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Helpful Resources for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by bsn12220


									    Helpful Resources for Individuals with Traumatic Brain
                 Injury (TBI) in Connecticut

    Organization                 Contact Information                  Services Offered

The Office of Protection          (860) 297-4300 (Voice)          Free advocacy assistance,
and Advocacy for Persons          (860) 297-4380 (TTY)            information, and resources
with Disabilities                 1-800-842-7303 in CT only       to individuals with TBI.

                                  (860) 721-8111                  Provides free information,
Brain Injury Association of CT    1-800-278-8242 (Voice/Relay)    resources, and access to a
(BIAC)                            website:          statewide support group

                                                                  Administers the Acquired
                                  1-800-842-1508 (Voice)          Brain Injury (ABI) waiver,
Dept. of Social Services          1-800-842-4524 (TTY)            which provides necessary
                                  website:         community based supports,
                                                                  ie., personal care assistants,
                                                                  case management, and
                                                                  independent skills training.

The Bureau of Rehabilitation      (860) 424-4844 (Voice)          Assists individuals to prepare
Services (BRS)                    1-800-537-2549(Voice)           for, obtain, and maintain
                                  (860) 424-4839 (TTY)            employment.

                                  1-800-453-3320 (Voice/TTY)      Provides free civil legal
                                  intake hours:                   services to individuals who
Statewide Legal Services          9am-3pm-Mon. and Wed.           meet certain income
                                  9am-4pm-Tue., Thur. and Fri.    guidelines.

                                                                  Consumer-controlled centers
                                  For information on the five     that provide services to assist
The Independent Living            independent living centers in   and support individuals with
Centers                           CT please call BRS at:          disabilities in achieving and
                                  1-800-537-2549 (voice)          maintaining maximum
                                  (860) 424-4839 (TTY)            independence in their
                                                                  communities. Services include
                                                                  the assistive technology loan
                                                                  program, and the nursing home
                                                                  transition program.
The New England Assistive           1-866-526-4492 (Voice)         Provides information,
Technology Marketplace              (860) 286-3113 (TTY)           client needs evaluations,
(NEAT)                              website:                       demonstrations, and restoration
                                  of assistive technology devices.

                                                                   Provides rehabilitation services
                                                                   to individuals with disabilities.
Easter Seals of Connecticut         1-800-874-7687 (Voice/ TTY)    Services include: medical
                                    website:   rehabilitation, vocational
                                                                   assistance, and recreational

                                                                   Provides assistance and limited
The Corporation for                 (860) 563-6011 (Voice/Relay)   funding for home and vehicle
Independent Living                  website:      modifications for individuals
                                                                   with disabilities.

Social Security Administration      1-800-772-1213 (Voice)         Administers federal financial
                                    1-800-325-0778 (TTY)           disability benefits programs.

                                                                   Assists individuals with
The Center for Medicare             1-800-456-7790 (Voice/TTY)     disabilities in accessing Medicare
Advocacy                            website:                       services. Focus includes the needs
                                 of Medicare beneficiaries, and
                                                                   those needing long-term care.

                                                                   National Brain Injury
The Brain Injury Association of     1-800-444-6443 (Voice/Relay)   Association website offering
America                             website:        information in English and

The Centers for Disease Control                                    Offers educational materials,
and Prevention                      website:           statistics, and prevention
                                                                   information on TBI.

The National Information                                           Offers educational information,
Center for Children and Youth         website:                     resources, and links to
with Disabilities               organizations focusing on
                                  brain.html                       traumatic brain injury in children.

    Created 1/18/07

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