State of Minnesota

County of Hennepin

 _______________________, being duly sworn, on oath says that he is the ___________ of ___, a
Minnesota limited liability partnership, a the limited liability partnership named as ______________ in
the document dated _______________, and filed of record on ____________, as Document
No.___________ in _____________ County, Minnesota.

That said limited liability partnership is a duly organized and validly existing limited liability partnership
in good standing under the laws of the State of Minnesota and has full power and legal authority to do
business in the State of Minnesota;

That there are no bankruptcy proceedings and that there are no unsatisfied judgments of record, nor any
actions pending in any court, State or Federal, nor any tax liens filed against the above named limited
liability partnership , except as herein stated;

That any judgments, bankruptcies, probate proceedings, State or Federal tax liens, of record against
parties with the same or similar names are not against the above named limited liability partnership;

That there has been no labor or materials furnished to the premises described in the above mentioned
document during the last 120 days for which payment has not been made;

That there are no encroachments, boundary disputes, unrecorded contracts, leases, easements, or other
agreements or interests, relating to the said premises, of which affiant has knowledge except as stated

The affiant has not received notice, nor knows of any recent or future planned improvements, (such as
street paving, sidewalks, street lighting, etc.) that would result in a special assessment against the property
and are not now involved or participating in assessment liability against said property.

The affiant knows the matters herein stated are true and makes this affidavit for the purpose of inducing
the passing of the title to the premises referred to in said document, free and clear of all judgments, State
or Federal tax liens, bankruptcy and unrecorded interests.

Affiant hereby specifically and affirmatively states that he is the __________ of ______________, a
__________ limited liability partnership and that he is properly authorized to act on behalf of said limited
liability partnership in all dealings concerning this transaction, that said limited liability partnership is
desirous of effecting this conveyance of the herein described real property, and that said limited liability
partnership has specifically and affirmatively authorized said affiant to execute any and all documents
necessary to effect such conveyance.

Subscribed and sworn to before me                          _________________________________
this _____ day of ____________, 2004.

Notary Public

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