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									Symbian Foundation
Partnership proposal
Providing Symbian^3 support on Zoom2
Fred Blesser
+33 6 74 08 66 31
• Zoom2 has been selected officially as Hardware
  Reference Platform (HRP) for Symbian^3
• This means that Zoom2 needs to support a subset
  of features planned for Symbian^3
  – New Graphics Architecture
  – SHAI introduction
  – Etc…
• For the time being, TI customers building phones
  on Series60, not Symbian Foundation
  – There can be only limited support from TI on Symbian
    Foundation specific tasks
Partnership Proposal
• Symbian Foundation is open source, and aims to create a
  completely open community
   So let’s harness the community in the effort
    to support Symbian^3 on Zoom2!
• This is a new working model, and a good way for partners
  to extend their skillset in specific Symbian domains
   – plus get early access to TI baseport
• No contract (apart from ELA): only verbal commitment
  from partner
• Everything is done in plain view of the community (tracking
  through dedicated Wiki page)
• Process details on next slides
How it will work
1.       Partner comes forward openly to offer to integrate feature(s)
2.       TI provides specific ELA for baseport adaptation files to partners for the
         duration of the integration
     •      Access to TI baseport and adaptation source code according to feature
3.       Partner gets Symbian^3 source code from Symbian Foundation
4.       Partner integrates the selected features
     •      Completion date for Symbian^3 feature complete milestone
     •      Completion criteria (validation, etc) identical to feature complete criteria of
            Release Council
5.       Partner contributes back:
     •      To Symbian Foundation: any SF components under SFL/EPL
     •      To TI: any TI component under the TI ELA
6.       TI packages back the BSP/adaptation SW files to make them available to
         the community:
     •      Through the Foundation for the relevant files
     •      Through TI’s website
 Partnership process
                         partner’s updates                  SW                                              Feature
                                                        Zoom                             PARTNER          integration
                                                               Integr omSW
                                                                    d Zo
                                                            u pdate

                                                                              PDK n.0x

      ZoomSW 1

                                 om                                                      Mercurial


  Note: ZoomSW = TI’s BSP + Adaptation for the Zoom2 as HRP
  ZoomSW 1/2: components under R&D license
  ZoomSW 2/2: components under FRAND
Key milestones (target dates TBC)

                                                         S^3 UI                ZoomSW v2.0 for
                           S^3 full                                          community (BSP and
                                                       smoke tested
                S^3 partial PDK                                                  adaptation)
                                      S^3 full
S^2 BSP           PDK
                                       BSP       W42

W37       W38   S^2 UI    S^3 BSP                                     W44

                                                                      ZoomSW v1.0 for community
                                                                        (BSP in object or source)

                                                 ZoomSW v1.0 for partners
So what do you need to do?
• You need to be a member of the Foundation…
• You need to register your interest for a particular feature
    – Foundation dedicated Wiki page
    – Contact me directly
• I will be your contact point for all the one-to-one matters (ELA, etc etc)
    – f-blesser@ti.com
    – +33 6 74 08 66 31
• Key dependencies on the Foundation to provide:
    –   Baselined Symbian^3 feature list
    –   Feature release plan in MCL
    –   Current test coverage (list of use cases/test cases)
    –   Current test results
• Key dependency on TI to provide the Zoom2 baseport ;-)

              Planned official kick off: Week 41

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