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									                                                    Utah Trucking Association Presents:
                                    NATMI Motor Fleet Accident Investigation
                                       Salt Lake City, Utah                             January 14 & 15, 2009
                                                 Please Register Early, Seating Will Be Limited

                  Course Benefits:
                  1. Interpret information from a thorough investigation;
                                                                                                         Please fax or mail your registration to:
                  2. Establish policies and procedures protecting the company
                      from liability, personnel and public relations issues;                                Utah Trucking Association
                  3. Improve communications skills used for interviewing;                                3060 West California Ave.-Ste. A
                  4. Recognize the causes of accidents and develop effective                               Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
                      training to address those issues;                                                        Fax (801) 973-8515
                  5. Learn to recognize important information and record it;                        You Can Also Register Online @ utahtrucking.com
                  6. Evaluate damage to vehicles and objects involved in
                      crashes;                                                                         Accident Investigation – 2 Days
                  7. Accurately review reports from law enforcement and                           January 14 & 15, 2009  Salt Lake City, Utah
                      insurance agencies for liability issues;
                  8. Learn how to take usable photographs of accident sites;
                  9. Learn to determine speed from on- and off-road tire marks;
                  10. Gain the technical ability and confidence to investigate
                      accidents through education and experience.                       ____________________________________
                                                                                        Company or Organization                          Title
                  Course Description                                                    ____________________________________
                  Control costs through a complete and thorough vehicle accident        Address
                  investigation. Develop skills in loss prevention, data collection
                  and analysis. This course covers:
                                                                                        City                                State                    Zip
                  • Accident Management - Setting policy and procedures to be
                     followed within the organization; driver conduct and actions at    ____________________________________
                     the scene; and the supervisor's role.                              Phone                               Fax
                  • Cause and Chain of Events of Accidents - When and where             ____________________________________
                     did the accident begin; the multiple causes of accidents and       E-mail
                     driving tactics.
                  • The Role of Photography in Documentation - Procedures               Registration:       Member*     Non-Member
                     for gathering useful photographs.                                                            $495                 $595
                  • Roadway Evidence – Skid marks, metal scars, and damage                          *Member of NATMI or Utah Trucking Association
                     to objects along the path of the vehicles and how they assist in
                     determination of speeds and directions.                            DISCOUNTS
                  • Vehicle Damage - Contact, induced and other damage                                   I Have a NATMI Training Voucher, take $50 off
                     present and how to determine what may have caused each.
                  • Determining Speeds - How to determine the speed of vehicle          NATMI Membership:                               $250/year
                     from tire marks, critical speeds of curves, combined speeds,       (Seminar discounts, professional certifications, mentor program,
                     skip and gap skids, drag factors of roadways and other             networking opportunities, newsletters)
                     surfaces, and test skid procedures.
                  • Recording Information - Gathering measurements and                      Utah Trucking Association Membership:
                     creating field sketches, which will be used as part of the             Yes! I’d like information on membership sent to the above
                     investigative process?                                             address

                  Seminar Location                   Lodging Information                Total $_________
                  Utah Trucking Assoc                  Hampton Inn
                  3060 W. California. Ave.            2055 So. Redwood Road               Check enclosed / Credit Card: MC             , Visa    , Amex
                  Suite A                             Salt Lake City, Utah 84119        ______________________________
                  Salt Lake City, Utah 84104          801-886-0703
                                                                                        Card Number                                              Exp. Date
                  801-973-9370                        $109 or $62 with CDL

                  Registration begins 8:30 a.m. The course begins @ 9:00 a.m.           Cancellations: Registration fees for cancellations received 30 days or more
                  and ends @ 5:00 p.m. For more information, call 801-973-9370          prior to a course can be refunded, less a $50 fee. Cancellations received less
                                                                                        than 30 days but more than 7 business days prior can be refunded, less a $75
                                                                                        fee. No refunds will be provided for cancellations received 7 or fewer business
                                                                                        days prior. Full payment can be transferred to future seminars regardless of
                                                                                        when the cancellation was made. While NATMI makes its best attempt to hold
                                                                                        all scheduled courses, occasionally cancellation or postponement is necessary.
                                                                                        In such cases, NATMI cannot be responsible for nonrecoverable prepaid travel
                             This course has been approved for                          expenses or fees incurred by a student. Please check course status with NATMI
                             Continuing Education Units through                         before purchasing airline tickets, etc.
                  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Center for Integrated
                               Transportation Safety & Security

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