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									                           Brain Injury Association of Utah

                                     Annual Report 2009

                                        Mission Statement

“Creating a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy”

                           This mission is accomplished through the goals of:


The Brain Injury Association of Utah, Inc. created in 1984, as a private, non-profit 501 (c) 3
organization-serving persons with brain injuries, their families, and the community. The
organization actively advocates for the prevention of brain injury and raise awareness in the
community through collaboration with other groups, state agencies and legislators toward
governmental change. The organization provides information, resources, and support to
persons with brain injuries, their families, and the community.


Support Groups - The BIAU runs and financially supports the Brain Injury Association of
Utah/Division of Services for People with Disabilities Brain Injury Support Group, and is directed by
a member of the BIAU Board of Directors’ for the past five-years. The other seven groups are
supported financially and staffed by hospitals or rehabilitation facilities. The support groups
provide education and emotional support to over 250 individuals with brain injury and family
members throughout the state.

Community Support Networks – The Brain Injury Association of Utah has built a rapport
and a collaboration through community support with the following: Children With Special
Health Care Needs, Criminal Justice Services, Disability Law Center, Division of Services for
People with Disabilities, Division of Occupational Therapy University of Utah, Intermountain
Health Care, Learning Services Corporation, Legislative Coalition, McKay Dee Hospital,
National Ability Center, Primary Children’s Medical Center, Rehab Without Walls-Gentiva Inc.,
Safe Kids Coalition, Salt Lake Community College Disability Center, Splore, Utah Department
of Health - Violence & Injury Prevention Program, University Health Care & Rehabilitation
Clinics, University of Utah Service Learning Centers, University of Utah Speech & Language
Center, University of Utah School of Nursing, Utah State Office of Education, Utah State Office
of Highway Safety, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, Utah Transit Authority of Utah, Utah
Association for Justice, Veterans Administration.

Information Help Line – We received 3,695 calls on our information help line in 2009. We
provided support, information and resources to individuals with brain injuries, family
members and professionals. The information line is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., an
answering machine collects calls when our office is not in operation.

Communication/Media – Provided public service announcement for local radio and
television stations for the 5K Run, Walk & Roll event held May 17 2009. KSL-TV Channel
5, advertised our 5K Run on their Community Calendar. The Arrow-103.5 FM advertised
and also appeared at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City to do their show throughout the event,
also placed the event on their Website weeks prior. In October, an article appeared in the
Davis County Clipper, Deseret News, and the Ogden Standard Examiner regarding the
Family & Professionals Conference. KSTU Channel 13 did a feature on our conference
interviewing BIAU Director and a volunteer from the Veterans Administration. City Weekly
a local newspaper provided a front cover story on brain injuries and wrote a story on two
individuals that suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Community Education/Prevention – Members, staff and volunteers gave presentations in
the community, and throughout the state to raise awareness on the impact and outcome of
brain injuries. In addition, we exhibited at five resource and health fairs throughout the state.
Our Association presented information to over 1,700 including Spanish materials to
consumers. In-Service presentations were given at the Valley Mental Health, RISE
Community Center, and DSFS Murray, Utah. We also attended Bike fairs at Intermountain
Healthcare, Kearns City Health Fair, UTA Charitable Federal Campaign, Combined Federal
Campaigns in Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Annual Legal & Medical Brain Injury Seminar: A two-day conference held to educate
attorneys, judges and legal advisors. The First day geared toward medical issues and the
second day legal. There were 84 attendees at the conference including Defense & Plaintiff
Attorney’s, Paralegal’s, Judges, and Medical & Professional advisors. Conference provides
an opportunity to educate those in attendance regarding brain injuries and our Association.
The conference is also a fundraiser for our organization and the Utah Association for Justice.

20th Annual Family & Professional conference: one-day conference held at the Salt Lake
Community College – Larry Miller Campus. The conference had 325 participants. The
conference provided breakout sessions for, General/Survivor-Family Member, Medical
Professional and Allied Professionals, Educators, and Mental Health professionals. The Family &
Professionals Conference is Co-Sponsored by the Division of Service for People with
Disabilities, Utah Department of Health/Violence & Injury Prevention Program, Special
Education Division-Utah State Office of Education, and Utah State Office of Rehabilitation
Services. We were fortunate to have as keynote speakers, Michael Collins, Ph.D. a Clinical
Neuropsychologist/Researcher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A Scholarship Fund was set up to
help individuals with brain injury, and their family members to attend our conference.
Businesses, corporations, law firms, hospitals, and rehab centers donated to this fund. This year’s
conference, 15 individuals/family members were able to attend through this fund. In addition, a
silent auction, and a sales table of BIAU materials and books were available during the

Information Packets – Our Association mailed 112 information packets in 2009; this did not
include information sent by email or fax. Our Association provides information to hospitals;
rehab centers while individual and families are still in sub-acute or on the rehabilitation floor.
The information provided are brochures, newsletter, and general information regarding brain

Through 2009, over 152 information packets were faxed, electronically sent or delivered at
in-service meetings. Over 9,217 pieces of literature was handed out at Health Fairs,
Conferences, and BIAU events.

Proclamation signing – Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. signed a proclamation declaring March
as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Because of his workload with the Legislative Session,
Governor Huntsman was unable to meet with us personally, but signed the Proclamation and
sent a personalized letter thanking us for our hard work.

Public Policy –The President of the BIAU is a member of the Advisory Board for the TBI
Brain Injury Implementation Grant, and serves on Senator Hatch’s Disability Committee.
The Executive Director is part of the Management Team of the HRSA TBI Grant for the state
of Utah, which overseas the TBI Statewide Advisory Board. Also, serves on the Board of
Directors for the Disability Law Center, and Community Shares of Utah, and also serves on
the Advisory Committee for the TBI Fund. Two BIAU Board Members and an Advisory
Board Member are part of TBI Implementation Grant Advisory Board. Funding through The
TBI Implementation Grant provides potential services for our Association through the year
March 2010.

The Legislators funded $50,000 of one-time money into the TBI Fund. BIAU is one of the
recipients for this fund; BIAU were awarded over $11,000 for resource facilitation. The TBI
Fund will need additional funds and will rely on public donations, grants, matching funds,
and legislative appropriations for this to be successful.

Recreation/Social Activities – Our Annual 5K Run, Walk & Roll was held at Liberty Park
in Salt Lake City. Attendees were individuals with brain injury, family members, and 5K
race teams from Intermountain Healthcare, University of Utah Health Center, Rehab Without
Walls. This year, 489 individuals participated in this event.

Web Page – As of December 31, there were 14,615 new visitors to our web site, with a total
of 165,576 hits during 2009. The number of hits to our site is generated by software that
tracks all first-time visitors, pages viewed, and topics view, along with the number of total
hits by all categories. This site is linked directly to the Brain Injury Association of America’s
web site. Our Legal & Medial Brain Injury Seminar, the Family & Professional’s Conference
registration booklet, along with the 5K Run, Walk & Roll registration form was accessible
from our Website. A link to the BIAU State Resource Directory including the Cache, Davis,
Morgan, and Weber County are accessible from our website.

Volunteer Program – Volunteers donated over 800.75 hours for 2009. We continue to
encourage with deep appreciation, individuals with brain injury, family members, and
professionals to volunteer their time. Our Association had the opportunity to have students
from the University of Utah participate at our center. A pool of volunteers from local
hospitals, and rehab centers helped with our 5K Run, Walk & Roll and the Family &
Professional Conference.


Overall, accountability for this organization consists of a fourteen-member Board of
Directors and four-members of the Advisory Board. The Executive Director and the
Information & Resource Coordinator are full time. Our BIAU staff is responsible for day-to-
day operations, and management of the Resource Center, programs, events and volunteers.
Individuals with traumatic brain injury and family members are represented at all levels of
this organization.

Board of Directors 2009 – The Executive Board is as follows: Teresa Such-Neibar, D.O.,
President, Elizabeth M. Cardell, OTR.L., Edward Havas, Esq., Miette Murphy, MS,
CCC/SLP, Vice-President - shared responsibility; Julie McCauley, Secretary, and Pauline
Fountaine, Treasurer. The Board of Directors is as follows: Breanne Berg, Elaine Clark,
Ph.D., Janet Gibbs, MED, Cheryl Hostetter, MS, SLP, Reuel McPhie, MBA, MPH,
Antonietta Anne Russo, Ph.D., Robert B. Sykes, Esq., Leann Taft. The Board of Directors
meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the office of Brain Injury Association
of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. The following months were the Board of Directors meetings.
January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October (annual meeting),
and November 2009

Advisors to the Board: Erin D. Bigler, Ph.D., Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., Elaine Pollock, B.A.,
and John Speed, Ph.D. The Board of Directors and Advisors to the Board are a combination
of individuals with brain injury, family members and professionals. There is one individual
with brain injury, five family members, and eleven professionals, and two community

Staff - Ron S. Roskos, Executive Director, Lynda Valerio, Executive Assistant, Brooke
Gonzales, TBI Fund Specialist.


Grants – Utah TBI Grant, TBI Fund
Conferences – Family & Professional Conference, Legal & Medical Brain Injury
Conference, BIAU & Veterans Administration TBI Resource Conference
Fund-raiser – 5K Run, Walk & Roll, Board of Directors, Silent auction, Donation Letter
Membership – 50 new and renewing members, which includes three-corporate memberships
Misc. avenues for funding –In-kind donations
Percentage of Management & Administration costs– 11.9%


Listed on the BIAU 990 from accountant.



The Brain Injury Association of Utah will continue to educate the public regarding brain
injury. The 21th Annual Family & Professional conference is scheduled for October 5th. The
site will be the Salt Lake Community College – Larry Miller Campus, Sandy, Utah. This
conference continues to be a great tool to educate the public on brain injury awareness and
outcome. Provide Scholarship funding for individuals with brain injury and their family
members. Continue an Educators Track to provide training for Educators throughout the
state of Utah. In addition, continue to provide a Mental Health track that will include mental
health counselors and allied professionals.


 The Brain Injury Association of Utah will work hand-in-hand with the BIA of America, Safe
Kids Coalition, and Utah Highway Safety to promote education and awareness regarding brain
injuries and related information to schools, health fairs, and conferences throughout 2010.
Provide training through our Being HeadSmart Program targeting a goal of 500 elementary
school children grades Kindergarten through Sixth-Grade. Complete the interactive video for the
Being HeadSmart Program along with posters and handouts.


Bring the Brain Injury Association of Utah to the forefront with media exposure, corporate and
business collaboration for funding. Our goal is to be more active in the community; create a
committee that will be dedicated to media and publicity for our organization. Working
relationship with the Brain Injury Association of America, to provide additional exposure for the
state of Utah with radio and television PSA’s. Continue to promote our brochure and video “The
Unexpected Journey” at all conferences, health fairs and in-service meetings. The new materials
will be used as a marketing tool for fundraising and education to the public.


Increase visibility to consumers by adding additional resources through our Website. Continue to
provide links to organizations and service providers. Increase the number of links for individuals
with brain injury, and a link for family members. Access ability to Bi-lingual information, and
service resources. Website data software to track all hits to our website


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