sensing: Four contacts                     ❏ FCC Registration #EMR539-14954-
                                                    standard, Open contacts see                        AL-R, “Ringer Equivalence”: 0,3A.
controlled heater available,                        5 volts DC: closed contacts see
suggested for operation below                                                                        ❏ Alarm Acknowledgement is by Touch
                                                    10 ma DC.                                          Tone® key or by calling back.
20 degrees F or where conden-
sation may occur.                                                                                    ❏ Built-in microphone allows two-way
                                                  PHYSICAL                                             conversation.
Local Alarm Relay Output. Relay                   ❏ Surge protection: Integral gas                   SPEECH MESSAGES
activates during unacknowledged                     tube and solid-state protectors
alarm conditions.                                   on all phone, power, and signal                  ❏ Unit comes programmed with
                                                    lines.                                             standard “alarm/normal” speech
                                                                                                       messages. Custom messages
MODULAR OPTIONS                                   ❏ Accommodates field-installed                       (including station ID) may be
Expanded Vocabulary. Standard                                                                          keyboard programmed from the
vocabulary may be increased to                    ❏ Rugged metal indoor enclosure.                     230 word internal vocabulary.
425 words.                                        ❏ Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg).                          OPERATING PARAMETERS
Analog. Custom scaled in the units                ❏ Dimensions: 11-5/8" H x 9-5/8" W                 ❏ The following parameters may be
of measurement required for your                    x 3-3/4" D.                                        programmed over a wide range on
job. Analog alarms on a high and a                ❏ Mounting centers: 10-1/4 vertical                  the keyboard: alarm trip delay, time
low alarm setpoint.                                 x 8-1/4" horizontal.                               between alarm calls, alarm reset
                                                                                                       time, telephone answer response
Cellular Telephone Interface.                                                                          time, alarm criteria (alarm on open
Enables transmission by cellular                  ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                                                                       contacts, alarm on closed contacts,
telephone instead of land based                   ❏ Temperature range: 0 to 130˚F                      or no alarm), run-time meters on/off,
telephone lines.                                  ❏ Humidity: 0 to 95%, noncon-                        tone/pulse dialing, number of
                                                    densing.                                           message repeats.
Solar Powered Operation. Unit
derives electrical power from solar               Specifications subject to change without notice.
charged battery system.                           Touch Tone is a registered trademark of AT&T.

                                                  CHATTERBOX keeps you in direct touch with your distant facility–
                                                  as easily and simply as picking up a telephone!

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                                                  1400–62nd Street • Emeryville, CA 94608
                                                  (510) 658-6713 • Fax: (510) 658-3153

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