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									                                                                                                     LARRY’S LACROSSE
 LARRY’S                                                                                                  CAMP
                                                                                                       No better place then

                                                               Where we are Located
                                                                   & How To Contact Us
                                                            We are located on 4753 Fake Street


                                                           Or you can visit our website at http://

                   ABout US                           Pictures found at:
We at Larry’s are some of the best Lacrosse players   http://www.martinscreenprints.com/images/
on our street. We are here to help you or your        files/stock-sports-lacrosse-g-010.jpg
children learn, or get better at, Lacrosse. If you
want the best Lacrosse trainers west of Atlantis,
then go to LARRYS. We stride to teach you the
best Lacrosse skills that you would need. Don’t go    http://clipart.peirceinternet.com/png/
to any of those lacrosse camps that say they have     lacrosse1.png
Pro lacrosse players, or that they are the best,
because we are the best.                              http://www.txroadrunners.com/images/pics/
                                                          Best Lacrosse Camp, Ever.
                                                                What YOU Learn

                                                         At Larry’s, your learn the
                                                                                         • Techniques
                                                         basics, and if your older,
                                                        some advanced techniques.
                                                          Depending on your age,
                                                                                         •Good Price
                                                         the techniques you learn
                                                                                         •Good Location
                                                        will differ. If you are in the
                                                         5-10 range, you will learn      •Different Age Groups

                                                         the basics, like the rules,     •Skilled Employees
                                                          and how to play. Older         •Great Service
                                                             Students will learn         •And Much More!...
                                                         advanced techniques and
                                                          more complicated plays.

                   Why Us?
                                                                                                   PRICES & AGES
The question is, why not us? We are one of the best
Lacrosse camps ever, that headline proves it. We
                                                                                          AGE           TIME &      AMOUNT
clean are camp yearly, so it is in pristine condition                                                   DATE
for about 5 days. I personally think that this is the
best Lacrosse camp ever. Even look at the quote at
the bottom of this box.                                                                   5-10          Dec 15-20   $125

                                                                                          11-15         Jan 4-9     $150
“Larry’s is the best ever.”
                                                                                          15-17         Mar 7-12    $250

                                                                                          18+           May 10-15   $300

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