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					                                   Picture Sources
Come Join us for a week
of Soccer Camp!! Where      http://www.liquid-blue.com/hotnews/images/
  you’ll learn from the     http://www.hawaiimagazine.com/images/
    professional David    content/David_Beckham_play_Honolulu/
        Beckham!!           http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/




                                                                             David Beckham
                                                                            Summer Soccer

                                                                            (Where you learn from the
                                                                                best of the best)
 Located at the Galaxy          Prices:                                 What you’ll learn here:
 Stadium in Los Angeles,        Every child will have to pay a          At this camp you will
 California, will give your     $200.00 admission fee to actually          relearn some of the basic skills
 child an experience of a       be in this camp. All extra camp
                                                                            learn some techniques
                                pictures will be at an extra cost.
 lifetime. Your child will be   Please note that this price includes:   including shooting, dribbling,
 staying at our camp for 5                                              heading, tackling and passing
                                   a meal every day: breakfast,
 nights in tents located on     lunch, dinner                               anything else your child needs
                                                                        to know or wants to know
 the grass at Galaxy                an all day snack bar for your
 Stadium.                       child to enjoy daily

                                    a David Beckham signed camp         Why you should chose us:
                                                                        You should chose us for your child
                                   private training with David          to go because we are a warm and
                                Beckham                                 welcoming environment, have
                                                                        many great people that promote
                                Ages and Ability Levels:                soccer, good eating habits, and
                                This camp is for kids who want to       being a team player.
                                go to high school, college, or
This camp will be held on       maybe even make a career out of
the week of August              soccer. Its mostly for kids ages
1st -5th 2010. Please call      12-16.
714-123-4567 to register
your child today!!