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									Office of Public Information                                                                       August 15, 2007

       “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

                 Elizabeth Board of Education Appoints New Board Member
                               At the July 19, 2007 regularly scheduled monthly meeting for the Elizabeth Board of
                               Education, a new board member was appointed. Recommended and subsequently
                               chosen for the position with a majority vote by the board members, prominent
                               businessman and Elizabeth native Fernando Nazco, took the oath of office facilitated
                               by Board Secretary Harold Kennedy.

                               Nazco has experienced impressive success in his business ventures and hopes to
                               utilize his expertise in driving productivity and acquiring resources to ultimately aid
                               the students at Elizabeth Public Schools. He intends to actively engage in continuing
                               the tradition of providing excellent experiences and services to all in the district. Join
                               us in welcoming Commissioner Fernando Nazco to the Elizabeth Public Schools

                   Westminster Academy School No. 26 Welcomes Students
Westminster Academy opened its doors to students on
Monday, August 6, 2007 for the 2007-2008 school year.
Team members and students alike were pleased when
Superintendent of Schools Pablo Muñoz visited Westminster
Academy on Thursday, August 9. Mr. Muñoz took the
opportunity to wish the Principal well in his new position,
pledging to provide the maximum amount of support for the
school throughout the year.

Mr. Muñoz spent some time in Michelle Climent’s
kindergarten class reading a story to the students. The
children were delighted to have the Superintendent read Miss
Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. Written by
Joseph Slate and illustrated by Ashley Wolff, the story uses
human and animal names to teach the alphabet.

      Elizabeth Public Schools Introduces - Content Management Software (CMS)
In an effort to provide EXCELLENT NEWS to everyone in the district, Elizabeth Public Schools now introduces a
new and innovative ‘content management software’. CMS allows for schools and departments to have direct access
to the Public Information Office and website, helping to make it easier in disseminating information on new
programming, current events and other worthwhile initiatives that emanate from your school or department. Be sure
to contact your Principal or head of your division so that you can provide information to share with all the learning
community. If you need further information regarding training on this product, contact Eric Kulick at 908.436.5063
or Tom Puszcz at 908.436.5068.
                           Excellence News Focus On Marie Lynn Munn
                                ‘New Board Member Is a Class Act’

Marie L. Munn is undoubtedly a class act when it comes to relating to students at Elizabeth Public Schools. On
Tuesday, August 7, 2007, she paid a visit to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early Childhood Center School No. 52.

The students were exceptionally pleased with her interaction with them and her engagement in their collective
interests. Munn began the event by reading aloud to all of the children. She expressed her sincere desire to entertain
and educate as she read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?, a lively book written by Bill Martin, Jr. and
illustrated by famed Eric Carle. Throughout the reading, the children were encouraged to make the sounds of all of
the animal characters.

Mrs. Munn was elected to the Elizabeth Board of Education on Tuesday, April 17, 2007. She is respected as not
only a mother of two children attending Elizabeth Public Schools, but is well-known as a graduate of Baruch
College located in New York City, for her active engagement as a member of the Elizabeth High School PTA and
as a team mom for the Elmora Youth League.

Marie Lynn Munn, like all other Board of Education members serves the community for no compensation. She just
loves to help the children. Be sure to thank all of the board members for the sacrifices they make for our

        Elizabeth High School Business Teacher at the New York Stock Exchange
                                                                 Jefferson House’s business teacher Hector Muñoz
                                                                 participated in the New York Stock Exchange
                                                                 (NYSE) 2007 Teacher’s Workshop from July 16
                                                                 through July 20. There, Muñoz was afforded the
                                                                 opportunity to ring the closing bell with his
                                                                 colleagues from the program.

                                                                 Topics discussed during the five day workshop
                                                                 included the NYSE Euronext Markets, Hybrid
                                                                 Market, roles of market professionals, technology,
                                                                 Market and Corporate Governance, Regulation and

                                                                   Hector Muñoz rang the Closing Bell at NYSE on July 17,
                                                                   2007. Hector is in the first row, 1st from right.

Hector Muñoz and his colleagues were provided valuable support materials to enhance their curriculum. The
purpose of the program for the educators is to bring stock market information to the classroom in order to educate
students on investment culture.
                Elizabeth Students Participate in the Police Explorer Academy

 Between July 9 and July 15 this summer, students from Elizabeth Public Schools participated in the Police Explorer
 Academy at Monmouth University. There, they furthered their knowledge of and experience in areas such as CPR,
 water rescue and other simulated police activities such as dispatching, Miranda warnings, weapons training,
 burglaries in progress, domestic violence crises and more.

 The Elizabeth Public Schools students swept the awards at the final ceremony of the Academy. Three students,
 Michael Bueno, Danny Colón and Brian Rodriguez all received individual awards for their excellent performance.
 The entire group won the overall Leadership Award and the Director’s Choice Award. Congratulations.

                     Upper and Lower Academy Students Hold Cereal Drive
Our schools are involved in so many charitable initiatives throughout the year, so many that it is difficult to cover
them all. For example, the Upper and Lower Academies held a cereal drive to benefit families served by the St.
Joseph Social Service Agency of Elizabeth.

Led by Assistant House Director Nancy Cirasa and mascot Joey Rodrigues, who for days wore a giant Apple Jacks
box, Lower and Upper Academy students collected approximately 250 large packages of such beloved cereals as
Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Puffs. They were delivered to Sister Jacinta Fernandes at St. Joseph’s in time
for the start of the summer vacation, helping to provided much needed nourishment for those families that are
desperately in need of our support.
             Lower Academy Students Work to Create an Elizabeth River Trail
                                                                     Inspired by class discussions and news reports
                                                                     about climate and environmental issues, Lower
                                                                     Academy students also have begun a project
                                                                     designed to beautify part of the historic
                                                                     Elizabeth riverbank. On May 31, 2007, they
                                                                     collaborated with Groundwork Elizabeth and the
                                                                     Union County Parks Department for Phase I of
                                                                     the project, which is to create an Elizabeth River
                                                                     Trail adjacent to Mattano Park and the Upper

Working under the direction of Groundwork Elizabeth and Union
County Parks Department, 75 students from Elizabeth Public
Schools spent three after school hours clearing trash and
removing invasive species of plants. For Phase II in the autumn,
the “Mighty Phragmites” (nicknamed after a riverbank invasive
species) will return to sow native plant species. Eventually, the
Elizabeth River Trail will feature native, beautifully cultivated plants for the enjoyment of the entire city. Thank you
to all of the students for showing their displaying their commitment to the community at large.

       Students From Monsignor João Antão #31 Receive Prestigious Scholarships
On Thursday, May 24, during
the annual spring concert at
School # 31, team members
and     student    community
recognized three of the
school’s highest achieving
students. Three sixth graders,
Katherine Galvis, Alena
Farber and Katherine Torres
were recognized for their
upcoming graduation from
the New Jersey Scholars
Educators          Excellence
Dedication Success (SEEDS)

The students were selected to participate in the program over the past two years based on their high levels of
achievement and dedication to academic excellence. To participate, Katherine, Alena and Katherine took on
additional academic coursework during weekends and holidays. As a result of their perseverance, the three have been
awarded over $30,000.00 in scholarships through the NJ SEEDS program.
Elizabeth High School’s Raymond Graham-Looking Forward to Football Recruitment
                        Elizabeth High School touts one of the top football programs in New Jersey and has
                        cultivated impressive talent over the years. Rutgers University has taken note of this and
                        recently featured junior running back Raymond Graham on their website

                        The university is keeping its eye on the young star and is confident that Graham and his
                        teammates, making up the Class of 2009, will continue to experience more championship
                        seasons. According to the site, Graham is currently being scouted by many universities and
                        is happy to be engaged in the recruitment process.

Now it is time for everyone to show their support. The Elizabeth High School Minutemen will begin the 2007-2008
season with two home games against Sayreville at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 21 and Don Bosco at 11:00 a.m.
Friday, August 31. They will challenge Paramus Catholic at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. and
Notre Dame at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 28 in away games. Be there for the action.

            Team Members From Albert Einstein # 29 Are Prepared By NASA

                                             Team members from the Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School No. 29
                                             recently took a week-long training program to prepare them for
                                             instructing students at the newly named NASA Explorer School. They
                                             went to symposiums, workshops and went through rigorous exercises
                                             to enable them to make the most of the technology they will soon be
                                             training the students to use.

                                             The NASA Explorer School program is essentially a three-year
                                             partnership with NASA for students in grades 4-9, selected team
                                             members and an administrator to promote mathematics, sciences and
                                             technology through educational activities and special learning

                                             The students at Dr. Albert Einstein Academy will be afforded day-to-
                                             day contact and experiences such as live video conferences with NASA
                                             engineers and astronauts via the International Space Station through
                                             HAM radio downlinks, student symposiums, information gathering
                                             from the NASA Digital Learning Network (DLN), visits from NASA
                                             personnel and engage in hands-on learning through microgravity
                                             investigations and the employment of Earth imagery.

         Dr. Albert Einstein Academy Team Member Attends Summer Institute for Teachers
Last month, eight science teachers from around Union County were invited to sit in on classes and demonstrations
with top research scientists during the facility's annual Summer Institute for Teachers program. Elizabeth Public
Schools Supporter and Schering-Plough spokesman Joseph Starkey said a primary concern at the company, one of
the world's largest drug makers, is generating the interest to produce future scientists.

In a Star Ledger Article, dated August 9, Phil Polchinski, a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Dr. Albert Einstein
Academy School No. 29, said his school focuses on an "open-ended discovery process" for learning science and
he employs some innovative teaching tools -- such as bird-watching and fake roller-coaster construction. "If
you're fluent in math and science, you can be involved in putting together these machines, and help in other
aspects," he said. "There's just so much more behind the scenes of science that they don't even know about."
            Elizabeth Schools To Honor Outstanding Teachers At The
                         September 2007 Board Meeting
        As A Result Of The Governor’s Annual Educational Services Professionals
           Recognition Program and Governor’s Teacher Recognition Program
Name                               L o c a ti o n
Katherine Rush                     George Washington School No. 1
Maria Gabriela Iannacone           Winfield Scott School No. 2
Melissa Moran                      Nicholas S. La Corte Peterstown School No. 3
Miranda Hanafy-Aly                 Marquis de Lafayette School No. 6
Elizabeth Duda                     Elmora School No. 12
Chrissy Correia                    Benjamin Franklin School No. 13
Kathleen Badalis                   Abraham Lincoln School No. 14
Lauerin Pupos                      Christopher Columbus School No. 15
Evelyn Rodriguez-Salcedo           Madison-Monroe School No. 16
Thomas Paduano                     Theodore Roosevelt School No. 17
Ellen Fazekas                      Robert Morris School No. 18
Natalie Jefferson                  Woodrow Wilson School No. 19
Ines Avila                         John Marshall School No. 20
Marguerite Jensen                  Victor Mravlag School No. 21 @ 31
Colleen Flanigan                   William Halloran School No. 22 @ 31
Susy Silvestri                     Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23
Rafael Enrique Lopez               Charles J. Hudson School No. 25
Lisa Ann Gumbman                   Westminster Academy School No. 26
Jennifer Cedeño                    Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School No. 29
Carmen Vielba-Murias               Ronald Reagan Academy School No. 30
Sonia Hunter                       Frances C. Smith School No. 50
Rebecca Okpych                     Donald Stewart School No. 51
Odalys Legra                       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School No. 52
Helen Davidson                     Grover Cleveland School No. 70
Heather Dill                       Mabel G. Holmes School No. 71
Patricia Bittner                   Alexander Hamilton School No. 72
Teresa Casal                       Battin School No. 75
Susan Surmay-Wood                  Terence C. Reilly School No. 76 @ 31
Harry Huber, III                   Christa McAuliffe School No. 77
Khalid Mujib                       EHS - Aboff House
Paul Bochnenk                      EHS - Dwyer House
Mary Ellen Scott                   EHS - Edison House
Joseph Przytula, Jr.               EHS - Halsey House
Donald Conner                      EHS - Jefferson House
Mary Jankowski                     EHS - Lower Academy
John Kumar                         EHS Upper Academy

Teacher of the Year Nominee
Sybil Wyner                        EHS Dwyer House
     Marquis de Lafayette School No. 6 Is Commended for Academic Achievement
Marquis de Lafayette School No. 6 was recently commended by the Star-Ledger for impressive academic progress
during the 2006-2007 school year. Having been one of the schools chosen around Jersey to be shadowed by the
publication for the duration of the term, numerous stories have been written about implemented strategies and
programs that are now proving to be successful.

Principal Joe Krouse has been highlighted as a dynamic educator with excellent rapport with his students. In the
most recent installment by the Star-Ledger the reporter noted the academic achievements the school has made under
Krouse’s watch and the positive attitude of the students because of the team members’ efforts.

       Elizabeth High School’s Girls and Boys Soccer Teams Begin Their Seasons
The Girls Varsity Soccer Team will challenge
Bayonne and Roselle Catholic at home at 10:00 a.m.
on Monday, August 27 and Thursday, August 30,
respectively. They will also play Oak Knoll on
Wednesday, August 29 in an away game. The Girls
Junior Varsity Soccer Team will play Benedictine at
The Upper Academy (School 22) 6:00 p.m. on
Monday, August 27 and will face Kent Place in an
away game on Wednesday, August 29.

The Boys will play Montclair away on the 28th of
August at 10:00 a.m., Dayton away on the 30th of
August at 10:00 a.m. and Union Catholic at home on
the 31st of August at 2:00 p.m. Please come out to show your support.

                In the next issue of EXCELLENCE NEWS – extensive coverage on
                      BACK TO SCHOOL at Schools # 50, 51, 52 and 26.
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