OPEN HOUSE 2008 Señorita Knickerbocker Español 2

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					 OPEN HOUSE 2008
Señorita Knickerbocker
       Español 2
        Kristine Knickerbocker
•    6th year here at Palatine High School
•   Also teach AP Spanish
•   Graduated from Fremd High School
•   Received B.A. from the University of Illinois
•   Studied one year undergrad at the University
    of Barcelona
•   Masters from California State
•   Have studied in Spain, Guatemala, Mexico,
    Costa Rica
•    Varsity cheerleading coach
     Why Spanish 2?
• Your child
  completed Spanish 1
  here or at another
  high school.
• Your child studied
  Spanish in 7th and
  8th grades and did
  well enough to skip
  Spanish 1 this year.
 Class materials/resources:
• En Español textbook,
  workbook and
  materials (no
  personal dictionaries
  needed at this level)
• Worksheets/packets
• Videos
• Internet access
• Costa Rican
How are the students graded?
• Total point system:
• Homework usually every night
• Quizzes approximately once a week
• Exams usually once every three
• Participation grade every 3 weeks
• A couple of projects and/or
  presentations each quarter
  The door is always open in the
  F.L.. Office if your child needs
• 7:00-8:15
• First and seventh
• After school on
  certain days
• Spanish tutors
Any questions?
  Thanks for coming tonight!

• Mid-term notices – will be turned in on
  Monday and sent out late next week.
• F.L. Office - 755-1731

                ¡Gracias! 