Wellness Center Elementary Brochure by uuu41935


									                                               EXAMPLES OF SERVICES
A NEW SERVICE FOR                              PROVIDED . . .
STUDENTS . . .                                                                         REGISTRATION . . .
                                               •   Physical examinations/sports
The     School-Based Wellness Center               physicals                           All students are eligible to receive
Program at your child’s school provides        •   Developmental/health assessments    services at the Wellness Center in the
expanded school health services,               •   Evaluation and treatment of acute   school and may register as follows:
including    preventive    health     care         illness and injury
services, as well as the care and              •   Referral for specialty care         1. A student registration/history form
treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.      •   Management of chronic illness          must be completed.
The Baltimore County Department of             •   Mental health and substance abuse   2. Parents or guardians and students
Health and Baltimore County Public                 counseling                             must sign the consent form and
Schools work together to support and                                                      authorize billing of Medical
staff the School-Based Wellness Center.                                                   Assistance or private insurance, if
All students are eligible to enroll in the     THE WELLNESS CENTER
Center with parental consent. Contact          STAFF TYPICALLY INCLUDES . .
your school nurse for more information.        .                                       The Wellness Center will work with the
                                               •   A Full Time School Nurse            family, health plan, and doctor to assure
                                                                                       continuity of care.
                                               •   A Certified Pediatric Nurse
GOALS OF THE PROGRAM . . .                         Practitioner or Physician
                                                                                        No child is denied health care at the Wellness
                                                                                                    Center if unable to pay.
•   To improve access to preventive and        •   A Social Worker and a Health
    primary care in schools with particular        Assistant                           CONFIDENTIALITY . . .
    emphasis on reaching medically under-
    served children and adolescents.
                                                                                       In compliance with State law, all services
•   To promote positive health behaviors                                               provided at the Wellness Center are
    and to encourage primary prevention                                                confidential. Health records maintained
    and wellness.                                                                      at the Wellness Center belong to the
•   To increase health knowledge and to                                                Baltimore County Department of Health
    enhance positive decision making skills.                                           and conform to the Department of Health
•   To provide social, mental health, and                                              regulations protecting medical records.
    substance abuse prevention services.
•   To support educational goals.

                                                                                              Health and learning go hand in hand.

                                                                                                        School-Based Wellness Centers

   School-Based Wellness Centers
   provide services which help our
     students succeed in school.

                                                                                                     INFORMATION . . .

                                                                                                     FOR PARENTS OF
           Notice of Nondiscrimination                                                               ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
The Baltimore County Public Schools do not
discriminate on the basis of sex, race, handicap, color,
or national origin and do comply with Title VI, Title VII,
Title IX, and Section 504 of the civil rights regulations,
in all educational programs. For further information,
contact the Office of Staff Relations, 6901 Charles
Street, Towson, MD 21204, 410-887-2095.
                                                               Baltimore County Public Schools
                                                             Baltimore County Department of Health
                                                                            Rev. 07/05

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