Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Harmonics

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					                                   Power Engineering Society
                                  Transmission and Distribution
                                    Harmonics Working Group
                                       P519A Task Force
                        Please Reply To:
Chair                   Mark McGranaghan or Bill Moncrief
Tom Gentile
EUA Service Corp.       January, 1999
Post Office Box 543
West Bridgewater, MA
                        Minutes of Meeting,
Vice Chair
Bill Moncrief           1998 IEEE PES Summer Meeting
EPRI                    San Diego, California
3025 Windward Plaza
Suite #300              Mark McGranaghan called the meeting to order at 2:00. He announced
Alpharetta, GA 30005
                        that Draft 6 would migrate to the official IEEE Standards website. The
P519A Task Force        members and guests introduced themselves. We welcomed guests from
Co-Chairs               the NEMA Lighting group and IBM.
Mark McGranaghan
Knoxville, TN
Bill Moncrief           Mark McGranaghan noted that the next revision of Standard 519 may
Alpharetta, GA          include interharmonics and recommended limits on interharmonics.
                        The group would look to the Interharmonics Working Group for
Harmonic Modeling and   guidance on those topics.
Simulation Task Force
Wilsun Xu               The revision to the 519 PAR has been approved, making it a joint IAS
New Address             and PES effort. Tom Gentile observed that this is the logical group to
                        do that work, and that the effort really needs the participation of the
Interharmonics          members of this task force.
Task Force
Erich Gunther           Mark Halpin will conduct the meeting in New York, and will share the
Knoxville, TN           TF P519A time slot. Tom Gentile asked interested parties to contact
                        Mark Halpin with concerns about the existing Std 519
Harmonic Modeling and
Simulation Task Force
Wilsun Xu               Warren Anderson offered to be the liaison between this group and the
                        NEMA Lighting Committee.

                        Girts Zeidenbergs of IBM suggested that Draft 6 of P519A be offered to
                        the PES Power Systems Communications Committee for comment.
                        Within IBM, he thought there were five groups that would be interested.

                        The tutorial committee reported that the work is progressing nicely from
                        the document. Target date for presentation is Summer ’99 and Winter
                        2K. It was noted that the winter meeting for 2000 is scheduled for
                    Paulo Ribero asked if P519A refers to the upcoming revision of Std
                    519. M. McGranaghan replied no, that the case studies in P519A are
                    based on Std 519-1992, but that little change was expected in the

                    For web-based updates, members are directed to the IEEE website –


                    The Task force should be listed there.
Minutes of P519A,
Summer 1998         There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. (Mark
                    Halpin led a discussion on the revision of Std. 519.)
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