On Cholesterol, Vitamin D, and UV by muq18838


									                         On Cholesterol, Vitamin D, and UV, oh my!
                   A Model for the Evolution of Human Races
1. Why are most levels of UV harmful/dangerous to humans (as well as other life forms)?

2. Why has some UV been essential (before modern times) for human life?

3. What does melanin do?

4. Where did humans arise?

5. Complete the chart below:
                                    Adequate Vitamin D            Adequate protection from
                                       production?                  mutagenic UV rays?
 In Africa (UV intense)
  dark-skinned humans

  light-skinned humans

 In Europe (UV mod- mild)
  dark-skinned humans

  light-skinned humans

                                   + = yes; 0 = no
 View this ppt slideshow:

6. Did the original Earth’s atmosphere contain oxygen? _____ How was our oxygen
   atmosphere formed? (Be specific: How? By whom?)

7. Microbial life in the oceans changed the very chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere.
   How did this change allow for terrestrial life to develop on this planet?

   Study the graph @:

   What changes have been occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere? How does it affect humans in
   Dayton, OH?

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