Parent Open House September 2009 by luk21986


									Parent Open House
 September 2009
           Clackamas High School
               Who Are We?
•   2,351 Student Population
•   72.6% Caucasian, 6.1% Latino, 15.2% Asian, 6.0% Other
•   25.6 % Minority
•   22.5% Free/Reduced Lunch
•   10.2% ELL Population
•   6.8% Special Needs

•   60    Classified Employees
•   99    Certified Employees
•   5     Administrators
•   164   Total Staff
               School Goals
We will:

Engage each student in college prep and
college credit courses.

Inspire each student to pursue further

Ensure each student is ready for academic
and professional challenges after high
     Did You Know?
     What does this mean for a
      high school education?
•Post-secondary education must be the destination.
•2/3 to 3/4 of the family wage jobs available to our
graduates upon graduation from high school will
require post-secondary education.
•To be prepare for college, students must take
advantage of Advanced Placement and college
credit courses in high school.
•Content and knowledge are becoming increasingly
less important, while developing skills and strategies
to access, utilize, and evaluate information is in
greater demand.
    Encourage your child to get
•   Join a club
•   Try-out for a sport
•   Play intramurals
•   Volunteer
•   Take a leadership class
•   Attend school activities

More involvement in school = better grades AND a
  better high school experience.
     eSIS Parent Assistant
• Access your child’s grades and
  attendance on-line
• Need a password? Learn to navigate
  the program. Stop by room 701 at any
  point during Open House.
      October 14 - PSAT Day
•   Freshman transition activities-all day
•   Sophomores take the PSAT-all day
•   Juniors take the PSAT-half day
•   Seniors get the day off
Two-Campus High School
      Community Forum
      on the plans for a
   Two-Campus High School

     Tuesday, October 27
          7:00 PM
       CHS Auditorium
Mark Your Calendar
   Fall Conferences
 Thursday, October 29
       5:30- 8:00
Parent District/School Survey
Please go to the CHS Website and click
  on “Parent Survey” under the Quick Link
  section on the main page.

The survey takes about 10 minutes.

The feedback helps guide school and
 district planning in the coming years.
            Tonight’s Format
• More of an “open” Open House.
• No set schedule like previous years.
• Teachers are available in classrooms to meet,
  greet, provide syllabi, and answer questions.
• See list of teachers, room assignments, and times
  where teachers will be available. Map available.
• Sabin-Schellenberg teachers outside the
• Student schedules are available in the main office.
• New format provides greater parent flexibility.
• Please be reminded that tonight is not a time to
  conference with a teacher regarding your child’s
  I will be available for
questions and comments
    in the auditorium
immediately following this

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